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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1328 playlist up with 55636 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-10-02MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
2. 2023-10-02The Zenith PassageAlgorithmic SalvationDatalysiumMetal Blade Records
3. 2023-10-02ChoriaMaria's Tale, Pt. II Sanguinary WraithA Dismal Repertoire
4. 2023-10-02PNEUMA HAGION {usa}Archon of Disease��rituals of extinction�� (2017)
5. 2023-10-02Death AngelDiscontinuedAct IIIGeffen Records
6. 2023-10-02DestructionSign of FearRelease From Agonyprofile
7. 2023-10-02Parasitic EjaculationCognitive DissonanceIsolation
8. 2023-10-02Cattle DecapitationMutual Assured DestructionThe Anthropocene ExtinctionMetal Blade Records
9. 2023-10-02EnthrallmentCane the Messiah with the CrookImmerse into Bloody BlissMetal Age Productions - via Metalhit
10. 2023-10-02Crystal Coffin04 Final BreathsThe Curse of ImmortalityA Beast in the Field
11. 2023-10-02MOURNING MIST04 - MOURNING MIST True ValuesAmenMoribund Records
12. 2023-10-02Netherdom01 Lured By All That Is ForsakenForsaking, ForseekingAmor fati Productions
13. 2023-10-02Summoning Death02 The Morbid Act of a Sadistic Rape [Traumatic cover]A Traumatic Night of the CreepsChaos Records
14. 2023-10-02Stenched03 Maggot Grave InfestationGorging on Mephitic Rot 12" MLPBlood Harvest Records
15. 2023-10-02Display of Decay03 - Display of Decay - Legion of DoomVitriolGore House Productions
16. 2023-10-02CEMETERY URN04 Embers of the Burning DeadSuffer the Fallen (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
17. 2023-10-02AZAGHAL5. Portinvartija (Gatekeeper)MustamaaMoribund Records
18. 2023-10-02JUDAS ISCARIOT06_Judas Iscariot_Spill The Blood Of The LambHeaven in FlamesMoribund Records
19. 2023-10-02Old Man's ChildBlack Seeds on Virgin SoilIn Defiance of ExistenceCentury Media
20. 2023-10-02Waldgeflüster02 The PitUnter bronzenen KronenAOP Records
21. 2023-10-02Downfall of GaiaBodies as DriftwoodSilhouettes of DisgustMetal Blade Records
22. 2023-10-02Ceremonial Worship03 Death From Mountain HillsSeven Gateways to Eternal MisanthropyEternal Death Records
23. 2023-10-02Vault DwellerRaider WasterExistence At A Distance
24. 2023-10-02FunebreBlood On WhiteChildren Of The Scorn
25. 2023-10-02Ritual SacrificeOnce Precious LifeWhen Hope Is Pain
26. 2023-10-02Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl In Der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
27. 2023-09-25MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
28. 2023-09-25Heathen LifecodeIllegal IconoclasmBlaskphemization Through IntoleranceOld Cemetery Records
29. 2023-09-25Mental Devastation04 LabyrinthsThe Delusional Mystery of the Self (Part I) CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
30. 2023-09-25DesecrationDissecting the DepartedForensizMetal Age Productions - via Metalhit
31. 2023-09-25Malevolent CreationTarget Rich EnvironmentInvidious DominionNuclear Blast GmbH
32. 2023-09-25Tomb Mold04 The Bottomless PerditionThe Bottomless Perdition TAPEBlood Harvest Records
33. 2023-09-25DeicideBlaspherereionAmonRoadrunner Records
34. 2023-09-25UnleashedAs Yggdrasil TremblesAs Yggdrasil TremblesNuclear Blast GmbH
35. 2023-09-25Abomination05 PossessionAbomination LPnuclearblast
36. 2023-09-25Hagatiz03 Echoes from the AfterlifeCursed to the NightAmor fati Productions
37. 2023-09-25Third Storm04 World InfernalThe Locust MantraChaos Records
38. 2023-09-25Solus Grief02 Life Has Left This PlaceWith a Last ExhalePurity Through Fire
39. 2023-09-25Uhritulet03 Ilta-auringon Kultaiset KorpitUhrituletPurity Through Fire
40. 2023-09-25Vermineux02 In Holocaust to the Natural Darkness [Vlad Tepes cover]Split EP-Vermineux / PrieuréPurity Through Fire
41. 2023-09-25Martyrdoom05 Shedding of the SoulAs Torment PrevailsMomento Mori
42. 2023-09-25ThouRats And Mice And Swarms Of LiceWe Pass Like Night, From Land to Land
43. 2023-09-25Finsterforst01 Kapitel I - FreiheitJenseitsAOP Records
44. 2023-09-25FinisherThe Thing You HateDemo
45. 2023-09-25HELLNATIONFight with no fear (Warhead)Thrash or die 7"
46. 2023-09-25BelphegorBlood Magick NecromanceBlood Magick NecromanceNuclear Blast GmbH
47. 2023-09-25From Autumn to AshesCapeside RockToo Bad You're Beautiful
48. 2023-09-25Love Lost But Not ForgottenCutting AwayLove Lost But Not ForgottenHappy Couples Never Last
49. 2023-09-25Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl In Der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
50. 2023-09-18MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
51. 2023-09-18Cattle DecapitationA Photic DoomTerrasiteMetal Blade Records
52. 2023-09-18Despised IconHarvesting the DeceasedThe Healing ProcessCentury Media Records
53. 2023-09-18AntagonyUndying SunDays Of Night
54. 2023-09-18UADABlack Autumn, White SpringDevoid of Light
55. 2023-09-18SlayerChemical WarfareHaunting the Chapelmetalblade
56. 2023-09-18ETERNAL DARKNESS DCLXVIThe Dragon Serpent Nidhoggr Of NifilheimWorshipers of the Archangel Lucifer
57. 2023-09-18CLOAK04 InvictusBlack Flame EternalSeason Of Mist
58. 2023-09-18Torn The Fuck ApartSubmerged In Human CompostKill.Bury.Repeat. - Out Oct 6thGore House Productions
59. 2023-09-18TeethDripA Biblical Worship Of ViolenceNuclear Blast Records
60. 2023-09-18Conjureth04 A Terror SacrificeMajestic DissolveMemento Mori
61. 2023-09-18DgorathViral AntagonyExcarnation
62. 2023-09-18NadjaLong Dark TwentiesWhen I See the Sun Always Shines on TVEnd Records
63. 2023-09-18Caïnan DawnMyctophidaeLagu
64. 2023-09-18yngwie malmsteen's Rising ForceHeaven TonightOdyssey
65. 2023-09-18Formless Oedon06 Beyond Eclipse of TimeStreams of RotMomento Mori
66. 2023-09-18ChoriaMaria's Tale, Pt. I Thorn QueenA Dismal Repertoire
67. 2023-09-18Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl In Der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
68. 2023-09-11MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
69. 2023-09-11CompostedDoggie Dos and Doggie Dont'sSexual TransmissionCephalic Records
70. 2023-09-11FinisherThunder And LightningDemo
71. 2023-09-11Drowning the LightDrink the Clairvoyants BloodOn Astral Wings of Wamphyric Shadows
72. 2023-09-11EmpyreanShackled WithinQuietusPrime Cuts Music - via Metalhit
73. 2023-09-11EXECRATION (Norway)05 5. Tribulation ShacklesMorbid Dimensions (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
74. 2023-09-11Atronos03 Dein ZauberFehdePurity Through Fire
75. 2023-09-11Burning WitchSacred PredictionsCrippled Lucifer
76. 2023-09-11Horrendous02 ChrysopoeiaOntological MysteriumSeason Of Mist
77. 2023-09-11NECROFIER05 Destroying AngelsBurning Shadows in the Southern NightSeason Of Mist
78. 2023-09-11ExhumedRapid Unplanned DisassemblyBeyond the Dead EPRelapse Records
79. 2023-09-11XorsistImitationAt the Somber Steps to SerenityProsthetic Records
80. 2023-09-11EnforcerKiss of DeathNostalgiaNuclear Blast Records
81. 2023-09-11Waldgeflüster03 Herbst befiel das Land MMXXIIIUnter bronzenen KronenAOP Records
82. 2023-09-11King Ov Wyrms5. King Ov Wyrms - To March From DarknessThe Womb Ov Borealis - Out Oct 6thSelf-Released
83. 2023-09-11ConjurerAll You Will RememberP�thosNuclear Blast Records
84. 2023-09-11Animals Killing PeopleAnimals are Beasts Men are MonstersKentucky Fried KillingSevared Records - via Metalhit
85. 2023-09-11PsycropticLacertine ForestThe Scepter of the Ancients
86. 2023-09-11DaggerspawnIn The Bane And Enlightment Of ManSuffering Upon The Throne Of DepravitySevared Records - via Metalhit
87. 2023-09-11Bog of the Infidel05 Coils of the NooseAsleep in the Arms of SuicideEternal Death Records
88. 2023-09-11Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl In Der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
89. 2023-09-04MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
90. 2023-09-04EmperorA Fine Day to DieIn Conspiracy with SatanHammerheart Records
91. 2023-09-04ABYSMAL LORD10 Scourge of ChristExaltation of the Infernal Cabal (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
92. 2023-09-04BathoryIn Conspiracy With SatanBathory
93. 2023-09-04MERRIMACK01 Cauterizing CosmosOmegaphiliaSeason Of Mist
94. 2023-09-04Dark TranquillityDream OblivionWe are the VoidCentury Media Records
95. 2023-09-04Impaled NazareneTribulation HellAll That You FearThe End
96. 2023-09-04Officer DownCLOSET BOMB REAL FINALOfficer Down EP
97. 2023-09-04BEKOR QILISH2. Unobtainable TransformationsThe Flesh Of A New GodI, Voidhanger Records
98. 2023-09-04Solus Grief03 What If This Was EverythingWhat If This Was EverythingPurity Through Fire
99. 2023-09-04Hjemsøkt02 Dans i den visnende skogenMystikk & MørkePurity Through Fire
100. 2023-09-04Black Magic SixBlack Cloud DescendingBlack Cloud DescendingSvart Records
101. 2023-09-04Vital RemainsUncultivated GraveLet Us PrayJUd0
102. 2023-09-04Immortal RottinDemonic Revulsion On The AltarDevilish Incantations
103. 2023-09-04Soul DemiseTrapped in a BodyIn VainSeason Of Mist
104. 2023-09-04InfectedTruthkillCrawlspacePrime Cuts Music
105. 2023-09-04NanowaR of SteelWinterstorm In The NightDislike to False Metal
106. 2023-09-04Hope Conspiracy, TheIt Meant NothingThe Hope ConspiracyBridge Nine Records
107. 2023-09-04RiseThe Fallacy of Retrospective DeterminismSignal to NoiseFerret Music
108. 2023-09-04Circle Takes the SquareKill The SwitchAs The Roots Undorobotic_empire
109. 2023-09-04Municipal WasteSlime And PunishmentSlime And PunishmentNuclear Blast Records
110. 2023-09-04Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
111. 2023-08-28MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
112. 2023-08-28Cerebral ExtinctionCollision IdentityNecro Parasite Anomaly
113. 2023-08-28MastectomyDeadly Chain Of EventsHell On Earth
114. 2023-08-28Invisible SphereTribulationsYear Of The SphereBlue Rust Records
115. 2023-08-28EndarkerVivid ImaginationAmong The Shadows (Compilation)
116. 2023-08-28Napalm DeathThe Icing on the HateOrder of the LeechToy's Factory Records
117. 2023-08-28ScordaturaThe Vile ExistenceSelf-Created Abyss
118. 2023-08-28Totten KorpsFrom The Crypt Putrid Cadavers RiseOur Almighty Lords
119. 2023-08-28HelllightLife In DarknessFuneral DoomSolitude Productions
120. 2023-08-28Úlfarr03 Sacred Rights of BloodshedSplit album-Úlfarr/Malfeitor (UK)Purity Through Fire
121. 2023-08-28Stomper 98Wir halten die Fahnen weiter hochS/TPirates Press Records
122. 2023-08-28CRUEL FORCE05 Devil's DungeonDawn of the AxeShadow Kingdom Records
123. 2023-08-28IncantationHomunculus (Spirit Made Flesh) IXUnholy DeificationRelapse Records
124. 2023-08-28ACAUSAL INTRUSION6. Continuum MagnitudePanpsychismI, Voidhanger Records
125. 2023-08-28PIG DESTROYERBaltimore StranglerBook Burner (ADD 10/15)
126. 2023-08-28Jugular EmbolismDumped in the RiverEruptions of Pus and Mucus Demo
127. 2023-08-28DefecationTime Folding MachineIntention Surpassed
128. 2023-08-28Judas PriestHard As IronRam It Down [The Re-Masters]
129. 2023-08-28EgyptCensorshipDrowning In The Promised LandTrumpeter Records
130. 2023-08-28Enfold DarknessLiberator Of MagesAdversary OmnipotentThe Artisan Era
131. 2023-08-28DesultoryTwisted EmotionsInto Eternity
132. 2023-08-28OriginBanishing IllusionEntityNuclear Blast GmbH
133. 2023-08-28Lock UpParasite DramaNecropolis TransparentNuclear Blast GmbH
134. 2023-08-28Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl In Der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
135. 2023-08-21MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
136. 2023-08-21PanphageHemmavidStormNordvis Produktion
137. 2023-08-21DélétèreCantus III – Ichthus Os TremorisDe Horae LepraeSepulchral Productions
138. 2023-08-21MOONSORROWSuden TuntiJumalten AikaCentury Media Records
139. 2023-08-21DeathChoke On ItLeprosy
140. 2023-08-21AeternusBlodsverging...And So the Night Became
141. 2023-08-21DeteriorateAsphyxiation CremationRotting In HellJL America
142. 2023-08-21Smothered SunThe PotionEP
143. 2023-08-21Gory BlisterUnexpected LivingsReborn from HatredEclipse Records
144. 2023-08-21Reverence to Paroxysm05 Portals To Dark MiseryLux MorteMe Saco Un Ojo Records
145. 2023-08-21Excarnated Entity04 Corridor of FlameMass Grave HorizonNuclear Winter Records
146. 2023-08-21Triskelyon04-Triskelyon-IsHopeStillAliveArtificial Insanity - Sept 8Moribund Records
147. 2023-08-21Aganthros04 Avaruuden nurja puoliSyntiset Saatanat KurjatPurity Through Fire
148. 2023-08-21Sielunvihollinen04 VeitsenterälläHelvetinkoneHammer Of Hate
149. 2023-08-21Valravn (Finland)05 The InsolentThe AwakeningPrimitive Reaction
150. 2023-08-21Agony ColumnWalk The NightGod, Guns & Guts
151. 2023-08-21Thy LegionOne Eyed PyramidWorld Stigmata
152. 2023-08-21HateDemigodLitanies Of Satan
153. 2023-08-21SargatanasSatanistSargatanasInvisible Hands Music
154. 2023-08-21Atrocious AbnormalityThe Birth of ViolenceEchoes of the Rotting
155. 2023-08-21Aborted FetusBoiled AliveThe Art of Violent TortureComatose Music
156. 2023-08-21NecroticGoreBeast06 Blood Clot ClimaxHuman Deviance GaloreComatose Music
157. 2023-08-21If These Trees Could TalkIron GlacierThe Bones of a Dying World
158. 2023-08-21Life NeglectedAs Suicide Brought HopeWith Destructive Intent
159. 2023-08-21Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl In Der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
160. 2023-08-14MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
161. 2023-08-14ManowarKings Of MetalThe Hell Of Steel
162. 2023-08-14ReanimatorBreathless BirthThrashin' the NeighborhoodGaly Records
163. 2023-08-14Pseudogod06 Awakening Of ArchdaemonSepulchral Chants DLP
164. 2023-08-14UNION BLACKWhat's on Your MindSONGS IN THE KEY OF BLACK
165. 2023-08-14SkyTigersKeep Christ in Christmas (and Out of Rock n' Roll)eulorgy
166. 2023-08-14High CommandMerciless SteelBeyond the Wall of Desolation
167. 2023-08-14Pesticide HorrorHospital FeetBUTLER COUNTY MINCING DEATH
168. 2023-08-14AnnihilatorAlison HellAlice In Hell
169. 2023-08-14Sam Black ChurchRe-aliveLet In Life
170. 2023-08-14Belial's Throne04 Pit Of Dead RealmForgotten Land of the Lost SoulsSpread Evil Productions
171. 2023-08-14Finsterforst02 Kapitel II - DualitaetJenseitsAOP Records
172. 2023-08-14The Watcher (Finland)05 Luciferian NirvanaKaosauraSpread Evil Productions
173. 2023-08-14Black PestilenceBlack Pestilence - 05 Aspect of DarknessChaotic Wisdom - Out Sept 8thSelf-Released
174. 2023-08-14Haeresiarchs of DisIntent the AuguryDenuntiatus CinisMoribund Records
175. 2023-08-14Sadistic IntentLurking TerrorImpending Doom
176. 2023-08-14Fear Before the March of FlamesShould Have Stayed in the ShallowsSpring Sampler 2005
177. 2023-08-14Cerebral EffusionEpidemic of the EraImpulsive Psychopathic ActsComatose Music
178. 2023-08-14VISCERAL DISGORGE4.SAPROGENIC DEFORMATIONSlithering EviscerationAgonia Records
179. 2023-08-14Stabbing02 Ravenous Psychotic OnslaughtRavenous Psychotic OnslaughtComatose Music
180. 2023-08-14Dying FetusIntentional ManslaughterSo Mote It Bevol. 1)
181. 2023-08-14Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl In Der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
182. 2023-08-07MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
183. 2023-08-07ALESTORM03_Magnetic NorthSunset On The Golden AgeNapalm Records
184. 2023-08-07ThouRats And Mice And Swarms Of LiceWe Pass Like Night, From Land to Land
185. 2023-08-07WeaklingCut Their Brain And Place Fire ThereinDead As Dreams
186. 2023-08-07Void PrayerL'appel du videThe Grandiose Return to the Void
187. 2023-08-07UtopiumWalls (Siege cover)Utopium / Lifedeceiver split 7"
188. 2023-08-07GadgetBlack LightThe Funeral MarchRelapse Records
189. 2023-08-07QuillsYour Own RealitySelf Titled
190. 2023-08-07OXALATE {usa}Necrotic Descent4 way split CD 2020 w/Blood Spore/Vivisect/Perpetuated
191. 2023-08-07Witch MountainMechanical WorldWitch MountainSvart Records
192. 2023-08-07skywulExtinction Agreement
193. 2023-08-07Necronomicon Ex Mortis4. Silver BulletSilver Bullet - Out Aug 11thSelf-Released
194. 2023-08-07AtriaATRIA - 04 - Just A NumberGround Zero - Out Aug 18thSelf-Released
195. 2023-08-07Vorgfang02 Iron WinterVorgfang/Unholy Craft-Ulf's KeptrPurity Through Fire
196. 2023-08-07Augurium4. Ancient GrimoireUnearthly Will - Out Aug 25thSelf-Released
197. 2023-08-07OutergodsTangled In The Cogs Of The Nightmare MachineA Kingdom Built Upon the Wreckage of HeavenProsthetic Records
198. 2023-08-07Dikasterion03 New World DisorderChaos as a New WorldAmor fati Productions
199. 2023-08-07Carnal AgonyLove Will Tear You ApartBack from the Grave
200. 2023-08-07HelloweenAnother Shot of LifeBurning Sun
201. 2023-08-07TYRThe Ride To HelRagnarok
202. 2023-08-07Quo VadisDead Man's DiaryDefiant Imagination
203. 2023-08-07BeheritAll in SatanEngramSpinefarm
204. 2023-08-07Sorcier des GlacesCrossing the Haunted ForestUn Monde de Glace et de Sang
205. 2023-08-07UNDEATH02 - Ineffable TumultDemo '19Caligari Records
206. 2023-08-07Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl In Der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
207. 2023-07-31MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
208. 2023-07-31AgallochFalling SnowAshes Against the GrainThe End
209. 2023-07-31ACHERONTASDrakonian WombVamacharaAgonia Records
210. 2023-07-31Carpathian WrathCondemned the angels of the fallen kingdom remasteredsongs 2023-07-21
211. 2023-07-31NahualTriumphant GleamApostasy Act: Recrucifixion.Ritual.Revelation
212. 2023-07-31Forgotten TombUnder Saturn Retrograde Part IUnder Saturn RetrogradeAgonia Records
213. 2023-07-31Ion DissonanceLecturing Raskolnikov (Or How to Properly Stab an Old Widow)SolaceAbacus
214. 2023-07-31DysmorfectomyIntestines ExposedHypothermal Dissection
215. 2023-07-31Cannibal CorpseEaten From InsideVile
216. 2023-07-31Transgressor (Japan)03 InfiltrationBeyond OblivionMe Saco Un Ojo Records
217. 2023-07-31Of Darkness02 Requiem AeternamMissa TridentinaPersonal Records
218. 2023-07-31The Circle (Germany)02 Of AwakeningOf AwakeningAOP Records
219. 2023-07-31SinneryAn Ode (Knife Of Erato)Below the Summit - Out Sept 29thExitus Stratagem Records
220. 2023-07-31LANCEREntity-DE1AH2371003TempestFireflash Records
221. 2023-07-31Dead Carnage03 Caged BrutalityFrom Hell For HateImmortal Souls Productions
222. 2023-07-31FroglordThe First StrikeAmphibian AscendingFuzzy Cracklins
223. 2023-07-31Morpheus DescendsSubmerged In AdipocereRitual Of Infinity (Reissue 2005)
224. 2023-07-31Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl In Der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
225. 2023-07-24MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
