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  • :Fleet's Fest of Freaks
    post by the_reverend @ Sep 27,2015 3:33am  [link]
    So what typically happens when the main guy planning a fest is horribly injured in a car accident a week before the fest? it gets cancelled. Not this show. Even though he was obviously was in pain and bandaged up, the show must go on. The turn out was a little light given everything, but it was a great event none-the-less. All the bands killed it. It did get super cold towards the end of the night and I kept wussing out to head back inside, but then again, I got to see Disma play with a full moon over head and that was pretty special.

    Sep 26, 2015 Simons 677 (Providence, RI)
    desolate - 2015-09-26
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    goreality - 2015-09-26
    flash animated slider show
    murrum - 2015-09-26
    flash animated slider show
    shroud - 2015-09-26
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    Sep 26, 2015 Simons 677 - Outside Stage (Providence, RI)
    dead_girls_dont_say_no - 2015-09-26
    Dead Girls Dont Say No(110)
    flash animated slider show
    disma - 2015-09-26
    flash animated slider show
    intolitarian - 2015-09-26
    flash animated slider show
    phlegm - 2015-09-26
    flash animated slider show
    reign_of_the_last - 2015-09-26
    Reign Of The Last(156)
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    :High Spirits in Worcester
    post by the_reverend @ Sep 11,2015 2:57am  [link]
    wow... half the bands were fronted by females. All but one had a female in them. that is rare. Great show!
    Sep 10, 2015 Ralph's (Worcester, MA)
    christian_mistress - 2015-09-10
    Christian Mistress(124)
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    hessian - 2015-09-10
    flash animated slider show
    high_spirits - 2015-09-10
    High Spirits(210)
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    savage_master - 2015-09-10
    Savage Master(83)
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    :KYOTY Record Release show!
    post by the_reverend @ Sep 6,2015 1:08am  [link]
    :Revocation/Sevenday Curse/Wreak in PVD
    post by the_reverend @ Sep 4,2015 2:36am  [link]
    :Old Man Gloom at 3S
    post by the_reverend @ Sep 3,2015 12:41am  [link]
    :Earth lands in Portsmouth!
    post by the_reverend @ Aug 26,2015 2:16am  [link]
    :Shadows Fall Dances off At the Ballroom
    post by the_reverend @ Aug 24,2015 1:16am  [link]
    :Throaat in Worcester
    post by the_reverend @ Aug 21,2015 2:47am  [link]
    :Horrendous at Metal Thursday
    post by the_reverend @ Aug 14,2015 9:52am  [link]
    :Hardcore day in Billerica
    post by the_reverend @ Aug 1,2015 11:09pm  [link]
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