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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1309 playlist up with 54993 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2018-01-15MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2018-01-15
3. 2018-01-15Electric WizardDopethroneDopethrone [2006 Remaster]
4. 2018-01-15Hope Conspiracy, TheBled Across the WireCold BlueEqual Vision
5. 2018-01-15City of CaterpillarAn Innocent FacePg.99/ City of Caterpillar Split (Document#9)
6. 2018-01-15Pg.99The Lonely Waltz of Leonard D. CohenPg.99/ City of Caterpillar Split (Document#9)
7. 2018-01-15
8. 2018-01-15MotorheadAce Of SpadesLive At Brixton Academy [UK] Disc 2SPV
9. 2018-01-15FastwayDon't Stop The FightTrick Or Treatcbs
10. 2018-01-15SinisterSwing Of The Axe (Possessed Cover)The Carnage Ending (Digipak Bonus Disc)
11. 2018-01-15WombbathFall Of The WeakDownfall RisingDark Descent Records
12. 2018-01-15
13. 2018-01-15AbhothThe Tide
14. 2018-01-15All Pigs Must DieHoly PlagueNothing Violates This Nature
15. 2018-01-15
16. 2018-01-15PortalPlasmVexovoid
17. 2018-01-15RegurgitateBattered with a BrickSickening Bliss3D
18. 2018-01-15Bacterial HuskExalted Through A Vanish PrimeAgnosia of Omens
19. 2018-01-15ConvulseBlasphemous VersesWorld Without God
20. 2018-01-15Rigor MortisDemonsRigor MortisRigor Mortis
21. 2018-01-15
22. 2018-01-15MythicTaste of the GraveThe Immortal Realm
23. 2018-01-15Morbus 666The Golden Scales of TiamatIgnis Divine ImperiumMoribund Records
24. 2018-01-15GADGETThe 02666 HeritageThe Great Destroyer (NA Promo)Relapse Records
25. 2018-01-15The Funeral PyreDestroying GodsVultures At DawnProsthetic Records
26. 2018-01-15
27. 2018-01-15DesultoryReady To BleedCounting Our ScarsPulverised Records
28. 2018-01-15Headhunter Death CultThe GloryAnd The Sky Turns Blackworld_war_iii
29. 2018-01-15WargoatcultLa Puta De GolgotaPentaprotokhaosOld Cemetary Records
30. 2018-01-15Cultural WarfareThe DamnedFuture KillM-Theory Audio
31. 2018-01-15
32. 2018-01-15ThorWarhammerRecruits - Wild In The Streets
33. 2018-01-15AcheronGodless (We Are Gods)The Final ConflictDispleased Records - via Metalhit
34. 2018-01-15THE CROWNDevil Gate RideDeathrace Kingcenturymedia
35. 2018-01-15
36. 2018-01-15Winter Of SinBlack AshesViolent Reigns Supreme
37. 2018-01-15HellspawnAncient PossessionLords Of Eternity
38. 2018-01-15FleshlessEternal SufferGrindgodObscene Productions
39. 2018-01-15Morbus ChronAurora In The OffingSwevenCentury Media Records
40. 2018-01-15
41. 2018-01-15Since the Flood24kValor and Vengeanceironclad
42. 2018-01-15RamallahRamallahBut a WhimperBridge Nine Records
43. 2018-01-15Colin of ArabiaEye of the Storm...Illegal Exhibitions of SpeedRock Vegas Records
44. 2018-01-15On Broken WingsCrowns Meant for KingsDisintegrator
45. 2018-01-15
46. 2018-01-15ConvergeThawJane DoeEqual Vision
47. 2018-01-15Ten Yard FightPit of EqualityHardcore PrideEqual Vision
48. 2018-01-15Red Chord, TheNihilistFused Together in Revolving DoorsReflections
49. 2018-01-15Cripple bastardsWatching through my chaosCarcass grinder/Cripple bastar
50. 2018-01-15AbdicateArgument of KingsRelinquish the ThroneSevared Records - via Metalhit
51. 2018-01-155 Stabbed 4 CorpsesBleedGet Smashed
52. 2018-01-15PROFANATICAJehovah FadingSickened By Holy HostHells Headbangers Records
53. 2018-01-15
54. 2018-01-15Type O NegativeKill All the White PeopleBloody Kisses [Expanded]Roadrunner
55. 2018-01-15Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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