226. 2023-07-24Bastard SaplingThe Killer In Us AllInstinct Is ForeverGilead Media
227. 2023-07-24CemicanCuando Los Muertos Suspiran (Mihcailhuitl)In Ohtli Teoyohtica In MiquiztliM-Theory Audio
228. 2023-07-24OathbreakerNeedles in Your SkinRheia
229. 2023-07-24WaldgeflüsterKarhunkierrosMeine FesselnBindrune Recordings
230. 2023-07-24Deadwater DrowningThe Best Sex I Ever Had Started With a 900 Number and a Credit Card VerificationDeadwater DrowningBlackmarket Activities
231. 2023-07-24EngineerFirst FrostThe DregsBlackmarket Activities
232. 2023-07-24Wolfblitzer03-Heavy Chains Of HateSongs Dedicated to Movements
233. 2023-07-24Wasp MotherFailureSelf-Loathing
234. 2023-07-24Magrudergrindviolent poser assaultSplit Sylvester Staline
235. 2023-07-24Dark TranquillityInside the Particle StormFictionCentury Media Records
236. 2023-07-24Haxen04 Haxen - Cave and SolitudeAncient Torment/Haxen-The Howling GaleEternal Death
237. 2023-07-24FlitcraftI Forgot Everything (Research at Dive Bars)House at the Centre of the UniversePitch Black Records
238. 2023-07-24An Autumn For Crippled ChildrenThis feels like dyingClosureProsthetic Records
239. 2023-07-24TrollerInto DustDrainRelapse Records
240. 2023-07-24Arrayan PathRaid of the AchaemenidsThus Always to TyrantsPitch Black Records
241. 2023-07-24GraveHating LifeInto The Grave
242. 2023-07-24Shadow Of IntentThe Forsaken EffigyReclaimerShadow of Intent
243. 2023-07-24CABALInsatiableMagno InteritusNuclear Blast
244. 2023-07-24Mithridatic06 Hell compasses pointsMiserable MiracleKaotoxin Records
245. 2023-07-24Internal SufferingCosmic Ancient MountainChaotic Matrix
246. 2023-07-24ZgardWinter WithcraftReclusionSolitude Productions
247. 2023-07-24Smoke SignalsSend Me Flowers While I’m Still HereSend Me Flowers While Im Still Here
248. 2023-07-24Revelation Of RainAntithesis of LifeEmanation of HatredSolitude Productions
249. 2023-07-24CacophonyThe NinjaSpeed Metal Symphony
250. 2023-07-24Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl In Der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
251. 2023-07-17MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
252. 2023-07-17YOBGrasping AirThe Unreal Never LivedMetal Blade
253. 2023-07-17Omens of PlagueHic Svnt DraconesThe Merciless Beyond
254. 2023-07-17OrganectomySanctum of DeceitDomain of the Wretched
255. 2023-07-17Cesspool of VerminBestial NecrophiliaBestial NecrophiliaSevared Records - via Metalhit
256. 2023-07-17Seges FindereEradication of AbominationsProclamation of Blood VengeanceOld Cemetery Records
257. 2023-07-17CynicismRegurgitateLimb HymnsSelf-Released
258. 2023-07-17Wolfblitzer01-Spite Is The Way Of The Walk--V3.3Songs Dedicated to Movements
259. 2023-07-17Divine SentenceArmed ConflictDemoDropping Bombs
260. 2023-07-17Drag PatternGriftedDemoDropping Bombs
261. 2023-07-17Heathen PrayerBroken Heart of Saturday NightThe Devil and the Day LaborerDropping Bombs
262. 2023-07-17Knelt BeforeFirewatchBe Nice
263. 2023-07-17HALLUCINATE (Germany)03-Hallucinate-Black SmokersFrom the Bowels of the EarthCaligari Records
264. 2023-07-17End ReignSerpent MessiahThe Way Of All Flesh Is DecayRelapse Records
265. 2023-07-17Outer HeavenLiquified MindInfinite Psychic DepthsRelapse Records
266. 2023-07-17Excrement (Finland)04 Dreaming Of The DeadFlesh & BloodChaos Records
267. 2023-07-17SkycladA Dog in the MangerPrince of the Poverty Line
268. 2023-07-17CrusadistTempered in Black FlameThe Unholy GrailCrusadist
269. 2023-07-17ABYSMAL DAWNIn Service Of TimeLeveling the Plane of Existence (Radio Promo)Relapse Records
270. 2023-07-17Mithridatic06 Hell compasses pointsMiserable MiracleKaotoxin Records
271. 2023-07-17Harms WayNew BeginningsIsolation
272. 2023-07-17MeshuggahNew Millennium Cyanide ChristChaosphereNuclear Blast
273. 2023-07-17Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl In Der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
274. 2023-07-10MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
275. 2023-07-10LordChaos RainingChaos Raining
276. 2023-07-10Despise YouThirty-One Days of RainWest Side HorizonPessimiser
277. 2023-07-10SlayerRaining BloodReign In Blood [Expanded Edition]
278. 2023-07-10GruesomeChoke On It (Death Cover)Fragments of Psyche EPRelapse Records
279. 2023-07-10Shadow Of IntentThe Heretic PrevailsReclaimerShadow of Intent
280. 2023-07-10Seven Of NineAssimilationLiquid Universe
281. 2023-07-10Skinny PuppyTin OmenRabiesNettwerk
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285. 2023-07-10Rockin' EngineRockin' Engine - 03 Libre Ex-MortisAltered By Evil - Out July 7thSelf-Released
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287. 2023-07-10ImmolationHere In AfterHere In After
288. 2023-07-10The FacelessSons of BelialPlanetary Dulaity
289. 2023-07-10Cerebral FixMaimed to BegBastardsRoadracer Records
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293. 2023-07-10DarkworIIIFoederati
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299. 2023-07-03AbioticConquest of GlieseSymbiosis
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304. 2023-07-03Hot SnakesLight Up The StarsThe Incomplete Hot SnakesSub Pop
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308. 2023-07-03Hooker Spit02 - Hooker Spit - Corpse Grinder“Krötch Splitter” Out July 28thSelf-Released
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311. 2023-07-03ObituaryChopped In HalfCause Of Death [CD]Roadrunner (Warner)
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315. 2023-07-03DARKhonesty is the death policy''sex 'n' death''
316. 2023-07-03Aura NoirBlood UnityDeep Tracts Of Hell
317. 2023-07-03Angel DustVictims Of MadnessInto The Dark Past
318. 2023-07-03HiraxThunder LightningHate, fear & power
319. 2023-07-03CynicNo Time At AllSuicide (7 inch)
320. 2023-07-03Mercyful FateDevil EyesIn The Beginning
321. 2023-07-03Living DeathMy VictimVengance Of Hell
322. 2023-07-03Crying SteelAlone AgainOn The Prowl
323. 2023-07-03AnthemWarning Action!Anthem
324. 2023-07-03Black VirginLife After LifeMost Likely To Exceed
325. 2023-07-03Heavy LoadBleeding StreetsDeath or Glory
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373. 2023-06-19King DiamondThe Family GhostIn Concert 1987 - Abigail
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527. 2023-05-01Despite The ReverenceSurprise Kill VanishStress of Evolution - Out April 14thSelf-Released
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548. 2023-04-24Heimland04 Iskald Raatten JordForfedrenes TaarerEdged Circle Productions
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566. 2023-04-17CatharsisExterminating AngelSamsara
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570. 2023-04-17Negură BungetImpodobeala timpuluiTău
571. 2023-04-17Mavorim07 Die andere Seite deines TraumesAb Amitia PulsaePurity Through Fire
572. 2023-04-17Death GoalsI Wouldn't Be Caught Dead (Taking A Bullet For You)A Garden of Dead FlowersProsthetic Records
573. 2023-04-17BlodtårDen fördärvade sorgbundenheten (‘The devastating grief’)Det förtegna förflutnaNordvis Produktion
574. 2023-04-17AltariHin eina sannaKröflueldarSvart Records
575. 2023-04-17ObituaryWeaponize The HateDying of EverythingRelapse Records
576. 2023-04-17Downfall of GaiaWhile Bloodsprings Become RiversSilhouettes of DisgustMetal Blade Records
577. 2023-04-17Lorde of All DesiresThe Vision of DeathThe Scent of Malevolence
578. 2023-04-17Type O NegativeBlood And FireBloody Kisses (Top-Shelf Edition)
579. 2023-04-17WatainThe Return Of Darkness And EvilTonight We Raise Our Cups And Toast In Angels Blood - A Tribute To Bathory
580. 2023-04-17Phobophilic01 That Which Swallowed The SunUndimensioned Identities TAPEBlood Harvest Records
581. 2023-04-17Henosis (Chile)03 Macrocosmic InvertionApotheosis Pulsio CLVI double-7" EPBlood Harvest Records
582. 2023-04-17Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl In Der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
583. 2023-04-10MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
584. 2023-04-10Death AngelDiscontinuedAct III
585. 2023-04-10The TubesWhite Punks On Dope
586. 2023-04-10Horror of HorrorsBleed with UsSounds of Eerie
587. 2023-04-10Gutvoid01 Coils Of Gas-Hewn FilamentDurance of Lightless Horizons CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
588. 2023-04-10Blood IncantationThe Giza Power PlantHidden History of the Human Race
589. 2023-04-10LucifericonMoon Over Fading StatuesThe Occult Waters 12" MLPBlood Harvest
590. 2023-04-10Kaal Akuma03 IGNORANCE IS BLISSTuriyaNuclear Winter Records
591. 2023-04-10Exploding Corpse Action03 Robotic Surgery MalfunctionInter-Dimensional AnnihilationArmageddon Label
592. 2023-04-10Pustilence09 Demiurge DivertissementBeliefs of Dead Stargazers and SoothsayersMemento Mori
593. 2023-04-10Valgrind (Italy)06 LAMENT OF THE BLACK PENITENTS (GLORY IS THE SUN OF THE DEAD)Millennium of Night BlissMemento Mori
594. 2023-04-10Heretic Cult Redeemer02 Intoxication DivineFlagellum UniversalisIll Damnation Productions
595. 2023-04-10VintersorgNaturens GalleriCosmic GenesisNapalm Records
596. 2023-04-10WORMWITCHDancing In The AshesHeaven That Dwells WithinProsthetic Records
597. 2023-04-10NecrophagiaIt Lives in the WoodsBlack Blood
598. 2023-04-10ScorchedDealings of a Gruesome KindEchoes Of DismembermentUnspeakable Axe Records
599. 2023-04-10God's HateRighteous FearMass Murder
600. 2023-04-10Fleshgod ApocalypseA Million DeathsKingNuclear Blast Records
601. 2023-04-10Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl In Der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
602. 2023-04-03MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
603. 2023-04-03KreatorPleasure to KillLive Kreation, Disc 1Steamhammer
604. 2023-04-03In FlamesArtifacts Of The Black RainThe Jester Race / Black-Ash Inheritance
605. 2023-04-03InfernaeonThe Scar Of DavidGenesis To NemesisProsthetic Records
606. 2023-04-03CenturianMisanthropic Luciferian OnslaughtChoronzonic Chaos GodsFull Moon Productions
607. 2023-04-03Dark FuneralEvil PrevailVobiscum SatanasNo Fashion Records
608. 2023-04-03Iron LungCare For The MachineLife. Iron Lung. Death.
609. 2023-04-03Agoraphobic NosebleedBed of FliesThe Poacher DiariesSony Music Distribution
610. 2023-04-03ConvergeMinnesotaThe Poacher DiariesSony Music Distribution
611. 2023-04-03Wasp MotherBoringSelf-Loathing
612. 2023-04-03New LowsStagnant StridesHarvest of the CarcassDeathwish Inc.
613. 2023-04-03Dawn of OuroborosLevitating PacificsVelvet IncandescenceProsthetic Records
614. 2023-04-03Sentinel Sirens05 Fury of AtlantisOrbithon WaveChaos Records
615. 2023-04-03DESCENT INTO MAELSTROMInfecundusDei ConsentesClub Inferno Entertainment
616. 2023-04-03Barditus03 Dein SchwertDein SchwertPurity Through Fire
617. 2023-04-03Fires in the DistancePsalm of the MercilessAir Not Meant For UsProsthetic Records
618. 2023-04-03Nachtig03 Eisig' RomantikEisig' RomantikPurity Through Fire
619. 2023-04-03Amon AmarthHermod's Ride To Hel-Lokes Treachery Part 1With Oden on Our SideMetal Blad (SPV)
620. 2023-04-03Hanging GardenWelkin AflameAgainst the Dying of the Light
621. 2023-04-03A Light in the DarkInsomniaInsomnia
622. 2023-04-03New HellFaith DiseaseDeath, Rot, and Ruin
623. 2023-04-03PilloryNipples to NapalmNo Lifeguard at the Gene PoolUnique Records
624. 2023-04-03AbigorumFür Die EwigkeitExaltatus Mechanism
625. 2023-04-03DevastatorWorship the Gibbous MoonConjuring EvilOld Cemetery Records
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627. 2023-03-27MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
628. 2023-03-27KissLick It UpLick It UpMercury Records
629. 2023-03-27ShoutIn Your FaceIn Your Facefrontline
630. 2023-03-27StormWhat Do You LikeStormMCA Records
631. 2023-03-27Mad MaxLosing YouRollin' ThunderMetal Blade Records
632. 2023-03-27ZnowhiteWar MachineAct Of Godenigma
633. 2023-03-27HiraxUnholy SacrificeHate, Fear, And Powermetalblade
634. 2023-03-27Sound BarrierGladiatorThe Speed Of Lightmetalblade
635. 2023-03-27IntrinsicWasted LifeIntrinsicNo Wimp Records
636. 2023-03-27DestructionSurvive to DieRelease From Agonyprofile
637. 2023-03-27Mercyful FateevilMelissamegaforce
638. 2023-03-27DeathSpiritual HealingSpiritual HealingCombat Records
639. 2023-03-27Vio-lenceBodies on BodiesEternal Nightmaremca
640. 2023-03-27JuggernautIn The Blood Of VirginsVarious Artists - Metal Massacre VIIMetal Blade Records
641. 2023-03-27AbominationThe ChoiceAbomination LPnuclearblast
642. 2023-03-27AnthemBlind CityAnthemrestless
643. 2023-03-27VenomFireFirefilmtrax pic
644. 2023-03-27RazorTime BombExecution's SongViper Records
645. 2023-03-27Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl In Der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
646. 2023-03-20MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
647. 2023-03-20BereavementWellspringThe Advent of Loss
648. 2023-03-20MoonspellSpring of RageNight EternalSteamhammer
649. 2023-03-20DismemberLet the Napalm RainDeath MetalNuclear Blast Records
650. 2023-03-20Metal Cross04 Vernal Equinox 1Metal Cross 2LP + 7"Horror Records
651. 2023-03-20Meek Is MurderHope Springs Eternal (Spaghetti Code)Algorithms
652. 2023-03-20RosettaLift, Pt. 1Wake/LiftTranslation Music
653. 2023-03-20MedevilMedevil - Mirror in the Darkness - 04 - The SignalMirror in the Darkness - Out April 7thSelf-Released
654. 2023-03-20Sieluhaaska02 Kaaoksen syleilyynKun aurinkoni kuoliPurity Through Fire
655. 2023-03-20MaudiirMaudiir - Soliloque - 04 Regarde au CielSoliloque - Out April 7thSelf-Released
656. 2023-03-20Necronomicon Ex MortisNecronomicon Ex Mortis - 2. Earth CancerSelf-Titled - Out March 31Self-Released
657. 2023-03-20BloodJesus Never LivedImpulse To Destroy
658. 2023-03-20NasumRevolution
659. 2023-03-20Insect WarfareBut Now You DieSplit With Hatred Surge/Insect Warfare
660. 2023-03-20AssuckMaimed For LifeNecro Salvation EP
661. 2023-03-20ExcommunionSuffering Unto the DamnedSuperionWorld War III
662. 2023-03-20Extirpation (Italy)03 RuinsThe Endless StormChaos Records
663. 2023-03-20ThromdarrWinter of FlamesMidwinter Frost - Complete Demo Tapes 1990-1997Svart Records
664. 2023-03-20Malevolent CreationThe Fine Art of MurderLive at the Whisky A Go Go LiveMassacre
665. 2023-03-20HUMAN INFECTION {usa}Embrace PerfectionGravesight
666. 2023-03-20FleshgrindLitany of MurderDestined for DefilementPavement Music
667. 2023-03-20CephalectomyOmens of Elder CreationDark Waters Rise
668. 2023-03-20Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl In Der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
669. 2023-03-13MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
670. 2023-03-13Dark AngelMerciless DeathDarkness Descends
671. 2023-03-13SlayerPraise Of DeathHell Awaits
672. 2023-03-13DissectionThe Call Of The MistThe Past Is Alive (The Early Mischief)Necropolis Records
673. 2023-03-13Goddess of DesireBlasphemic Beasts Convokeda Tribute to Hell "satanic Rites [Disc 2]
674. 2023-03-13AnathemaSleep In SanitySerenadesPeaceville UK
675. 2023-03-13NaglfarTwelfth RisingSatanic Rites
676. 2023-03-13CHURCH OF DISGUST07 Humiliated RemainsWeakest is the Flesh (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
677. 2023-03-13A Canorous QuintetThe Complete EmptinessThe Only Pure HateGestrichen
678. 2023-03-13THE GROTESQUERYAs Death DiesThe Lupine AnathemaXtreem Music
679. 2023-03-13HaidukSea of FireDiabolica
680. 2023-03-13ASYSTOLE2. Song of Subservient BlissSiren To BlightI, Voidhanger Records
681. 2023-03-13Thysia04 Nexus of Cataclysmic ForcesIslands in Cosmic DarknessChaos Records
682. 2023-03-13MYSTIC CIRCLEMystic Circle - Erzdämon - 03 - Unholy TrinityErzdämonFireflash Records
683. 2023-03-13Downfall of GaiaEyes to Burning SkiesSilhouettes of DisgustMetal Blade Records
684. 2023-03-13This Means War04 DeceitOmnivore Doctrine (album)Gymnocal Industries
685. 2023-03-13ATEMPORAL2. Draped In Abyssal FireThorn GenesisI, Voidhanger Records
686. 2023-03-13Thecodontion02 - HallucigeniaS/T-THECODONTION and CEREMENTEDI, Voidhanger Records
687. 2023-03-13SwarmDeaf Blind SilentAnathemaGalaxy Underground
688. 2023-03-13NecrodeathAwakening Of DawnPhylogenesisScarlet Records
689. 2023-03-13Terminally Your Aborted GhostMinimalistic ObjectivityInanimately Soundless
690. 2023-03-13DysenteryVoice of DeprivationFrom Past Suffering Comes New FleshAmputated Vein Records
691. 2023-03-13MorticianRabidChainsaw DismembermentRelapse Records
692. 2023-03-13FleshgrindFrozen in a Voiceless ScreamDestined for DefilementPavement Music
693. 2023-03-13KorpiklaaniIevan PolkkaManalaNuclear Blast GmbH
694. 2023-03-13Affective PsychosisSevere Aberration of Regenerated InvaderThe Extraterrestrial Horrendous Ferocity
695. 2023-03-13GorebagRegurgitated Eyeball SoupTethered to the Wicked DomainGrind to Death Records
696. 2023-03-13Exsanguination EntrailsMemories of Flagellated MistakesApocalyptic Desires
697. 2023-03-13Casket GrinderWhat Lies AcrossFall into Dementia
698. 2023-03-13AbnormalitySynthetic PathogenesisMechanisms of OmniscienceMetal Blade Records
699. 2023-03-13Nefesh CoreNEFESHCORE - Getaway - 08 - OthersideGetaway - Out Sept 25thRockshots Records
700. 2023-03-13Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl In Der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
701. 2023-03-06MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
702. 2023-03-06DismemberEnslaved to BitternessHate CampaignNuclear Blast Records
703. 2023-03-06RibspreaderThe Suffering EarthSuicide Gate - A Bridge to DeathXtreem Music
704. 2023-03-06WolfheartGale Of WinterWinterborn
705. 2023-03-06Under The ChurchSuspended In GoreRabid ArmageddonPulverised Records
706. 2023-03-06DélétèreII - Le Lai de la VerminePer Aspera Ad PestilentiamSepulchral Productions
707. 2023-03-06Black Moon LilithMoribund
708. 2023-03-06GENOCIDAL RITES02 Abrahamic Annihilation in Complete TotalityExsanguination of the Gods (TAPE)
709. 2023-03-06Beyond The BlackWinter Is ComingBeyond The BlackNuclear Blast Records
710. 2023-03-06GRIEVE (Finland)03 Twilight WoodsWolves of the Northern Moon (CD, LP)
711. 2023-03-06WillowsFault LinesColdfront
712. 2023-03-06Human PutrefactionGolden WicthGod Was Never Here
713. 2023-03-06Uada04 In the Absence of MatterDjinnEisenwald Records
714. 2023-03-06Bombs of HadesForgotten In GravesThe Serpent's Redemption LPBlood Harvest
715. 2023-03-06Dauþuz04 Der Bergschmied IVVom schwarzen SchmiedAmor fati Productions
716. 2023-03-06Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl In Der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
717. 2023-02-27MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
718. 2023-02-27New LowsBliding GriefHarvest of the CarcassDeathwish Inc.
