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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1274 playlist up with 53828 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-03-21Entombed04 - When Life Has CeasedLeft Hand PathEarache
2. 2021-11-22Entombed06 - But Life Goes OnLeft Hand PathEarache
3. 2021-06-14EntombedVenomWolverine Blues
4. 2021-03-15Entombed08 - Morbid DevourmentLeft Hand PathEarache
5. 2021-03-08EntombedAbnormally DeceasedLeft Hand PathEarache Records
6. 2021-01-11EntombedDemonWolverine Blues
7. 2020-10-26Entombed04 - When Life Has CeasedLeft Hand PathEarache
8. 2020-10-05Entombed03 - Revel In FleshLeft Hand PathEarache
9. 2020-07-20Entombed10 - The Truth BeyondLeft Hand PathEarache
10. 2020-05-04Entombed08 - Morbid DevourmentLeft Hand PathEarache
11. 2019-07-01EntombedMasters of DeathCandlelight USA Winter SamplerCandlelight Records
12. 2019-01-14EntombedAbnormally DeceasedLeft Hand PathEarache Records
13. 2018-12-31Entombed05 - Supposed To RotLeft Hand PathEarache
14. 2018-04-09Entombed A.D.Hubris FallDead DawnCentury Media Records
15. 2018-03-26EntombedGod of Thunder (Kiss cover)Out of Hand (EP)
16. 2017-11-20EntombedBlack Breath (Repulsion cover)Out of Hand (EP)
17. 2017-10-30EntombedLeft Hand PathLeft Hand PathEarache Records
18. 2017-09-11Entombed A.D.Eternal WoeBack To The FrontCentury Media Records
19. 2017-07-10EntombedMasters of DeathCandlelight USA Winter SamplerCandlelight Records
20. 2017-06-05Entombed A.D.Second To NoneBack To The FrontCentury Media Records
21. 2017-05-29EntombedFull Of HellWolverine Bluesearache
22. 2017-01-09EntombedWhen Life Has CeasedLeft Hand PathEarache Records
23. 2016-10-31EntombedLeft Hand PathLeft Hand PathEarache Records
24. 2016-09-26Entombed A.D.Bait And BleedBack To The FrontCentury Media Records
25. 2016-05-09Entombed A.D.Total DeathDead DawnCentury Media Records
26. 2016-02-22Entombed A.D.Silent AssasinDead DawnCentury Media Records
27. 2016-02-01Entombed A.D.As The World FellDead DawnCentury Media Records
28. 2016-01-18Entombed A.D.Down To Mars To RideDead DawnCentury Media Records
29. 2015-10-26EntombedLeft Hand PathLeft Hand Pathearache
30. 2015-04-20EntombedShreds Of FleshStranger Aeonsearache
31. 2015-03-02Entombed A.D.The UnderminerBack To The Frontcenturymedia
32. 2014-10-20Entombed A.D.Digitus MediusBack To The Frontcenturymedia
33. 2014-09-22Entombed A.D.Pandemic RageBack To The Frontcenturymedia
34. 2014-07-21Entombed A.D.Waiting For DeathBack To The Frontcenturymedia
35. 2013-08-12EntombedGod of ThunderFull of Hellearache
36. 2013-06-24EntombedFull of HellFull of Hellearache
37. 2012-09-03EntombedBut life goes onLeft Hand Pathearache
38. 2012-03-19EntombedAbnomally DeceasedLeft Hand Pathearache
39. 2011-07-18EntombedSupposed To RotLeft Hand Pathearache
40. 2011-03-14EntombedThe Truth BeyondLeft Hand Pathearache
41. 2011-01-31EntombedBlack BreathContempt singleearache
42. 2011-01-03EntombedWhen in SodomSerpent Saintscandlelight
43. 2010-11-15EntombedAbnomally DeceasedLeft Hand Pathearache
44. 2010-10-25EntombedWolverine BluesHollowmanearache
45. 2010-07-05EntombedMasters of DeathSerpent Saintscandlelight
