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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1337 playlist up with 55932 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-08-24MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
2. 2020-08-24
3. 2020-08-24Quiet RiotRun For CoverMetal Health
4. 2020-08-24Mortal GodImpurityLetting Moonlight Into You
5. 2020-08-24Brutal WhisperDead In the DarkWithin Violence (Demo)
6. 2020-08-24Blind GuardianLord of the RingsTales from the Twilight World
7. 2020-08-24
8. 2020-08-24IsisRed SeaThe Red Sea EP
9. 2020-08-24Spectral Voice05 5-DissolutionEroded Corridors of UnbeingDark Descent Recods
10. 2020-08-24Sacrilegious ImpalementTrack 4II Exalted SpectresHAMMER OF HATE
11. 2020-08-24
12. 2020-08-24Knocked LooseBlood Will Have BloodLaugh TracksPure Noise Records
13. 2020-08-24VeinDemise AutomationErrorzone
14. 2020-08-24SaetiaAriadne's ThreadA Retrospective
15. 2020-08-24CreepmimeSuffer The ShadowsShadows
16. 2020-08-24GRUESOMETrapped In HellSavage Land (NA Promo)Relapse Records
17. 2020-08-24
18. 2020-08-24Ordinance03 Gathering WraithsIn Purge There is No RemissionThe Sinister Flame
19. 2020-08-24Precambrian02 FossilizationTectonicsPrimitive Reaction
20. 2020-08-24Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect03 Forced Genuflection on Adoring Gored KneesThe World Trapped in Vampyric Sway (Darker and Darker)Crown and Throne Ltd
21. 2020-08-24
22. 2020-08-24Illkynja03 Allt er glataš (Everything Is Lost)Sęti Sįlarinnar (The seat of the Soul)Goathorned Productions
23. 2020-08-24Abduction/Nocturnal PrayerAbduction - Astral ProjectionIntercontinental Death Conspiracy [Split]Inferna Profundus Records
24. 2020-08-24Persekutor02-Can You Feel The Frost Of DawnPermanent WinterSvart Records
25. 2020-08-24
26. 2020-08-24Oxalate/Perpetuated/Blood Spore/Vivisect02 God's Assassins4-Way Split CD/TAPE-Oxalate/Perpetuated/Blood Spore/VivisectBlood Harvest Records
27. 2020-08-24Intercontinental Death Conspiracy [Split]-Abduction/Nocturnal Prayer
28. 2020-08-24Infestation (Mex)The Parody Of DesolationThe Parody Of Desolation (Demo)
29. 2020-08-24Depressive AgeAutumn TimesFirst Depression
30. 2020-08-24MALEFICARUM (ITA)03.Mean Symbolic HolinessDemo
31. 2020-08-24Malevolent CreationTo KillEternalPavement Records
32. 2020-08-24
33. 2020-08-24Circle Of Dead ChildrenOak And IronHuman Harvest
34. 2020-08-24Amon AmarthAtrocious HumanityVersus the World (Bonus CD)
35. 2020-08-24AutopsyHuman GenocideAwakened by Gore
36. 2020-08-24Cattle DecapitationVeal And The Cult Of TortureHuman Jerky
37. 2020-08-24AnatomyNucleus Eclipse Torn AbyssArrogance Within Humanity (EP)
38. 2020-08-24
39. 2020-08-24SkelethalCurse Of The NeverendingDeathmanicvs Revelation MLP
40. 2020-08-24DruidVesselsCill DaraSelf-Released
41. 2020-08-24SorceryDawn of a Coming WinterDawn of a Coming Winter
42. 2020-08-24
43. 2020-08-24EthernalBlood, Chains & MiseryGrim EthernityUnholy Design
44. 2020-08-24SacrificioSide BSacrificio MLPIron Bonehead Productions
45. 2020-08-24Akolyth03 What Dwells Between Fractured WorAkolythAmor fati Productions
46. 2020-08-24IMPIETY03 Djinn of All DjinnsVersus All Gods (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
47. 2020-08-24
48. 2020-08-24Uada02 The Great MirageDjinnEisenwald Records
49. 2020-08-24TERRESTRIAL HOSPICE (PL)04. Gang-raping the Seven VirtuesIndian Summer Brought Mushroom CloudsShadow Records
50. 2020-08-24
51. 2020-08-24ExudeA Month Of SaturdaysTestosterone Tapdance
52. 2020-08-24Dark AngelImmigrant SongLeave Scars
53. 2020-08-24Expect No MercyIndian NightmareWatch Your Ears and Save your Necks
54. 2020-08-24GravestoneSo SadVictim Of Chains
55. 2020-08-24
56. 2020-08-24GrinderSinners ExileDawn For The Living
57. 2020-08-24StoneThe Day of DeathStone
58. 2020-08-24Angel Of MercyChained To A WorldThe Avatar
59. 2020-08-24
60. 2020-08-24Iron AngelThe Church of Lost SoulsHellish Crossfire
61. 2020-08-24Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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