719. 2023-02-27Shipwreck A.D.HelixAbyss
720. 2023-02-27GorgutsDrifting RemainsConsidered Dead
721. 2023-02-27Anaal NathrakhGenesis of the AntichristWhen Fire Rains Down from the Sky, Mankind Will Reap as It Has SownMetal Blade Records
722. 2023-02-27Fluids05 VaricoseSpli-NUNSLAUGHTER / FLUIDSt EP (7", TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
723. 2023-02-27Extirpation (Italy)04 Electrocution StrikeThe Endless StormChaos Records
724. 2023-02-27Amon AmarthUnder the Greyclouded Winter SkyVersus the World
725. 2023-02-27At The GatesNight Comes, Blood BlackThe Red In The Sky Is Ours
726. 2023-02-27The Psyke ProjectCreating LandscapesApnea (full album 2007)
727. 2023-02-27ALEX NUNZIATIPossessed By Astral EntityBlack Space VoidMoribund Records
728. 2023-02-27Category VICategory VI - 3. The Vultures NeverFirecry - Out March 24thMoribund Records
729. 2023-02-27EntheosThe Interior WildernessTime Will Take Us AllMetal Blade Records
730. 2023-02-27Lamp of Murmuur03 Seal of the DominatorSaturnian BloodstormNot Kvlt Records
731. 2023-02-27VomitoryRedeemed in FlamesBlood RaptureMetal Blade
732. 2023-02-27Desekryptor04 OrganismacideChasm of Rot TAPEBlood Harvest Records
733. 2023-02-27Demonic RageEvoking the Pestilence + Cadaver Christ's DesecrationVenomous Wine From Putrid Bodies LPIron Bonehead Productions
734. 2023-02-27TerrorizerResurrectionWorld DownfallEarache
735. 2023-02-27Malevolent CreationPremure BurialThe ten Commandents
736. 2023-02-27CthonicaAct II the VerbTyphomanteia
737. 2023-02-27Wild DogsI Need A LoveWild Dogs
738. 2023-02-27Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl In Der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
739. 2023-02-20MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
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741. 2023-02-20IsisGarden Of LightIn The Absence Of Truth
742. 2023-02-20Municipal WasteTen Cent Beer NightElectrified BrainNuclear Blast Records
743. 2023-02-20Skyless AeonsDimensional EntrapmentDrain The Sun - Out Oct 2ndCDN Records
744. 2023-02-20Winds of PlagueOrigins and EndingsDecimate the WeakCentury (Japan)
745. 2023-02-20OriginDisease Called ManContaminated 3.0, Disc 1Relapse Records
746. 2023-02-20Funeral ThirstWoodland SacrificeGalvanized in BloodSelf-Released
747. 2023-02-20Headhunter Death CultFalling Into PerditionAnd The Sky Turns Black
748. 2023-02-20Birth the WretchedClerical DefilementBirth the Wretched
749. 2023-02-20CARNAL SAVAGERY07 - Carnal Savagery - Revel In MadnessWorm EatenMoribund Records
750. 2023-02-20PhobiaWelcome to ViolenceSerenity Through PainDispleased
751. 2023-02-20Iron LungCervical LaserCold Storage
752. 2023-02-20Iron AgeBurden of EmpireThe Sleeping Eye CBMTee Pee Records
753. 2023-02-20EnvelopeRangers Have Fetishes TooWeighing A Tired Heart
754. 2023-02-20Norma JeanThe Human Face, DivineBless the Martyr and Kiss the ChildSolid State
755. 2023-02-20DISFUNERALMaim, Kill, BurnBlood Red TentacleRedefining Darkness Records
756. 2023-02-20NecrophagiaBlack Blood VomitoriumBlack Blood
757. 2023-02-20Dark EliteFlesh-Earth-SoilVoid Omnipotent
758. 2023-02-20Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl In Der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
759. 2023-02-13MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
760. 2023-02-13Black SabbathThe WizardBlack Sabbath
761. 2023-02-13WeaklingNo One Can Be Called A Man While He'll DieDead As Dreams
762. 2023-02-13The Great CommissionDraw The LineHeavy WorshipAint No Grave Records
763. 2023-02-13Old GrowthThe SeedlingMossweaver
764. 2023-02-13Astriferous04 MetasymbiosisPulsations From the Black OrbMe Saco Un Ojo Records
765. 2023-02-13AT THE ALTAR OF THE HORNED GOD02 Closing CircleHeart Of SilenceI, Voidhanger Records
766. 2023-02-13Ocean of Grief04 Imprisoned Between WorldsPale ExistencePersonal Records
767. 2023-02-13Obsidian TongueKinship As A Wound2010
768. 2023-02-13Chalice Of DoomTo Dust I Shall ReturnImmemorial Nightfall
769. 2023-02-13DiabolicExtinction Level EventSubterraneal MagnitudeConquest Music
770. 2023-02-13EnforcerRun For Your LifeLive By Fire IINuclear Blast Records
771. 2023-02-13Tokyo BladeChains Of LoveNo Remorse [Japan Edition]
772. 2023-02-13Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
773. 2023-02-06MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
774. 2023-02-06Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
775. 2023-02-06TribulationWhen The Sky Is Black With DevilsThe Formulas of DeathAjna Records
776. 2023-02-06Smouldering in ForgottenVengeance Of An Evil EyeLegions Into Black FlamesOld Cemetery Records
777. 2023-02-06This EndingInstigator Of Dead FleshDead HarvestMetal Blade
778. 2023-02-06NeaeraSlaying the Wolf WithinOurs Is the Storm
779. 2023-02-06Living VoidBanish AgendaLiving VoidDilapidated Enterprises
780. 2023-02-06MOLECULAR DECAY {colombia}Bleeding Peptic Ulcer (Regurgitate Cover)CD 2019 ��memories of violent rotten chapters��Coyote Records (Russia)
781. 2023-02-06AssacreCyclops GenesisFantastic Illusions Worth Dying for
782. 2023-02-06ColossusAbysmal Tectonic TyrantsDegenesisComatose Music
783. 2023-02-06WormholeExistence GapGenesis
784. 2023-02-06Dead Soul Alliance03 Spiralling To LunacySpiralling to LunacyCryptorium9
785. 2023-02-06They Grieve03-They-Grieve-If-Light-Should-AppearTo Which I Bore Witness - Out Feb 24thSilent Pendulum Records
786. 2023-02-06Bodyfarm04 Blasting TyrannyUltimate AbominationEdged Circle Productions
787. 2023-02-06Carma02 JazigoOssadasMonumental Rex
788. 2023-02-06AsylenceAsylence - 03 The Garden of DisrespectEndanger Us All (Out Feb 24th)Self-Released
789. 2023-02-06Phantom Fire03 DERIVE FROM ASHEminente Lucifer LibertadEdged Circle Productions
790. 2023-02-06Vio-LenceEternal NightmareMehcanic Demo [Demo]
791. 2023-02-06Black FlagRise AboveDamaged
792. 2023-02-06TankRun Like HellFilth Hounds of HadesMetal Mind
793. 2023-02-06ThorLong Ride From HellRecruits - Wild In The Streets
794. 2023-02-06CONANConan04 Gravity ChasmBlood EagleNapalm Records
795. 2023-02-06CentinexTotal MisanthropiaDiabolical DesolationCandlelight Records
796. 2023-02-06Job for a CowboyAltered from CatechizationGenesisMetal Blade
797. 2023-02-06ORIGIN03 - Autopsied AliveAbiogenesis - A Coming Into ExistenceAgonia Records
798. 2023-02-06Jesus PieceConjure LifeS/T EP
799. 2023-02-06Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl In Der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
800. 2023-01-30MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
801. 2023-01-30AosothTeaching/ErasingiiiAgonia Records
802. 2023-01-30FAITHXTRACTORRevenge Void AsphyxiaContempt for a Failed DimensionRedefining Darkness Records
803. 2023-01-30Dark FuneralUnchain My SoulWhere Shadows Forever ReignCentury Media Records
804. 2023-01-30Old Man's ChildUnholy Vivid InnocenceRevelation 666Century Media
805. 2023-01-30BorknagarGenesis TornQuintessenceCentury Media Records
806. 2023-01-30Necrovation02 Starving GraveStorm the Void / Starving Grave 7" EP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
807. 2023-01-30Abduction3. Convulsing At BaalbekAll Pain As PenanceInferna Profundus Records
808. 2023-01-30Fonsadera2. Fonsadera - In Proelio CerviFonsadera / Biological Warfare-暴​力​を​表​現​す​る​も​う​一​つ​の​方​法 (Another Way of Expressing the Violence)Inferna Profundus Records
809. 2023-01-30WinterstormSanguine Mortis... Parte SecondaEverlasting Black Arts in Supreme DarknessInferna Profundus Records
810. 2023-01-30Solus Grief02 Life Has Left This PlaceWith a Last ExhalePurity Through Fire
811. 2023-01-30Unholy Craft (Norway)05 For Thee I LongNaar All Tid Er OmmePurity Through Fire
812. 2023-01-30Crown, The1999-Revolution 666Hell Is HereMetal Blade Records
813. 2023-01-30In FlamesJester Script TransfiguredWhoracleNuclear Blast
814. 2023-01-30AbominatorBlack Flames of ExpulsionNuctemeron Descent
815. 2023-01-30Rivers of NihilPerpetual Growth MachineMonarchyMetal Blade Records
816. 2023-01-30SoreptionThe Nature Of BlightEngineering The Void
817. 2023-01-23MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
818. 2023-01-23The ChasmI'm the Hateful RavenDeathcult tor Eternity - The Triumph
819. 2023-01-23MeshuggahSickeningNoneNuclear Blast
820. 2023-01-23Order From ChaosPlateau of Invincibility
821. 2023-01-23LIKVisioner om en odslig framtidKapitel IIIFrostscald Records
822. 2023-01-23CarcassFeast On Dismembered CarnageReek Of Putrefaction
823. 2023-01-23PortalHeirshipsOutre
824. 2023-01-23Vananidr01. Cold dead skinRoad NorthPurity Through Fire
825. 2023-01-23BræI Nattskrud ViskaAv Vålnader Bortom Allt
826. 2023-01-23Oerheks01 Een Eenzaat in het LandschapLandschapsanachronismen
827. 2023-01-23DUSKLethal Perspectives ft. Aron HarrisSpectrumsSelf-Released
828. 2023-01-23PathologyCadaveric SpasmExasperating Slow Dissection
829. 2023-01-23TrojanIcehouseChasing The Storm
830. 2023-01-23Gutvoid01 They Came Dripping From The StarsAstral Bestiary CD/12" MLP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
831. 2023-01-23Year Of No LightLa Bouche De Vitus BeringNord [2CD Deluxe Edition - Nord I]
832. 2023-01-23LifeloverLuguber FramtidDekadens
833. 2023-01-23My Dying BrideThe Snow in My HandsTurn Loose the Swans
834. 2023-01-23Coven (USA-MI)Kiss Me With BloodWorship New Gods
835. 2023-01-23The Ruins of BeverastSuicide FeastThe Furious Waves Of Damnation
836. 2023-01-23Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
837. 2023-01-16MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
838. 2023-01-16The Funeral PyreMonolithVultures At DawnProsthetic Records
839. 2023-01-16Book Of Black EarthI See DemonsThe Cold TestamentProsthetic Records
840. 2023-01-16Fragments of UnbecomingBreathe in the Black to SeeSterling Black IconMetal Blade Records
841. 2023-01-16ConanAmidst the InfiniteExistential Void GuardianIron Avantgarde Publishing GmbH
842. 2023-01-16Cadaveric IncubatorHideous PremonitionSermons of the Devouring DeadHells Headbangers Records
843. 2023-01-16Terrestrial Hospice04 Extinction DelightCaviary to the GeneralAncient Dead Productions
844. 2023-01-16SLASHER DAVE05 Eaten AliveCannibal Death Gods (2LP)Hells Headbangers Records
845. 2023-01-16ObituaryWithout A ConscienceDying of EverythingRelapse Records
846. 2023-01-16BaphometInfection of DeathDeath In The Beginning
847. 2023-01-16StormwitchHeart Of IceEye Of The Storm
848. 2023-01-16Black Death (Cleveland)Night of the Living DeathBlack DeathHells Headbangers Records
849. 2023-01-16A Diadem of Dead Stars03 The Light That BurnsEmerald SunsetsIll Damnation Productions
850. 2023-01-16NortherN (formally Cold Northern Vengeance)Live Free or DieDesolate Ways to Ultima Thule
851. 2023-01-16Lost SoulMaledictionPolish Assault
852. 2023-01-16Ed GeinThe Marlboro Man Is A Douche BagIts A Shame...
