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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1232 playlist up with 52343 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-11-22PsychoBleeding OutVulture Church
2. 2021-08-30Pulling TeethBleeding To DeathVicious SkinChainsaw Safety
3. 2020-05-25Wind of the Black MountainsBleed for Thy SinsSummoned By ShadowsMoribund Records
4. 2019-09-30DissectionMistress Of The Bleeding SorrowThe Past Is Alive (The Early Mischief)Necropolis Records
5. 2019-06-17Drawn and QuarteredUntil They Cease to BleedReturn of the Black Death
6. 2019-04-15ObituaryInternal BleedingSlowly We Rotroadracer
7. 2019-01-28PsychoBleeding Outsongs from 5"
8. 2018-01-15DesultoryReady To BleedCounting Our ScarsPulverised Records
9. 2018-01-155 Stabbed 4 CorpsesBleedGet Smashed
10. 2017-08-07EngraveThe Infernal BleedingThe Rebirth RemastersWorld War III
11. 2017-07-24Colin of ArabiaBleed the SheepPalehorse/Colin of ArabiaSpook City Records
12. 2017-07-03DrippingBleeding Virgin WhoreBring the SufferingNecroharmonic Records
13. 2017-05-29MeshuggahBleedObzenNuclear Blast
14. 2017-04-24ObituaryInternal BleedingSlowly We Rotroadracer
15. 2017-04-24ObsessionBang 'Em Til They BleedScarred For Lifeenigma
16. 2017-04-24DismemberBleed for meLike and Ever Flowing Streamnuclearblast
17. 2017-02-06MeshuggahBleedObzenNuclear Blast
18. 2017-01-16MeshuggahBleedObzenNuclear Blast
19. 2016-12-26MeshuggahBleedObzenNuclear Blast
20. 2016-10-17CovenAll This BleedingBoneless ChristianRed Light Records
21. 2016-10-03Nervous ImpulseVexed (Agoraphobic Nosebleed Cover)Time to PanicSelf-Released
22. 2016-09-26Entombed A.D.Bait And BleedBack To The FrontCentury Media Records
23. 2016-09-26SAINT VITUSThe Bleeding GroundLive Vol. 2Season Of Mist
24. 2016-08-29WombbathIntestinal BleedingInternal Caustic TormentsPulverised Records
25. 2016-07-18GRAVE DESECRATOR08 Bleed For WorshipDust to LustSeason of Mist
26. 2016-05-30GoreventBleedingAbnormal Exaggerationmacabre_mentos
27. 2016-04-18Primal ScreamScream Til You BleedVolume Onemercenary
28. 2015-02-09DeathwitchJehova shall bleedMonumetal Mutilationsnecropolis
29. 2014-06-30Acid BathBleed Me An OceanPaegan Terrorism Tactics (Radio Edits)rotten
30. 2014-02-03Eyes Like AutumnBlasting Holes In The Sky Until She Bleeds SunshineDemo 2002
31. 2014-01-20OvercastBleed Into One/Diluting InertiaExpectational Dilutionendless_fight
32. 2014-01-20IndianThe Impetus BleedsFrom All Purityrelapse
33. 2013-12-02WatainAll That May BleedThe Wild Huntcenturymedia
34. 2013-09-02WatainAll That May BleedThe Wild Huntcenturymedia
35. 2013-08-05Heretic Cult RedeemerBleeding Of The Giant SunHeretic Cult Redeemer LPiron_bonehead
36. 2013-06-17The Pete Flesh DeathtripBleedMortui Vivos Docentpulverised
37. 2013-03-25MoosThe Bleeding YearsHorrible Nightmetalblade
38. 2013-03-18CandlemassThe Bleeding BaronessDeath Magic Doomnuclearblast
39. 2012-08-20Birds of PreyBleed, Blister, CumSulfur & Semenrelapse
40. 2012-06-25HammerfallThe Dragon Lies BleedingGlory To The Bravenuclearblast
41. 2012-04-09Eternal SufferingBleeding Streams Of HateRecollections Of Tragedy & Miserypathos
