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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1284 playlist up with 54156 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-11-07HiraxThe Last WarHate, Fear, And Powermetalblade
2. 2022-11-07SanctuaryThe Third WarRefuge DeniedEpic
3. 2022-10-31AbigailB2.Black Satan of WarFar East Black Metal OnslaughtHelldprod Records
4. 2022-10-24Crimson GloryAngels Of WarCrimson GloryRoadRunner
5. 2022-09-26Morpheus DescendsValley of Undead WarThe Horror of the Truth
6. 2022-09-19Horizon IgnitedTowards The Dying LandsTowards The Dying LandsNuclear Blast Records
7. 2022-09-05ZaoPraise the War MachineThe Funeral of GodRoadrunner Records
8. 2022-08-15WrathSwarmInsane SocietyMedusa Records
9. 2022-08-08AtheistUnholy WarPiece of TimeDeath Records
10. 2022-07-18Your DemiseThe Clocks Aren't Ticking BackwardsIgnorance Never DiesEarache Records
11. 2022-07-04Am Himmel03 The Virgin Wages Celestial War In The SeraphimAs Eternal As The Starless Kingdom Of SorrowBurning World Records
12. 2022-06-13WayfarerToward MountainsChildren of The Iron AgeProsthetic Records
13. 2022-06-13TargetWarriors of the Holy OneMission Executed [2009 Remaster]
14. 2022-06-06EmbrazeChemical WarfareStraight To Hell - A Tribute To Slayer
15. 2022-05-16Niden Div 187In the Twilight of WarImpergiumNecropolis
16. 2022-04-25Dark AgeWarriorDark Age
17. 2022-04-11AnakimCasualties of an Ascendant WarThe Elysian VoidSelf-Released
18. 2022-04-04Black PyramidWarswineStormbringerUSA
19. 2022-03-28PossessedEvil WarriorsDeath Metal [Demo]
20. 2022-02-14SodomI Am The WarOne Night In Bangkok CD1
21. 2022-02-14ManowarThe Warrior's PrayerKings Of Metal
22. 2022-02-14Demonic RageSulphuric Congregation Towards the Holocaust of All Sacred and HolyVenomous Wine From Putrid Bodies LPIron Bonehead Productions
23. 2021-12-13IntegrityPsychological WarfareHumanity Is The DevilVictory
24. 2021-12-06MartyrAll Warriors BloodCircle of 8Metal Blade
25. 2021-10-25RudraWareligionRudra
26. 2021-10-18NyctophobicWar Criminal ViewsEternal Live Hate/Union Live - '98 (Split)
27. 2021-08-30WraithWar of AgressionAbsolute Power
28. 2021-08-16RudraWareligionRudra
29. 2021-08-09SchizogoatSchizogoat 02 - NecrowarWar, Pestilence and SacrificeHelldprod Records
30. 2021-08-02StormwindWarlordTaken By Storm
31. 2021-07-19Bal-SagothBehold, the Armies of War Descend Screaming from the Heavens!The Power CosmicNuclear Blast
32. 2021-07-19Jesus PieceCoward's WayS/T EP
33. 2021-07-05SkyforgerWarlord of the Night SkyThunderforge
34. 2021-06-28IncendiaryFront Toward EnemyThousand Mile StareClosed Casket Activities
35. 2021-06-21Domination CampaignA Modern Age of WarOnward To GloryProsthetic Records
36. 2021-06-14Sacrifice (Can)Warrior Of DeathTorment In Fire
37. 2021-05-31SplatterhouseWarmest Place to HideThe House That Dead Built
38. 2021-05-31GENERAL SURGERYMortuary WarsA Collection of Depravation (Radio Promo - ADDS 3/20)Relapse Records
39. 2021-05-24CADAVERIC INCUBATOR08 Swarming DecaySermons of the Devouring Dead (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
40. 2021-05-17PatriarchAt The Warlord's CommandProphecy
41. 2021-05-10WarTotal WarTotal War
42. 2021-04-26VISCERAL DISGORGE3.ARCHITECTS OF WARPING FLESHSlithering EviscerationAgonia Records
43. 2021-03-29Barren CrossInner WarState Of Control
44. 2021-03-08CianideRage WarDead & Rotting
45. 2021-02-22WolfbrigadeNO REWARDRun With The HuntedSouthern Lord
46. 2021-02-22MartyrdödWar on PeaceHexhammaren (Bonus Track Version)
47. 2021-02-15BRUTAL TRUTHWarm Embrace Of PovertyEnd Time (radio promo - ADDS Sept. 27)Relapse Records
48. 2021-02-08SkyforgerWarewolvesSemigall's Warchant
49. 2021-01-18I Shalt BecomeThe Swarming of the LocustsPoisonMoribund Records
50. 2020-12-28MorriahHorror of WarfareLet the Sword Descend
51. 2020-12-07WinterServants of the WarsmenInto DarknessSouthern Lord
52. 2020-11-23AeternusWarrior of the Cresent Moon...And So the Night Became
53. 2020-11-23SadusWords Of WarElements Of Anger
54. 2020-11-16Darkest HourLooking Forward (To The End)The Misanthrope [EP]TNC [TGO]
