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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1362 playlist up with 56746 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2014-03-03MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2014-03-03
3. 2014-03-03ManowarFight Until We DieWarriors Of The Worldmetalblade
4. 2014-03-03Mors SilensSoul ReaverMors Certa, Hora Incertaself-released
5. 2014-03-03WaldschratDer WidersacherNostalfie Resonanz
6. 2014-03-03DamnatoryRevengeThe Whispering Forest
7. 2014-03-03
8. 2014-03-03DeprecatedRealization Of BetrayelDeriding his Creationheadfucker
9. 2014-03-03Begging For IncestI've Got An Abhorrent FetishOrgasmic Selfmutilation
10. 2014-03-03DodsferdStupid Worthless SheepThe Parasitic Survival Of The Human Racemoribund
11. 2014-03-03HellhammerEvoked Damnation12"
12. 2014-03-03
13. 2014-03-03Bleeding FistRevelation Of DegenesisDeaths Old Stenchmoribund
14. 2014-03-03Sacrificial BloodSoul$ For SaleSoul$ For Salehorror_pain_gore_death
15. 2014-03-03Cattle DecapitationGristle LickerMonolith Of Inhumanitymetalblade
16. 2014-03-03
17. 2014-03-03SargeistReturn Of The RatsFeeding The Crawling ShadowsW.T.C Productions
18. 2014-03-03PactThe Great Serpent Of TehomThe Infernal Hierarchies, Penetrating The Threshold Of Nightmoribund
19. 2014-03-03WormreichRevelation III: Devotion's Final WarWormcult Revelationsmoribund
20. 2014-03-03The UnguidedDefector DCXVIFragile Immortalitynapalm
21. 2014-03-03
22. 2014-03-03EntartungFaith On The ScaffoldPeccata MortaliaW.T.C Productions
23. 2014-03-03TortorumSeverance And PerseveranceKatabasisW.T.C Productions
24. 2014-03-03ValkyrjaMadness RedeemerThe Antagonist's FireW.T.C Productions
25. 2014-03-03Darkmoon WarriorNuke 'Em AllNuke 'Em AllW.T.C Productions
26. 2014-03-03Suicidal AngelsDivide And ConquerDivide And Conquernapalm
27. 2014-03-03
28. 2014-03-03RatstabNo Sleep Till R'LyehNoise War
29. 2014-03-03Flesh ParadeFat and GristleKill Whiteyrelapse
30. 2014-03-03Anal CuntChapel Of GristleEveryone Should Be KILLEDearache
31. 2014-03-03HaemorrhageOozing Molten GristleLive Carnage: Feasting On Marylandhorror_pain_gore_death
32. 2014-03-03GazaGristleI Don't Care Where I Go When I dieblackmarket_activities
33. 2014-03-03Cripple BastardsFumo PassivoNero In Metastasirelapse
34. 2014-03-03
35. 2014-03-03SodomWanted DeadSodom
36. 2014-03-03CraftTotal Soul RapeTotal Soul Rape
37. 2014-03-03IndianRapeFrom All Purityrelapse
38. 2014-03-03OccultistPath Of The DamnedDeath Sigilsprimitive_ways
39. 2014-03-03Trap ThemDay 44: Slumcult & GatherDarker Handcraftprosthetic
40. 2014-03-03Sangus LegionarisGaspipeVengeful Brutality
41. 2014-03-03
42. 2014-03-03SargatanasEternal DarknessSargatanaswild rags
43. 2014-03-03WitchsorrowGommorahWitchsorrowmetalblade
44. 2014-03-03SlayerDie By The SwordShow No Mercymetalblade
45. 2014-03-03MegadethTornado Of SoulsRust In Peacecapitol
46. 2014-03-03
47. 2014-03-03WormedSolar NeutrinosExodromos
48. 2014-03-03Morbus ChronRipening LifeSwevencenturymedia
49. 2014-03-03MotorheadSpeedfreakIron Fistcastle_music
50. 2014-03-03Manilla RoadPlayground Of The DamnedPlayground Of The Damnedhigh_roller
51. 2014-03-03
52. 2014-03-03The Monolith DeathcultMaster Of The Branysk ForestTrivmviratetwilight_vertrieb
53. 2014-03-03Thy PrimordialBortom Nattsvart HimmelUnder Iskall Troll Maneworld_war_iii
54. 2014-03-03Glorior BelliI Asked For Wine, He Gave Me BloodGators Rumble, Chaos Unfurlsagonia
55. 2014-03-03Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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