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  • :EyeHateGod, The Obsessed, Today is the Day
    post by the_reverend @ Sep 14,2018 10:14am  [link]
    Ugh, what a disaster with my cameras. I finally got most of the files back. This is the second time in well over a decade that this happened. Anyhow, the show was awesome.
    Sep 13, 2018 Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
    eyehategod - 2018-09-13
    flash animated slider show
    panzerbastard - 2018-09-13
    flash animated slider show
    psycho - 2018-09-13
    flash animated slider show
    randomshots - 2018-09-13
    flash animated slider show
    the_obsessed - 2018-09-13
    The Obsessed(103)
    flash animated slider show
    today_is_the_day - 2018-09-13
    Today Is The Day(88)
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    :Eyehate Card Errors!!
    post by the_reverend @ Sep 14,2018 1:40am  [link]
    If you are looking for the pics from the Eyehategod/obsessed show tonight, you are going to have to wait until tomorrow. Most of my pictures from Panzerbastard and Today is the Day got corrupted. I'm going to try a ton of programs tomorrow to get them back before posting all the pictures. This is the first time this has happened to me in 18 years of shooting. permalink Add To All Your Pages!
    :High Command
    post by the_reverend @ Sep 2,2018 3:17am  [link]
    :The Cryptics 10th anniversary show
    post by the_reverend @ Aug 25,2018 11:46pm  [link]
    :Deceased 50th birthday!
    post by the_reverend @ Jul 8,2018 3:46am  [link]
    :Of Feather and Bone, Tom Mold, and GOG
    post by the_reverend @ Jun 25,2018 12:51am  [link]
    :Sdc, Viscera Infest, pulmonary fibrosis, mucophagus
    post by the_reverend @ Jun 1,2018 9:25am  [link]
    :Integrity in Boston!
    post by the_reverend @ May 30,2018 2:17am  [link]
    :Maryland Death Fest XVI 2018 day four
    post by the_reverend @ May 28,2018 12:34pm  [link]
    :Maryland Death Fest XVI 2018 day three
    post by the_reverend @ May 27,2018 4:27am  [link]
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