55. 2020-11-09AbominatorTyrants On Your WarpathThe Eternal Conflagration
56. 2020-11-09RazorEnd of the WarOpen Hostility
57. 2020-11-02A Second from the SurfaceFleeting SwarmThe Streets Have EyesThis Dark Reign
58. 2020-11-02BelphegorSwarm of RatsGoatreich-FleshcultNapalm Records
59. 2020-11-02WarTotal WarTotal War
60. 2020-10-19Sacred ReichWar PigsStill Ignorant (1987-1997) LiveWarp
61. 2020-10-12MavorimEin Fluch ward uns geschenktIudicium UltimumPurity Through Fire
62. 2020-09-28MegadethHoly Wars...The Punishment Due (Remastered 2004)Warheads On Foreheads
63. 2020-09-21CarcassSwarming Vulgar Mass of Infected VirulencySymphonies of SicknessEarache Records
64. 2020-09-14MiseryChildren of WarWho's the Fool
65. 2020-09-14EnslavedRidicule SwarmBelow the LightsThe End Records
66. 2020-09-07MeshuggahSwarmKolossNuclear Blast GmbH
67. 2020-09-07Transcendence (Los Angeles)03 Towards Obscurities BeyondTowards Obscurities Beyond CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
68. 2020-09-07NocturnalSwarm of InsectsViolent RevengeDispleased Records - via Metalhit
69. 2020-08-31Dropdead05 WARFARE STATEDropdeadArmageddon Label
70. 2020-08-31The Gates Of SlumberThe Bringer Of WarHymns Of Blood And ThunderMetal Blade
71. 2020-08-17MetaluciferMe Metalucifer - Warriors Ride On The ChariotsHeavy Metal Chainsaw
72. 2020-08-10RiotWarriorRock City
73. 2020-07-27AphroditeAres, God of WarLust and WarFighter Records
74. 2020-07-20Mosaic (Germany)03 Schwarze ErdeHarvestEisenwald Records
75. 2020-07-20Iron Cross (USA-IL)Beware The InnocentChurch And State [2008 Remaster]
76. 2020-07-20HiraxThe Last WarHate, fear & power
77. 2020-07-06VoivodWarriors Of IceMorgoth Invasion [Live Demo December 1984]
78. 2020-06-22MARE COGNITUMMare Cognitum - Mars (The Warrior)Wanderers-SPECTRAL LORE and MARE COGNITUMI, Voidhanger Records
79. 2020-06-22HexxBeware The DarknessNo Escape
80. 2020-06-08Black Altar02 Black Altar - Ancient WarlustBlack Altar/Kirkebrann split- Deus InversusOdium Records
81. 2020-06-08EmperorThe Warriors of Modern DeathIX Equilibrium
82. 2020-05-18Merciless DeathDeath WarriorsRealm of TerrorHeavy Artillery
83. 2020-05-18ProvocatorApocalyptic WarfareSatan, Chaos, Blood and TerrorMoribund Records
84. 2020-03-16Cro-MagsWar On The StreetsNear Death Experience
85. 2020-02-17StormwarriorWarchildThe Revivalry - A Tribute To Running Wild
86. 2020-02-17DebaucheryWarmachines at WarBlood for the Blood God
87. 2020-01-20The_NetworkFrom Holy Water to Holy WarsBishop Kent ManningBLACK MARKET ACTIVITIES
88. 2020-01-20Goatlord11 Possessed Soldiers of WarSodomize the Goat DLPNuclear War Now! Productions
89. 2020-01-13November 17A Different Kind of WarTrust No OneSlipdisc Records
90. 2019-12-02SLAUGHTBBATH06 Alchemical WarfareAlchemical Warfare (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
91. 2019-11-11Cirith UngolWar EternalOne Foot In HellMetal Blade Records
92. 2019-11-04Jesus PieceCoward's WayS/T EP
93. 2019-10-21GrueCasualty of the Psychic Wars
94. 2019-09-23Aura NoirSwarm Of VulturesIncreased Damnation
95. 2019-09-16GOAT SEMEN04 Warfare NoiseEgo Svm Satana (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
96. 2019-09-16SuffocationThe Warmth Within The Dark...Of The Dark LightNuclear Blast Records
97. 2019-09-09ExhorderBeware the WolfMourn The Southern SkiesNuclear Blast Records
98. 2019-09-02VISCERAL DISGORGE3.ARCHITECTS OF WARPING FLESHSlithering EviscerationAgonia Records
99. 2019-08-19MiseryClass WarfareWho's the Fool
100. 2019-08-19MayhemA Grand Declaration of WarGrand Declaration of WarSeason of Mist
101. 2019-07-29EvildeadGlobal WarmingThe UnderworldSteamhammer UK [SPV]
102. 2019-07-15Flame AcausalInwards DamnationContra Mundum in Aeternum CDBlood Harvest Records
103. 2019-07-08Sacred ReichLet's Have a WarA QuestionHollywood Records
104. 2019-06-17FALAISEFalaise - My Endless Immensity - 03 You Towards MeMy Endless ImmensityA Sad Sadness Song
105. 2019-06-17Adversarial08 - Lone Wresting Hymns to the Warmoon of ChaosDeath, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of NihilismDark Descent Records
106. 2019-06-10UnleashedRise Of The Maya WarriorsOdalheimNuclear Blast GmbH