853. 2023-01-16Tino ValpaBacksliderLive Or Be Lived All Over
854. 2023-01-16WarzoneSkinhead YouthDon't Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget The Streets
855. 2023-01-16Takeover, TheThey'll Never Be Like YouEveryone for Themselves
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882. 2023-01-09Carathis02 The Crimson GateAmethyst & MoonstonePersonal Records
883. 2023-01-09Malice DivineMalice Divine - 4. At One With InfinityEverlasting Ascendancy - Out Jan 27thSelf-Released
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885. 2023-01-09UnleashedIn Victory or DefeatMidvinterblotSPV
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887. 2023-01-09Twitching TonguesI Fell From Grace Feet FirstSleep Therapy
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892. 2023-01-09MartyrSnow And FireDutch Steel [Compilation]
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904. 2023-01-02HateA Poor ChoiceDemo III
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911. 2023-01-02Ravenous Death02 Caverns of Freezing TortureVisions From the NetherworldMemento Mori
912. 2023-01-02AGONY FACEXIV - Ice, Smoke and HorsesCLX Stormy QuibblingsMy Kingdom Music
913. 2023-01-02AGONY FACEXIV - Ice, Smoke and HorsesCLX Stormy QuibblingsMy Kingdom Music
914. 2023-01-02Sepulchral VoiceIn the StormEvil Never Rests
915. 2023-01-02CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY10 GIVE ME GASOLINE OR GIVE ME DEATHApocalyptic Compendium - 10 Years in Chaos, Noise and Warfare (CD, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
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917. 2023-01-02Ekpyrosis06 Morticians Of GodAsphyxiating DevotionMemento Mori
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920. 2022-12-26MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
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922. 2022-12-26ImmortalMountains of MightBlizzard Beasts
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925. 2022-12-26Conjureth04 Cremated DominionThe Parasitic ChambersMemento Mori
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930. 2022-12-26AsphyxWardriodIncoming DeathCentury Media Records
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932. 2022-12-26BehemothHell Dwells In IceSventevith (Storming Near The Baltic)
933. 2022-12-26Anaal NathrakhIce Blasting Storm WindsTotal Fucking Necro
934. 2022-12-26Bal-SagothIn the Raven-haunted forests of Darkenhold, where Shadows reign and the hues of sunlight never danceStarfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima ThuleCacophonous
935. 2022-12-26August Burns RedJingle BellsAugust Burns Red Presents
936. 2022-12-26GorealityAgainst the CrusadePerverse Depraved IndifferencePathos Productions
937. 2022-12-26WhiplashI Hate ChristmasWhiplash
938. 2022-12-26Altered Dead06 Thrawing in AgonyReturned to LifeMemento Mori
939. 2022-12-26Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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942. 2022-12-19Municipal WasteHigh Speed SteelElectrified BrainNuclear Blast Records
943. 2022-12-19DismemberTo End It AllDismemberRegain Records
944. 2022-12-19Dead CongregationSerpentskinPromulgation Of The Fall
945. 2022-12-19INCANTATIONQuantum FirmamentSplit 7" EP-BLOOD (Germany)/INCANTATIONHells Headbangers Records
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948. 2022-12-19SPECTRAL CORRUPTION04 Devotion of DesolationRequiemSignal Rex
949. 2022-12-19SATANIC WARMASTER02 Duke's Ride (Ride of the Spectral Hooves)Aamongandr (CD, LP, TAPE)Werewolf Records
950. 2022-12-19CRITICAL EXTRAVASATION3. Doctrine of AtrophyOrder of DecadenceRedefining Darkness Records
951. 2022-12-19IRAE (Portugal)04 Zangrandv v Rebanhv... Uma Melodia de LobozAssim na Terra como no InfernoSignal Rex
952. 2022-12-19GRYMMSTALT04 NachgiebigkeitAnthems of Mournful DespondencySignal Rex
953. 2022-12-19DamagedInternal Dismemberment ConflictsDo Not Spit/Passive Backseat Demon EnginesRotten Records
954. 2022-12-19Hate EternalThe Creed Of Chaotic DivinityConquering The Throne
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956. 2022-12-19CandlemassBewitchedNightfall
957. 2022-12-19DRUADAN FOREST01 Ethereal Eternity Reflects the Images of Vast Eerie PastsPortals (CD)Werewolf Records
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959. 2022-12-19Agony ColumnNo Time to KillBrave Words and Bloody KnucklesBig Chief
960. 2022-12-19CarcassArbeit Macht FleischHeartwork
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965. 2022-12-12Vision of DisorderLandslideImprintRoadrunner Records
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967. 2022-12-12Bolt ThrowerSilent Demise...For VictoryEarache Records
968. 2022-12-12BLOOD (Germany)/INCANTATIONBLOOD - ManipulatorSplit 7" EPHells Headbangers Records
969. 2022-12-12CONGEALED PUTRESCENCEAdvectionWithin the Ceaseless Murk
970. 2022-12-12ABYSMAL LORD03 Glowing BaphometBestiary of Immortal Hunger (CD, LP, TAPE)
971. 2022-12-12NOCTURNAL DEPARTURE03 Clandestine TheurgyClandestine Theurgy (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
972. 2022-12-12Gosudar02 Gosudar - Domination of IrrealitySplit-Gosudar / Malignant Altar
973. 2022-12-12Order of Nosferat07 The Abyss of Thousand NightsVampiric Wrath UnleashedPurity Through Fire
974. 2022-12-12Har Shatan04 Loyalty Until DeathManum Inicere AlicuiThe Sinister Flame
975. 2022-12-12Arch EnemyAces HighBlack EarthRegain Records
976. 2022-12-12WitchtrapBorn for BurningThe First Necromancy
977. 2022-12-12Tomb MoldPrestige Of RebirthAperture Of Body
978. 2022-12-12ENTHRONEDOblivious ShadesObsidiumAgonia Records
979. 2022-12-12RepulsionRadiation SicknessHorrified
980. 2022-12-12Wasp MotherFailureSelf-Loathing
981. 2022-12-12Burning WitchSacred PredictionsCrippled Lucifer
982. 2022-12-12MyrkskogTrapped in TormentSuperior MassacreCandlelight Records
983. 2022-12-12Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
984. 2022-12-05MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
985. 2022-12-05From A Second Story WindowHow London Got It's FogNot One Word Has Been Omittted
986. 2022-12-05Burnt by the SunLizard-Skin BarbieBurnt by the SunRelapse Records
987. 2022-12-05Tony Danza Tapdance ExtravaganzaI Don't Mean to Impose, But I Am the OceanDanza II:Metal Blade
988. 2022-12-05Grave Ritual04 Invoker of Heathen GnosisMorbid ThroneDark Descent Records
989. 2022-12-05Dropdead17 UNJUSTIFIED MURDERDropdead (first album - remastered)Armageddon Label
990. 2022-12-05Backstabbers IncorporatedSometimes MothersBare as BonesBlack Market Activities
991. 2022-12-05General SurgeryIf These Walls Could TalkLeft Hand PathologyListenable Records
992. 2022-12-05SplatterhouseBaptizing the DeadThe House That Dead Built
993. 2022-12-05INCANTVM03. LamieStrigaeI, Voidhanger Records
994. 2022-12-05SKYTHALA03 Boreal Phrenological DespairBoreal DespairI, Voidhanger Records
995. 2022-12-05DETHEROUS2. Suspended In AgonyUnrelenting MalevolenceRedefining Darkness Records
996. 2022-12-05Sépulcre02 Relics From Unheartly CultCursed Ways of SheolInvictus Productions
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998. 2022-12-05Invincible Force5 DesolationSatan Rebellion MetalDark Descent Records
999. 2022-12-05IrdorathMother Of All LiesI AM RISENNoiseheadrecords
1000. 2022-12-05BattlecrossBlood & LiesRise to PowerMetal Blade Records
1001. 2022-12-05ExumerWaking the FireFire & DamnationMetal Blade
1002. 2022-12-05IMMER04-Eternal King Of DarknessSilence After Thunderstorm
1003. 2022-12-05AkillaNo EmotionThe Cursed
1004. 2022-12-05OvercastReborn To Kill AgainReborn to Kill AgainMetal Blade
1005. 2022-12-05Cult of LunaInto the NightThe Long Road NorthMetal Blade Records
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1008. 2022-11-28Cult LeaderSympatheticLightless Walk
1009. 2022-11-28ImmolationGod Made FilthFailures For Gods
1010. 2022-11-281349Celestial DeconstrutionHellfireCandlelight Records
1011. 2022-11-28MOONSORROWSuden TuntiJumalten AikaCentury Media Records
1012. 2022-11-28PNEUMA HAGION {usa}The Shedding Of Fleshdemo 2015 ��trinity I��
1013. 2022-11-28Crush EfektWe Become Animals$2, 10 Song Demo
1014. 2022-11-28Delusions of GrandeurShapeshifterApotheosis
1015. 2022-11-28ABLAZE MY SORROWRetention Of IllusionAnger, Hate And Fury
1016. 2022-11-28Galadriel (Svk)Kingdom Under The OceanEmpire of Empiness
1017. 2022-11-28AeternusThere's No Wine Like the Bloods Crimson...And So the Night Became
1018. 2022-11-28NevermoreLearningThe Politics Of EcstasyCentury Media Records
1019. 2022-11-28UnfaithfullChain ReactionAeon
1020. 2022-11-28Felgrave01 Millennium ShroudA Waning LightPersonal Records
1021. 2022-11-28Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1022. 2022-11-21MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1023. 2022-11-21AcmeBasterdiserTo Reduce the Choir to One SoloistEdison Records
1024. 2022-11-21CursedR.I.P.TwoGoodfellow Records
1025. 2022-11-21NailsAbandon All LifeAbandon All LifeSouthern Lord
1026. 2022-11-21Lazarus ADRevolutionThe OnslaughtMetal Blade
1027. 2022-11-21BAT06 Ritual FoolWings of Chains (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
1028. 2022-11-21Anaal NathrakhScreaming of the UnbornHell Is Empty, and All the Devils Are HereMetal Blade Records
1029. 2022-11-21City of CaterpillarAnd You're Wondering How a Top Floor Could Replace HeavenCity of Caterpillar
1030. 2022-11-21Majority RuleIt's Too LateEmergency NumbersMagic Bullet
1031. 2022-11-21Wasp MotherBoringSelf-Loathing
1032. 2022-11-21Nihilist Death CultNihilist Death Cult - 5 Death To All TyrantsDeath To All Tyrants - Out Dec 2ndSelf-Released
1033. 2022-11-21Dehiscence04 Against Your WillColonyChaos Records
1034. 2022-11-21SumerlandsEdge Of The KnifeDreamkillerRelapse Records
1035. 2022-11-21Sacrilegion (USA)02 Puritanical DementiaFrom Which Nightmares CrawlChaos Records
1036. 2022-11-21Opus Arise03 Opus Arise - AntimatterThe Network - Out Dec 2ndSelf-Released
1037. 2022-11-21Doodseskader04 - Less Of EverythingYear OneIsolation Records
1038. 2022-11-21Gutvoid03 Pilgrimage To The Necropolis RuinAstral Bestiary CD/12" MLP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
1039. 2022-11-21Visceral DisgorgeNecrocoprophagiaIngesting PutridityAmputated Vein Records
1040. 2022-11-21Godless TruthInstructed to DegradeArrogance of Supreme PowerAmputated Vein Records
1041. 2022-11-21MidnightFrothing FoulnessLet There Be WitcheryMetal Blade Records
1042. 2022-11-21Fuse of OrderKing of CrustNobody Leaves at 72Metal Mountain Records
1043. 2022-11-21WormrotPublic Display Of InfectionDirge
1044. 2022-11-21AzaghalKun Aurinko KuoliHelvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä (Nine Circles of Hell)Moribund Records 2016
1045. 2022-11-21Jagged VisionEuthanasiaDeath Is This World
1046. 2022-11-21SlayerMandatory SuicideSouth of Heaven
1047. 2022-11-21Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1048. 2022-11-14MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1049. 2022-11-14GorrifiedMetamorphosis
1050. 2022-11-14AdramelechThe Sleep of IshtarSevenrepulse
1051. 2022-11-14Bastard SaplingSubterranean Rivers Of BloodInstinct Is ForeverGilead Media
1052. 2022-11-14NazarethGo Down FightingNazareth - The Ultimate CollectionPMEDIA
1053. 2022-11-14Black TearsThis Feeling Called LoveThe Slave
1054. 2022-11-14Phobophilic01 That Which Swallowed The SunUndimensioned Identities TAPEBlood Harvest Records
1055. 2022-11-14Trap ThemDay 34 - Sordid EarningsDarker HandcraftProsthetic Records
1056. 2022-11-14Mycelium03 Xanthodermic Colonic DecimationMycoticism (Disseminating the Propagules) CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
1057. 2022-11-14Black Beast (Finland)02 Black Magic and WitchcraftArctic DarknessPrimitive Reaction
1058. 2022-11-14Krvna03 Veni, Vidi, ViciFor Thine is the Kingdom of the FleshThird Eye Temple
1059. 2022-11-14Helvellyn03 Sacrilegious Violations Pt 2The Lore of the Cloaked AssemblyPurity Through Fire
1060. 2022-11-14FÖRGJORD04 Kylmät Silmät Tyhjä KatseRuumissaarna Pt. 1 (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
1061. 2022-11-14Acid Blade03 Power DivePower DivePersonal Records
1062. 2022-11-14Encryptment03 Silver TongueDödens födselNuclear Winter Records
1063. 2022-11-14DysenteryA Malignant Future AwaitsFrom Past Suffering Comes New FleshAmputated Vein Records
1064. 2022-11-14Majority RuleAmerican FeatureEmergency NumbersMagic Bullet
1065. 2022-11-14Yat-KhaEki Attartuva.Rock
1066. 2022-11-14Fluisteraars03 Eeuwige RamBloemEisenwald Records
1067. 2022-11-14Horrendous06 Sum of All FailuresAnaretaDark Descent Records
1068. 2022-11-14Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1069. 2022-11-07MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1070. 2022-11-07Fates WarningGuardianAwaken the Guardianenigma
1071. 2022-11-07CandlemassBlack Stone WielderEpicus Doomicus MetallicusBlack Dragon Records
1072. 2022-11-07Holy TerrorThe Immortal WastelandMind Warsroadracer
1073. 2022-11-07SanctuaryThe Third WarRefuge DeniedEpic
1074. 2022-11-07PiledriverThe Fire GodStay Uglycobra
1075. 2022-11-07IntruderThe Sentence Is DeathA Higher Form Of KillingMetal Blade
1076. 2022-11-07RavenWiped OutLive At The InfernoMegaforce
1077. 2022-11-07Flotsam and JetsamDoomsday For The DecieverDoomsday For The Deceivermetalblade
1078. 2022-11-07ShrapnelDon't Know I Loved You (Till I Saw You Rock-n-Roll)Shrapnelelektra
1079. 2022-11-07Mekong DeltaI, The King, Will ComeThe Music Of Erich Zanngwr
1080. 2022-11-07Laaz RockitChasin CharlieAnnihilation Prinicipleenigma
1081. 2022-11-07ExodusChemi-KillPleasures Of The Fleshcombat
1082. 2022-11-07MaliceChain Gang WomenLicense To Killatlantic
1083. 2022-11-07SteelerNight After NightStrike BackSteamhammer
1084. 2022-11-07Nasty SavageEromantic VertigoAbstract RealityMetal Blade
1085. 2022-11-07Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1086. 2022-10-31MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1087. 2022-10-31MorticianZombie ApocalypseZombie ApocalypseRelapse Records
1088. 2022-10-31Six Feet UnderRevenge of the ZombieDouble DeadMetal Blade
1089. 2022-10-31ImpalerTeenage FrankensteinOne Nation Under GroundOarfin
1090. 2022-10-31ACID WITCH03 I Hate HalloweenEvil Sound Screamers (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1091. 2022-10-31PowergloveThis Is Halloween [From The Nightmare Before Christmas]Saturday Morning ApocalypseEntertainment One Music
1092. 2022-10-31THE LURKING CORPSES8. Lady FrankensteinWorkin' For the Devil (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1093. 2022-10-31Sonic PulseBong ZombiesLager Than Life
1094. 2022-10-31Evil TwinFrankensteinThe Black SpotLivesey
1095. 2022-10-31Blood FeastVampireKill For Pleasure
1096. 2022-10-31PhlegmSuccessful Zombies
1097. 2022-10-31Lucifericon1-03 The Veils of Negative ExistenceThe Warlock of Da'athInvictus Productions
1098. 2022-10-31CARNAL SAVAGERY03 - Carnal Savagery - Edible CraniumWorm EatenMoribund Records
1099. 2022-10-31Digir GidimDigir Gidim - 03 IIIThe Celestial Macrocosmic Scale and The Shimmering Path of the Supreme RegulatorATMF
1100. 2022-10-31Hibernus Mortis03 To Drink The Blood Of The Black SheepThe Monoliths of Cursed Slumber CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
1101. 2022-10-31ARKÆON02 Smertens ViljeParasitI, Voidhanger Records
1102. 2022-10-31KRUSHHAMMER05 The WitcherBlood, Violence & BlasphemyHelldprod Records
1103. 2022-10-31HelloweenThe King For A 1000 YearsKeeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy (Disc 1 Of 2)
1104. 2022-10-31AnnihilatorWicked MysticAlice In Hell
1105. 2022-10-31Fetid ZombieErotic AutopsyVomiting in the Baptismal Pool
1106. 2022-10-31SkulletonTemple of ZombiesEvil Souls
1107. 2022-10-31NunslaughterSacrificial Zombie (The Guts Of Christ)Demoslaughter [Disc 1]Hells Headbangers Records
1108. 2022-10-31Aura NoirThe Beautiful,Darkest PastDeep Tracts Of Hell
1109. 2022-10-31ExcidiumVirus Tenebrarum-Excidium Rex
1110. 2022-10-31Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1111. 2022-10-24MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1112. 2022-10-24Inner SanctumShadows In The MirrorFrozen Souls
1113. 2022-10-24GutslitBoiled In BileContorted Mutilation
