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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1348 playlist up with 56301 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-12-25DioNaked In The RainDream Evil
2. 2023-12-18DiocletianWar MessiahDarkness Swallows All
3. 2022-09-26DioDon't Talk To StrangersHoly Diver
4. 2022-05-02DioOverloveDream Evil [Japan]Flashback Records
5. 2022-03-28Odious SanctionTested SanityPsychotically Enraged
6. 2022-03-07Sidious04- Thy Palace Yond the ThresholdBlackest InsurrectionClobber Records
7. 2021-08-23Genocídio03 Pact of BloodThe Grave LPNuclear War Now! Productions
8. 2021-08-09Insidious DiseaseConceived Through HateShadowcastCentury Media Records
9. 2021-05-17DioHunter of the HeartAngry MachinesMayhem Records
10. 2021-04-12DioDying In AmericaAngry Machines
11. 2021-01-11DioNight MusicLock Up The Wolves
12. 2020-10-05Odiosior03 LAULU PIMEYDESSÄSyvyyksistäPurity Through Fire
13. 2020-10-05DioNight MusicLock Up The Wolves
14. 2020-08-17Odious SanctionFuture of NothingPsychotically Enraged
15. 2020-08-17DioHoly DiverHoly Diver
16. 2020-06-08Odiosior04 Antaudu YölleOdiosiorSpread Evil Productions
17. 2019-03-04SidiousInfernal reignRevealed in profane splendourKaotoxin Records
18. 2019-01-21DioRainbow in the DarkExerpts from InfernoMayhem Records
19. 2018-12-10ODIOUS DEVOTION3. PureOdious DevotionWolfspell Records
20. 2018-07-16Odious SanctionPunishment of LifePsychotically Enraged
21. 2018-04-02DioLock Up The WolvesLock Up The Wolves
22. 2018-03-12GRANDIOSE MALICE05 Bell, Book and ChaliceThe Eternal Infernal (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
23. 2018-02-05PRELUDIO ANCESTRAL03 StormOblivionFighter Records
24. 2017-01-16DioBorn On The SunLock Up The Wolves
25. 2017-01-09DioHoly DiverExerpts from InfernoMayhem Records
26. 2016-10-31DioDon't Talk to StrangersEvil or DivineSpitfire Records
27. 2016-09-05DioRonnie James Dio (With Deep Purple) - Rainbow In The Dark (Live)Killing The Dragon (Limited Tour Edition)Spitfire
28. 2016-04-18DioOne Night In The CityLast In LineWarner Bros
29. 2016-03-21DioBetter in the DarkKilling the DragonSpitfire Records
30. 2016-01-25DioRock 'N' Roll ChildrenSacred Heart
31. 2016-01-11DioRock and Roll ChildrenAt Donington UK
32. 2015-10-12DioRainbow In The DarkHoly Diver (live)
33. 2015-09-28DioOne More For The RoadMaster Of The Moon
34. 2015-04-27DIOLast in LineThe Last in LineWarner Bros
35. 2014-12-29SidiousRevealed In Profance SplendourRevealed In Profance Splendourkaotoxin
36. 2014-10-20DIOThe Man Who Would Be KingMaster Of The Moonsanctuary
37. 2014-06-30DIOEgypt (The Chains Are On)Last In Linewarner_bros
38. 2014-06-23DIOMysteryLast In Lineims
39. 2014-06-09DIOHeaven And HellLive In London: Hammersmith Apollo 1993eagle
40. 2014-05-19DIOLosting My InsanityMagicaspitfire
41. 2013-12-23DIOGod Rest Ye Marry GentlemenVarious Artists - We Wish You A Metal Christmans & A Headbanging New Yearroadrunner
42. 2013-08-19DIOThe Man Who Would Be KingMaster Of The Moonsanctuary
43. 2013-06-17DIOLast in Line (live)Evil Or Devine - Live In New York Cityspitfire
44. 2013-05-20DIOKilling the DragonKilling the Dragonspitfire
45. 2013-04-15DIO MessiahRock N Growl Children
46. 2013-03-25DIO MessiahRock N Growl Children
47. 2012-12-31Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the DilapidationFinite Dark Waterself-titledbizarre_leprous
48. 2012-12-24Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi, Rudy Sarzo, Simon WrightGod Rest Ye Merry GentlemenVarious Artists - We Wish You A Metal Xmas And A Headbanging New Year (CD1)roadrunner
49. 2012-10-01DioEat Your Heart OutLast In Linewarner_bros
50. 2012-09-24Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the DilapidationEliminationFID/Insect Warfare Splitsix_weeks
51. 2012-08-20DioDouble MondayAngry Machinemayhem
52. 2012-07-16DioMaster Of The MoonMaster Of The Moonsanctuary
53. 2012-06-11Insidious DecrepancyEnchanting Fantasies Of Indurmountable Torment Upon Innocence And PietyThe Inerrancy Of Profanationold_cemetery
54. 2012-05-28Insidious DecrepancyBefouling The Abortion Of ChristThe Inerrancy Of Profanationold_cemetery