107. 2019-06-10VoivodWarriors Of IceWar And Pain
108. 2019-06-10CarnivoreThermonuclear WarriorCarnivore
109. 2019-05-27LeviathanAll Tongues TowardScar Sighted
110. 2019-05-20Acid DeathTowards HateEidolon
111. 2019-04-22Before He Shot HerA Legendary CowardThe Ascent
112. 2019-04-15AssassinAbstract WarInterstellar Experiancesteamhammer
113. 2019-04-15VoivodNuclear WarWar and Painmetalblade
114. 2019-04-01CrypterClass WarOut Of The Crypts
115. 2019-03-18FALAISE3 - When The Sun Was Warming My HeartA Place I Don't Belong ToA Sad Sadness Song
116. 2019-02-18WolfbrigadeWARSAW SPEEDWOLFRun With The HuntedSouthern Lord
117. 2019-01-28CHURCHBURNCome Forth The SwarmThe Awaiting CoffinsArmageddon Label
118. 2019-01-14Malamorte03. Warriors Of HellHell For All - Out Jan 25 (EU), Feb 8 (NA)Rockshots Records
119. 2019-01-07WarThe Sons of WarTotal War
120. 2018-12-24EneferensThis Onward ReachThe Bleakness of Our ConstantBindrune Recordings
121. 2018-12-24AftershockLiving BackwardPropaganda_2
122. 2018-12-24CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY15 THE ROAD WARRIORSApocalyptic Compendium - 10 Years in Chaos, Noise and Warfare (CD, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
123. 2018-12-10GatecreeperWar Has BegunSplitRelapse records
124. 2018-12-10Saxonwarriors of the roadSacrifice
125. 2018-12-03Jesus PieceCoward's WayS/T EP
126. 2018-11-19Rotting ObsceneWar Storm2011 DemoSelf-Released
127. 2018-11-12AbhorredForever WarWallowing in Utter Chaos
128. 2018-11-12VuohiWitchcraft WarfareWitchcraft WarfareSaturnal Records
129. 2018-10-15NothgardShades of WarMalady XMetal Blade Records
130. 2018-10-08UnearthArise the War CryDarkness in the LightMetal Blade
131. 2018-10-01Outer HeavenPulsating SwarmRealms Of Eternal DecayRelapse Records
132. 2018-09-24Blasphemy RitesApocalyptic WarHideous LordPagan Records
133. 2018-09-17WolfchantI Am WarEmbraced By Fire
134. 2018-09-10WhiplashWarlordWhiplash
135. 2018-08-20SodomBack to WarTapping the VeinSteamhammer
136. 2018-08-20SHED THE SKIN06 Warband Under the BaphometHarrowing Faith (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
137. 2018-08-06WolfbrigadeWARSAW SPEEDWOLFRun With The HuntedSouthern Lord
138. 2018-07-30U.D.O.They Want WarAnimal House
139. 2018-07-02ManowarMetal WarriorsThe Triumph Of Steel
140. 2018-06-11Blasphamagoatachrist04 Black Metal WarfareBlack Metal Warfare TAPENuclear War Now! Productions
141. 2018-05-28After The BombsSpoils Of WarSpoils Of War EP
142. 2018-05-21WormrotPrinciple Of Puppet WarfareDirge
143. 2018-05-14Caveman CultDogs of War (Exterminate the Filth)Supremacia Primordial 10" EPLarval Productions
144. 2018-04-16Candy Striper Death OrgyWorld War IIINitronmethane
145. 2018-04-09PerverserapHChemical WarfareGateway to Hell, Vol. 2Dwell Ministries
146. 2018-03-26VOMITOR02 ROAR OF WARPestilent Death (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
147. 2018-03-19The CrownWorld War MachineCobra Speed VenomMetal Blade Records
148. 2018-03-12Crowbar1,000 Year Internal WarOdd Fellows RestSpitfire Records
149. 2018-02-19Sadistik ExekutionEvoke War VomitWe Are Death Fukk YouOsmose
150. 2018-02-12Edge Of SanityBlood Of My Enemies (Manowar Cover)The Spectral Sorrows
151. 2018-02-12VisigothWarrior QueenConqueror's OathMetal Blade Records
152. 2018-02-12Fight the FightThis Is WarFight the FightMetal Blade Records
153. 2018-02-12ManegarmSons Of WarLegions Of The North (Limited Edition)
154. 2018-01-29BaneFinal Backward GlanceDon't Wait Up
155. 2018-01-29There Were WiresLukewarm HappyThere Were WiresIodine
156. 2018-01-22VoivodChemical Warfare [Slayer cover]Morgoth Invasion [Live Demo December 1984]
157. 2018-01-22At the GatesThe SwarmTerminal Spirit DiseasePeaceville Records
158. 2018-01-22AplanadoraWar PigsTributo a Black Sabbath
159. 2018-01-22Six Feet UnderWar Is ComingWarpathMetal Blade
160. 2018-01-15ThorWarhammerRecruits - Wild In The Streets
161. 2018-01-08MassacraWar Of AttritionFinal Holocaust
162. 2018-01-08transistor transistorwartime at the apolloself titled
163. 2018-01-01OriginSwarmEntityNuclear Blast GmbH