1114. 2022-10-24Bhayanak MautPerfecting The SutureMan
1115. 2022-10-24Forgotten TombDownliftUnder Saturn RetrogradeAgonia Records
1116. 2022-10-24King DiamondAbigailAbigailRoadrunner Japan
1117. 2022-10-24ImmolationEchoes Of DespairKingdom of Conspiracy
1118. 2022-10-24KataklysmIn Shadows And DustShadows And Dust
1119. 2022-10-24IllnathPieces4 Shades Of Me
1120. 2022-10-24ThotcrimeBroken RibD1G1T4L_DR1FTProsthetic Records
1121. 2022-10-24Knocked LooseMistakes Like FracturesMistakes Like Fractures
1122. 2022-10-24Apparition (USA)02 Fluid MemoriesGranular Transformation +bonusChaos Records
1123. 2022-10-24SabbatBehind The Crooked CrossHistory Of A Time To Come
1124. 2022-10-24WatainStorm of the AntichristSworn to the DarkSeason of Mist
1125. 2022-10-24Arson (USA)Rock 'N' Roll Dreamin'Arson
1126. 2022-10-24DragonwindIn The Calm HorizonThrones Of Redemption
1127. 2022-10-24Out Of YesteryearRetribution in SerenityMass
1128. 2022-10-24Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1129. 2022-10-17MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1130. 2022-10-17RAGNAROKNecromantic Summoning RitualMaledictionAgonia Records
1131. 2022-10-17Vomit SpellDisincarnateVomit Spell
1132. 2022-10-17Waking the CadaverFrenzied Vehicular RampageAuthority Through IntimidationUnique Leader Records
1133. 2022-10-17Interminable CorruptionsInaudible Screams Of SufferingXenodimensional Conflux
1134. 2022-10-17Bacterial HuskExalted Through A Vanish PrimeAgnosia of Omens
1135. 2022-10-17Living DeathHeavy Metal HurricaneVengance Of Hell
1136. 2022-10-17MoonreichThey Burn Without WingsWormgod
1137. 2022-10-17Fall of Seraphs (France)06 From Dust to CreationFrom Dust to CreationMemento Mori
1138. 2022-10-17Pale Spektre04 LXXXVI Tacent over Obsidian BastilleBereft of Xerotic LayersAmor fati Productions
1139. 2022-10-17BRAN (Czech)02 Tisíce hvězdOdcházeníSignal Rex
1140. 2022-10-17Nocturnal Sorcery05 Thy Primordial FlameThe Holy Law in Total RuinKVLT
1141. 2022-10-17Kommandant02- The Architects of ExterminationThe Architects Of ExterminationATMF
1142. 2022-10-17Haunted Cenotaph02 Cursed AbominationAbyssal MenaceRedefining Darkness Records
1143. 2022-10-17SeducerI Love 69Dutch Steel [Compilation]
1144. 2022-10-17TargetUnder Dominion (Of Death)Mission Executed [2009 Remaster]
1145. 2022-10-17Infernal ExecratorIblisupremacy Divine DesimareAd Infinitum Satanic Adherent
1146. 2022-10-17Moose BloodI Hope You're MiserableI'll Keep You In Mind, From Time To TimeNo Sleep Records
1147. 2022-10-17Unearthly TranceDecrepitudeThe TridentRelapse Records
1148. 2022-10-17Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1149. 2022-10-10MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1150. 2022-10-10ApostasyNuclear MessiahNuclear Messiah
1151. 2022-10-10ObituaryIntoxicatedSlowly We Rot
1152. 2022-10-10Winter FireThis Kind of SilenceHeaven's Afflicting ThunderJNWP Records
1153. 2022-10-10Suns Of The TundraCaught Telling the TruthTunguska
1154. 2022-10-10AgathodaimonBurden Of TimeChapter III
1155. 2022-10-10ImpietyTerror Occult DominionVersus All Gods
1156. 2022-10-10NecrophagiaBurning Moon SicknessHere Lies Necrophagia; 35 Years of Death MetalSeason of mist
1157. 2022-10-10ONWARDPicasso EyesOf Epoch and InfernoMoribund Records
1158. 2022-10-10Vacuous (UK)05 Stigmata ScourgeDreams of DysphoriaMe Saco Un Ojo Records
1159. 2022-10-10Omegavortex05 Demonic PhantasmSplit album-Omegavortex/Pious LevusInvictus Productions
1160. 2022-10-10Suffer in SilenceBlind to Look the TruthBehind the Truth
1161. 2022-10-10SuffocationSynthetically RevivedHuman Waste
1162. 2022-10-10SadusCertain DeathIllusions
1163. 2022-10-10SadusCertain DeathIllusions
1164. 2022-10-10Murder Made GodAssassinés!EnslavedComatose Music
1165. 2022-10-10MordredHigh PotencyIn This Life
1166. 2022-10-10Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1167. 2022-10-03MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1168. 2022-10-03The Ruins of BeverastChoir Of SinThe Furious Waves Of Damnation
1169. 2022-10-03ClitortureAll for NothingDisassembling the Human Form
1170. 2022-10-03Inanimate ExistenceForest Of IllusionLiberation Through Hearing
1171. 2022-10-03GracelessKing ov PainEndless Spiral of Terror (320)
1172. 2022-10-03Agoraphobic NosebleedCenter of the HiveThe Poacher DiariesRelapse Records
1173. 2022-10-03Embrace of Thorns02 Entropy Dynamics / Nucleus DissolvedEntropy DynamicsNuclear Winter Records
1174. 2022-10-03LybicaPalatialLybicaMetal Blade Records
1175. 2022-10-03Scumbag MillionaireB1_ScumbagMillionaire_GlueheadSo Long/Gluehead 45rpm 7"Screaming Crow Records
1176. 2022-10-03Wyrms02 Fort blanc et bêtes noiresSarkhral Lumænor - La lueur contre les fléauxPurity Through Fire
1177. 2022-10-03OratorEmperor (Disposable Youth)Kallipolishttps
1178. 2022-10-03SepsisticRiftDemo (2021)
1179. 2022-10-03In DisgustTo Live A LieReality Choke16 Oh
1180. 2022-10-03AgathoclesKicked And WhippedKeep on Selling Cocaine To Angels / Kicked and Whipped
1181. 2022-10-03Hard To SwallowDissolves Intos-t
1182. 2022-10-03DysmorficDysmorfic - Party In RomeWarsore / Dysmorfic
1183. 2022-10-03HateNo Life After DeathHoly Dead Trinity
1184. 2022-10-03Infidel ReichGunzilla's StandReichensteinHelter Skelter Productions
1185. 2022-10-03KATAKLYSMfeeling the neverworldThe Temple of Knowledge [Bonus Tracks]Nuclear Blast Records
1186. 2022-10-03Ancient CeremonyForbidden Fruit SapientiaSynagoga Diabolica
1187. 2022-10-03DefecationProtective RageIntention Surpassed
1188. 2022-10-03HiroshimaRock 'n' Roll PriestTaste Of Death
1189. 2022-10-03Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1190. 2022-09-26MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1191. 2022-09-26PiledriverThe ExecutionerMetal Inquisition & Stay Ugly
1192. 2022-09-26The Hostage HeartDestroy, Rebuild, DestroyWhere There Is Despair, Hope
1193. 2022-09-26AcridPanicEighty-Sixed
1194. 2022-09-26The Black Dahlia MurderConspiring With the DamnedRitualMetal Blade
1195. 2022-09-26ImmolationIMMOLATION - fall in disease (live 10.20.90)Split 7''
1196. 2022-09-26AzaghalKuoleman Kylmä IkuisuusPerkeleen Luoma / Kyy (Re-issue)Moribund Records
1197. 2022-09-26ConvergeHeaven in Her ArmsJane DoeEqual Vision
1198. 2022-09-26ESOCTRILIHUMShohihConsecration Of The Spiritüs FleshI, Voidhanger Records
1199. 2022-09-26Thulsa Doom (Italy)03 Into the Vaults of AngmarA Fate Worse Than DeathInvictus Productions
1200. 2022-09-26Reverend MotherLocomotiveDamned BlessingSeeing Red Records
1201. 2022-09-26Reincarnated (Thailand)03 Proxima HibernationOf Boötes Void Death SpellInhuman Assault Productions
1202. 2022-09-26AnguishLair of the GodsANGUISH - MORTAJAS - The Archdemon's Decade - Un Viaje sin Final split CDSun & Moon Records
1203. 2022-09-26CatacombesDes Glaires et des BriquesDes Glaires et des BriquesSun & Moon Records
1204. 2022-09-26FunebreCarbonizedCranial TormentXtreem Music
1205. 2022-09-26ApocryphaBaian Kara UlaThe Summit Of Creation
1206. 2022-09-26Metal Cross04 Vernal Equinox 1Metal Cross 2LP + 7"Horror Records
1207. 2022-09-26SentencedIn MemoriamJourney To Pohjola
1208. 2022-09-26InvocatorSchismatic Injective TherapyExcursion Demise
1209. 2022-09-26Splattered MermaidsInstant Spastic RegurgitationStench Of Flesh
1210. 2022-09-26Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1211. 2022-09-19MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1212. 2022-09-19Blind GuardianThe Bard's Song - In the ForestSomewhere Far Beyond
1213. 2022-09-19GaladrielIt Ends When The Moon Loses Its FaceOblivionUnknown Territory
1214. 2022-09-19Falls of RaurosThe Purity of IsolationsplitBindrune Recordings
1215. 2022-09-19MeshuggahTransfixionDestroy Erase ImproveNuclear Blast
1216. 2022-09-19TexturesCircularDrawing CirclesListenable Records
1217. 2022-09-19Eyes Like AutumnBlasting Holes In The Night Until She Bleeds SunshineDemo 2002
1218. 2022-09-19Tears Of AvarelThe Most Comforting of HandsDeath of A Hemophiliac
1219. 2022-09-19UndeathPhantasmal FesteringSentient Autolysis
1220. 2022-09-19HUSSARBlind Charge Into GunfireAll-Consuming HungerI, Voidhanger Records
1221. 2022-09-19NordjevelSatans ManifestGnavhòlIndie Recordings
1222. 2022-09-19Orthodoxy04 Banished From My GlanceAter IgnisThe Sinister Flame
1223. 2022-09-19VARDANNo Exit From The Forest Pt. 1No Exit from the ForestMoribund Records
1224. 2022-09-19VOAKFür jede Wunde ein PfeilVerdrängungI, Voidhanger Records
1225. 2022-09-19Horizon IgnitedTowards The Dying LandsTowards The Dying LandsNuclear Blast Records
1226. 2022-09-19Triumvir Foul03 Domini Befallen (to Doom)Onslaught to SeraphimInvictus Productions
1227. 2022-09-19Cognitive DissonanceVisions UnknownThe Eternal Flame
1228. 2022-09-19Enterprise EarthThis Hell, My HomeThis Hell, My HomeStay Sick
1229. 2022-09-19The Hope ConspiracyRegret KillsFile 03
1230. 2022-09-19Drown in SulphurDescendent SunriseSulphur CvltDrown in Sulphur
1231. 2022-09-19Shadow of IntentLife of ExileElegyShadow of Intent
1232. 2022-09-197 Angels 7 PlaguesThe Commentator's DespairJhazmyne's Lullaby
1233. 2022-09-19AutopsyCharred RemainsSevered Survival
1234. 2022-09-19BloodUnsophisticated ScreheadImpulse To Destroy
1235. 2022-09-19SutureMasticated RecrudesceCarnivorous Urge To Kill
1236. 2022-09-19Basic Torture ProcedureNitroglycerin Shattered LimbsScreams of Dissolution
1237. 2022-09-19Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1238. 2022-09-12MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1239. 2022-09-12Obsessed, TheBlind LightningThe Church WithinColumbia
1240. 2022-09-126L6Light1992 Demo 1
1241. 2022-09-12Necrobiosis5. Enjoying The PainMy Soul
1242. 2022-09-12WrathInsane SocietyInsane SocietyMedusa Records
1243. 2022-09-12Ildjarnildjarn - 12 - strength and angerStrength & Anger
1244. 2022-09-12AegrusAscending ShadowsIn Manus Satanas
1245. 2022-09-12EdictSalvationEPProtagonist Music
1246. 2022-09-12KILL DIVISIONThin the HerdPeace Through TyrannyRedefining Darkness Records
1247. 2022-09-12HadopelagyalThe Morning Carried a Feeble Sun, a Solitary Sphere of EmbersNereidean Seismic EndAmor fati Productions
1248. 2022-09-12UNHUMAN DISEASEGuided by SatanInto Satan's Kingdom +BonusMoribund Records
1249. 2022-09-12MONS VENERIS04 Sê a Minha MorteInversados d'Um Abismo de PodridãoSignal Rex
1250. 2022-09-12ACAUSAL INTRUSIONMnemonic ConfabulationSeeping EvocationI, Voidhanger Records
1251. 2022-09-12Cruz03 Infamia InsularConfines de la CorduraNuclear Winter Records
1252. 2022-09-12Trembling Void2. Voiceless WhisperThe Burning QuestionInferna Profundus Records
1253. 2022-09-12MantarWalking CorpsePain Is Forever and This Is the EndMetal Blade Records
1254. 2022-09-12Gutvoid04 The One Who Dwells Beyond TimeDurance of Lightless Horizons CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
1255. 2022-09-12Outre-TombeDésintégrationNécrovortexTemple of Mystery
1256. 2022-09-12DiathraHow Many TimesMy Endless SorrowStygian Crypt Productions - via Metalhit
1257. 2022-09-12KronosSoul-Voracious VulturesArisen New Era
1258. 2022-09-12DissectionSevered Into ShredsThe Past Is Alive (The Early Mischief)Necropolis Records
1259. 2022-09-12Pink MistHollow Point
1260. 2022-09-12Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1261. 2022-09-05MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1262. 2022-09-05ABLAZE MY SORROWMachine SupremeAnger, Hate And Fury
1263. 2022-09-05Agony ColumnVicious Pack of LiesGod, Guns & GutsBig Chief
1264. 2022-09-05WinterwolfCemetary by NightCycle of the WerewolfXtreem Music
1265. 2022-09-05UnanimatedFire StormIn The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead
1266. 2022-09-05COFFIN MULCH02 Black LiquifactionSeptic FuneralRedefining Darkness Records
1267. 2022-09-05Gnipahålan02 I Stormens LedI Nordisk VredeslustaPurity Through Fire
1268. 2022-09-05Upon the Altar03 ...After Us Only SilenceSplit album-Upon the Altar/DeathEpochPutrid Cult
1269. 2022-09-05RevocationLessons in Occult TheftNetherheavenMetal Blade Records
1270. 2022-09-05BelphegorGlorifizierung des TeufelsThe DevilsNuclear Blast Records
1271. 2022-09-05Gutvoid02 In Caverns It LurksDurance of Lightless Horizons CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
1272. 2022-09-05ARKHETHKundaliniClarity Came With A Cool Summer's BreezeI, Voidhanger Records
1273. 2022-09-05FUNERAL CHIC07 - FUNERAL CHIC - OFF THE RAILSSuperstitionProsthetic Records
1274. 2022-09-05ZaoPraise the War MachineThe Funeral of GodRoadrunner Records
1275. 2022-09-05HOLY DEATHBURNING PALMSSeparate Mind From FleshRedefining Darkness Records
1276. 2022-09-05XibalbaMadre MiaMadre Mia Gracias Por Los DiasSouthern Lord
1277. 2022-09-05ApiaryPain Is The ReasonLost In Focus
1278. 2022-09-05OblivionizedThe Nullification of PhilanthropyNullify The Cycle
1279. 2022-09-05GorementSea Of SilenceThe Ending Quest
1280. 2022-09-05Parasitic ExtirpationVertical Human SplicingCasketless
1281. 2022-09-05OutreAberrationsHollow EarthDebemur Morti Productions
1282. 2022-09-05Corrupted SaintProcess of EliminationMutilated Before the MassesRedefining Darkness Records
1283. 2022-09-05PathologyReborn to KillIncisions of Perverse DebaucheryComatose Music
1284. 2022-09-05Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1285. 2022-08-29MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1286. 2022-08-29Ablaze my SorrowSend The Ninth PlagueBlack
1287. 2022-08-29EucharistWith The SunMirrorworlds
1288. 2022-08-29OvercastGrifterExpectational Dilution
1289. 2022-08-29OphthalamiaLittle Child Of Light / Degradation Of HolinessA Long JourneyNecropolis
1290. 2022-08-29Blood Red ThroneMary Whispers of DeathA Taste for ButcheryHammerheart Records
1291. 2022-08-29PERVERSION (U.S.)03 DecapitatorDies Irae (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
1292. 2022-08-29GOATCHRISTProclamations of the Baal Shem TovOdes to the Radiant OneI, Voidhanger Records
1293. 2022-08-29Bones (Belgium)02 Funerary MagicSombre OpulenceInvictus Productions
1294. 2022-08-29A-ZRise AgainA-ZMetal Blade Records
1295. 2022-08-29Svartsyn3. Tunnels of His Majesty...His MajestyNomad Snakepit Productions
1296. 2022-08-29Eschaton09 The Beast is AwakenedSentinel ApocalypseUnique Leader Recordings
1297. 2022-08-29Trial (swe)In the HighestFeed the FireMetal Blade Records
1298. 2022-08-29Sarcophagum02 NetherenginesConduits to the UnderworldNuclear Winter Records
1299. 2022-08-29SlugcrustNo Heirs / Dead SoulsEcocideProsthetic Records
1300. 2022-08-29XenomorphSubspeciesEmpyreal Regimes
1301. 2022-08-29NifelheimDemonic EvilDevil's ForceRegain Records
1302. 2022-08-29GORE BRIGADEAn Army Of The Re-animatedS/T EPRedefining Darkness Records
1303. 2022-08-29AxtionMakin' Love (Live)Live
1304. 2022-08-29BulldozerThe Great DeceiverThe Day Of Wrath
1305. 2022-08-29Spartan WarriorFrench GirlsSpartan Warrior
1306. 2022-08-29Jesus PieceIn The SilenceOnly Self (Japanese Edition)
1307. 2022-08-29Universally Estranged04 A Thing, Oozing InReared Up in Spectral Predation CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
1308. 2022-08-29Triumvir Foul03 Domini Befallen (to Doom)Onslaught to SeraphimInvictus Productions
1309. 2022-08-29Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1310. 2022-08-22MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1311. 2022-08-22Cattle DecapitationEveryone Deserves to DieTo Serve ManMetal Blade Records
1312. 2022-08-22Lock UpStygian ReverberationsNecropolis TransparentNuclear Blast GmbH
1313. 2022-08-22Embryonic CryptopathiaMarinated In GarbageUterine Excretor Of CarcinovomitBestial Onslaught Productions
1314. 2022-08-22All Out WarBeyond RedemptionAssassins in the House of GodVictory Records
1315. 2022-08-22RingwormBlind to FaithThe PromiseIncision
1316. 2022-08-22DeathwitchEternal FornicationDawn of ArmageddonNecropolis Records
1317. 2022-08-22UsurperBrimstone FistSkeletal SeasonNecropolis
1318. 2022-08-22The Haunting GreenThe Void AboveNatural Extinctions
1319. 2022-08-22Jeff LoomisDevil TheoryZero Order PhaseCentury Media
1320. 2022-08-22Morbus Grave04 Traumatic MalignancyLurking Into AbsurdityChaos Records
1321. 2022-08-22Skare02 A Sordid CeremonySkareAmor fati Productions
1322. 2022-08-22Dead Void02 The Entrails of ChaosVolatile FormsDark Descent Records
