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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1232 playlist up with 52343 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-10-04MardukEchoes from the PastThose of the UnlightRegain Records
2. 2021-05-10MardukOn Darkened WingsThose of the UnlightRegain Records
3. 2021-05-03GraveSemblance In BlackBurial GroundRegain Records
4. 2021-02-22UnanimatedEnemy of the SunIn the Light of Darkness the Covenant of DeathRegain Records
5. 2020-06-08MardukThe Funeral Seemed to Be EndlessDark EndlessRegain Records
6. 2020-03-09MardukPerish in FlamesPlague AngelRegain Records
7. 2019-11-04SetherialThe Mournful Sunset Of The ForsakenEkpyrosisRegain Records
8. 2019-09-23EndstilleScarsEndstilles ReichRegain Records
9. 2019-06-17DismemberTide of BloodDismemberRegain Records
10. 2018-10-15AIHOS (fin)Hetki Ennen KuolemaaIkuisuuden SuojaanRegain Records
11. 2018-07-23UnanimatedDiabolic VoicesIn the Light of Darkness the Covenant of DeathRegain Records
12. 2018-01-22GraveConquererBurial GroundRegain Records
13. 2018-01-08EndstilleHate Me... God?VerführerRegain Records
14. 2018-01-01Lord BelialBlack Winter Blood-bathEnter The Moonlight GateRegain Records
15. 2017-12-11MardukThe Sun Has FailedOpus NocturneRegain Records
16. 2017-10-16VaderWingsXXV, Disc 2Regain Records
17. 2017-09-11MardukOn Darkened WingsThose of the UnlightRegain Records
18. 2017-08-28MardukSummer EndLa Grande Danse MacabreRegain Records
19. 2017-08-21MardukInfernal EternalHeaven Shall Burn...When We Are GatheredRegain Records
20. 2017-07-24DismemberThe Hills Have EyesDismemberRegain Records
21. 2017-07-24NaglfarThe Brimstone GateDiabolicalRegain Records
22. 2017-07-03MardukDeme Quaden ThyraneOpus NocturneRegain Records
23. 2017-06-05DismemberUnder a Blood Red SkyDismemberRegain Records
24. 2016-11-28MardukBurn My CoffinThose of the UnlightRegain Records
25. 2016-10-24MardukBurn My CoffinThose of the UnlightRegain Records
26. 2016-07-11MardukCloven HoofWorld FuneralRegain Records
27. 2016-07-11NifelheimClaws of DeathRegain Radio SamplerRegain Records
28. 2016-07-04UnanimatedIn The Forest Of The Dreaming DeadIn The Forest Of The Dreaming Deadregain
29. 2016-07-04MardukThe Sun Turns Black as NightDark EndlessRegain Records
30. 2016-07-04GraveAnnihilated GodsDominion VIIIRegain Records
31. 2016-07-04Lord BelialDeath Cult EraRevelationRegain Records
32. 2016-07-04NecrophobicTemple of DamnationDeath to AllRegain Records
33. 2016-06-20MardukDeath Sex EjaculationLa Grande Danse MacabreRegain Records
34. 2016-05-02MardukWolvesThose of the Unlightregain
35. 2015-12-21EndstilleEndstilles ReichEndstilles ReichRegain Records
36. 2015-11-23Arch EnemyBlack EarthStigmataregain
37. 2015-10-19MardukAutumnal ReaperOpus Nocturneregain
38. 2015-10-19NaglfarWhen Autumn Storms ComeDiabolicalregain
39. 2015-07-06BehemothDemigodDemigodregain
40. 2015-05-04EnthronedOrnament Of GracePentagrammatonregain
41. 2015-01-26MardukWolvesThose of the Unlightregain
42. 2013-12-16NifelheimSatanic MassDevil's Forceregain
43. 2013-10-28UnanimatedStorms From The Skies OF GriefIn The Forest Of The Dreaming Deadregain
44. 2013-09-30MardukThose Of The UnlightThose of the Unlightregain
45. 2013-09-30VaderViscious CircleXXVregain
46. 2013-03-18Death WolfNight StalkerDeath Wolfregain
47. 2012-12-17NifelheimDesecration of the DeadDevil's Forceregain
48. 2012-11-26MardukSeven Angels, Seven TrumpetsPlague Angelregain
49. 2012-08-20DismemberI Wish You HellIndecent&obscene/Piecesregain
50. 2012-07-30ThyrfingBecoming The EyeHels Viteregain
51. 2012-04-16MardukBurn my CoffinThose of the Unlightregain
52. 2012-03-05DismemberChasing The SerpentWhere Ironcrosses Growregain
53. 2012-01-30Lord BelialPanzuzu - Lord Of Fevers And PlagueThe Black Curseregain
54. 2012-01-02MardukSeven Angels, Seven TrumpetsPlague Angelregain
55. 2011-10-24EndstilleHate Me... God?Verfuhrerregain