46. 2010-05-31EntombedLeft Hand PathLeft Hand Pathearache
47. 2010-05-10EntombedBitter LossLeft Hand Pathearache
48. 2010-03-15EntombedCarnal LeftoversLeft Hand Pathearache
49. 2009-07-20EntombedBitter LossLeft Hand Pathearache
50. 2009-07-13EntombedChildren of the UnderworldInfernokoch
51. 2009-04-13EntombedWolverine BluesHollowmanearache
52. 2009-03-23EntombedBut life goes onLeft Hand Pathearache
53. 2009-01-05EntombedWarfare Plague Famine DeathSerpent Saintscandlelight
54. 2008-11-24EntombedAbnomally DeceasedLeft Hand Pathearache
55. 2008-08-25EntombedRevel In FleshLeft Hand Pathearache
56. 2008-06-09EntombedWhen Life has CeasedLeft Hand Pathearache
57. 2008-05-26EntombedWolverine BluesHollowmanearache
58. 2008-04-28EntombedBut life goes onLeft Hand Pathearache
59. 2008-01-28EntombedI for an EyeMorning Starkoch
60. 2007-10-01EntombedSeprent SaintsSerpent Saintscandlelight
61. 2007-09-24EntombedWhen in SodomSerpent Saintscandlelight
62. 2007-09-17EntombedWarfare Plague Famine DeathSerpent Saintscandlelight
63. 2007-09-10EntombedAmokSerpent Saintscandlelight
64. 2007-09-03Entombedthe dead and the dying and the dying to be deadSerpent Saintscandlelight
65. 2007-08-27EntombedWhen in SodomSerpent Saintscandlelight
66. 2007-08-20EntombedAmokSerpent Saintscandlelight
67. 2007-08-13EntombedMinistrySerpent Saintscandlelight
68. 2007-08-06EntombedThy Kingdom ComaSerpent Saintscandlelight
69. 2007-07-30EntombedMasters of DeathSerpent Saintscandlelight
70. 2007-04-23EntombedContempt
71. 2007-01-08entombedsay it in slugs
72. 2006-11-27entombedserpent speech
73. 2006-09-04entombedhellraiser
74. 2006-07-03entombedwhen life has ceased
75. 2006-06-19entombedwolverine blues
76. 2006-06-12entombedrevel in flesh
77. 2006-05-15entombedbitter loss
78. 2005-01-31entombedhellraiser
79. 2004-07-26entombedmorbid devourment
80. 2004-07-05entombedWolverine Blues
81. 2003-07-15EntombedContempt
82. 2003-02-18EntombedContempt
83. 2002-06-02EntombedContempt
84. 2002-02-19EntombedOut of Heaven
85. 2002-02-11EntombedYear one Now
86. 2002-02-05EntombedChief Rebel Angel
87. 2002-01-22EntombedBringer of Light
88. 2002-01-15EntombedI for an Eye
89. 2000-06-26EntombedWolverine Blues
90. 1999-06-07EntombedShreds of Flesh
91. 1997-11-24EntombedSomewhat Peculiar
92. 1997-11-17EntombedWound
93. 1997-11-10EntombedJust as Sad
94. 1997-11-03Entombedwound
95. 1997-10-27EntombedLights out
96. 1997-10-20Entombedto Ride, shoot straight and speak the truth
97. 1997-07-14EntombedWolverine Blues
98. 1997-07-07EntombedContempt
99. 1997-06-30EntombedHellraiser
100. 1997-06-30EntombedContmept
101. 1997-05-12EntombedWolverine Blues
102. 1997-03-24EntombedWolverine Blues
103. 1997-01-27EntombedGod of Thunder
104. 1997-01-20EntombedGod of Thunder
105. 1996-12-02EntombedFull of Hell
106. 1996-11-25EntombedContempt
107. 1996-11-18EntombedComtempt
108. 1996-11-11EntombedContempt
109. 1996-10-28EntombedContempt
110. 1996-10-14EntombedContempt
111. 1996-10-07EntombedContempt
112. 1996-09-30EntombedContempt
113. 1996-09-23EntombedContempt
114. 1996-09-02EntombedWolverine Blues
115. 0000-00-00EntombedBut life goes on
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