164. 2018-01-01AtheistUnholy WarPiece of TimeDeath Records
165. 2018-01-01WinterServants of the WarsmenInto DarknessSouthern Lord
166. 2017-12-25ManowarReturn Of The WarlordLouder Than Hellmetalblade
167. 2017-12-18DismemberBred for WarDeath MetalNuclear Blast Records
168. 2017-12-11PathogenTowards the Infernal OblivionBlasphemous Communionold_cemetery
169. 2017-11-20All Pigs Must DieGod Is WarGod Is WarSouthern Lord
170. 2017-11-13DebaucheryIronclad Declaration Of WarF*ck HumanityMassacre (Soulfood)
171. 2017-11-06U.D.O.They Want WarAnimal HouseAFM
172. 2017-10-30AgressorWarrior HeartDeathreat
173. 2017-09-25BOLIDO03 War MachineHeavy BombersFighter Records
174. 2017-09-04December Wolves´Neath Our War HammerWolftread
175. 2017-08-28INQUISITIONMighty Wargod Of The Templars (Hail Baphomet)Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient CultHells Headbangers Records
176. 2017-08-28PaganizerFuture WarlustWarlust
177. 2017-08-14SkycladCivil War DancePrince Of The Poverty Linenoise
178. 2017-08-07BlaspherianCrusade Towards Unholy DeliveranceSummoning Of Infernal Hordes
179. 2017-07-31Expander03 War Terminal_ The True Front LineEndless Computer LP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
180. 2017-07-24NOISEARGlobal WarningSubvert the Dominant Paradigm (Radio Promo)Relapse Records
181. 2017-07-17SuffocationThe Warmth Within The Dark...Of The Dark LightNuclear Blast Records
182. 2017-07-17FALAISEYou Towards MeMy Endless ImmensityA Sad Sadness Song
183. 2017-07-17Adversarial08 - Lone Wresting Hymns to the Warmoon of ChaosDeath, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of NihilismDark Descent Records
184. 2017-07-10MayhemA Grand Declaration of WarGrand Declaration of WarSeason of Mist
185. 2017-07-10Goatlord11 Possessed Soldiers of WarSodomize the Goat DLPNuclear War Now! Productions
186. 2017-07-10HatebreedPrepare for WarSatisfaction Is the Death of DesireVictory Records
187. 2017-07-03ManowarGods of WarGods of WarAvalon Records
188. 2017-06-19Paineaterpaineater - 04 infestation hellswarmHypersexual Violence Demo
189. 2017-06-19AdversarialSpiraling Towards the Ultimate EndInitiated in Impiety as Mysteries
190. 2017-06-19EmperorThe Warriors of Modern DeathIX EquilibriumCentury Media Records
191. 2017-06-12CHURCHBURNCome Forth The SwarmThe Awaiting CoffinsArmageddon Label
192. 2017-05-29SlapshotDigital WarfareDigital WarfareKnockout Entertainment
193. 2017-05-15MegadethHoly Wars...The Punishment DueRust In Peacecapitol
194. 2017-05-08WolfbrigadeNO REWARDRun With The HuntedSouthern Lord
195. 2017-04-17Vlad TepesWar Funeral March In The Grey Mist Of A Fullmoon Night2004 Black Legions Spirits
196. 2017-04-17ZHRINEUtopian WarfareUnorthetaSeason of Mist
197. 2017-03-27UnearthThe SwarmWatchers of RuleEntertainment One Music/ENT. ONE MUSIC
198. 2017-03-20BestializedSatan's WarAnnihilating the Judeo - Christian GenerationsOld Cemetery Records
199. 2017-03-20Demoncy12 Warmarch Of The Black HordesEmpire of the Fallen Angel (Eternal Black Dominion) CD/LPForever Plagued Records
200. 2017-03-06MutilatorWar DogsImmortal ForceGreyhaze Records
201. 2017-02-06Northern TerrorThe Order Of WarBlacker Than Blackself-released
202. 2017-01-30WHITE DEATH05 WarpathWhite Death (CD, LP, TAPE)Werewolf Records
203. 2017-01-16Dr KnowWar Theatre
204. 2017-01-02DarkherWarsRealmsProphecy Productions
205. 2017-01-02Blessed DeathDigital WarDestined for Extinctionroadracer
206. 2017-01-02Holy TerrorA Fools Gold-Ternimal Humor-Mind WarsMind Warsroadracer
207. 2016-12-26Throes of DawnThe Warprophet DreamsBinding of the SpiritWounded Love (Avantgarde)
208. 2016-12-26Anorexia NervosaBlood & Latex Terrortech WarSodomizing The Archedangel
209. 2016-12-19IntegrityPsychological WarfareHumanity Is The DevilVictory
210. 2016-12-05Torch RunnerTotal War TornLocust Swarm
211. 2016-12-05Hammer KingWarrior's ReignKing is RisingCruz Del Sur Music
212. 2016-11-28AralluWar of the GeniiSatanic War in Jerusalemraven_music
213. 2016-11-21AbigailSatan Power Unholy WarToo Wild for the Crowd split 7"Eternal Death Records
214. 2016-11-14SteelmaidMetal WarRaptorKarthago Records
