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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1326 playlist up with 55570 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2012-08-06MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2012-08-06
3. 2012-08-06CryptopsyBemoan the Martyrthe Unspoken Kingcenturymedia
4. 2012-08-06Faith No MoreA Small VictoryAngel Dustsony
5. 2012-08-06Dying FetusTearing Inside the WombInfatuation with Malevolencecenturymedia
6. 2012-08-06PerimeterTanatogluttonyOdium Humani Generismazzar_mystic_empire
7. 2012-08-06
8. 2012-08-06AbortedNecro EroticismThe Purity Of Perversioncenturymedia
9. 2012-08-06CarcassCarneous CacoffinyNecroticism - Descanting the Insalubriousearache
10. 2012-08-06BrodequinBlood Of The MaryrFestival of Deathunmatched_brutality
11. 2012-08-06BenumbMonetary GainSoul Of The Martyrrelapse
12. 2012-08-06ConvergeHeaven In Her ArmsJane Doeeqv
13. 2012-08-06
14. 2012-08-06HellsawBeldam 1450Tristnapalm
15. 2012-08-06SpeedwolfOut On BailRide With Deathhells_headbangers
16. 2012-08-06MotorheadAce of SpadesNo Remorsebronze
17. 2012-08-06MasterRemove The KnifeThe New Elitepulverised
18. 2012-08-06HaidukBlack WindSpellbookself-released
19. 2012-08-06
20. 2012-08-06The ForeshadowingFallen ReignOionosmetalblade
21. 2012-08-06Darkness By OathStreams Of BloodNear Death Experiencemetalblade
22. 2012-08-06Dust BoltMarch Thru PainViolent Demolitionnapalm
23. 2012-08-06Within DescructionThis MiseryFrom The DepthsNoiseheadrecords
24. 2012-08-06
25. 2012-08-06The WormsLeaking Out Of My BrainThe Dirty Demoself-released
26. 2012-08-06NuclearArchitects Of WarApatrida ep
27. 2012-08-06Opposition RisingThe Rich Are Killing The PoorAftermathematicsopposition
28. 2012-08-06ScaphismTower DeflowerFestering Human Remainsself-released
29. 2012-08-06
30. 2012-08-06Black Sheep WallModest MachineI Am God Songs
31. 2012-08-06KataklysmSerenity In FireSerenity In Firenuclearblast
32. 2012-08-06MartyrScene Of HellCircle Of 8metalblade
33. 2012-08-06SlayerRichard Hung HimselfUndisputed Attitudeamerican
34. 2012-08-06Fall RiverCash OutLights Outthorp
35. 2012-08-06BomberBlack JackSatan's Shitfuckersold_cemetery
36. 2012-08-06
37. 2012-08-06VintersorgPolarnattenOrkannapalm
38. 2012-08-06Dimmu BorgirIn Death's EmbraceEnthrone Darkness Triumphantnuclearblast
39. 2012-08-06FinntrollTiden Utan TidNifelvindcenturymedia
40. 2012-08-06TYROceanLandnapalm
41. 2012-08-06
42. 2012-08-06Everything Went BlackAmongst the WolvesCycles Of Lightprosthetic
43. 2012-08-06VenomBlack Flame Of SatanResurrectionsanctuary
44. 2012-08-06Broken HopeDevourer Of SoulsSwamped in Goregrind_core_intl
45. 2012-08-06Mercyful FateAt The Sound Of The Demon BellMelissamegaforce
46. 2012-08-06
47. 2012-08-06Alice CooperHey StoopidHey Stoopidmca
48. 2012-08-06DesdemonThe Burning MartyrThe Awakeningself-released
49. 2012-08-06Behemoththe Alchemist's DreamSatanicaolympic
50. 2012-08-06The Cory Smoot ExperimentBrainfadeWhen Worlds Collidemetalblade
51. 2012-08-06Sam Black ChurchNot Fit For The ForceBlack Comedywonderdrug
52. 2012-08-06NileThe Inevitable Degradation Of FleshAt The Gate Of Sethunuclearblast
53. 2012-08-06
54. 2012-08-06MartyrdomPath Of AbiminationSlaying Giantspulverised
55. 2012-08-06MantasLegion Of DoomDeath By Metalrelapse
56. 2012-08-06NekromantheonThe Usurper CommandRise, Vulcan Sprectreindie
57. 2012-08-06The Day Everything Became NothingCrushDiscoog
58. 2012-08-06Stabwoundancient art of guttingDemos
59. 2012-08-06NoothgrushProcreation Of The WickedLive For Nothing
60. 2012-08-06
61. 2012-08-06AvulsedStabwound OrgasmVarious Artists - World War III Sampler 2001world_war_iii
62. 2012-08-06Cradle Of FilthSummer Dying FastBitter Suites To Succubiroadrunner
63. 2012-08-06Sentinel BeastSentinal BeastVarious Artists - Metal Massacre VIImetalblade
64. 2012-08-06Flotsam and JetsamI Live, You DieVarious Artists - Metal Massacre VIImetalblade
65. 2012-08-06
66. 2012-08-06Napalm DeathFall On Their SwordsUtilitariancenturymedia
67. 2012-08-06Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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