56. 2011-10-17DismemberTide of Bloodself-titledregain
57. 2011-10-03UnanimatedSerpent's Cursein The Light Of Darknessregain
58. 2011-05-23Death WolfMorning Czar ShinethDeath Wolfregain
59. 2011-05-23MardukLife's EmblemPlague Angelregain
60. 2011-05-09EnthronedRion RiorrimPentagrammatonregain
61. 2011-04-04ThyrfingGriftefridHels Viteregain
62. 2011-04-04GraveRidden With BeliefBurial Groundregain
63. 2011-03-07UnanimatedSerpent's Cursein The Light Of Darknessregain
64. 2011-02-14GraveSexual MutilationBurial Groundregain
65. 2011-02-14EnthronedRion RiorrimPentagrammatonregain
66. 2011-01-31GraveDismembered MindBurial Groundregain
67. 2011-01-24SetherialSusequent Emissions From A Frozen GalaxyEkpyrosisregain
68. 2011-01-17EnthronedPentagrammatonPentagrammatonregain
69. 2011-01-10EnthronedOrnament Of GracePentagrammatonregain
70. 2011-01-03GraveBloodtrailBurial Groundregain
71. 2010-12-27EnthronedThe Essential ChaosPentagrammatonregain
72. 2010-12-27UnanimatedRetribution In Bloodin The Light Of Darknessregain
73. 2010-12-20GraveOutcastBurial Groundregain
74. 2010-12-13EnthronedThe Vitalized ShellPentagrammatonregain
75. 2010-11-29GraveSemblance In BlackBurial Groundregain
76. 2010-11-29SetherialSusequent Emissions From A Frozen GalaxyEkpyrosisregain
77. 2010-11-22GraveSexual MutilationBurial Groundregain
78. 2010-11-15GraveDismembered MindBurial Groundregain
79. 2010-11-15SetherialEkpyrosisEkpyrosisregain
80. 2010-11-01EndstilleI am GodEndstilles Reichregain
81. 2010-08-09MardukWolvesThose of the Unlightregain
82. 2010-04-19UnanimatedIn The Light Of Darknessin The Light Of Darknessregain
83. 2010-03-29DismemberThe Hills Have Eyesself-titledregain
84. 2010-02-15UnanimatedDeath To Lifein The Light Of Darknessregain
85. 2009-12-28UnanimatedSerpent's Cursein The Light Of Darknessregain
86. 2009-12-14UnanimatedEnemy of the Sunin The Light Of Darknessregain
87. 2009-12-14NecrophobicWings Of DeathDeath To Allregain
88. 2009-12-07MardukThose of the UnlightThose of the Unlightregain
89. 2009-11-30MardukThose of the UnlightThose of the Unlightregain
90. 2009-09-21MardukThose of the UnlightThose of the Unlightregain
91. 2009-09-21NecrophobicThe TowerDeath To Allregain
92. 2009-09-21UnanimatedDiabolic Voicesin The Light Of Darknessregain
93. 2009-09-14NecrophobicFor Those Who Stayed SatanicDeath To Allregain
94. 2009-09-07UnanimatedThe Unconquered Onein The Light Of Darknessregain
95. 2009-08-31Endstille...Of DisorderVerfuhrerregain
96. 2009-08-31UnanimatedThe Conquered Onein The Light Of Darknessregain
97. 2009-08-24NecrophobicRevelation 666Death To Allregain
98. 2009-08-24UnanimatedIn The Light Of Darknessin The Light Of Darknessregain
99. 2009-08-24EndstilleDeadVerfuhrerregain
100. 2009-08-17UnanimatedRetribution In Bloodin The Light Of Darknessregain
101. 2009-08-17NecrophobicTemple of DamnationDeath To Allregain
102. 2009-08-17EndstilleHate Me... God?Verfuhrerregain
103. 2009-08-17MerauderForgotten ChildrenGod Is Iregain
104. 2009-08-10MerauderBuilt On BloodGod Is Iregain
105. 2009-06-08MardukThose of the UnlightThose of the Unlightregain
106. 2009-05-25MardukBurn my CoffinThose of the Unlightregain
107. 2009-04-13MardukLife's EmblemPlague Angelregain
108. 2009-04-13Thyrfing#5Hels Viteregain
109. 2009-03-30MardukBurn my CoffinThose of the Unlightregain
110. 2009-03-23Thyrfing#5Hels Viteregain
111. 2009-03-16Pro-painHour of the TimeNo End in Sightregain
112. 2009-03-16Thyrfing#1Hels Viteregain
113. 2009-03-09Thyrfing#5Hels Viteregain
114. 2009-03-02Thyrfing3-IsolationHels Viteregain
115. 2009-02-23Thyrfing#3Hels Viteregain
116. 2008-10-27DerangedThe Killer Wore Black Glovesthe Red Light Murder Caseregain
117. 2008-10-27VaderBlood of KinguXXVregain
118. 2008-10-20VaderViscious CircleXXVregain
119. 2008-10-20MardukBurn my CoffinThose of the Unlightregain
120. 2008-10-20NifelheimClaws of DeathEnvoy of Luciferregain
