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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1369 playlist up with 56979 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2024-04-22motorheadkilled by deaththe birthday party
2. 2021-12-27Motorhead(We Are) The Road CrewAce Of Spades
3. 2020-06-01MotorheadOver the TopBorn to lose live to win (cd 4)
4. 2019-10-28Girlschool & MotorheadPlease don't touchSt. Valentines Day Massacre E.P.
5. 2019-02-18MotorheadDancing On Your GraveNo Remorse (1999 Remaster) Disc I
6. 2018-04-30MotorheadDeaf ForeverBBC Live And In Session
7. 2018-04-23MotorheadMake My Day1916WTG
8. 2018-01-15MotorheadAce Of SpadesLive At Brixton Academy [UK] Disc 2SPV
9. 2016-05-09MotorheadOrgasmatronBBC Live And In Session
10. 2016-01-04MotorheadLove Me Like A ReptileTear Ya Down - The Rarities
11. 2016-01-04MotorheadDamage CaseOverkill
12. 2016-01-04Girlschool & MotorheadEmergencySt. Valentines Day Massacre E.P..
13. 2016-01-04MotorheadGo To HellIron Fistracecar
14. 2016-01-04MotorheadKilled By DeathBBC Live And In Session
15. 2016-01-04MotorheadOrgasmatronOrgasmatronGWR
16. 2015-11-16MotorheadOverkillOverkill
17. 2015-06-15MotorheadKilled by DeathBetter Motorhead than Dead (live at the Hammersmith)spv
18. 2015-03-02MotorheadOverkillBorn To Lose, Live To Win
19. 2014-10-20MotorheadWhite Live FeverKeep Us On The Road - Live 1997
20. 2014-08-04MotorheadToo Late Too LateOverkillpolygram
21. 2014-03-31MotorheadStarstruckVarious Artists - Ronnie James Dio - This Is Your Liferhino
22. 2014-03-03MotorheadSpeedfreakIron Fistcastle_music
23. 2014-02-03MotorheadSex And OutrageIron Fistcastle_music
24. 2013-06-03MotorheadDogs Of WarSnake Bite Lovecmc_international
25. 2013-04-22MotorheadRiding With Tthe DriverOrgasmatronGWR
26. 2013-03-04MotorheadRiding With Tthe DriverOrgasmatronGWR
27. 2012-09-17MotorheadCivil WarOvernight Sensation
28. 2012-08-06MotorheadAce of SpadesNo Remorsebronze
29. 2012-02-27MotorheadLimb From LimbOverkill
30. 2012-01-23MotorheadRiding With Tthe DriverOrgasmatronpolygram
31. 2011-12-05MotorheadEagle RockNo Voices In The Sky singleWTB
32. 2011-06-06MotorheadHellraiserHellraisersony
33. 2011-04-11MotorheadGet Back In LineThe World Is Yoursudr
34. 2011-03-28MotorheadI Know How To DieThe World Is Yoursudr
35. 2009-10-19MotorheadIron FistIron Fistracecar
36. 2008-11-24MotorheadAce of SpadesNo Remorsebronze
37. 2008-08-18MotorheadOne Short LifeMotorizedspv
38. 2008-08-11MotorheadWhen the Eagle ScreamsMotorizedspv
39. 2008-03-31MotorheadOverkillNo Sleep 'til Hammersmithmercury
40. 2007-11-26MotorheadKilled by DeathBetter Motorhead than Dead (live at the Hammersmith)spv
41. 2007-11-19MotorheadGo to HellIron Fistpolygram
42. 2007-10-08MotorheadKilled by DeathBetter Motorhead than Dead (live at the Hammersmith)spv
43. 2007-10-01MotorheadOver the TopBetter Motorhead than Dead (live at the Hammersmith)spv
44. 2006-10-02motorheadsword of glory
45. 2006-09-25motorheadliving in the past
46. 2006-08-07motorheaddevil i know
47. 2005-10-03motorheadwe are motorhead
48. 2005-05-09motorheadoverkill
49. 1996-11-04MotorheadMurder Show
50. 1996-10-21MotorheadCrazy like a fox
51. 1996-10-14MotorheadOvernight Sensation
52. 1996-10-07MotorheadCivil War
53. 1996-09-30MotorheadCivil WAr
54. 1996-09-09MotorheadHell Raizer
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