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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1349 playlist up with 56325 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-02-06TankardSpace BeerBest Case ScenarioLocomotive Records
2. 2018-12-31StormlordMare NostrumMare NostrumLocomotive Records
3. 2018-01-01Meliah RageDecade of DreamsUnfinished BusinessLocomotive Records
4. 2016-08-29Mystic ProphecyWe Will SurviveSatanic CursesLocomotive Records
5. 2016-05-30Mystic ProphecySatanic CursesSatanic CursesLocomotive Records
6. 2016-03-21Mystic ProphecySatanic CursesSatanic CursesLocomotive Records
7. 2014-07-21ResurrectionPerils of BurdenMistaken for Deadlocomotive
8. 2014-01-13BenedictumSteel RainSeasons of Tragedylocomotive
9. 2013-12-16RageOpen My GraveCarved In Stonelocomotive
10. 2013-09-02TankardChemical InvasionBest Case Scenario: 25 Years in Beerslocomotive
11. 2013-07-01Before the DawnFaithlessDeadlightlocomotive
12. 2013-01-28MotorjesusInvisible ManDeathriderlocomotive
13. 2012-12-24StormlordThe CastawayMare Nostrumlocomotive
14. 2012-10-29StormlordAnd the Wind Shall Scream My NameMare Nostrumlocomotive
15. 2012-05-07VictoryTemples Of GoldFuel To The Firelocomotive
16. 2011-10-31Grave DiggerShadowlandLiberty Or Deathlocomotive
17. 2011-10-10StormlordMare NostrumMare Nostrumlocomotive
18. 2011-10-03VictoryTemples Of GoldFuel To The Firelocomotive
19. 2011-10-03Storm WarriorMetal LegacyHeading Northelocomotive
20. 2011-07-04RageOpen My GraveCarved In Stonelocomotive
21. 2011-06-06StormlordLegacy of the SnakeMare Nostrumlocomotive
22. 2010-07-05PyramazeA Beautiful DeathImmortallocomotive
23. 2010-06-07DebaucheryDeath Metal ManiacBack in Bloodlocomotive
24. 2010-02-15Before the DawnHeaven4:17 AMlocomotive
25. 2009-11-30DionysusThe Bringer of WarKeep The Spiritlocomotive
26. 2009-09-14Before the DawnSeed4:17 AMlocomotive
27. 2009-05-18DebaucheryBaptised in BloodBack in Bloodlocomotive
28. 2009-03-30DebaucheryLords of BattleBack in Bloodlocomotive
29. 2009-01-26BenedictionDripping with DisgustKilling Musiclocomotive
30. 2008-12-01PyramazeYear of the PhoenixImmortallocomotive
31. 2008-11-24StormlordLegacy of the SnakeMare Nostrumlocomotive
32. 2008-11-10StormlordLegacy of the SnakeMare Nostrumlocomotive
33. 2008-11-10ResurrectionPerils of BurdenMistaken for Deadlocomotive
34. 2008-10-27BenedictionWrath and RegretKilling Musiclocomotive
35. 2008-10-20BenedictionThey Must Die ScreamingKilling Musiclocomotive
36. 2008-09-29BenedictionDripping with DisgustKilling Musiclocomotive
37. 2008-09-29ResurrectionPerils of BurdenMistaken for Deadlocomotive
38. 2008-09-22StormlordNeon KarmaMare Nostrumlocomotive
39. 2008-09-22PyramazeTouched by the MaraImmortallocomotive
40. 2008-09-22Saint DeamonNo Mans LandIn Shadows Lost From the Bravelocomotive
41. 2008-09-15StormlordDimension: HateMare Nostrumlocomotive
42. 2008-09-08StormlordAnd the Wind Shall Scream My NameMare Nostrumlocomotive
43. 2008-09-08PyramazeTouched by the MaraImmortallocomotive
44. 2008-09-08CommunicThrough the Labrynith of Years...Payment of Existencelocomotive
45. 2008-09-01StormlordScronMare Nostrumlocomotive
46. 2008-08-25Saint DeamonMy JudasIn Shadows Lost From the Bravelocomotive
47. 2008-08-18DebaucheryAngel of DeathContinue to Killlocomotive
48. 2008-08-11DebaucheryFaith and FireContinue to Killlocomotive
49. 2008-08-04DebaucheryAngel of DeathContinue to Killlocomotive
50. 2008-08-04TankardAlienBest Case Scenario: 25 Years in Beerslocomotive
51. 2008-07-21DebaucheryContinue to KillContinue to Killlocomotive
52. 2008-07-21Tankard666 PacksBest Case Scenario: 25 Years in Beerslocomotive
53. 2008-07-14Hate SquadKilling SpreeDeguello Wartuneslocomotive
54. 2008-07-07Saint DeamonIn Shadows Lost From the BraveIn Shadows Lost From the Bravelocomotive
55. 2008-06-16Storm WarriorRemember the OatheHeading Northelocomotive
56. 2008-06-09RageCarved in StoneCarved in Stonelocomotive
57. 2008-05-26Storm WarriorRagnarokHeading Northelocomotive
58. 2008-05-19Jon Oliva's PainAdding The CostGlobal Warminglocomotive
59. 2008-05-12Storm Warriorthe Holy CrossHeading Northelocomotive
60. 2008-03-03BenedictumBare BonesSeasons of Tragedylocomotive
61. 2008-02-11DoroOn My OwnAll We Are - The Fightlocomotive
62. 2007-10-15Astral DoorsFreedom WarNew Revelationlocomotive
63. 2007-09-03Anubis GateBeyond RedeptionAndromeda Unchainedlocomotive
64. 2007-08-13Sudden Deathliving and dyingUnpure Buriallocomotive
65. 2007-07-30Chris CafferywormsPins and Needleslocomotive
66. 2007-06-18Chris Cafferyit's s.a.d.Pins and Needleslocomotive
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