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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1348 playlist up with 56301 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2008-02-18MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2008-02-18ProteusReptilian MatrixPersonal Narrative of Cognative Dreamscapesmacabre_mentos
3. 2008-02-18MeshuggahBleedCU-Latour Radio Sampler - Various Artistsself-released
4. 2008-02-18Salt the WoundBetter than ThisCarnal Repercussionsrotten
5. 2008-02-18Abaddon IncarnateUncleanNadirsentinel
6. 2008-02-18Winds of PlagueAnthems of ApocalypseDecimate the Weakcenturymedia
7. 2008-02-18Protest the HeroPalms ReadFortressvagrant
8. 2008-02-18Grief of WarDon't Walk AwayA Mounting Crisis... as their Fury Got Releasedprosthetic
9. 2008-02-18With PassionThrough the Smoke Lies A PathWhat We See When We Shut Our Eyesearache
10. 2008-02-18Bring me the Horizonre:They have no ReflectionsThis is What the Edge of Your Seat was Made forearache
11. 2008-02-18ImmolationWorld AgonyShadows in the Lightcenturymedia
12. 2008-02-18DestructorSkull SplitterForever in Leatherauburn
13. 2008-02-18MalignancySkeletal IntegrityInhuman Grotesquerieswillowtip
14. 2008-02-18Saint JudeAt Least You Look DeadAlways Hard - First Recordingstor_johnson
15. 2008-02-18Electric WizardSatanic Wites of DraculaWitchcult Todaycandlelight
16. 2008-02-18Cavalera Conspiracythe Doom of All FiresInfliktedroadrunner
17. 2008-02-18Kingdom of SorrowFree the FallenLead into Demiserelapse
18. 2008-02-18PledgeSocially Accepted AddictionsBurning Bridges Demo 2008self-released
19. 2008-02-18They and the ChildrenMeasure of WorthTor Johnson Records Sampler - Various Artiststor_johnson
20. 2008-02-18To the WolvesBloodwingsDeath and the Company You Keepself-released
21. 2008-02-18Iron LungFuture CorpsesSexless//No Sexprank
22. 2008-02-18Death AngelSoullessKilling Seasonnuclearblast
23. 2008-02-18Cephalic CarnageDying will be the Death of MeAnomaliesrelapse
24. 2008-02-18Between the Buried and MeAlaskaAlaskavictory
25. 2008-02-18Art of SimplicitySearch for the NumbCaught in this Iless Stormburning_star
26. 2008-02-18DisfearMaps of WarLive the Stormrelapse
27. 2008-02-18Birds of PreyMurder the Homeless/Burn the Upper ClassSulfur & Semenrelapse
28. 2008-02-18The Red ChordDreaming in Dog YearsFused Together in Revolving Doorsmetalblade
29. 2008-02-18The Dillinger Escape PlanNong Eye GongIre Worksrelapse
30. 2008-02-18SexcrementColostomy Bag CondomGenitales from the Porno Pottydeathmetal_us
31. 2008-02-18Lord GoreRape Kampthe Autophagous Orgyrazorback
32. 2008-02-18Impaledthe Patients are Revolting
33. 2008-02-18Dour CursivaDeconstructing a Flower in 683,000 StepsVoices Through Wireshold_true
34. 2008-02-18Fight PrettyChild Baring HipsRewiring the Human Bodydwell
35. 2008-02-18MODthe Big ItRed, White, and Screwedindex_entertainment
36. 2008-02-18Blind GuardianStriaght Through the MirrorA Twist in the Mythnuclearblast
37. 2008-02-18Despised IconAs Bridges Burnthe Healing Processcenturymedia
38. 2008-02-18Sin of AngelsRustin the Grip of Despairobscenity_cult
39. 2008-02-18Solitude AeturnusHaunting the ObscureThrough the Darkest Hourpavement
40. 2008-02-18NecroclastVulturesthe Cultmoribund
41. 2008-02-18WarbringerBeneath the WavesWar Without Endcenturymedia
42. 2008-02-18Municipal Wastethe Art of PartyingThrashing Like a Maniac - Various Artistearache
43. 2008-02-18DissectorToxic WaltzZombie Panicobscenity_cult
44. 2008-02-18DeceasedInto the Bizarrethe Blueprints for Madnessrelapse
45. 2008-02-18BiomechanicalPredatoryCannibalizedearache
46. 2008-02-18Arise and Ruinto the Grindthe Final Dawnvictory
47. 2008-02-18Spawn of PossessionDirty PriestCabinetunique_leader
48. 2008-02-18ExtolInfernoUndeceivedsolid_state
49. 2008-02-18Genghis TronEndless TruthBoard up the Houserelapse
50. 2008-02-18Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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