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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1240 playlist up with 52647 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-12-13Violent Scum03 Revenge OfferingsFestering in Endless Decay TAPEBlood Harvest Records
2. 2021-01-18Evil (Japan)03 怨殺 RevengePossessed by Evil LP/CD/TAPENuclear War Now! Productions
3. 2020-09-07Blood TsunamiRampage Of RevengeThrash MetalCandlelight
4. 2020-08-17WargasmRevenge (Live)Fireball
5. 2020-05-18Northern TerrorRevenge Of The HeathensBlacker Than Black
6. 2019-05-20Pyrrhon5. Turing's RevengeGrowth Without EndHandshake Inc
7. 2019-05-13RancorousCold RevengeStealth Dominion
8. 2018-11-12AeturnusSworn RevengeBeyond the Wandering Moon
9. 2018-07-23WargasmRevengeWhy Play Around?profile
10. 2017-12-04PIGHEADRevengeful StrifeUntil All Flesh Decays
11. 2017-07-17Pyrrhon5. Turing's RevengeGrowth Without EndHandshake Inc
12. 2017-06-19ROOTRevenge of HellHeritage Of SatanAgonia Records
13. 2017-02-20DoroRevengeStrong And ProudNuclear Blast Records
14. 2016-09-12ProfanalA Call for RevengeSupreme FireIron Tyrant
15. 2016-07-11SURGIKILL03 Relentless RevengeSanguinary Revelations LPHells Headbangers Records
16. 2016-05-16RamallahDays of RevengeKill a CelebrityThorp
17. 2016-04-18WargasmRevengeWhy Play Around?profile
18. 2016-01-04KalmahBurbot's RevengeSwampsong [Japan Bonus Track]King
19. 2014-08-18CrucifyreBaphomet's RevengeBlack Magic Firepulverised
20. 2014-03-31KillgasmRevenge of the PanzergoatA Stab In The Heart of Christmoribund
21. 2014-03-03DamnatoryRevengeThe Whispering Forest
22. 2013-06-24ImpetigoRevenge of the Scabby ManUltimo Mondo Cannibalerazorback
23. 2012-11-12Sentinel BeastRevengeDepths Of Deathmetalblade
24. 2012-08-13ShockwaveRevenge of Bruticusthe Ultimate DoomTriple Crown
25. 2012-01-30Rotten SoundRevengeMurderworksrepulse
26. 2011-11-21WargasmRevengeWhy Play Around?profile
27. 2011-04-25WargasmRevengeWhy Play Around?profile
28. 2011-02-14CrypterRevengeOut Of The Cryptsself-released
29. 2010-12-06WargasmRevengeWhy Play Around?profile
30. 2010-07-05Since the Floodi am revengeNo Compromisemetalblade
31. 2010-02-01SepsisRevenge...With No Mercymetal_age
32. 2009-09-21ImpetigoRevenge of the Scabby ManUltimo Mondo Cannibalerazorback
33. 2009-08-24CalibanCaliban's RevengeSay Hello To Tragedycenturymedia
34. 2009-07-13ShockwaveRevenge of Bruticusthe Ultimate Doom
35. 2009-06-01EktomorfRevenge to AllWhat Doesn't Kill Me...afm
36. 2008-09-15WargasmRevengeWhy Play Around?profile
37. 2008-06-30WargasmRevengeWhy Play Around?profile
38. 2008-03-31WargasmRevengeWhy Play Around?profile
39. 2007-11-12NocturnalFire of RevengeFire of Revengebestial_onslaught
40. 2007-05-21Sonata Arcticafor the sake of revenge
41. 2007-04-09since the floodi am revenge
42. 2007-02-12since the floodi am revenge
43. 2005-12-05Ringwormjustice replaced by revengethe Promisevictory
44. 2005-11-07ramallahdays of revenge
45. 2005-10-10elwingsons of revenge
46. 2003-02-25Total WarRevenge
47. 2001-04-03diecastExacting My REvenge
48. 2001-02-27DiecastExacting My Revenge
49. 2001-02-13DiecastExacting My REvenge
50. 2000-08-07Polictracklovers Revenge
51. 2000-07-17Coffin TextRevengeful Entity
52. 2000-07-17Coffin TextRevengeful Entity
53. 2000-01-24Six Feet UnderRevenge of the Zombie
54. 1997-05-19WargasmRevenge
55. 1996-09-23Sick of it AllMy Revenge/world of Hate
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