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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1144 playlist up with 48759 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-05-20Amon AmarthThe Fate of Norns (Live at Summer Breeze T-Stage)The Pursuit of VikingsMetal Blade Records
2. 2018-09-24Down from the WoundIll Fated AnnihilationViolence and the MacabreComatose Music
3. 2018-09-24ObituarySeal Your FateXecutioner's Return
4. 2018-09-24MasterJustice Or FateCollection Of Souls
5. 2018-06-11GruesomeFateTwisted PrayersRelapse Records
6. 2018-02-19MelecheshTablets of FateSphynxThe End
7. 2018-01-29NeurosisStrength Of FatesThrough Silver In Blood
8. 2017-10-02Flesh FeastFate of Hated FleshFlesh FeastCivilian Death Network
9. 2017-10-02SinisterFace Fate (Blood Feast Cover)The Carnage Ending
10. 2017-06-12TesseracTDeception - Concealing Fate PartOneCentury Media Records
11. 2017-05-01Red HarvestFall of FateInternal Punishment ProgramsCandlelight Records
12. 2017-04-10IntegritySeason Decided FateSeasons in the Size of DaysVictory Records
13. 2016-11-07Blood FeastFace FateFace Fatenew_renaissance
14. 2016-10-31Hæresiarchs Of DisNightmare (Mercyful Fate Cover)Tria Prima DiabolicaMoribund Records
15. 2016-09-26Blessed DeathOmen Of FateKill Or Be Killedmegaforce
16. 2016-09-05Bestial InvasionPrisoner of Miserable FateTriligyShellfire Attack
17. 2015-09-21DeceasedDoomed By The Living Dead (Mercyful Fate)Cadaver Traditionshells_headbangers
18. 2014-06-09RudeConjuring Of FatesSoul RecallFDA Rekotz
19. 2014-06-09HelloweenVictim Of FateWalls Of Jericho
20. 2014-04-07IndianThe Fate Before FateGuiltlessrelapse
21. 2013-12-23Iron MaidenFates WarningNo Prayer For The Dyingiron_Maiden_holdings
22. 2013-12-23Quo VadisFate's DescentDefiant Imagination
23. 2013-09-30A Forest Of StarsPrey Tell Of The Church FateA Shadowplay For Yesterdaysprophecy
24. 2013-07-15Insanity (USA)Fire Death FateDeath After Deathhells_headbangers
25. 2013-06-10Insanity (USA)Fire Death FateDeath After Deathhells_headbangers
26. 2013-02-11A Forest Of StarsPrey Tell Of The Church FateA Shadowplay For Yesterdaysprophecy
27. 2012-12-24ReplicaFate Of GodsThe Bright Side OF DeathNoiseheadrecords
28. 2012-06-25SoilworkEgypt (Mercuryful Fate)The Early Chapters
29. 2012-06-18Northern TerrorFate Of A Doomed ShipBlacker Than Blackself-released
30. 2012-03-26IntegritySeason Decided FateSeasons in the Size of Daysvictory
31. 2011-10-24HeathenPrisoners Of FateVictims Of Deceptionroadracer
32. 2011-02-28SerenityChanging FateDeath & Legacynapalm
33. 2011-01-10Blood FeastFace FateFace Fatenew_renaissance
34. 2010-10-18Blood FeastFace FateFace Fatenew_renaissance
35. 2010-09-13IntegritySeason Decide FateSeasons in the Size of Daysvictory
36. 2010-01-18Blood FeastFace FateFace Fatenew_renaissance
37. 2009-12-28Flesh FeastFate Of Hated Fleshself-titledcivilian_death_network
38. 2009-05-04Blood FeastFace FateFace Fatenew_renaissance
39. 2009-01-26IntegritySeason Decide FateSeasons in the Size of Daysvictory
40. 2008-10-13Witheredthe Fated BreathFolie Circulaireprosthetic
41. 2008-09-22Merciless DeathTormented FateRealms of Terrorheavy_artillery
42. 2008-08-18Witheredthe Fated BreathFolie Circulaireprosthetic
43. 2008-08-11the Human AbstractProcession of the FatesMidheavenhopeless
44. 2008-08-11Coliseumthe Fate of ManNo Salvationrelapse
45. 2008-07-21Witheredthe Fated BreathFolie Circulaireprosthetic
46. 2008-06-09Merciless DeathTormented FateRealms of Terrorheavy_artillery
47. 2008-05-19Blood FeastFace FateFace Fatenew_renaissance
48. 2007-09-10Coliseumthe Fate of ManNo Salvationrelapse
49. 2007-01-22integrityseason decide fate
50. 2007-01-01integrityseason decide fate
51. 2006-02-13Drawn and Quarteredsuffer a traitor's fate
52. 2005-02-21soilworkfate in motion
53. 2005-01-10red harvestfall of fate
54. 2004-12-06red harvestfall of fate
55. 2004-11-01amon amarththe fate of norns
56. 2004-10-25red harvestfall of fate
57. 2004-10-18red harvestfall of fate
58. 2004-08-09Flesh Feastfate of hated flesh
59. 1999-05-04Blessed DeathOver the FAteDestined for Extinctionroadracer
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