55. 2012-03-05DIOShiversMaster Of The Moonsanctuary
56. 2011-11-21DIOHoly Diver (live)Evil Or Devine - Live In New York Cityspitfire
57. 2011-10-31DIODon't Talk To StrangersHoly Diver (live)eagle
58. 2011-09-05DIOThe End Of The WorldMaster Of The Moonsanctuary
59. 2011-08-22Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the DilapidationTied Upself-titledbizarre_leprous
60. 2011-08-01DIOStraight Through The HeartHoly Diver (live)eagle
61. 2011-06-13Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the DilapidationIn The Sludgeself-titledbizarre_leprous
62. 2011-06-06DIORainbow In The DarkHoly Diver (live)eagle
63. 2011-01-24DIORainbow In The DarkEvil Or Devine - Live In New York Cityspitfire
64. 2010-10-25Insidious DiseaseAbortion StewShadowcastcenturymedia
65. 2010-10-11DIORainbow In The DarkHoly Diver (live)eagle
66. 2010-10-04DIOKing Of Rock And RollIntermissionwarner_bros
67. 2010-09-27DIOInvisibleHoly Diver (live)eagle
68. 2010-09-06Insidious DiseaseRituals Of BloodshedShadowcastcenturymedia
69. 2010-08-30DIOStraight Through The HeartHoly Diver (live)eagle
70. 2010-08-23Insidious DiseaseAbortion StewShadowcastcenturymedia
71. 2010-08-16Insidious DiseaseConceived Through HateShadowcastcenturymedia
72. 2010-08-09Odious SanctionTested SanityPsycholtically Enragedunique_leader
73. 2010-05-17DioHoly Diver (live)Holy Diver (live)eagle
74. 2010-05-17DioRainbow In The DarkIntermissionwarner_bros
75. 2010-04-05DioHungry For HeavenSacred Heartwarner_bros
76. 2010-03-22DioSacred HeartIntermissionwarner_bros
77. 2009-11-30DionysusThe Bringer of WarKeep The Spiritlocomotive
78. 2009-11-09DioStand Up And ShoutEvil Or Devine - Live In New York Cityspitfire
79. 2009-11-02DioSacred HeartIntermissionwarner_bros
80. 2009-08-31DIOKilling the DragonKilling the Dragonspitfire
81. 2009-06-15DIOBorn on the SunLock Up the Wolvesreprise
82. 2009-03-16Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the DilapidationLostself-titledbizarre_leprous
83. 2009-02-23Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the DilapidationDusted Ratinaself-titledbizarre_leprous
84. 2009-02-09Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the DilapidationUnvoicedself-titledbizarre_leprous
85. 2009-02-02Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the DilapidationFinite Dark Waterself-titledbizarre_leprous
86. 2009-01-12Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the DilapidationTied Upself-titledbizarre_leprous
87. 2008-12-29Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the DilapidationIn The Sludgeself-titledbizarre_leprous
88. 2008-12-22Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the DilapidationFinite Dark Waterself-titledbizarre_leprous
89. 2008-06-30Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the DilapidationEliminationFID/Insect Warfare Splitsix_weeks
90. 2007-12-03Odious SanctionTested SanityPsycholtically Enragedunique_leader
91. 2007-11-19DioLast in Line (live)Backstagemayhem
92. 2007-11-05DIOLast in Line (live)Backstagemayhem
93. 2007-10-29DioLast in Line (live)Backstagemayhem
94. 2007-10-08DIOHoly Diver (live)Holy Diver (live)eagle
95. 2007-07-30DIOHoly Diver (live)Holy Diver (live)eagle
96. 2007-03-26diorock and roll children
97. 2006-11-20odious sanctionpschotically enragedPsycholtically Enragedunique_leader
98. 2006-11-13diorock and roll children
99. 2006-06-12odious sanctionpunishment of lifePsycholtically Enragedunique_leader
100. 2006-04-03dioHoly Diver (live)
101. 2005-09-26odious sanctionpsychotically enragedPsycholtically Enragedunique_leader
102. 2005-08-01paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis#1
103. 2001-08-07Odious SanctionPsychologically EnragedPsycholtically Enragedunique_leader
104. 2001-08-07Odious SanctionPsychologically EnragedPsycholtically Enragedunique_leader
105. 2001-07-17Odious SanctionPunishment of LifePsycholtically Enragedunique_leader
106. 1997-11-24Idiot FleshTeen Devil
107. 1997-11-17Idiot FleshTeen Devil's
108. 1997-11-10Idiot Fleshteen Devil
109. 1997-06-16Idiot StareOranges
110. 1996-12-23DIOMr. Grinch
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