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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1326 playlist up with 55570 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2013-12-23MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2013-12-23
3. 2013-12-23Iron MaidenFates WarningNo Prayer For The Dyingiron_Maiden_holdings
4. 2013-12-23DeathCosmic SeaHuman (Reissue)relapse
5. 2013-12-23ObscuraChoir of SpiritsCosmogenesisrelapse
6. 2013-12-23Quo VadisFate's DescentDefiant Imagination
7. 2013-12-23Only Living WitnessDecemberProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
8. 2013-12-23Sam Black ChurchInfernal MachineBoston LPtaang
9. 2013-12-23
10. 2013-12-23ConspiracyArmageddon BrokeIrremediablepulverised
11. 2013-12-23Mortis DeiDying FreedomLast Failure
12. 2013-12-23MatriarchSacred HeresyRevered Unto The Ages
13. 2013-12-23NailsWide Open WoundAbandon All Lifesouthernlord
14. 2013-12-23
15. 2013-12-23All Pigs Must DieThe Blessed VoidGod Is Warsouthernlord
16. 2013-12-23Backstabbers IncSuicide song for the small town purple heart recipentWhile You Were Sleepingtrash_art
17. 2013-12-23
18. 2013-12-23WormedMultivectorial ReionizationExodromos
19. 2013-12-23Six Feet UnderGraveyard ChristmasGraveyard Christmas
20. 2013-12-23Austrian Death MachineJingle BellsA Very Brutal Christmasmetalblade
21. 2013-12-23King DiamondNo Presents for ChristmasDangerous Meetingroadrunner
22. 2013-12-23ExhumedNo Presents for ChristmasPlatteres Of Splatterrelapse
23. 2013-12-23
24. 2013-12-23D.I.Mr. GrinchVarious Artists - Punk Rock Xmasrhino
25. 2013-12-23Old Man Gloom'Tis Better To ReceiveChristmastortuga
26. 2013-12-23Alice CooperSanta Claus Is Coming To Town
27. 2013-12-23Twisted sisterHeavy Metal Christmas (12 Days Of Christmas)A Twisted Christmas
28. 2013-12-23
29. 2013-12-23UlverChristmasBlood Insideend
30. 2013-12-23DIOGod Rest Ye Marry GentlemenVarious Artists - We Wish You A Metal Christmans & A Headbanging New Yearroadrunner
31. 2013-12-23DesRudolph The Red Nosed ReindeerVarious Artists - We Wish You A Metal Christmas & A Headbaning New Yearroadrunner
32. 2013-12-23Showcase ShowdownHo Ho Ho ChiminCashing In On Christmas
33. 2013-12-23
34. 2013-12-23Tank(He Fell In Love With A) StormtrooperFilth Hounds Of Hadesrepertoire
35. 2013-12-23Nuclear Blast AllstarsDeath Is AliveInto the Lightnuclearblast
36. 2013-12-23Acid BathScream of the ButterflyPaegan Terrorism Tacticsrotten
37. 2013-12-23Corrosion of ConformityDirty Hands Empty Pockets (Already Gone)In The Arms Of Godsanctury
38. 2013-12-23
39. 2013-12-23SlayerHuman StrainWorld Painted Blood
40. 2013-12-23NasumCorrosionHuman 2.0relapse
41. 2013-12-23Ookla the MokSoliloquy of the Lost SalesmanBless Her Little Black Heartlife_sentence
42. 2013-12-23Buried Alivekill their pastThe Death of Your Perfect Worldvictory
43. 2013-12-23Jigsore PuzzleSnow Means Snowsplit 7" with exit wound
44. 2013-12-23
45. 2013-12-23FleshcutDeath EvolutionGruesome And Vile
46. 2013-12-23PyaemiaCarried In ProboscisCranial Blowoutunique_leader
47. 2013-12-23Abaddon IncarnateForced Osculum InfameLast Supper
48. 2013-12-23DeicideOblivious To EvilDeicideearache
49. 2013-12-23Internal BleedingInhuman SufferingVoracious Contemptpavement
50. 2013-12-23
51. 2013-12-23GorodBeware Of TrampsNeurotripsickswillowtip
52. 2013-12-23ZombifiedCorrosive SpiralCarnage Slaughter And Deathmetalblade
53. 2013-12-23PessimistCentury of LiesBlood For The Godslost_disciple
54. 2013-12-23RevengeancePictorial Representation Of CorrosionSplit Tape - tinnitus
55. 2013-12-23Uphill BattleStill BornWreck of Nervesrelapse
56. 2013-12-23
57. 2013-12-23AncientsSleeping Princess Of The ArgesMad Grandoise Bloodfriendsmetalblade
58. 2013-12-23Happy DaysWhat It Feels To Be UnlovedHappiness Stops Here
59. 2013-12-23LifeloverBitter ReflektionKonkursprophecy
60. 2013-12-23From The Sunset, Forest, and Grief...Empty, Cold & Forgotten......Empty, Cold & Forgotten...
61. 2013-12-23
62. 2013-12-23IntronautSore Sight For EyesHabitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones)centurymedia
63. 2013-12-23WinterInto DarknessInto Darknesssouthernlord
64. 2013-12-23XibalbaTime's UpMadre Mia Gracias Por Los Diassouthernlord
65. 2013-12-23Lord DyingIn A Frightful State Of Gnawed DismembermentSummon The Faithlessrelapse
66. 2013-12-23
67. 2013-12-23HarvestConvenantLiving With a God Complex
68. 2013-12-23Hatred SurgeCasketDiscograhy
69. 2013-12-23The Holy MountainWrathEnemiesnoidea
70. 2013-12-23Hummingbird Of DeathCowardI Accuse Split 12"
71. 2013-12-23Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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