42. 2011-11-14ObsessionBang 'Em Til They BleedScarred For Lifeenigma
43. 2011-11-14Primal ScreamScream Til You BleedVolume Onemercenary
44. 2011-09-12Dead KennedysBleed For MeBleed For Me 7"alternative_tentacle
45. 2011-08-29Free ReignBleed From MeHeavier Than Metaldc_rightside
46. 2011-08-22Acid BathBleed Me An OceanPaegan Terrorism Tactics (Radio Edits)rotten
47. 2011-08-15TestamentAll I Could BleedLowatlantic
48. 2011-07-11EvergreyAs I Lie Here BleedingRecreation Dayinsideout
49. 2011-02-14DesultoryReady To BleedCounting Our Scarspulverised
50. 2010-10-25FleshcrawlSource Of The Bleeding HauntedMade Of Fleshmetalblade
51. 2010-07-05Drawn and QuarteredUntil The Cease to BleedReturn Of The Black Deathmoribund
52. 2010-04-19DismemberBleed For MeLike and Ever Flowing Streamnuclearblast
53. 2010-03-08Acid BathBleed Me An OceanWhen the Kite String Popsrotten
54. 2009-12-07MaleficeAs I BleedDawn of Reprisalmetalblade
55. 2009-08-03Suicide SilenceNo Time to BleedNo Time to Bleedcenturymedia
56. 2009-06-01CandlemassThe Bleeding BaronessDeath Magic Doomnuclearblast
57. 2009-05-18OvercastBleed Into OneReborn to Kill Againmetalblade
58. 2009-03-23TestamentAll I Could BleedLowatlantic
59. 2009-02-16Acid BathBleed Me an OceanWhen the Kite String Popsrotten
60. 2008-12-29Shai HuludMy Heart bleeds the darkest BloodHearts One Nourished with Hope and Compassionsrevelation
61. 2008-12-15OvercastBleed Into OneExpectational Dilutionendless_fight
62. 2008-04-28MeshuggahBleedObzennuclearblast
63. 2008-03-31DismemberBleed for meLike and Ever Flowing Streamnuclearblast
64. 2008-03-03Lord BelialBleed on the CrossUnholy Crusademetalblade
65. 2008-02-18MeshuggahBleedCU-Latour Radio Sampler - Various Artistsself-released
66. 2008-02-04Birds of PreyBleed, Blister, CumSulfur & Semenrelapse
67. 2007-10-29the Black Dahlia MurderI Worship Only What You BleedNocturnalmetalblade
68. 2007-10-22SoilworkBleeding ThornsSworn to a Great Dividenuclearblast
69. 2007-10-08the Black Dahlia MurderWorship Only What You BleedNocturnalmetalblade
70. 2007-09-03HemlockBleed the DreamBleed the Dreamcandlelight
71. 2007-06-25Deadlockwe shall all bleedWolveslifeforce
72. 2007-06-04stabwoundas I watch you bleed again
73. 2007-05-07all out warbleeding the weakCondemned to Suffervictory
74. 2007-04-09six feet underbleed to death
75. 2007-02-12Impiousbound to bleed (for a sacred heart)
76. 2006-12-18acid bathbleed me an ocean
77. 2006-12-11palehorsebleed the sheep
78. 2006-08-28hatespherebleed to death
79. 2006-08-14hatespherebleed to death
80. 2006-06-12dismemberbleeding over
81. 2006-03-27machinemade godbleeding from within
82. 2006-03-20shai huludMY HEART BLEEDS THE DARKEST BLOOD
83. 2006-03-06end it allthe sky bleedings tonight
84. 2006-02-20end it allthe sky bleedings tonight
85. 2005-12-19children of bodompunch me I bleed
86. 2005-11-21Paths of Possessionbleed the meek
87. 2005-11-07Paths of Possessionbleed the meek
88. 2005-10-31dismemberbleed for me
89. 2005-10-24children of bodompunch me i bleed
90. 2005-10-03Severed Saviorforced to bleed
91. 2005-09-26all out warbleedingthe weakCondemned to Suffervictory
92. 2005-07-04drippingbleeding virgin whore
93. 2005-05-30Hell Withinbleeding me black
