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  • :After the Parade... Death Comes
    post by the_reverend @ Mar 23,2015 1:54am  [link]
    my first show back in over a month. Thankfully I'm finally not sick and can enjoy going to a show. This is also my first time to the water front since scott lee left. Interesting night with some excellent bands. Now morning and work comes too quickly. That's what she said. night night.,
    Mar 22, 2015 Waterfront Tavern (Holyoke, MA)
    abdicate - 2015-03-22
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    another_vendetta - 2015-03-22
    Another Vendetta(100)
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    brutemukti - 2015-03-22
    flash animated slider show
    forced_asphyxiation - 2015-03-22
    Forced Asphyxiation(78)
    flash animated slider show
    incontinence - 2015-03-22
    flash animated slider show
    parasitic_extirpation - 2015-03-22
    Parasitic Extirpation(121)
    flash animated slider show
    scalpel - 2015-03-22
    flash animated slider show
    shroud - 2015-03-22
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    splattered_entrails - 2015-03-22
    Splattered Entrails(65)
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    :Downfall of Gaia in Snowbank Allston
    post by the_reverend @ Feb 13,2015 2:08am  [link]
    I find it hard to believe how absolutely terrible it is in Allston and Boston. I know there has been a lot of snow and all... but someone from NH needs to go down there and teach them what's what about snow. Anyhow, I found parking and got to this show with plenty of time. All the bands were great. I liked that it was 3/4 bands I never saw before.

    if you missed the show, check out downfall of gaia some where else on their tour. hurry, only st vitus left and it is tomorrow night, Friday the 13th!

    Feb 12, 2015 O'Briens Pub (Allston, MA)
    downfall_of_gaia - 2015-02-12
    Downfall Of Gaia(101)
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    sea - 2015-02-12
    flash animated slider show
    upheaval - 2015-02-12
    flash animated slider show
    voyager - 2015-02-12
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    :Napalm Death and Voivod
    post by the_reverend @ Feb 8,2015 5:23am  [link]
    :Ringworm and Backstabbers Inc
    post by the_reverend @ Feb 7,2015 1:26am  [link]
    :EyeHateGod in Allston
    post by the_reverend @ Feb 5,2015 2:55am  [link]
    :Overcast matinee show!
    post by the_reverend @ Feb 1,2015 8:13pm  [link]
    :Vultures/Foxfires at the Raven
    post by the_reverend @ Dec 29,2014 1:46am  [link]
    :Dusk after midnight
    post by the_reverend @ Dec 28,2014 3:59am  [link]
    :Database issues
    post by the_reverend @ Dec 22,2014 9:54am  [link]
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    :Death To Allston!
    post by the_reverend @ Nov 30,2014 12:32am  [link]
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