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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1161 playlist up with 49554 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2017-02-27Carnal ForgePull the TriggerFiredemonCentury Media Records
2. 2015-03-30CarnalJudgement Day With SatanTrue Blasphemygoregiastic
3. 2015-02-23Carnal ForgeDivine Killing Breed MachineThe More You Suffercenturymedia
4. 2014-11-24CarnalDark Night Of The SoulTrue Blasphemygoregiastic
5. 2011-06-20Carnal ForgeExploding VeinsAren't You Dead Yet?centurymedia
6. 2010-06-21Carnal ForgeI Smell Like Death (Son Of A Bastard)Firedemoncenturymedia
7. 2010-04-12CarnalJudgement Day With SatanTrue Blasphemygoregiastic
8. 2009-08-24Carnal ForgeEverything DiesPlease... Die!centurymedia
9. 2008-11-24CarnalDark Night of the SoulTrue Blasphemygoregiastic
10. 2007-12-24Carnal ForgeinhumanAren't You Dead Yet?centurymedia
11. 2007-03-05carnalage of new clergy
12. 2007-01-15carnal forgemaggot manWho's Gonna Burnwar_music
13. 2007-01-08carnala judgement day with satan
14. 2006-04-10carnaldark night of the soul
15. 2005-12-19carnalJudgement Day With Satan
16. 2005-11-07carnalage of new clergy
17. 2005-07-25carnalcarnal
18. 2005-07-11carnalJudgement Day With Satan
19. 2005-07-04carnalthe gathering
20. 2005-06-27carnalinfestation of evil
21. 2005-06-20carnaldark night of the soul
22. 2005-06-06carnalJudgement Day With Satan
23. 2004-09-13carnal Forgesacred flameAren't You Dead Yet?centurymedia
24. 2004-09-06carnal forgeinhumanAren't You Dead Yet?centurymedia
25. 2004-08-30carnal forgedecades of despairAren't You Dead Yet?centurymedia
26. 2004-08-23carnal forgetotally worthlessAren't You Dead Yet?centurymedia
27. 2004-08-02carnal forgefinal hour in hellAren't You Dead Yet?centurymedia
28. 2004-07-26carnal forgeexploding veinsAren't You Dead Yet?centurymedia
29. 2003-06-03Carnal ForgeMy Bloody Rampage
30. 2003-05-27Carnal ForgeAgain
31. 2003-05-20Carnal ForgeDivine Killing Breed machine
32. 2003-05-06carnal forgecursed
33. 2003-04-29Carnal ForgeDestroy Life
34. 2003-04-22Carnal ForgeDeathblow
35. 2003-04-15Carnal ForgeRipped & Torn
36. 2002-08-06Carnal ForgeA World All Soaked in Blood
37. 2002-04-16Carnal ForgeTotalitarian Torture
38. 2002-04-09Carnal Forgehand of doom
39. 2002-03-26Carnal ForgeHand of Doom
40. 2002-03-19Carnal ForgeFuel for fire
41. 2002-03-05Carnal ForgeNo Resurrection
42. 2002-03-05Carnal ForgeNo Resurrection
43. 2002-02-26Carnal ForgeBecoming Dust
44. 2002-02-19Carnal ForgeWelcome to your Funeral
45. 2001-10-09Carnal ForgeChainedFiredemoncenturymedia
46. 2001-08-28Carnal ForgeCovered with fire (I'm in Hell)Firedemoncenturymedia
47. 2001-08-28Carnal ForgeCovered with fire (I'm in Hell)Firedemoncenturymedia
48. 2001-07-31Carnal ForgeCover with Fire (I'm in hell)Firedemoncenturymedia
49. 2001-07-31Carnal ForgeCover with Fire (I'm in hell)Firedemoncenturymedia
50. 2000-12-25Carnal ForgeCure of BlasphemyFiredemoncenturymedia
51. 2000-12-12Carnal ForgeChainedFiredemoncenturymedia
52. 2000-12-12Carnal ForgeChainedFiredemoncenturymedia
53. 2000-12-05Carnal Forgefiredemon
54. 2000-11-28Carnal ForgeI smell liek Death (son of a Bastard)Firedemoncenturymedia
55. 2000-11-14Carnal ForgeDefacesFiredemoncenturymedia
56. 2000-11-14Carnal ForgeDefacesFiredemoncenturymedia
57. 2000-08-14Carnal ForgeSweet Bridge
58. 2000-05-01Carnal ForgeSweet Bride
59. 2000-01-10Carnal ForgeTwistedWho's Gonna Burnwar_music
60. 1999-12-27Carnal ForgePart Animal... Part Machine
61. 1999-05-31Carnal ForgeConituzzed
62. 1999-03-22Carnal ForgeMaggotmanWho's Gonna Burnwar_music
63. 1999-03-15Carnal ForgeBorn to Hate
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