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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1370 playlist up with 57009 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2008-08-18MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2008-08-18Amon AmarthWith Oden on Our SideWith Oden on Our Sidemetalblade
3. 2008-08-18DebaucheryAngel of DeathContinue to Killlocomotive
4. 2008-08-18AbominantWar BlastDestruction of the Heavenly Realms Vol IIIdeathgasm
5. 2008-08-18Negative Reactionthe Ancient Secret of WarTales from the Insomniacspare_change
6. 2008-08-18Salt the WoundGannonCarnal Repercussionsrotten
7. 2008-08-18WhitechapelDeath Becomes HimThis is Exilemetalblade
8. 2008-08-18Despised Iconthe Sunset Will Never Charm Usthe Healing Processcenturymedia
9. 2008-08-18the SummonedEncasedHarvestrespawn
10. 2008-08-18In Dire Needthe fifth tale - lost at seaLost at Seaself-released
11. 2008-08-18WormedVoxel MitosisPlanisphaeriummacabre_mentos
12. 2008-08-18RevocationSummon the SpawnEmpire of the Obsceneself-released
13. 2008-08-18HexenThe SerpentState of Insurgencyosm
14. 2008-08-18Parasitic ExtirpationEchoes of BrutalityKnee Deep in Diseaseself-released
15. 2008-08-18Death HavenSetting Fire to the Garden of Edendemoself-released
16. 2008-08-18BlasfemiaEl Hechizo del Espejo Ha Roto este Pacto EntereoEl Indice De los Libros Prohibidosold_cemetery
17. 2008-08-18Annotations of an AutopsyDeitiesBefore the Throne of Infectionferret
18. 2008-08-18XXX Maniak#4Cracks of Doomcreeping_vine
19. 2008-08-18ExventerCoporal ReconstructionBioconveyor of Instinctsself-released
20. 2008-08-18MalignancySkeletal IntegrityInhuman Grotesquerieswillowtip
21. 2008-08-18MotorheadOne Short LifeMotorizedspv
22. 2008-08-18Blessed DeathPray for DeathDestined for Extinctionroadracer
23. 2008-08-18Merciless DeathCult of DoomRealms of Terrorheavy_artillery
24. 2008-08-18DeathwitchEternal FornicationDawn of Armageddonnecropolis
25. 2008-08-18MorgirionWrath Upon the Insolentcdrself-released
26. 2008-08-18Prey for SleepThis is How People Die... a Bitter Beginningself-released
27. 2008-08-18ZaoSkin Like WinterLiberate Te Ex Inferissolid_state
28. 2008-08-18Agenda of SwineEnd of All EndsWaves of Human Sufferingrelapse
29. 2008-08-18PsychoMaster RaceCollectionax/ction
30. 2008-08-18Cancer BatsSorceressHail Destroyerblackmarket_activities
31. 2008-08-18NeuraxisPhoenixthe Thin Line Betweenprosthetic
32. 2008-08-18Fuck the FactsBordersDisgorge Mexicorelapse
33. 2008-08-18The Acacia StrainSkynetContinentprosthetic
34. 2008-08-18ArsisFailing Winds of Hopeless GreedWe are the Nightmarenuclearblast
35. 2008-08-18InsomniumMortal ShareCandlelight USA - winter samplercandlelight
36. 2008-08-18SummoningBauglirOath Boundnapalm
37. 2008-08-18MantakViolation VampPolymorphous Perversionold_cemetery
38. 2008-08-18With Faith or FlamesPower of the Morning Stara Conquest Triumphantstand_and_deliver
39. 2008-08-18DevastatorSummon the NightConjuring Evilold_cemetery
40. 2008-08-18Eternal LordWaspsBlessed be this Nightmareferret
41. 2008-08-18Witheredthe Fated BreathFolie Circulaireprosthetic
42. 2008-08-18Morbid Angelthe Ancient OnesBlessed are the Sickearache
43. 2008-08-18Drown Retarded Children15Demented Continuumdeath_deaf
44. 2008-08-18MucopusTechnology DevineMulch?!?amputated_vein
45. 2008-08-18AnimosityYou Can't WinAnimalblackmarket_activities
46. 2008-08-18Abysmal DawnTwilight's FallenProgrammed to Consumerelapse
47. 2008-08-18CryptopsyContemplate Regicidethe Unspoken Kingcenturymedia
48. 2008-08-18DBCGenesis ExplosionUniversecombat
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