215. 2016-10-10Lord BelialWar of HateUnholy Crusadeno_fashion
216. 2016-10-03BlackWitchery05 Unholy Vengeance of WarEvil Shall Prevail DLP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
217. 2016-09-26AsphyxWardriodIncoming DeathCentury Media Records
218. 2016-09-19Lord AlmightyBeware the WolvesPathsSelf-Released
219. 2016-09-12CryptopsyCold Hate, Warm BloodNone So LiveCentury Media Records
220. 2016-09-12HearseIn Love and WarARMAGEDDON, MON AMOURcandlelight
221. 2016-09-05NeurogenicWarden DomainOuroboric StagnationDehumanized
222. 2016-08-29VaderTorch Of WarRevelations
223. 2016-08-15Burning WitchWarning SignsCrippled Lucifersouthernlord
224. 2016-07-11MonstrosityPerpetual WarIn Dark PurityOlympic
225. 2016-06-27SiegeCold WarDrop Dead
226. 2016-06-13AtheistUnholy WarPiece Of Timeracercar
227. 2016-06-06MAYHEMMayhem - 02 PsyWarEsoteric WarfareSeason of Mist
228. 2016-05-23CentinexDemonic WarlustDiabolical DesolationCandlelight Records
229. 2016-05-23ExciterWorld War III (Bonus Track)Heavy Metal Maniacmegaforce
230. 2016-05-23TragedyProducts of A Cold WarSelf Titledtragedy
231. 2016-05-23NOCTURNAL GRAVESPromethean War...From the Bloodline of Cain (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
232. 2016-05-23BerserkerBlood of the Warriors and Icy Look at DeathBlood of the Warrior
233. 2016-05-16Cro-MagsWar On The StreetsNear Death Experience
234. 2016-05-09SepulturaTrauma Of WarThe Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The HeartNuclear Blast Records
235. 2016-05-02AbnormalitySwarmMechanisms of OmniscienceMetal Blade Records
236. 2016-04-25WORMEDEukaryotic Hex SwarmKrighsuSeason of Mist
237. 2016-04-11Bolt ThrowerEternal WarVarious Artists: Grind Madness At The BBCEarache
238. 2016-04-11NightkarnationWasted WarfarePreposterous Humanity
239. 2016-04-04ICE WAR02 Warriors of the SeaDream Spirit TAPEShadow Kingdom Records
240. 2016-03-21EyehategodPeace Thru War (Thru Peace and War)DopesickCentury Media
241. 2016-03-21NucleusSwarmSentientUnspeakable Axe Records
242. 2016-03-14HacavitzTowards Black PestMetzli ObscuraMoribund Records
243. 2016-03-14Sore ThroatWar systemDeath to capitalist hardcore 7
244. 2016-03-07Shoot to KillThe War on DrugsAltar of PigsFDR
245. 2016-03-07For the WorseWar on the War on DrugsChaos ContinuesBridge Nine Records
246. 2016-03-07In Thousand LakesTowards The SilenceThe Memories That BurnPathologically Explicit Recordings
247. 2016-03-07Amon AmarthWar of the GodsSurtur RisingMetal Blade
248. 2016-02-15HEGEMONInterpreting Signs For WarThe HierarchSeason Of Mist
249. 2016-02-15DiscreationWartribeThe Silence of the Gods
250. 2016-02-15Moral CrusadeHate WarAn Act Of Violence
251. 2016-01-25EvildeadGlobal Warming (live)From The Depths Of The Underworld
252. 2016-01-18EnsiferumWarrior Without A WarOne Man ArmyMetal Blade Records
253. 2016-01-18PaganAnyway But BackwardsPagan
254. 2016-01-18GonkulatorSecond War in HeavenSecond War in HeavenFudge Worthy Records
255. 2016-01-04HawkwindThe Psychedelic Warlords (single version)Hall of the Mountain GrillEMI Premier
256. 2016-01-04Tengger CavalryGalloping Towards the Great LandAncient Call
257. 2015-12-27DRAKKARUnder The Banners Of WarRun With The WolfMy Kingdom Music
258. 2015-12-27Beast Of DamnationPost Apocalyptic Zombie WarGrizzly Tales Of Terrorself-released
259. 2015-12-21REVENGEMetal WarriorsMETAL WARRIORS
260. 2015-12-14ManowarHoly WarFighting The Worldmetalblade
261. 2015-12-14Faith No MoreWar PigsThe Real Thingepic
262. 2015-11-23Hate EternalZealot, Crusader Of WarInfernusseason_of_mist
263. 2015-11-02Paul Di'anno's BattlezoneWelfare WarriorFighting Backshatter
264. 2015-11-02SlayerGhosts of warSouth of Heavendef_jam
265. 2015-11-02Holy TerrorJudas RewardMind Warsroadracer
266. 2015-11-02VoivodNuclear WarWar and Painmetalblade
267. 2015-10-12Cannibal CorpseNecrosadistic WarningKILLmetalblade
268. 2015-09-28Denner/ShermanWar WitchSatan's Tombmetalblade
269. 2015-09-21Atheistunholy warPiece of Timeracercar
270. 2015-08-31Rings Of SaturnNo Pity For A CowardLugal Ki Enunique_leader
271. 2015-08-31Grim VisionWar MachineWar Agonybastardized
