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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1349 playlist up with 56325 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2008-11-24MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2008-11-24
3. 2008-11-24DisfearDeadweightLive the Stormrelapse
4. 2008-11-24Book of Black EarthDeath of the SunHoroskopusprosthetic
5. 2008-11-24Amon AmarthGuardians of AsgaardTwilight of the Thunder Godmetalblade
6. 2008-11-24YyrkoonRevered WorldOccult Medicineosmose
7. 2008-11-24
8. 2008-11-24CarnalDark Night of the SoulTrue Blasphemygoregiastic
9. 2008-11-24Suicide SilenceAbout a Plane Crashself-titledthird_degree
10. 2008-11-24Parasitic ExtirpationEchoes of BrutalityKnee Deep in Diseaseself-released
11. 2008-11-24WhitechapelEternal RefugeThis is Exilemetalblade
12. 2008-11-24Circle of Dead ChildrenCorpse of Refinement aka the Man Behind the Sunthe Genocide Machinenecropolis
13. 2008-11-24Cattle DecapitationTesticular ManslaughterTo Serve Manmetalblade
14. 2008-11-24
15. 2008-11-24car_bombHypnotic WormCentraliarelapse
16. 2008-11-24Trap themDay Twenty Five: Guignol SereneSeizure in Barren Praisedeathwishinc
17. 2008-11-24EntombedAbnomally DeceasedLeft Hand Pathearache
18. 2008-11-24DarkthroneWitch GhettoDark Thrones and Black Flagspeaceville
19. 2008-11-24
20. 2008-11-24GorgorothUnchain my HeartIncipit Satannuclearblast
21. 2008-11-24GorerottedHer Gash I Did SlashOnly Tools and Corpsesmetalblade
22. 2008-11-24
23. 2008-11-24Kill AndradeDown Playdemoself-released
24. 2008-11-24SvatthronPaths of Failed LightBearer of the Crimson Flameinferna_profundus
25. 2008-11-24GomorahBy the Means of ViolenceBattle of the GodsMetalhit
26. 2008-11-24Sordid ClotVaginal FumesTubersoulflesh_collector
27. 2008-11-24Criminal ElementGuilty as ChargedGuilty as Chargedlacerated_enemy
28. 2008-11-24
29. 2008-11-24Austrian Death MachineHell Bent for LeatherA Very Brutal Christmasmetalblade
30. 2008-11-24OrphanPenis FarmFrom the Nurseryaborted_by_birth
31. 2008-11-24
32. 2008-11-24AtomicideWarrawsouthamericanwarmetalold_cemetery
33. 2008-11-24Today is the DayKiss the PigKiss the Pigrelapse
34. 2008-11-24Light This CityStormchaserStormchaserprosthetic
35. 2008-11-24Through the Eyes of the DeadDead End RoadsMaliceprosthetic
36. 2008-11-24PsycropticA Calculated EffortOb(servant)nuclearblast
37. 2008-11-24
38. 2008-11-24CarcassNo Love LostWake up and Smell the Carcassearache
39. 2008-11-24Fear My ThoughtsAccelerate Or DieVulcanuscenturymedia
40. 2008-11-24Shadows FallRoot Bound ApolloOf One Bloodcenturymedia
41. 2008-11-24Bloodline CalligraphyAmerican's Next Top ModelYpsilantifacedown
42. 2008-11-24Will HavenDressed in Night ClothesCarpe Diemrevelation
43. 2008-11-24
44. 2008-11-24DeceasedZombie AttackBehind the Mourner's Veilrelapse
45. 2008-11-24AssaultGuerra AtomicaNuclear Deaththrashold_cemetery
46. 2008-11-24Electric WizardMaster of AlchemyLet Us Preythe_music_cartel
47. 2008-11-24BongzillaGreenthumbGatewayrelapse
48. 2008-11-24MotorheadAce of SpadesNo Remorsebronze
49. 2008-11-24
50. 2008-11-24Corrosion of ConformityVote with a BulletVote with a Bulletrelativity
51. 2008-11-24WarshipWe've Never Been EqualSupply and Dependvagrant
52. 2008-11-24Closer than KinWhen Toys are traded for Tearsthe Machineries of Breathpunktuation
53. 2008-11-24High on Firethe Face of OblivionBlessed Black Wingsrelapse
54. 2008-11-24
55. 2008-11-24StormlordLegacy of the SnakeMare Nostrumlocomotive
56. 2008-11-24EliteVolvens Vinter SeidWe Own the Mountainsfolter
57. 2008-11-24Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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