1323. 2022-08-22CHILD OF CAESARChild Of Caesar - Ritual Summer - LC13799Spirit & LiberationDr. Music Records
1324. 2022-08-22Vathr02 MessiahDead & UnitedEdged Circle Productions
1325. 2022-08-22MEDIEVAL DEMON05 Baptismal BloodBlack Coven (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1326. 2022-08-22ESCARNIUMDeluged in MiasmaDysthymiaRedefining Darkness Records
1327. 2022-08-22ArtilleryThirst for the WorstThe Face of FearMetal Blade Records
1328. 2022-08-22DozethroneDriven To ParanoiaCoronavirus
1329. 2022-08-22156/SilenceA Violent DelightDon't Hold Your BreathSHARPTONE
1330. 2022-08-22BrojobDORISCOVERED IN BROJOB -, Vol. 1Hollowed Records
1331. 2022-08-22CystectomyPast Life AmnesiaDeprive to Hollowness
1332. 2022-08-22Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1333. 2022-08-15MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1334. 2022-08-15Mauled By KittensHairball RegurgitationHairball Regurgitation
1335. 2022-08-15Purulence PestilectomyThe Flattening (feat. Pestilectomy)Xenarch1092846 Records DK
1336. 2022-08-15200 Stab WoundsDrilling Your HeadSlave to the ScalpelMaggot Stomp
1337. 2022-08-15Cirith UngolMaster of the PitFrost and Fire/King of the Dead
1338. 2022-08-15The Grim ReaperSee You In HellSee You In Hell/Fear No EvilBMG Collectables
1339. 2022-08-15Order from ChaosApocalyptic VisionsInhumanities
1340. 2022-08-15Wolfbrigade01 Anti-Tank-DogsAnti-Tank DogsArmageddon Label
1341. 2022-08-15BARBARIAN (Italy)03 Whisper My NameViperface (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
1342. 2022-08-15ThanatomassHouse Of The Rising LuciferMMXV-MMXVINomad Snakepit Productions
1343. 2022-08-15StormbounD03 Sacred LiesDecember - Out Aug 5thSelf-Released
1344. 2022-08-15Syryn04 Sink or SwimHeads or Tails - Out Aug 26thSelf-Released
1345. 2022-08-15The Occult13. Occupy UniteSelf-Titled - Out August 19thSelf-Released
1346. 2022-08-15Anthea4. ANTHEA - THE DECEIVERTales Untold - Out Aug 26Rockshots Records
1347. 2022-08-15Oerheks02 Transmutatie tot het EdeleCagghenvinnaAmor Fati Productions
1348. 2022-08-15Cerebral IncubationThrobbing Abnormalities of a Mutilated OropharynxFermented Cranial Inebriating FluidsFat Tub Of Lard x Brutal Mind
1349. 2022-08-15Beaten To DeathBoy George Michael BoltonAgronomicon
1350. 2022-08-15TombSubject to the Will of GodsRites of Forlorn Interment
1351. 2022-08-15UnfleshFinal WritheSavior
1352. 2022-08-15Ancient FilthGrowth is CancerYou're Nothing You're Everything 7"
1353. 2022-08-15Dead KennedysHoliday In CambodiaFresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables
1354. 2022-08-15Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1355. 2022-08-08MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1356. 2022-08-08Raw Radar WarRiven Tarmac== (Double Equals)
1357. 2022-08-08VaultedHorizon Of ThornsLeft In DespairWar Fever Recordings
1358. 2022-08-08DeicideRepent To DieLegion
1359. 2022-08-08ObituaryChopped in HalfCause of DeathRoadrunner Records
1360. 2022-08-08DEATHLeft To DieSpiritual Healing (Reissue)Relapse Records
1361. 2022-08-08SEVERED BOY2. PoolingTragic EncountersCaligari Records
1362. 2022-08-08Outer HeavenWhat Lies BeneathRealms Of Eternal DecayRelapse Records
1363. 2022-08-08Amon AmarthFind a Way or Make OneThe Great Heathen ArmyMetal Blade Records
1364. 2022-08-08BRAIN FAMINEAccelerated DevolutionDIE IN THE VORTEX
1365. 2022-08-08White Rune03 White Rune RisingDawn of the White RuneHammer Of Hate
1366. 2022-08-08Nocturnal Sorcery03 Fatum Nostrum (Damnatio Memoriae)The Holy Law in Total RuinKVLT
1367. 2022-08-08Eaten By SharksEaten By Sharks - 03_Kill And ConsumeEradication - Out Aug 26thSelf-Released
1368. 2022-08-08Mimorium03 Liberate the Transcendent EssenceThe Route of HaeresisSpead Evil Productions
1369. 2022-08-08Aerdryk03 De Modderige PadenMet De Drietand Op Mijn HuidAmor Fati Productions
1370. 2022-08-08The Sombre03 The Mourning GloomMonuments of GriefChaos Records
1371. 2022-08-08Vrenth03 Curse of the Living and of the DeadSuccumb to ChaosRotted Life Records
1372. 2022-08-08CADAVERIC INCUBATOR05 Sickly ObsessedNightmare Necropolis (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
1373. 2022-08-08Perveration05 Inoculate Rotten MaggotsPerversion In Manifest DiseaseComatose Music
1374. 2022-08-08PigfaceWeightlessGUB
1375. 2022-08-08Skinny PuppyTin OmenRabiesNettwerk
1376. 2022-08-08And Now The Owls Are SmilingDirge VI - PointlessnessDirgesClobber Records
1377. 2022-08-08Revolting CocksCrackin' UpLinger Ficken' Good ... and Other Barnyard Oddities
1378. 2022-08-08Path of GiantsWhere Flames of Satire DwellBeholder652469 Records DK
1379. 2022-08-08IngestedMisery LeechThe Level Above Human
1380. 2022-08-08Ancient CavalryImmortal PersianShahnamehDigital Dystopia
1381. 2022-08-08Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1382. 2022-08-01MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1383. 2022-08-01Artery EruptionNutting All Over Your Distorted, Downsyndrome FaceDriving My Fist through Her ChestSevared Records
1384. 2022-08-01MalevolenceSentimental OblivionPleasure of Molestation (Demo)
1385. 2022-08-01PigfaceInseminationFook
1386. 2022-08-01FjordAscending White MountainLives LivesEulogy Recordings
1387. 2022-08-01Swarm of the LotusSeeing TruthWhen White Becomes BlackAt A Loss Recordings
1388. 2022-08-01Wind RoseDiggy Diggy HoleWintersaga
1389. 2022-08-01Dragon LordMark of DamnationBlack Wings of DestinyEscapi Music
1390. 2022-08-01DraconianStorming heavenThe closed eyes of paradise
1391. 2022-08-01KatalepsyCarpet WoundingTriumph of EvilutionSoulflesh Collector Records - via Metalhit
1392. 2022-08-01DysenteryNeurological SnareFragmentsComatose Music
1393. 2022-08-01EmasculatorDepreaved Disfigurement
1394. 2022-08-01Japanese Folk MetalSuruga Onsen Monogatari
1395. 2022-08-01MALAMORTEThe Son Of The DevilOmenMoribund Records
1396. 2022-08-01ARMNATT02 Immortal NatureImmortal NatureSingal Rex
1397. 2022-08-01Plasmodulated03 Microscopic HorrorPlasmodulatedPersonal Records
1398. 2022-08-01Mystic Charm02 Beyond The DarksideHell Did Freeze Over reissue + bonusPersonal Records
1399. 2022-08-01WAMPYRIC RITES03 Amidst the Fog of EternityThe Wolves Howl to the MoonSingal Rex
1400. 2022-08-01HiroeBlack MountainWrought
1401. 2022-08-01GROTESQUERIESFrom Skin Into the SinHaunted MausoleumCaligari Records
1402. 2022-08-01GoratoryWrestling With FacesSexual Intercorpse
1403. 2022-08-01Outer HeavenTortured WindsRealms Of Eternal DecayRelapse Records
1404. 2022-08-01Desecrate the FaithUnholy InfestationUnholy InfestationComatose Music
1405. 2022-08-01Purulent JacuzziDivesting Rotten FleshStench of the Drowned CarrionSoulflesh Collector Records - via Metalhit
1406. 2022-08-01Vomit the SoulMausoleum of IneptitudeCold
1407. 2022-08-01VestigialParadoxical ThoughtsIn the Void Between3366818 Records DK
1408. 2022-08-01Venenum SerpentisFor the Glory of the KingSerpens VolansVomit Records, Azermedoth Records
1409. 2022-08-01Molotov SolutionThe Final HourInsurrection (Special Edition)Human Warfare
1410. 2022-08-01Let It Die06 Thick as ThievesStick to Your Guns
1411. 2022-08-01Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1412. 2022-07-25MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1413. 2022-07-25EyehategodCorruption SchemeConfederacy of Ruined LivesCentury Media Records
1414. 2022-07-25AutopsyRidden With DiseaseSevered Survival
1415. 2022-07-25BloodbathBuried by the DeadResurrection Through CarnageCentury Media
1416. 2022-07-25King of AsgardHighland RebellionKargMetal Blade Records
1417. 2022-07-25Drawn & QuarteredThe Ovens AwaitExtermination RevelryMoribund Records
1418. 2022-07-25Power TripThe Evil BeatOpening FireDark Operative
1419. 2022-07-25Cancerous WombGrind, Tear & SliceBorn of a Cancerous Womb
1420. 2022-07-25Virulent BlessingAlchemist...As Creativity Turns into LunacySoulflesh Collector Records - via Metalhit
1421. 2022-07-25Impurity (Brazil)02 Anti-DominicalVomiting Blasphemies Over The World - split LPNuclear War Now! Productions
1422. 2022-07-25GRIGORIEN06 Tiggere i Gyldne PialterMagtens EvangeliumSignal Rex
1423. 2022-07-25KnogjArnGer du dig
1424. 2022-07-25EvildeadParricideAnnihilation of Civilization [Bonus Tracks]Artillery
1425. 2022-07-25HOODED MENACE (ADD 9/4)In the Dead We DwellEffigies of EvilRelapse Records
1426. 2022-07-25NecrovationRecessed In FrailtyBreed Deadness Blood
1427. 2022-07-25THE LURKING CORPSES13. Christina is DeadWorkin' For the Devil (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1428. 2022-07-25Suicidal TendenciesThe MiracleHow Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today
1429. 2022-07-25Into the MoatLaw of ConservationThe CampaignMetal Blade
1430. 2022-07-25BLACK FUCKING CANCER03 - BLACK FUCKING CANCER- Blood Stained WhoreBlack Fucking CancerOsmose Productions
1431. 2022-07-25Death DeclineUseless Sacrifice
1432. 2022-07-25Cephalic ImpurityCruel Lobotomic PunishmentPerverted Surgical ConceptCephalic Impurity
1433. 2022-07-25Lestregus NosferatusDeceivedBlood Feast Of The Damned (Demo)
1434. 2022-07-25HolycideEmpty Cyber LifeFist to FaceXtreem Music
1435. 2022-07-25Darkened Nocturn SlaughtercultCenturies of MineSplit LP
1436. 2022-07-25Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1437. 2022-07-18MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1438. 2022-07-18GonkulatorBlasphemous Crucifixion DeviceSatan's Burial GroundFudge Worthy Records
1439. 2022-07-18Fiends At FeastWith Blood And VomitTowards The Baphomet's ThronePain Gore Death Productions
1440. 2022-07-18BLOOD FEAST04 By The SliceThe Future State of Wicked (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1441. 2022-07-18Ghoulgotha05 Saturnal RitesThe Deathmass CloakDark Descent Records
1442. 2022-07-18DethklokFace FistedThe DethalbumAdult Swim
1443. 2022-07-18Fortis VentusFortis Ventus - 04 Cave of GlassVertalia - Out June 3rdRockshots Records
1444. 2022-07-18TEUFELSBERG03 Procession of Dying CherubsOrdre du DiableSignal Rex
1445. 2022-07-18No Zodiacdrowningdemo2010
1446. 2022-07-18Deadwater DrowningMy Fist, Your FaceDeadwater DrowningBlackmarket Activities
1447. 2022-07-18UnearthIt's So EasyGuns N' Roses TributeLaw of Inertia
1448. 2022-07-18Cloak05 INTO THE STORMThe Burning DawnSeason Of Mist
1449. 2022-07-18BorknagarInherit the EarthEmpiricismCentury Media Records
1450. 2022-07-18ZaoCircle III the Gluttonous: the Ghost PsalmLiberate Te Ex InferisSolid State
1451. 2022-07-18Dodheimsgard05.Monumental PossessionMonumental Possession
1452. 2022-07-18TERRESTRIAL HOSPICE (PL)05. Come Join the ParadeIndian Summer Brought Mushroom CloudsShadow Records
1453. 2022-07-18108Bibles + Guns = the American Dream?A New Beat from a Dead HeartDeathwish Records
1454. 2022-07-18CancerWitch HuntTo The Gory End
1455. 2022-07-18Your DemiseThe Clocks Aren't Ticking BackwardsIgnorance Never DiesEarache Records
1456. 2022-07-18Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1457. 2022-07-11MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1458. 2022-07-11Blood Has Been ShedGreetings from the GallowsSpiralsFerret Music
1459. 2022-07-11Deeds Of FleshXeno-VirusPortals To Canaan
1460. 2022-07-11WormholeGenesis ChamberGenesis
1461. 2022-07-11Amon AmarthRaise Your HornsJomsvikingMetal Blade Records
1462. 2022-07-11Triumvir Foul04 Bašmu Enthralled, Horned CreationsOnslaught to SeraphimInvictus Productions
1463. 2022-07-11Extermination Day04 F-89 ScorpionBe the ConsequenceHoove Child Records
1464. 2022-07-11Fleshrot (Texas)05 Post Burial ExtractionsUnburied CorpseMe Saco Un Ojo Records
1465. 2022-07-11Funeral ChicSatisfactionRoman CandleProsthetic Records
1466. 2022-07-11MantarGrim ReapingPain Is Forever and This Is the EndMetal Blade Records
1467. 2022-07-11SAVAGE MASTER03 Rain of TearsThose Who Hunt at NightShadow Kingdom Records
1468. 2022-07-11BirthDescending UsBornMetal Blade Records
1469. 2022-07-11All Shall PerishThe Spreading DiseaseHate. Malice. RevengeNuclear Blast
1470. 2022-07-11GoratoryWhose Spine Is It AnywaysRice on SuedeAmputated Vein Records
1471. 2022-07-11Creative WasteMind PollutionCruelty Beyond Conception
1472. 2022-07-11GruesomeA Waste of LifeTwisted PrayersRelapse Records
1473. 2022-07-11Money HammerThe Basics of Inflation
1474. 2022-07-11Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1475. 2022-07-04MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1476. 2022-07-04Children Of BodomAces High (Iron Maiden)Bodom Covers
1477. 2022-07-04AtheistPiece Of TimePiece Of Time
1478. 2022-07-04Nocturnal RitesNever DieShadowlandCentury Media
1479. 2022-07-04Circle of AnimalsNo FaithDestroy the Light (Radio Promo)Relapse Records
1480. 2022-07-04Am Himmel03 The Virgin Wages Celestial War In The SeraphimAs Eternal As The Starless Kingdom Of SorrowBurning World Records
1481. 2022-07-04Sedimentum03 Suppuration MorphogénésiaqueSuppuration MorphogénésiaqueMe Saco Un Ojo Records
1482. 2022-07-04Rotheads04 Gore CoffinSlither in SlimeMomento Mori
1483. 2022-07-04Kryptamok2 - HÄVITYKSEN ENSIMMÄINEN ASKELKataklysmiPurity Through Fire
1484. 2022-07-04MORRIGAN (Germany)05 FeoladaireAnwynn (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
1485. 2022-07-04Alex NunziatiShe Is The EvilIl Mangiatore di PeccatiMoribund Records
1486. 2022-07-04MordethIn Direction Of Nothing - track 3/51990 Demo ( 1990 )
1487. 2022-07-04ParricideBodiless ConcealedAccustomed to Illusion (Demo)
1488. 2022-07-04LividityImmortal ImpactFetish for the SickAblated Records
1489. 2022-07-04DysenteryBound By DiseaseFrom Past Suffering Comes New FleshAmputated Vein Records
1490. 2022-07-04CephalectomyShroud of MysticismDark Waters Rise
1491. 2022-07-04Insect WarfareHuman TraffickingWorld ExterminationEarache
1492. 2022-07-04PsyopusMannequinIdeas of ReferenceMetal Blade
1493. 2022-07-04On Thorns I LayIf I Could FlyOrama
1494. 2022-07-04NhibitionsStasisOasis
1495. 2022-07-04Servants of the SwordViolently ConsumedExecute the Enemies (Human Hunting)
1496. 2022-07-04Slaughter HouseWasting AwaySlaughter HouseMetal Blade
1497. 2022-07-04Malevolent CreationRemnants of Withered DecayThe ten Commandents
1498. 2022-07-04Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1499. 2022-06-27MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1500. 2022-06-27December WolvesThe Gard DivisionCompletely Dehumanized
1501. 2022-06-27Anaal NathrakhSubmission is For the WeakThe Codex Necro
1502. 2022-06-27SoreptionKing Of Undisputed NonsenseMonument Of The End
1503. 2022-06-27AbortedSphinctral EnthrallmentEngineering the DeadListenable Records
1504. 2022-06-27PyrexiaLiturgy of ImpuritySermon of Mockery
1505. 2022-06-27PsyopusThe White LightIdeas of ReferenceMetal Blade
1506. 2022-06-27UnearthFuel The FireThe sting of conscience
1507. 2022-06-27BloodbathSo You DieResurrection Through CarnageCentury Media
1508. 2022-06-27Celestial WizardCelestial Wizard - 06 Steel CrysalisWinds of The Cosmos - Out July 15thSelf-Released
1509. 2022-06-27Our Dying World4. SurvivorHymns of Blinding Darkness - Out June 24thSelf-Released
1510. 2022-06-27THRASHERA (Brazil)04.Partidário ao MetalBastardos da NoiteHelldprod Records
1511. 2022-06-27RXPTRSDemons in My HeadphonesLiving Without Death's PermissionMetal Blade Records
1512. 2022-06-27Panzerfaust (Canada)05 Bonfire of the InsanitiesThe Suns of Perdition, Chapter IIIEisenwald Records
1513. 2022-06-27CancerInto the AcidTo the Gory End (Deluxe Edition)Peaceville Records
1514. 2022-06-27Deadwater DrowningMy Fist, Your FaceDeadwater DrowningBlackmarket Activities
1515. 2022-06-27Ed GeinWe're Drowning in ItJudas Goats and DieseleatersMetal Blade
1516. 2022-06-27End, TheEntirety in InfancyTransfer Trachea Reverberations from PointRelapse Records
1517. 2022-06-27Ignominious IncarcerationDynasty DamnationOf Winter BornEarache
1518. 2022-06-27Extreme Noise TerrorThink About ItRetro-ButionEarache Records
1519. 2022-06-276L6What Have I Done?1992 Demo 1
1520. 2022-06-27Ritual SacrificeSleep Without DreamsWhen Hope Is Pain
1521. 2022-06-27ExhumedDead AgainTotally Fucking Dead & Sterility (Split)
1522. 2022-06-27GorgutsHaematological Allergy...And Then Comes Lividity (Demo)
1523. 2022-06-27Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1524. 2022-06-20MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneylWarner Bros.
