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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1285 playlist up with 54192 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-07-12DestructionMad ButcherBestial Invasion of Hell
2. 2021-05-24DestructionFront BeastBestial Invasion of Hell
3. 2019-11-11DestructionTotal DesasterSentence Of Death [EP] & Infernal Overkillnoise
4. 2019-04-22Within DestructionTorture RitualDeathwish
5. 2019-04-15DestructionThe RitualInfernal Overkillmetalblade
6. 2018-12-03DestructionSign Of FearRelease From Agony
7. 2017-11-13DestructionBlack DeathThrash Anthems IINuclear Blast Records
8. 2017-11-06DestructionBestial InvasionLive Without Sensemetalblade
9. 2017-09-25DestructionSatan's VengeanceSentence Of Death [EP] & Infernal Overkill
10. 2017-04-24DestructionSign of FearRelease From Agonyprofile
11. 2016-07-18DestructionUnder AttackUnder AttackNuclear Blast Records
12. 2016-04-18DestructionUnconscious RuinsRelease From Agonyprofile
13. 2016-01-25DestructionDeath TrapSentence Of Death [EP] & Infernal Overkill
14. 2015-12-07Total Fucking Destruction04 HalucinautOur Love is a RainbowHandshake Inc
15. 2015-10-26DestructionRelease From AgonyRelease From Agonyrock_hotel
16. 2015-08-31DestructionNo Mans LandInventor Of Evilcandlelight
17. 2014-07-07DestructionUnder SurveillanceInventor Of Evilcandlelight
18. 2013-11-11DestructionIn The Mood/Release From AgonyLive Without Sensenoise
19. 2013-04-22DestructionSurvive to DieRelease From Agonyrock_hotel
20. 2013-02-25Total Fucking DestructionMonstersMonsters EPhandshake_inc
21. 2013-02-25DestructionSpiritual GenocideSpiritual Genocidenuclearblast
22. 2012-12-24DestructionMad ButcherAll Hell Breaks Loosenuclearblast
23. 2012-10-08DestructionRippin You Off BlindCracked Brainnoise
24. 2012-04-23DestructionConfused MindEternal Devastationmetalblade
25. 2012-03-12DestructionTotal DesasterSentence Of Death [EP] & Infernal Overkill
26. 2012-02-13DestructionCurse of the GodsEternal Devastationmetalblade
27. 2011-12-12DestructionCurse Of The GodsEternal Devastationmetalblade
28. 2011-10-03DestructionTime Must EndCracked Brainnoise
29. 2011-04-25DestructionReject EmotionsMad Butchersteam_hammer
30. 2011-04-11DestructionChurch Of DisgustDay Of Reckoningnuclearblast
31. 2011-04-04DestructionSorcerer Of Black MagicDay Of Reckoningnuclearblast
32. 2011-03-28DestructionArmageddonizerDay Of Reckoningnuclearblast
33. 2011-01-17DestructionIncriminatedRelease From Agonyprofile
34. 2010-10-04DestructionSign of FearRelease From Agonyprofile
35. 2010-08-23DestructionSurvive to DieRelease From Agonyprofile
36. 2010-07-19DestructionOur OppressionRelease From Agonyprofile
37. 2010-03-01DestructionMad ButcherMad Butchersteam_hammer
38. 2009-11-02DestructionSign of FearRelease From Agonyrock_hotel
39. 2008-12-08DestructionSurvive to DieRelease From Agonyrock_hotel
40. 2008-10-27DestructionDevastation Of Your SoulAll Hell Breaks Loosenuclearblast
41. 2008-08-25DestructionSurvive to DieRelease From Agonyrock_hotel
42. 2008-07-21Total Fucking DestructionMad Pig DiseaseZen and the Art of...translation_loss
43. 2008-03-31DestructionSign of FearRelease From Agonyprofile
44. 2007-11-26DestructionMad ButcherMad Butchersteam_hammer
45. 2007-11-19DestructionRelease From AgonyRelease From Agonyrock_hotel
46. 2007-11-12DestructionUnited by HatredEternal Devastationmetalblade
47. 2007-03-26DestructionMad Butcher
48. 2007-02-05DestructionMad Butcher
49. 2006-11-13destructiontotal devaster
50. 2006-08-07destructionfrustrated
51. 2006-02-20destructiondealer of hosility
52. 2006-01-30destructionmachinery of lies
53. 2005-12-19destructionnailed to the cross
54. 2004-11-15destructioninvincible force
55. 2004-04-26destructioncurse of the gods
56. 2003-12-08destructionreject emotion
57. 2003-05-13DestructionEternal Ban
58. 2002-11-19DestructionMad Butcher
59. 2001-10-23Destruction
60. 2001-09-18DestructionStrangulated Pride
61. 2000-07-17DestructionTotal Desaster 2000
62. 2000-07-17DestructionTotal Desaster 2000
63. 2000-07-10DestructionAll hell breaks loose
64. 2000-07-03Destructionthe final Curtian
65. 1999-10-04DestructionSign of Fear
66. 1997-06-23DestructionAntichrist
67. 0000-00-00DestructionBlack Death
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