272. 2015-08-17WarsoreWarsoreSplit tape - disgorge
273. 2015-07-27Trap ThemDay Twenty Three: Invertopia/Day Thirty: Class WarmthSeizure in Barren Praisedeathwishinc
274. 2015-07-20Carnivorerace warRetaliationroadracer
275. 2015-07-13Tengger Cavalry2 War HorseVarious Artists - Mongolian MetalMongol Metal
276. 2015-07-13Blessed DeathDigital WarDestined for Extinctionroadracer
277. 2015-06-08BarbatosStraight Metal WarStraight Metal Warhells_headbangers
278. 2015-05-25SlayerGhosts of WarSouth of Heavendef_jam
279. 2015-05-25Bolt ThrowerWar MasterWarmasterearache
280. 2015-05-25HatebreedGhosts of War (slayer)For the Lionse1_music
281. 2015-05-18ChurchburnCome Forth The SwarmThe Awaiting Coffinsarmageddon
282. 2015-05-11Red SparowesAlone And Unaware, the Landscape Was Transformed In Front Of Out EyesAt The Soundless Dawn
283. 2015-05-04ChastainThe Price Of WarSick SocietyLeviathan
284. 2015-04-27UDOWarriorAnimal HouseBMG
285. 2015-04-13WarlordI See The Warlord (1975)Warlord
286. 2015-04-13TerrorizerStrategic WarheadsWorld Downfallearache
287. 2015-04-06War MasterUndead WarmachineThrones Of Tyranny
288. 2015-04-06MinskOnward Procession IV. Return, The HeirThe Crash And The Drawrelapse
289. 2015-03-23WarlordWarlord (1975)Warlord
290. 2015-03-23Invincible ForceOnwards To WarSatan Rebellion Metaldark_descent
291. 2015-03-23ChariotWarriorsThe Warrior
292. 2015-03-09An Autumn For Crippled ChildrenConverging Towards The LightThe Long GoodbyeWickerman Recordings
293. 2015-03-02Warrel DaneThe Day The Rats Went To WarPraises to the War Machinecenturymedia
294. 2015-03-02CryptopsyCold Hate, Warm BloodWhisper Supremacycenturymedia
295. 2015-02-23Horrible EarthEndless WarHorrible Earthself-released
296. 2015-01-12ElvenkingTowards The ShoresThe Pagan Manifesto
297. 2015-01-12Angelus ApatridaTug Of WarHidden Evolutioncenturymedia
298. 2015-01-12Twitching TonguesWorld War VIn Love There Is No Lawclosed_casket_activities
299. 2015-01-05Manilla RoadWar In HeavenOut Of The AbyssShadow Kingdom
300. 2014-12-22Despised IconWarm Bloodedthe Healing Processcenturymedia
301. 2014-12-22HatebreedGhosts of War (slayer)For the Lionse1_music
302. 2014-12-15Morbus ChronTowards A Dark SkySwevencenturymedia
303. 2014-12-15AosothInner War (ANTAEUS)Ashes Of Angelsagonia
304. 2014-12-08Winds of GenocideVenomous WarfareUsurping The Throne Of Diseasepulverised
305. 2014-11-24CerebralturbulencyWarning! JehovaIn Gore We Grind
306. 2014-11-24VomitileWarcultIgniting Chaoshorror_pain_gore_death
307. 2014-11-10SlayerChemical WarfareHaunting the Chapelmetalblade
308. 2014-11-03AminalsWar WidowsDEAD Airself-released
309. 2014-11-03BattlecrossWar Ensemble
310. 2014-10-20CacophonySword Of The WarriorGo Off!shrapnel
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736. 2006-07-31break downworld at war
737. 2006-07-31fearlet's have a war
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739. 2006-07-24frightmarethey were warned
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749. 2006-05-29burzumwar
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767. 2005-12-05deceasednew age of total war
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771. 2005-10-03most precious bloodworld war you
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787. 2005-04-04With Passiona coniferous war
788. 2005-03-28nileramses bringer of war
789. 2005-03-28blessed deathDigital WarDestined for Extinctionroadracer
790. 2005-03-21Draugerwarrior without war
791. 2005-03-07Draugerwarrior without war
792. 2004-12-27Bestial Mockerywar: the final solution pt1
793. 2004-12-13Damagedcyberwars
794. 2004-11-01ophthalamiaTime for WarDominionno_fashion
795. 2004-11-01wartotal war
796. 2004-10-11Fragments Of Unbecoming skywards i asylphe's ascension
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805. 2004-06-07God Dethronedthe warcult
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807. 2004-05-24slayerchemical warfare
808. 2004-05-17the Nightmare Continuesthe sexual acts of war
809. 2004-05-17decapitatedmother war
810. 2004-05-17vital remainsat war with godDechristianizecenturymedia
811. 2004-04-26wargasmwargasm