1525. 2022-06-20WormedSolar NeutrinosExodromos
1526. 2022-06-20WormedMultivectorial ReionizationExodromos
1527. 2022-06-20MOLECULAR DECAY {colombia}Snatching Your Soul And Enjoying Your PainCD 2019 ��memories of violent rotten chapters��Coyote Records (Russia)
1528. 2022-06-20Black Dahlia Murder, TheSpite SuicideMiasmaMetal Blade Records
1529. 2022-06-20Ziggurat (Israel)03 Blind FaithRitual Miasma CDBlood Harvest Records
1530. 2022-06-20YSENGRINSolar BirthYSENGRIN / SARTEGOS- Resvrrezionespiritval
1531. 2022-06-20DethklokMurmaider IiDethalbum IIAdult Swim
1532. 2022-06-20Wet NurseMissing Lion ReturnsInvisible City
1533. 2022-06-20ConvergeLocust ReignThe Poacher DiariesSony Music Distribution
1534. 2022-06-20BaneBoth Guns BlazingHolding This Moment
1535. 2022-06-20THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING2 - Recessive SocietyParallaxiomI, Voidhanger Records
1536. 2022-06-20Alburnum03 BuitenluchtBuitenluchtBabylon Doom Cult Records
1537. 2022-06-20SCUMSLAUGHT02 - Baptized in PissKnives and AmphetaminesCaligari Records
1538. 2022-06-20MolderRelentless PestilenceEngrossed In DecayProsthetic Records
1539. 2022-06-20MAULSeraphic PunishmentSeraphic PunishmentRedefining Darkness Records
1540. 2022-06-20PERDITION TEMPLE04 In Thrall of MalevolenceMerciless Upheaval CD/LP/TAPEHells Headbangers Records
1541. 2022-06-20WerewolvesAll The Better To Eat You WithFrom the Cave to the GraveProsthetic Records
1542. 2022-06-20The MachinistAll Is Not WellAll Is Not WellProsthetic Records
1543. 2022-06-20ExocrineOrbital StationMaelstromUnique Leader Records
1544. 2022-06-20Chain BreakerThe PromiseSleeping Reality1842318 Records DK
1545. 2022-06-20PercanceLo Que Nos Convierte en EnemigosWhen The World Got Even
1546. 2022-06-20Morbid FascinationHate Filled CadaverNot Too Scabby
1547. 2022-06-20Aeon of HorusConquering the Speed of LightThe Embodiment of Darkness and Light
1548. 2022-06-20Satanic Ripper05 Insane Satanic ScreamsSouthern Black SpellsBlood Harvest Records
1549. 2022-06-20Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1550. 2022-06-13MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1551. 2022-06-13ZaoIn Times Gone PastThe Funeral of GodRoadrunner Records
1552. 2022-06-13WayfarerToward MountainsChildren of The Iron AgeProsthetic Records
1553. 2022-06-13CancerBurning CasketDeath Shall RiseRestless Records
1554. 2022-06-13Cannibal CorpseNecropedophileTomb of the MutilatedMetal Blade Records
1555. 2022-06-13In Nothingness04 The Moon that Never Rises AgainBlack Sun FuneralPersonal Records
1556. 2022-06-13Lashes (Canada)02 Bitter CalmAngel EyesHidden Tribe
1557. 2022-06-13CORELEONILike It Or NotIIIAtomic Fire Records
1558. 2022-06-13The Cruel Intentions03 Sunrise Over SunsetVenomous AnonymousIndie Recordings
1559. 2022-06-13Jackal's Backbone03 LifetakersRed Mist DescendingSelf-Released
1560. 2022-06-13GapedWhites Of Your EyesThe Murderous Inception (EP)
1561. 2022-06-13ViolatedWhat You Give is What You GetOnly Death AwaitsDuplicate Records
1562. 2022-06-13PROFANATICAOnce Removed SaviorSickened By Holy HostHells Headbangers Records
1563. 2022-06-13Prion05 - Now is the HourUncertain ProcessComatose Music
1564. 2022-06-13ImmolationThrown To The FireAtonementNuclear Blast Records
1565. 2022-06-13Beyond (Germany)Merciless At HeartFatal Power of Death LPIron Bonehead Productions
1566. 2022-06-13TargetWarriors of the Holy OneMission Executed [2009 Remaster]
1567. 2022-06-13InfesterClouding of ConciousnessDarkness unveiled (demo 1992)
1568. 2022-06-13ApostasySupreme ArchitectureDevilution
1569. 2022-06-13Ablaze My SorrowPlague of MineThe PlagueGestrichen
1570. 2022-06-13Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1571. 2022-06-06MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1572. 2022-06-06Dark FuneralDead Skin Mask (Slayer)Diabolis Interium, Disc 2Necropolis Records
1573. 2022-06-06Lich KingAggressive Perfector (Slayer Cover)World Gone Dead
1574. 2022-06-06EquinoxHaunting the ChapelGateway to Hell, Vol. 2Dwell Ministries
1575. 2022-06-06EmbrazeChemical WarfareStraight To Hell - A Tribute To Slayer
1576. 2022-06-06VaderRaining Blood (Slayer Cover)Lead Us!!! (Ep)
1577. 2022-06-06At The GatesCaptor Of Sin* (Slayer cover)Slaughter of the Soul
1578. 2022-06-06EXCEEDmandatory suicide ( slayer cover)visions of malice
1579. 2022-06-06Children Of BodomSilent Scream (Slayer)Bodom Covers
1580. 2022-06-06SlayerDie By The SwordShow No Mercy
1581. 2022-06-06Pig DestroyerGirl in a Slayer JacketPhantom LimbRelapse Records
1582. 2022-06-06BenumbThat Which Is Set in StoneBy Means of UpheavalRelapse Records
1583. 2022-06-06Unholdun02 FrancisqueUnholdunPurity Through Fire
1584. 2022-06-06YatraTerminate by the SwordBorn Into ChaosProsthetic Records
1585. 2022-06-06LAMENT IN WINTER'S NIGHT04 Winternight's YearningAt the Gates of the Eternal Storm (CD)Hells Headbangers Records
1586. 2022-06-06SOLIPSISM (Australia)04 A Respite From Death's CallCruelty & Necrospection (CD)Hells Headbangers Records
1587. 2022-06-06NordjevelWAV Spores of GnosisSpores Of GnosisIndie Recordings
1588. 2022-06-06Eternal SufferingBleeding Streams of HateRecollections of Tragedy and MiseryPathos Productions
1589. 2022-06-06SuffocationThe Violation...Of The Dark LightNuclear Blast Records
1590. 2022-06-06Jesus MartyrLow Resolution LifelinesSudamerican Porno/All Evil Crying, Disc 1Blackened
1591. 2022-06-06StormwaveStanding Like A RockLove Is a Dangerous GameTyrolis (TYROLIS)
1592. 2022-06-06Ringarë03 Thrall of Winter's MajestyThrall of Winter's MajestyAmor fati Productions
1593. 2022-06-06HELHEIM03.Fra Ginnunga-gap til Evig TidAv Norr�n �tt
1594. 2022-06-06Troll04 - Burn the WitchNeo-Satanic Supremacy [Norwegian Black Metal]Napalm Records
1595. 2022-06-06BONEHUNTER03 Parasite EveDark Blood Reincarnation System (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
1596. 2022-06-06Only Blood Will TellSeth Gecko's Marvolous Escape To MexicoDrifters 2006 Summer Comp
1597. 2022-06-06Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1598. 2022-05-30MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1599. 2022-05-30There Were WiresBlack Magic RabbitSomnambulistsIodine
1600. 2022-05-30Lawnmower DethSumo Rabbit & His Inescapable Trap Of DoomKids In America
1601. 2022-05-30Stray From The PathDead RabbitsRising SunSumerian
1602. 2022-05-30CADAVERIC INCUBATOR10 Conceived in FilthSermons of the Devouring Dead (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1603. 2022-05-30ImpaledThe Dead Shall Dead RemainDeath After LifeCentury Media Records
1604. 2022-05-30GorelordMaggots ImpaledForce Fed on Human FleshHousecore Records
1605. 2022-05-30AutopsyHole in the HeadMental Funeral
1606. 2022-05-30DemilichThe Chamber of Whispering Eyes20th Adversary of EmptinessSvart Records
1607. 2022-05-30High CommandImpaled Upon the GatesBeyond the Wall of Desolation
1608. 2022-05-30Atramentum (UK/Egypt)03 IIIThrough Fire, Everything is RenewedInvictus Productions
1609. 2022-05-30ORNÆMENTAL SHINENuminous PresenceDeima PanikonI, Voidhanger Records
1610. 2022-05-30CONSECRATIONThese Fleeting MemoriesCinisRedefining Darkness Records
1611. 2022-05-30ThromdarrWinter of FlamesMidwinter Frost - Complete Demo Tapes 1990-1997Svart Records
1612. 2022-05-30-S-PiorunoschronDom, w którym mieszkał Wąż (A House Where Dwelled A Snake)I, Voidhanger Records
1613. 2022-05-30Booze & GloryC'est La VieRaising The RoofPirates Press Records
1614. 2022-05-30AralluEvil Has No Boundaries (Slayer Cover)Satanic War in Jerusalem
1615. 2022-05-30BlackwychMetal ManiaGreen Metal - New Irish Heavy MetalSlaney Records
1616. 2022-05-30Beyond GraceFactions Speak Louder Than HerdsOur Kingdom UndoneProsthetic Records
1617. 2022-05-30SarvariAnthem of the Black KnightNargaroth & Sarvari
1618. 2022-05-30SERMON OF FLAMESCauldrons of Boiling PissI Have Seen The Light, And It Was RepulsiveI, Voidhanger Records
1619. 2022-05-30VerberisKaliginous AscentVastitas TAPEIron Bonehead Productions
1620. 2022-05-30Possession (Belgium)A. AnnelieseAnneliese 7" EPIron Bonehead Productions
1621. 2022-05-30DEFACEMENTDisavowedDefacementI, Voidhanger Records
1622. 2022-05-30AegrusGestalt Of PerditionIn Manus Satanas
1623. 2022-05-30Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1624. 2022-05-23MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1625. 2022-05-23Uada04 In the Absence of MatterDjinnEisenwald Records
1626. 2022-05-23Dark FortressThe Spider in the WebSpectres from the Old WorldCentury Media
1627. 2022-05-23DeicideBehead the Prophet (No Lord Shall Live)LegionRoadrunner Records
1628. 2022-05-23PyrexiaAbominatSermon of Mockery
1629. 2022-05-23Scattered RemnantsAt The Right Hand Of NothingnessStab.Fuck.Kill - 2003 Label SamplerDeep Send Records
1630. 2022-05-23Ataraxy (Spain)03 DeclineThe Last MirrorMe Saco Un Ojo Records
1631. 2022-05-23MERIHEMThree Times A LegionIncendiary DarknessI, Voidhanger Records
1632. 2022-05-23BEKOR QILISHOcean Of MaliceThroes Of Death From The Dreamed NihilismI, Voidhanger Records
1633. 2022-05-23Horns & Hooves04 Blasphemic GooningI Am the Skel MessiahInvictus Productions
1634. 2022-05-23BLOOD FEAST04 By The SliceThe Future State of Wicked (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1635. 2022-05-23Deeds Of FleshChunks In The ShowerTrading Pieces
1636. 2022-05-23Cephalic CarnageHybridExploiting DysfunctionRelapse Records
1637. 2022-05-23Vio-lenceEternal NightmareEternal NightmareMCA
1638. 2022-05-23Trouble (swe)I Want You BackWarrior
1639. 2022-05-23Cerebral IncubationFermented Cranial Inebriating FluidsFermented Cranial Inebriating FluidsFat Tub Of Lard x Brutal Mind
1640. 2022-05-23DearthAutoasphyxiaTo Crown All Befoulment
1641. 2022-05-23CrucifyreFaces Of Death (His Satanic Shadow)Black Magic FirePulverised Records
1642. 2022-05-23The Handshake MurdersBloodlineUSURPER
1643. 2022-05-23BlodsritCrossing Spheres Of FireSupreme Misanthropy
1644. 2022-05-23Necropolis (CA,US)Silent ScreamUnreleased demo 1988
1645. 2022-05-23Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1646. 2022-05-16MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1647. 2022-05-16Black Dahlia Murder, TheContagionUnhallowedMetal Blade Records
1648. 2022-05-16AbioticSouvenir of SkinIkigai
1649. 2022-05-16BENIGHTED04 Forgive Me FatherNecrobreedSeason of Mist
1650. 2022-05-16UNDEATH03 Lesions of a Different KindLesions Of A Different KindProsthetic Records
1651. 2022-05-16Artificial BrainInfrared HorizonInfrared Horizon
1652. 2022-05-16Parasitic EjaculationGlobal Decimation (feat. Trevor Strnad)Isolation
1653. 2022-05-16CANNABIS CORPSEWith Their Hash He Will CreateFrom Wisdom to BakedSeason of Mist
1654. 2022-05-16SoreptionEngineering The VoidEngineering The Void
1655. 2022-05-16Broken HopeRendered Into LardOmen Of Disease
1656. 2022-05-16DethklokGo Forth and DieThe DethalbumAdult Swim
1657. 2022-05-16MARE COGNITUMThe First Point Of AriesLuminiferous AetherI, Voidhanger Records
1658. 2022-05-16Foul Body Autopsy01 Shadows Without Light - Part One (Original Mix)Shadows Without LightSelf-Released
1659. 2022-05-16Killswitch EngageUs Against the World (Live)Live at the PalladiumMetal Blade Records
1660. 2022-05-16HelsottIndependence Night ft. Tim 'Ripper; OwensWill and The Witch - Out May 20thM-Theory Audio
1661. 2022-05-16Voimaton05 Profane VestigeProfane VestigePersonal Records
1662. 2022-05-16Frosten04 With Sigils and Infernal SignsWith Sigils and Infernal SignsPurity Through Fire
1663. 2022-05-16YatraBorn Into ChaosBorn Into ChaosProsthetic Records
1664. 2022-05-16Волчий Источник (AKA Wolf's Source)06 Дорога одиночества (Road of Solitude)Ремиссия духа (Spirit Remission)Digital Servicing
1665. 2022-05-16Niden Div 187In the Twilight of WarImpergiumNecropolis
1666. 2022-05-16Dead InfectionHospitalA Chapter of AccidentsMad Lion Records
1667. 2022-05-16Lymphatic PhlegmPremature Dettachment Of The Normally Inserted PlacentaMalignant Cancerous Tumour In The Epithelial Tissue Of The Intestine. / From Rotten Process.... ....To Splatter.
1668. 2022-05-16TERRESTRIAL HOSPICE (PL)03. PyromaniacIndian Summer Brought Mushroom CloudsShadow Records
1669. 2022-05-16MarthyriumLeviathanBeyond the ThresholdsBlackSeed Productions
1670. 2022-05-16MardukInfernal EternalHeaven Shall Burn...When We Are GatheredRegain Records
1671. 2022-05-16BehemothMesse NoireThe Satanist
1672. 2022-05-16GolgothaSave Me, Kiss MeMelancholy/Elemental Changes/The Way of Confussion, Disc 2Repulse Records
1673. 2022-05-16AdramelchFearful VisionsIrae Melanox
1674. 2022-05-16Arvas05 - Faith Of NegatronBlack Satanic MysticismATMF
1675. 2022-05-16Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1676. 2022-05-09MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1677. 2022-05-09DeathCrystal MountainSymbolicRoadrunner Records
1678. 2022-05-09ExhumedUnder the KnifeAnatomy Is DestinyRelapse Records
1679. 2022-05-09SplatterhouseHillside StranglersThe House That Dead Built
1680. 2022-05-09PsyopusInsectsOur Puzzling Encounters ConsideredMetal Blade
1681. 2022-05-09DawnThe Stalker's BlessingSlaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)Necropolis Records
1682. 2022-05-09EyeHateGodShinobi1992 - In The Name Of Suffering
1683. 2022-05-09BAT03 ICEAxestasy (CD, 12" MLP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
1684. 2022-05-09DeathwitchAngel ExecutionDawn of ArmageddonNecropolis Records
1685. 2022-05-09Haemorrhage6.Oozing Molten GristleLive CarnageHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
1686. 2022-05-09Sepsismpunctured internal organsseveral carnal butchery
1687. 2022-05-09Escuela Grind05 Incel Circle JerkIndoctrinationArmageddon Label
1688. 2022-05-09academic wormsacademic worms - para o seu sonho realizarwarsore / ulcerrhoea / academic worms / feculent goreheads
1689. 2022-05-09Napalm DeathJuidicial SlimeUtopia BanishedEarache
1690. 2022-05-09NUNSLAUGHTERNUNSLAUGHTER - This Cross Was Built For YouSplit mini-album (CD, 12" MLP)- NUNSLAUGHTER/BLOOD (Germany)Hells Headbangers Records
1691. 2022-05-09BLOOD04 BLOOD - ImperatorSplit mini-album (CD, 12" MLP)0NUNSLAUGHTER/BLOOD (Germany)Hells Headbangers Records
1692. 2022-05-09Cauchemar04 Danger de nuitRosa MysticaTemple of Mystery Records
1693. 2022-05-09Final CoilWaste Yr Time (Quills & Trees)Somnambulant IIWormhole Death Records
1694. 2022-05-09FalamhFalamh - Aeons Effigy - 02 - Blackened WavesAeons Effigy - Out March 25thSelf-Released
1695. 2022-05-09ToxGive Your Heart To A LoverTox© 1986 SL Records (SL-RECORDS 7024)
1696. 2022-05-09Dead to FallSmoke & MirrorsThe Phoenix ThroneVictory Records
1697. 2022-05-09The Sun Through a Telescope02 - Cro-Magnon NightmareSummer DarkyardHandshake Inc
1698. 2022-05-09Úlfarr06 Part VIHate & Terror - The Rise Of Pure EvilPurity Through Fire
1699. 2022-05-09Niden Div 187GenocideImpergiumNecropolis
1700. 2022-05-09AnteriorScar CityThis Age Of SilenceMetal Blade
1701. 2022-05-09Daylight DiesI WaitNo ReplyRelapse Records
1702. 2022-05-09Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1703. 2022-05-02MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1704. 2022-05-02Cattle Decapitation04 - diarrhea of the mouthHomovore
1705. 2022-05-02The LocustSiphoning Projectiles During Selective AnnesiaFlight of the Wounded Locust
1706. 2022-05-02Bodies in the Gears of the ApparatusBig, Bad, Mean, and NastySimian Hybrid Prototype
1707. 2022-05-02April 16thLet It RollSleepwalking
1708. 2022-05-02AcceptLike a Loaded GunDeath RowPhantom Records (England)
1709. 2022-05-02CarnageMalignant EpitaphGrindcrusher 2
1710. 2022-05-02LIKVisioner om en odslig framtidKapitel IIIFrostscald Records
1711. 2022-05-02Burying Place3. Sons Of EvilIn The Light Of Burning ChurchesInferna Profundus Records
1712. 2022-05-02Survival Instinct03 Night SpeedFatal VeninPersonal Records
1713. 2022-05-02Obscene (U.S.)04 Faith Through Pain...From Dead Horizon to Dead Horizon CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
1714. 2022-05-02SHED THE SKIN03 Invincible in IronThaumogenesis (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1715. 2022-05-02Shadow's Mortuary03 A3 - Teloituksen AikaUnohdettu MaaPurity Through Fire
1716. 2022-05-02CHURCH OF DISGUST04 Seemingly Unnatural InfestationsWeakest is the Flesh (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
1717. 2022-05-02ViogressionDeath Dive3rd Stage Of DecayMoribund Records
1718. 2022-05-02AborymFire Walk With Us!Fire Walk With UsWorld War III (American Music Corp)
1719. 2022-05-02AllegianceYggdrasilHymns of BloodWorld War III (American Music Corp)
1720. 2022-05-02SaccageCriss Toe Dans l'pit Pour SatanDeath Crust Satanique
1721. 2022-05-02HarakiriHungry AmericanTwilight Of The Idols
1722. 2022-05-02CerebusStay in the nightToo late to pray
1723. 2022-05-02OzMegalomaniacFire in the BrainBlack Mark
1724. 2022-05-02Intense Hammer RageI Drempt I Had A VaginaDevoGrindPornGoreCoreaphile
1725. 2022-05-02SargeistFrowning, ExistingSatanic Black DevotionMoribund Records
1726. 2022-05-02Feedback RecyclingPilocideReligion Splits Humanity 7"
1727. 2022-05-02Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1728. 2022-04-25MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1729. 2022-04-25KalibasFishing With DynamiteProduct of Hard LivingWillowtip Records
1730. 2022-04-25ZygoatsisSatanic Kultus AltarS.K.U.D. (Satanic Kultus - Unholy Desecration)
1731. 2022-04-25Rotten SoundDead RemainsNapalmRelapse Records
1732. 2022-04-25AmmitI Wanna Burn In HellExtreme Speed Satan
1733. 2022-04-25Maltese FalconRebellionMetal RushMetal Mind Records
1734. 2022-04-25Dark AgeWarriorDark Age