121. 2008-10-06NifelheimEvocation of the EndEnvoy of Luciferregain
122. 2008-10-06VaderIncarnationXXVregain
123. 2008-09-29GraveStained by HateDominion VIIIregain
124. 2008-09-29DerangedBody Puzzlethe Red Light Murder Caseregain
125. 2008-09-29NifelheimInfernal Flame of DestructionEnvoy of Luciferregain
126. 2008-09-29EndstilleEraseEndstilles Reichregain
127. 2008-09-22DerangedSo Sweet, So Deadthe Red Light Murder Caseregain
128. 2008-09-22NifelheimClaws of DeathEnvoy of Luciferregain
129. 2008-09-22EndstilleScarsEndstilles Reichregain
130. 2008-09-22VaderCold DemonXXVregain
131. 2008-09-15NifelheimOpen the Gates of DamnationEnvoy of Luciferregain
132. 2008-09-15EndstilleNo Heaven Over GermanyEndstilles Reichregain
133. 2008-09-15VaderSothisXXVregain
134. 2008-09-08VaderViscious CircleXXVregain
135. 2008-09-08DerangedGently Before She Diesthe Red Light Murder Caseregain
136. 2008-09-08EndstilleI am GodEndstilles Reichregain
137. 2008-09-08NifelheimStorm of the ReaperEnvoy of Luciferregain
138. 2008-09-01DerangedStriped Nude for Your Killerthe Red Light Murder Caseregain
139. 2008-09-01EndstilleEndstilles ReichEndstilles Reichregain
140. 2008-09-01NifelheimEvocation of the EndEnvoy of Luciferregain
141. 2008-09-01VaderDark AgeXXVregain
142. 2008-07-07GraveSinners LustDominion VIIIregain
143. 2008-06-30GraveAnnihilated GodDominion VIIIregain
144. 2008-06-23SahgPyromancerIIregain
145. 2008-06-23GraveBloodpathDominion VIIIregain
146. 2008-06-16GraveAnnihilated GodDominion VIIIregain
147. 2008-06-09GraveSinners LustDominion VIIIregain
148. 2008-06-02GraveBloodpathDominion VIIIregain
149. 2008-05-26DismemberNo Honor in Deathself-titledregain
150. 2008-05-12DismemberDeath Conquors Allself-titledregain
151. 2008-05-05DismemberCombat Fatigueself-titledregain
152. 2008-04-28DismemberLegionself-titledregain
153. 2008-04-21DismemberDeath Conquors Allself-titledregain
154. 2008-04-14DismemberTide of Bloodself-titledregain
155. 2008-04-14DerangedGently Before She DiesRegain Records Sampler 2008 - Various Artistsregain
156. 2008-04-07DismemberThe Kills Have Eyesself-titledregain
157. 2008-04-07SahgEscape the Crimson SunIIregain
158. 2008-03-24DismemberEuropa Burnsself-titledregain
159. 2008-03-24SahgStar-crossedIIregain
160. 2008-03-24NifelheimClaws of DeathRegain Records Sampler 2008 - Various Artistsregain
161. 2008-03-10GorgorothRevelation of DoomRegain Records sampler 2008regain
162. 2008-03-03EndstilleAmong Our Glorious ExistenceRegain Records sampler 2008regain
163. 2007-12-31MardukWithin the AbyssDark Endlessregain
164. 2007-12-17MardukBurn my CoffinThose of the Unlightregain
165. 2007-11-19BehemothSlaves Shall ServeSlaves Shall Serve EPregain
166. 2007-09-24TrelldonStegTil Minneregain
167. 2007-09-17TrelldonTil MinneTil Minneregain
168. 2007-09-10TrelldonBy My WillTil Minneregain
169. 2007-09-03TrelldonBy My WillTil Minneregain
170. 2007-08-27TrelldonVindernattTil Minneregain
171. 2007-08-13MardukThrough the Belly of DamnationRom 5:12regain
172. 2007-07-23MardukLimbs of WorshipRom 5:12regain
173. 2007-07-23Lord BelialAncient SplendorRevolation: the 7th Sealregain
174. 2007-07-16Lord BelialAghastRevolation: the 7th Sealregain
175. 2007-07-09Lord BelialGateway to OblivionRevolation: the 7th Sealregain
176. 2007-07-09MardukLimbs of WorshipRom 5:12regain
177. 2007-06-25Mardukthe leveling dustRom 5:12regain
178. 2007-06-25Lord Belialvile interventionRevolation: the 7th Sealregain
179. 2007-06-18Marduk1651Rom 5:12regain
180. 2007-06-18Lord BelialDeath Cult EraRevolation: the 7th Sealregain
181. 2007-06-11Mardukamago mortisRom 5:12regain
182. 2007-06-11Lord Belialdeath as solutionRevolation: the 7th Sealregain
183. 2007-06-04MardukCold Mouth prayerRom 5:12regain
184. 2007-06-04Lord BelialAghastRevolation: the 7th Sealregain
185. 2007-05-28Arch EnemyEurekaBlack Earthregain
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