812. 2004-04-26Slapshotwar on drugs
813. 2004-04-12Hearsein love and war
814. 2004-03-29Imapled Nazarenethe endless war
815. 2004-03-08most precious bloodlife during wartime
816. 2004-02-16Byatisapology of war
817. 2004-02-16Imapled Nazarenethe endless war
818. 2004-02-02Senseless Multilationwarhead
819. 2004-02-02integrityheavens final war
820. 2004-02-02embrace todaythe warning
821. 2004-01-19decapitatedmother war
822. 2004-01-12Senseless Multilationwarhead
823. 2004-01-05skinlesstug of war intestines
824. 2003-12-15oxford snow kingsWar
825. 2003-12-08septic deathhardware
826. 2003-12-08slayerchemical warfare
827. 2003-12-01most precious bloodlife during war
828. 2003-11-24Byatisapology of war
829. 2003-11-10krisiunwar ritual
830. 2003-11-03arch enemysilent wars
832. 2003-10-27burzumwar
833. 2003-10-05mastodonwelcoming war
834. 2003-10-05Byatisapology of war
835. 2003-10-05sodomi am the war (live)
836. 2003-09-29summitmove towards beyong
837. 2003-09-29slayerGhosts of war
838. 2003-09-22arch enemysilent wars
839. 2003-09-09bqckstabbers inca warehouse foull of mailbombs and not one stamp
840. 2003-08-12Battlelorete War of Wrath
841. 2003-07-22Spawn of PossessionSwarm of the Formless
842. 2003-05-13SlayerChemical Warfare
843. 2003-05-13WarzoneYound and Unaware
844. 2003-05-06cryptopsyCold Hate, Warm Blood
845. 2003-04-01VassagoTotal WAr brings Total Death
846. 2003-03-25God Dethronedthe Warcult
847. 2002-12-24ClashHate and War
848. 2002-12-17DecapitatedMother war
849. 2002-12-17The Were WiresLukewarm Happy
850. 2002-12-01Napalm DeathContinuing the War on the Studity
851. 2002-11-19Septic DEathHardware
852. 2002-11-19SlayerChemical Warfare
853. 2002-11-05Unearthinternal war
854. 2002-10-22DecapitatedMother War
855. 2002-10-01UnearthInternal War
856. 2002-09-24MastodonWelcoming War
857. 2002-09-10Malevolent CreationAlliance or WAr
858. 2002-09-03UnearthInternal War
859. 2002-08-27Six Feet underWar is Coming
860. 2002-08-20InternecineTug of War Intertines
861. 2002-08-13Lunar AuroraSchwarze Rosen
862. 2002-07-17Venomwarhead (live)
863. 2002-07-17MeshuggahWar
864. 2002-07-02VaderTorch of War
865. 2002-06-25VaderLukewarm Race
866. 2002-06-18CentinexDemonic warlustDiabolical Desolationcandlelight
867. 2002-06-04CentinexDemonic WarlustDiabolical Desolationcandlelight
868. 2002-06-04PerverseraphChemical Warfare
869. 2002-06-02KMFDMA Drug Against War
870. 2002-05-21Lamb of GodA warning
871. 2002-05-14Throes of DawnThe Warprophet Dreams
872. 2002-04-23FearLet's have a war
873. 2002-04-16MeshuggahWar
874. 2002-03-05CadDestory NATO Bastards (war dance comp)
875. 2002-03-05CadDestory NATO Bastards (war dance comp)
876. 2002-01-08WarTotal War
877. 2002-01-08Destroyer 666I am the war god
878. 2002-01-04Six Feet UnderNo Warning Shot (live)
879. 2001-12-18As the Sun SetsFrom this Day forward
880. 2001-12-04As the Sun SetsFrom this Day forward
881. 2001-11-27Imapled NazareneAbsence of War
882. 2001-11-13Thy Primordialthe Impression of War
883. 2001-11-06Centinextowards DevistationDiabolical Desolationcandlelight
884. 2001-10-23SlayerChemical Warfare
885. 2001-10-09Devine EmpireWar Torn
886. 2001-09-25MastodonWelcoming war
887. 2001-09-11MastodonWelcoming War
888. 2001-09-11NokturneWar Touch
889. 2001-09-11MastodonWelcoming War
890. 2001-09-11NokturneWar Touch
891. 2001-08-14NileRames Bringer of War
892. 2001-08-14GroundzeroLet's have a war
893. 2001-08-14NileRames Bringer of War
894. 2001-08-14GroundzeroLet's have a war
895. 2001-08-07At the GatesThe SwarmTerminal Spirit Diseasepeaceville
896. 2001-08-07At the GatesThe SwarmTerminal Spirit Diseasepeaceville
897. 2001-07-31Meshuggahwar
898. 2001-07-31Destroyer 666The Eternal Glory of War
899. 2001-07-31Meshuggahwar
900. 2001-07-31Destroyer 666The Eternal Glory of War
901. 2001-06-19Amon AmarthMasters of War
902. 2001-06-19Wartotal war
903. 2001-06-05SacredWar Pigs
904. 2001-05-29Lord BelialWar of Hate
905. 2001-05-227000 Dying RatsTrue Warriors of Metal
906. 2001-05-15KMFDMA drug against War
907. 2001-04-17SlayerChemical Warfare
908. 2001-04-10NileMasterbating the War God
909. 2001-03-27Burzumwar