94. 2005-05-09shai huludmy heart bleeds the darkest blood
95. 2004-10-18bleeding throughwhat i bleed without you
96. 2004-09-20calibancertianly... corpses bleed cold
97. 2004-07-12metal horroranguish seas - tortured (bleeding for the plague)
98. 2004-07-05wasteformbictims bleeding
99. 2004-06-28attacking frequenciesbleed in
100. 2004-06-14heaven shall burnbleeding to death
101. 2004-04-12nientarareal life bleeding horror
102. 2004-04-05bleeding throughwhat i bleed without you
103. 2004-03-29dismemberbleeding over
104. 2004-03-15fleshcrawlsource of the bleeding haunted
105. 2004-02-23stabwoundas I watch you bleed again
106. 2004-02-09disengagecan't stop bleeding
107. 2004-01-19engravethe Infernal Bleeding
108. 2004-01-12amon amarthbleed for ancient gods
109. 2004-01-05all out warbleeding the weakCondemned to Suffervictory
110. 2003-12-22internecinefor thee I bleed
111. 2003-11-24all out warbleeding the weakCondemned to Suffervictory
112. 2003-11-10Symphony in Perilshadow over a bleeding heart
113. 2003-11-03all out warbleeding the weakCondemned to Suffervictory
114. 2003-10-20Symphony in Perilshadow over a bleeding heart
115. 2003-09-02DisengagedCan't Stop Bleeding
116. 2003-07-15DisengagedCan't stop Bleeding
117. 2003-07-08DisengagedCan't stop Bleeding
118. 2003-06-03MerauderBleeding Wounds
119. 2003-05-20CryptopsyWe Bleed (live)
120. 2003-05-13ObituaryInternal Bleeding
121. 2003-01-21Shai HuludMy Heart bleeds the darkest Blood
122. 2002-10-01InternecineFor Thee I bleed
123. 2002-09-17UnearthMy Heart Bleeds no longer
124. 2002-08-20Dark TranquillityFor thee I bleed
125. 2002-07-23SinisterBleeding Through the Wendingo
126. 2002-04-02Shai' HuludMy Heart Bleeds the darkest Blood
127. 2002-03-12Cannibal CorpseHung and Bleed
128. 2002-01-29Engravethe Infernal Bleeding
129. 2002-01-01Imapled NazarenePrequel to Bleeding
130. 2001-11-20Imapled NazarenePrequel to Bleeding
131. 2001-10-23ObituaryInternal Bleeding
132. 2001-04-10LividityMy Cock it Bleeds
133. 2001-01-09CryptopsyWe Bleed
134. 2000-11-14OverkillBleed me
135. 2000-11-14OverkillBleed me
136. 2000-08-07Imapled NazareneAngel Rectums Still Bleed - the Seguel
137. 2000-06-19Imapled NazareneAngel Rectums Still Bleed - the Sequal
138. 2000-06-12Project HateOcenas Seemingly Endless Bleeding
139. 2000-05-22Cannibal Corpsethe bleeding #3
140. 2000-04-24Lock UpSlow Bleed Gorgon/Pleasures Pave Sewers
141. 2000-04-03Centurianlet Jesus Bleed
142. 2000-01-17Lord BelialBleed on the Cross
143. 2000-01-03SnapcaseBleeding Orange
144. 1999-12-13SnapcaseBleeding Orange
145. 1999-11-30Amon AmarthBleed for Ancient Gods
146. 1999-10-04DismemberBleed for me
147. 1999-08-23WumpscutBleed
148. 1999-07-12SODWe all Bleed Red
149. 1999-06-28SlipknotWait and Bleed
150. 1999-05-17S.O.D.We All Bleed Red
151. 1999-04-13NoctuaryBlack Bleeding Soul
152. 1999-03-15Acumen NationBleed for you
153. 1999-03-15ChemlabI still Bleed for you
154. 1997-10-20DeathwitchJehova shall bleed
155. 1997-06-23DespairAs We Bleed
156. 1997-02-17CarcassBlind Bleeding the Blind
157. 1997-01-13Mussolini HeadkickNaked and Bleeding
158. 0000-00-00NoctuaryBlack Bleeding Soul
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