1735. 2022-04-25Clairvoyance (Poland)03 Chronicles Of EmptinessThreshold of Nothingness CD/12" MLP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
1736. 2022-04-25Blasphematory02 Unclean EulogiesThe Lower CatacombsNuclear Winter Records
1737. 2022-04-25Sign of Evil (Chile)04 SERPENT POISONPsychodelic DeathEdged Circle Productions
1738. 2022-04-25TómarúmIn This Empty SpaceAsh in Realms of Stone IconsProsthetic Records
1739. 2022-04-25Somnium de LycorisSet the World on FireOrbis Terrarum Revolution
1740. 2022-04-25BARBARIC HORDEBarbaric ProvocationAxe of Superior Savagery
1741. 2022-04-25October FallsThe Ruins Of What Once WasA Fall Of An EpochPurity Through Fire
1742. 2022-04-25Zona MortaPreludio Para Zona MortaNomades [EP]
1743. 2022-04-25NokturnelNothingEmbracer of Dark AgesWorld War III (American Music Corp)
1744. 2022-04-25DarkThroneWhere Cold Winds BlowA Blaze in the Northern SkyCandlelight
1745. 2022-04-25Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1746. 2022-04-18MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1747. 2022-04-18MegadethLooking Down The CrossKilling Is My Business...And Business Is Good!combat
1748. 2022-04-18Deadly BlessingSilent MadnessAscend From The Cauldronnew_renaissance
1749. 2022-04-18DBCRise Of ManUniversecombat
1750. 2022-04-18hallow's eveD.I.E. (Death In Effect)Death And InsanityMetal Blade Records
1751. 2022-04-18RageReign Of FearReign Of Fearnoise
1752. 2022-04-18TrasherBurning At The Speed Of LightSummer Session 85Combat Records
1753. 2022-04-18SavatageMidas KnightThe Dungeons Are Callingcombat
1754. 2022-04-18ExorcistRiding to HellNightmare Theatrecobra_productions
1755. 2022-04-18AtrophyIn Their EyesViolent By Natureroadracer
1756. 2022-04-18RavenScreamin' Down The HouseThe Pack Is Backatlantic
1757. 2022-04-18DestructorIron CurtainMaximum DestructionAuburn Records
1758. 2022-04-18CoronerFried AliveR.I.P.noise
1759. 2022-04-18ExciterFeel The KnifeFeel The Knifecombat
1760. 2022-04-18OmenDon't Fear The NightWarning Of DangerMetal Blade
1761. 2022-04-18AbattoirStronger Than EvilVicious Attackcombat
1762. 2022-04-18dr knowMastermindWreckege In FleshDeath Records
1763. 2022-04-18DeathLow LifeSpiritual HealingCombat Records
1764. 2022-04-18Holy TerrorAlpha Omega - The Bringer Of BalanceTerror And Submissionroadracer
1765. 2022-04-18Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1766. 2022-04-11MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1767. 2022-04-11SodomThe Saw Is The LawOne Night In Bangkok CD1
1768. 2022-04-11LucyHellfireEye For An Eye - LP 2019
1769. 2022-04-11Impure WilhelminaBy Ravens And FliesRadiationSeason of Mist
1770. 2022-04-11The CarrierPanic StrickenDemo 06'
1771. 2022-04-11MIDNIGHTNecromaniaSatanic RoyaltyHells Headbangers Records
1772. 2022-04-11Imperial DuskThe Ancient of Darkened DaysBlack Priest Of Satanic Blood Rituals
1773. 2022-04-11Sacrilega03 Rites Of MacabreThe Arcana Spear CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
1774. 2022-04-11Law of ContagionObsidian EyeOecumenical Rites for the AntichristMoribund Records
1775. 2022-04-11Inanna03 Far Away in Other SpheresVoid of Unending DepthsMemento Mori
1776. 2022-04-11Satan’s HostMaledictionThis Legacy Will Never DieMoribund Records
1777. 2022-04-11Intolerance (Spain)03 Beyond the Axis of TruthDark Paths of HumanityMemento Mori
1778. 2022-04-11SERPENTSHRINE02 Satanic Rituals of the PerverseAllegiance to the MythSignal Rex
1779. 2022-04-11AnakimCasualties of an Ascendant WarThe Elysian VoidSelf-Released
1780. 2022-04-11Senzar01 - Alderbaran's ShinePyre Of ThroesSelf-Released
1781. 2022-04-11Totten KorpsThe 7th Blasphemies of Sacred SacramentTharnheim: Athi-Land Nhi - Cyclopean Crypts of CitadelsWorld War III (American Music Corp)
1782. 2022-04-11Defeated SanityLurid AssimilationChapters Of RepugnanceWillowtip Records
1783. 2022-04-11AzaghalBlack Legions of SatanNemesisMoribund Records
1784. 2022-04-11HAMMR03 Seeping ChaliceEternal Possession (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
1785. 2022-04-11LIKMorbid FascinationMisanthropic BreedMetal Blade Records
1786. 2022-04-11Make Them SufferDrown With MeHow to Survive a Funeral
1787. 2022-04-11VIVID REMORSEMalaise (The Culture Of)The Seed Of MalaiseSelf-Released
1788. 2022-04-11Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1789. 2022-04-04MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1790. 2022-04-04Old GrowthThe SeedlingMossweaver
1791. 2022-04-04DragonneOn Dragonne's WingsOn Dragons Wings (EP)
1792. 2022-04-04Black PyramidWarswineStormbringerUSA
1793. 2022-04-04DeicideGodkillIn The Minds of Evil
1794. 2022-04-04SENTIENT HORRORSwamp BurialRites of GoreRedefining Darkness Records
1795. 2022-04-04Undergang03 Helt til rotterneSplit LP-Anatomia/UndergangMe Saco Un Ojo Records
1796. 2022-04-04Emasculated Vituperation2- Live Grinding Of The FetusRape Trauma SyndromeFat Tub Of Lard Records
1797. 2022-04-04Black Altar2- Black Altar - Sacrilegious CongregationDeathiah Manifesto-Black Altar & Vulture LordOdium Records
1798. 2022-04-04My Hollow03 - My Hollow - Hell Or High WaterFighting The Monsters - Out April 8thSelf-Released
1799. 2022-04-04CANDELABRUM03 Poisonous Dark ApparitionsNocturnal Trance (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
1800. 2022-04-04Lifelost02 Hidden PresencePunitive DamnationOnism Productions
1801. 2022-04-04Baphomet's HornsMy Dark Empire RisesSatanic War Fucking Metal
1802. 2022-04-04AbazagorathReturn to JahiliaThe Satanic VersesEternal Death
1803. 2022-04-04DragonautaDioses Del SubmundoCabramacabraArgentina
1804. 2022-04-04AbramelinSpiritual JusticeAbramelin
1805. 2022-04-04HamsokenDefender Of Pure Misanthropic DelightFoul HarvestLooming
1806. 2022-04-04200 Stab WoundsPhallic FilthSlave to the ScalpelMaggot Stomp
1807. 2022-04-04NephasthFlames TriumphImmortal Unholy TriumphWorld War III (American Music Corp)
1808. 2022-04-04Myocastor CoypusReality Check.Birth
1809. 2022-04-04Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1810. 2022-03-28MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1811. 2022-03-28The Handshake MurdersMind BenderUSURPER
1812. 2022-03-28Misery IndexReality DistortionMisery Index/Commit SuicideWillowtip Records
1813. 2022-03-28DehumanizedTerminal PunishmentProphecies ForetoldPathos Productions
1814. 2022-03-28BloodbathOminous BloodvomitBreeding Death EP
1815. 2022-03-28Omnium GatherumNightwalkersBeyond
1816. 2022-03-28InsomniumSong of the Blackest BirdOne For SorrowCentury Media Records
1817. 2022-03-28The Sun Through a Telescope01 - You Can't Kill MeI Die SmilingHandshake Inc
1818. 2022-03-28MorgothEnd to TemptationCursedCentury Media
1819. 2022-03-28SatanTwelve Infernal LordsEarth InfernalMetal Blade Records
1820. 2022-03-28Lifvsleda02 LifvspännSepulkral dedikationNoEvDia
1821. 2022-03-28THOS ÆLLAThis Firestorm Of RetributionSempiternal MobocraciesI, Voidhanger Records
1822. 2022-03-28DISEMBODY04-In The Outer DarknessReigniting HellfireHelldprod Records
1823. 2022-03-28Silver Knife01 EcomimesisRingAmor fati Productions
1824. 2022-03-28WormholeNurtured in a Poisoned WombGenesis
1825. 2022-03-28DYING FETUSSubjected To A BeatingReign SupremeRelapse Records
1826. 2022-03-28Odious SanctionTested SanityPsychotically Enraged
1827. 2022-03-28Old Man's ChildGod of ImpietyIll-Natured Spiritual InvasionCentury Media
1828. 2022-03-28Darkened Nocturn SlaughtercultTo Enter the Stygian DeathrealSplit LP
1829. 2022-03-28AVERSIO HUMANITATIS06 The Scribe of DustBehold The Silent DwellersDebemur Morti Productions
1830. 2022-03-28PossessedEvil WarriorsDeath Metal [Demo]
1831. 2022-03-21MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1832. 2022-03-21Dying FetusEviscerated OffspringInfatuation With MalevolenceBlunt Force Records
1833. 2022-03-21Sordid ClotSpring AwakeningTuberSoulflesh Collector Records - via Metalhit
1834. 2022-03-21CephalectomyOmens of Elder CreationDark Waters Rise
1835. 2022-03-21HelgafellSullen is the SpringThe Voice of Withered Stone
1836. 2022-03-21DeteriorotFallen MiseryIn Ancient BeliefsWorld War III Music
1837. 2022-03-21Atrocious AbnormalityOpen Wound PenetrationEchoes of the Rotting
1838. 2022-03-21Morbid FearBroken HypnosisDarkest Age
1839. 2022-03-21Scattered RemnantsDraped in SorrowDestined to Failrepulse
1840. 2022-03-21Cerebral Effusionforthcoming cannibalismViolence In Motion
1841. 2022-03-21End of Six Thousand Years, TheWaking the Great KeeperI§olationStill Life Records
1842. 2022-03-21LADIABLINDYear of 1989
1843. 2022-03-21Aethyrick04 Winds of the WandererPilgrimageThe Sinister Flame
1844. 2022-03-21Greve03 Lögnarens Gryning, Svältföddas Bestar (The Dawn of the Liar, The Beasts of the Hungry Born)Föllo af Svavel, Lifvets DimridåPurity Through Fire
1845. 2022-03-21Spectral Darkwave05 - The Founding of ManAt Outer DarkOccidental Records
1846. 2022-03-21Symphony Of HeavenTo Gaze Upon DestructionManiacal Entropik DiscordiumRottweiler Records
1847. 2022-03-21Saklas01 Mastering The Chaos MeditationThe One Who Swallowed GodPersonal Records
1848. 2022-03-21ExcommunionSuperionSuperionWorld War III
1849. 2022-03-21Fractal UniverseWithering SnowdropsThe Impassable HorizonMetal Blade Records
1850. 2022-03-21SlayerMandatory SuicideSouth of Heaven
1851. 2022-03-21DeicideDead But DreamingLegionRoadrunner Records
1852. 2022-03-21Entombed04 - When Life Has CeasedLeft Hand PathEarache
1853. 2022-03-21BetrayelScream In DarknessDeath Shall Overcome
1854. 2022-03-21Doombringer (Poland)Samhain MelancholiaWalpurgis Fires LP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
1855. 2022-03-21Musty GutsHitch or be HitchedMaggot Assault (Demo �88)
1856. 2022-03-21SepulcrumAbruption
1857. 2022-03-21Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1858. 2022-03-14MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1859. 2022-03-14Black Sheep WallCare By CarcinogenicI am God Songs
1860. 2022-03-14UlcerateCold BecomingThe Destroyers of All
1861. 2022-03-14MindrotAnguishDawningRelapse Records
1862. 2022-03-14BelfegorI'll Come from the Four Sides of the WorldKingdom of Glacial PalacesWorld War III (American Music Corp)
1863. 2022-03-14AutopsyStillbornSevered Survival
1864. 2022-03-14Backlash (USA)No Time For ThinkingBacklash
1865. 2022-03-14Anal BlastFarm Animal HammerVaginal Vempire
1866. 2022-03-14Impregnate TrichomonasImpregnate Trichomonas - Gutsocarcass grinder / impregnate trichomonas / unholy grave / saprogenic entrails / voltifobia
1867. 2022-03-14Ravenous DuskMatriarch Of HellThe Dead Of NightSeance Records
1868. 2022-03-14Consecration02 - Gut The Priest MMXXIReanimatedCavernous Records
1869. 2022-03-14NecroticGoreBeast03 Obstetric Anthropophagic FeastHuman Deviance GaloreComatose Music
1870. 2022-03-14Somnent03 - Despite the ScourgeGardens From GravesGS Productions
1871. 2022-03-14TYRSunset Shore (Live)A Night at the Nordic House (with The Symphony Orchestra of the Faroe Islands)Metal Blade Records
1872. 2022-03-14Intricated03 Impaling the EmperorApocalyptic MetamorphosisComatose Music
1873. 2022-03-14Perveration03 Dying TastePerversion In Manifest DiseaseComatose Music
1874. 2022-03-14EngraveRaping the EarthThe Rebirth RemastersWorld War III
1875. 2022-03-14MuldrothaThe Life That Fails Beyond the GraveSlowly to Forget and to be Forgotten
1876. 2022-03-14Malignant AltarUsurping the Pantheon CrownRealms of Exquisite MorbidityDark Descent Records
1877. 2022-03-14DeicideSacrificial SuicideAmonRoadrunner Records
1878. 2022-03-14THECODONTIONThecodontosaurus antiquus (The Epitome of Dinosauria)THECODONTION and VESSEL OF INIQUITY split-The Permian-Triassic Extinction EventI, Voidhanger Records
1879. 2022-03-14MaledictionMurdered From WithinSystem Fear EP
1880. 2022-03-14CentinexLike Darkened StormsBloodhuntRepulse Records
1881. 2022-03-14Axis DisruptOpen Eyes in a Black WorldFragilities of Existence
1882. 2022-03-14Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1883. 2022-03-07MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1884. 2022-03-07Swarm of the LotusStrength of Inner EyesWhen White Becomes BlackAt A Loss Recordings
1885. 2022-03-07Bodies in the Gears of the ApparatusSeventeen Reasons to Die Wearing BlackFirst Demo
1886. 2022-03-07Headhunter Death CultFrom Dream To NightmareAnd The Sky Turns Black
1887. 2022-03-07WormholeExistence GapGenesis
1888. 2022-03-07I Declare War07 A Dark Hole To Crawl IntoWe Are Violent People By NatureRazor And Tie
1889. 2022-03-07AgathodaimonThe Darkness Inside2004-Serpent's Embrace
1890. 2022-03-07Cephalic ImpurityCerebral VomitingPerverted Surgical ConceptSoulflesh Collector Records - via Metalhit
1891. 2022-03-07UsurperKill M AllahEvilution
1892. 2022-03-07MalignityFatal ParanoiaDemonic
1893. 2022-03-07Vio-LenceUpon Their CrossLet the World BurnMetal Blade Records
1894. 2022-03-07HyperiaHYPERIA - Silhouettes of Horror - 11. Gimme Gim...Silhouettes of Horror - Out March 18thSelf-Released
1895. 2022-03-07Without WavesSet & SettingComedianProsthetic Records
1896. 2022-03-07Chthonic Cult04 When the Ancients SpeakBecome Seekers for DeathPutrid Cult
1897. 2022-03-07Crown of MadnessCrown of Madness - 3. The ManipulatedThe Void - Out March 25thSelf-Released
1898. 2022-03-07Cystectomy02 Past Life AmnesiaDeprive to HollownessComatose Music
1899. 2022-03-07Bludgeoned2- Circadian ServitudeSummary ExecutionVile Tapes
1900. 2022-03-07Cerebral Incubation3 - Throbbing Abnormalities of a Mutilated OropharynxFermenting Cranial Inebriating FluidsClobber Records
1901. 2022-03-07Bloody SadismWithered VaginalEloquent Atrocity
1902. 2022-03-07OverlordOutsiderBroken Toys
1903. 2022-03-07Khthoniik Cerviiks2. The Grand Sidereal SwindleHeptaedrone TAPEIron Bonehead Productions
1904. 2022-03-07Thy PrimordialBortom Nattsvart HimmelUnder Iskall Troll ManeWorld War III (American Music Corp)
1905. 2022-03-07OuijaHear the Call of the Wolves (Fullmoonlight Lovers)Riding in the Funeral Paths, Disc 1Blackend
1906. 2022-03-07Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1907. 2022-02-28Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1908. 2022-02-28Despised IconAs Bridges BurnThe Healing ProcessCentury Media Records
1909. 2022-02-28It Dies TodayBridges Left BurningForever ScornedTrust Kill
1910. 2022-02-28Arch EnemyDead InsideBurning BridgesDream On
1911. 2022-02-28FleshgoreNew Ordeal Comes Into the WorldDenial of the ScripturesXtreem Music
1912. 2022-02-28DrudkhBreath of Cold Black Soil (March)Вічний оберт колеса (Eternal Turn of the Wheel)Season of Mist
1913. 2022-02-28Scattered RemnantsLamentation of Tortured SoulsDestined to Fail
1914. 2022-02-28CephalectomyDominus Infernus VobiscumDark Waters Rise
1915. 2022-02-28ObscuraOribital ElementsCosmogenesisRelapse Records
1916. 2022-02-28WormholeGravity Manipulation UnitGenesis
1917. 2022-02-28HebosagilKellot soiYössä
1918. 2022-02-28Astral TombInertia (Crashing through the Doorways of Eternity)Soulgazer CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
1919. 2022-02-28Mortify (Chile)03 Ethereal Illusion Of PsycheFragments at the Edge of SorrowChaos Records
1920. 2022-02-28SanhedrinLights OnLights OnMetal Blade Records
1921. 2022-02-28Heltekvad03 Ved sværdets klinge skal du forgå (At the blade of the sword you shall perish)Morgenrødens HelvedesherreEisenwald Records
1922. 2022-02-28MidnightNocturnal MolestationLet There Be WitcheryMetal Blade Records
1923. 2022-02-28RossomahaarThe Forlorn Existence of Soul DivineImperium TenebrarumImperium Tenebrarum
1924. 2022-02-28Pile of Priests04 Divine Step (Coroner Cover)Tenebrous Labyrinth (EP)Self-Released
1925. 2022-02-28TOMB MOLDCoincidence of OppositesPrimordial MalignityBlood Harvest Records
1926. 2022-02-28HUMANITY IS CANCER3 - The Punishment DueHumanity is Cancer EPRedefining Darkness Records
1927. 2022-02-28Rotten SoundBrainlordNapalmRelapse Records
1928. 2022-02-28PortalWershipsSwarth
1929. 2022-02-28Power TripNightmare LogicNightmare Logic
1930. 2022-02-28RazorBurning BridgesShotgun Justice
1931. 2022-02-28Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1932. 2022-02-21MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
1933. 2022-02-21BrodequinPressing to PleadMethods of ExecutionUnmatched Brutality Records
1934. 2022-02-21Internal SufferingDominating Thunderous ForceUnmercyful Extermination (Reissue)
1935. 2022-02-21Misanthropic RageNothing but RageTowards the Greyscale Aphorysm
1936. 2022-02-21EsophagealFinal Engodment Through Flesh WizardryCraving Delusions
1937. 2022-02-21MasachistOpposing NormalityScorned
1938. 2022-02-21SacrocurseOath For Eternal DamnationUnholier Master LP (Europe/UK)Iron Bonehead Productions
1939. 2022-02-21CassleMidnight FantasyMidnight Fantasy
1940. 2022-02-21Idol of FearCheirotoniaTrespasser
1941. 2022-02-21KuolemanlaaksoSurusta meri suolainenKuusumuSvart Records
1942. 2022-02-21Order of Nosferat05 As the eternal Night fell upon usNachtmusikPurity Through Fire
1943. 2022-02-21Blood Has Been ShedTechnicolor JacketsSpiralsFerret Music
1944. 2022-02-21HamartiaFading AuraTo Play the PartGood Life
1945. 2022-02-21Locked in a VacancyTo See the Invisible ManEthosPurity
1946. 2022-02-21NecromorbidHorned Omnipotence ImpositionSathanarchrist Assaulter (320)
1947. 2022-02-21Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1948. 2022-02-14MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
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1952. 2022-02-14CarbombHis EyesCarbomb
1953. 2022-02-14Nuclear AssaultBrainwashedSurvive
1954. 2022-02-14ΑΧΕΡΟΝΤΑΣ (Acherontas)02 Leviathan The Fervent Scales In Reverence