910. 2001-02-13At the GatesThe SwarmTerminal Spirit Diseasepeaceville
911. 2001-01-09WarTotal WAr
912. 2000-12-31GonkulatorPrlude to War
913. 2000-12-25Eternal Sufferingthe warmth in Her torment
914. 2000-12-19BurzumWar
915. 2000-12-19BurzumWar
916. 2000-12-12NMEStorm Warning
917. 2000-12-12NMEStorm Warning
918. 2000-11-28SlayerChemical Warfare
919. 2000-11-21Dying FetusIn Times of War
920. 2000-11-14Black WitcheryWarhead
921. 2000-11-14Black WitcheryWarhead
922. 2000-09-18NileMasterbating the war god
923. 2000-08-28PerverseraphChemical Warfare
924. 2000-08-28Lord BrehatteWar of Hate
925. 2000-08-21EmptinessModern Warfare
926. 2000-08-07NileRamses Bringer of War
927. 2000-08-07BurzumWar
928. 2000-07-17NileRamses Bringer of War
929. 2000-07-17ArghoslentA Somber Warery
930. 2000-07-17NileRamses Bringer of War
931. 2000-07-17ArghoslentA Somber Warery
932. 2000-07-10Bolt ThrowerWarmaster
933. 2000-07-10DismemberBred for War
934. 2000-07-03Six Feet UnderWar Machine
935. 2000-06-26Skinny PuppyWarlock
936. 2000-06-26Amgel CorpseWarton
937. 2000-06-19KMFDMDrug against War
938. 2000-06-12MayhemGrand Deteration of war
939. 2000-05-22NileRamses bringer of War
940. 2000-05-22OphthalamiaTime for WarDominionno_fashion
941. 2000-04-24Sacred ReichWarpigs (live)
942. 2000-04-03Emperorthe Warriors of Modern Death
943. 2000-04-03Six Feet UnderWar is Coming
944. 2000-03-13KMFDMA drug against War
945. 2000-03-13At the Gatesthe SwarmTerminal Spirit Diseasepeaceville
946. 2000-02-14RebealliunAt WAr
947. 2000-01-24Lord BelialWar of Hate
948. 2000-01-17DismemberBred for war
949. 1999-11-30Apoptygma BerzerkElectronic Warfare
950. 1999-11-22SlayerChemical Warfare
952. 1999-11-15NileRamses Bringer of War
953. 1999-11-01Emperorthe Warriors of Modern Death
954. 1999-10-25the Ancientthe Battle of the Ancient Warriors
955. 1999-10-18DismemberBred for War
956. 1999-10-11KMFDMA Drug Against WAr
957. 1999-10-11OdiumTowards the Forest
958. 1999-09-27CSDOCasualty of War
959. 1999-09-13TrialWar by other means
960. 1999-08-30SlayerGhosts of war
961. 1999-08-23SepulturaWar
962. 1999-08-21HatebreedPrepare for war
963. 1999-08-21HatebreedPrepare for war
964. 1999-05-31Emperorthe Warriors of Modern Death
965. 1999-05-24Emperorthe Warriors of Modern DEath
966. 1999-04-27System of a downwar? (live)
967. 1999-04-06EmbrazeChemical Warfare
968. 1999-03-22SlayerChemical Warfare
969. 1999-03-15KWarkill
970. 1997-11-24KMFDMa Drug against war
971. 1997-11-10WumpscutWar
972. 1997-11-10DismemberBreed for War
973. 1997-09-01TartarosTones Towards the Empoream
974. 1997-09-01Six Feet UnderWar is Coming
975. 1997-08-25SepulturaWar [demo]
976. 1997-08-18KMFDMa drug against war
977. 1997-07-21ConvenantHardware REquiem
978. 1997-07-21November 17A Different Kind of WAr
979. 1997-07-14CovenHardware Requiem
980. 1997-07-07LardWar-pimp Renassiance
981. 1997-06-16Data Bank ANuclear War
982. 1997-06-09LardWar Pimp Renaissance
983. 1997-05-12PanteraMouth for War
984. 1997-05-05SepulturaWar
985. 1997-03-31Pigfacewar ich night ...
986. 1997-03-31CSDOStart the War
987. 1997-03-31FearLet's have a War
988. 1997-03-24Napalm DeathUpwards and Uninterested (Demo Version)
989. 1997-03-24CSDOStart the war
990. 1997-03-10Napalm DeathUpward and Uninterected
991. 1997-02-17Napalm DEathUpwards and Uninterested (Demo Version)
992. 1997-02-03FearLet's have a war
993. 1997-01-27KMFDMA Drug Against WAr
994. 1997-01-13Sleep ChamberWarm Leather
995. 1997-01-06Mussolini HeadkickWar Drum
996. 1997-01-06killing jokeWardance
997. 1996-12-1616 voltSwarm
998. 1996-12-16FearLet's have a war
999. 1996-12-10SlayerChemical Warfare
1000. 1996-11-25CSDOStart the cold war
1001. 1996-10-2116 voltSwarm
1002. 1996-10-07MotorheadCivil War
1003. 1996-09-30Pro-painMake wars (not Love)
1004. 1996-09-30MotorheadCivil WAr
1005. 1996-09-30ManowarReturn of the Warlord
1006. 1996-09-2316voltSwarm
1007. 1996-09-09Pro-painMake War (not love)
1008. 1996-09-02KMFDMA Drug Against WAr
1009. 1996-09-02Monastat 7Lunch Wars
1010. 0000-00-00EyeHateGodPeace thru WAr (thru Peace and War)
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