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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1301 playlist up with 54728 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2015-01-05MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2015-01-05
3. 2015-01-05God Dethroned2014The Toxic Touchmetalblade
4. 2015-01-05Gloomy GrimJanuary - Dying BreedUnder the Spell of the Unlightanticulture
5. 2015-01-05
6. 2015-01-05The OceanOne With The OceanAeolianmetalblade
7. 2015-01-05AssuckFalse DedicationNecro Salvation EP
8. 2015-01-05SlaughterDethroned EmperorVarious Artists - In Memory Of Celtic Frostdwell
9. 2015-01-05ResistanceLighteaterSol Invictus
10. 2015-01-05Lord of DepressionBlade Of The Mighty OnesVarious Artists - A Tribute To Hell
11. 2015-01-05
12. 2015-01-05Jag PanzerFuture ShockThe Fourth Judgement
13. 2015-01-05EvildeadFuture ShockAnnihilation of Civilizationspv
14. 2015-01-05Electric WizardLucifer's SlavesTime To Diespinefarm
15. 2015-01-05Modern Life is Warthe Outsiders (AKA Hell Is For Heroes Part I)Witnessdeathwishinc
16. 2015-01-05DefeaterProphet In Plain ClotheesTravelstop_shelf
17. 2015-01-05
18. 2015-01-05VulturesBlackoutLow Lifeself-released
19. 2015-01-05AganihmDoppleganger SiameseLive At WUNH - 2004-01-05wunh
20. 2015-01-05Commit SuicideIn All This RevolutionMisery Index/Commit Suicide splitwillowtip
21. 2015-01-05Fuck the FactsThis Means NothingCollection of Splits 2002-2004galy
22. 2015-01-05GreberThe SpiceKiln Hardened Psalmshandshake_inc
23. 2015-01-05TheoriesHeadless HeartlessSplit - Theories/Wakehandshake_inc
24. 2015-01-05The EndDear MartyrWithin Dividiarelapse
25. 2015-01-05SaetiaNotres Langues Nous TrompentA Retrospectivelevel_plane
26. 2015-01-05
27. 2015-01-05Manilla RoadWar In HeavenOut Of The AbyssShadow Kingdom
28. 2015-01-05Metal ChurchKiss For The DeadMasterpiecespv
29. 2015-01-05LionShout It OutDangerous Attractionscotti bros
30. 2015-01-05RiotRun For Your LifeThunder Steelcbs
31. 2015-01-05
32. 2015-01-05Black BreathBlack Sin (Spit On The Cross)Heavy Breathingsouthernlord
33. 2015-01-05RamlordFirst Breath - Last BreathStench Of Fallacyself-released
34. 2015-01-05NoctooaWinter SolsticeAdaptationpesanta_urfolk
35. 2015-01-05Celtic FrostThe Restless SeasVanity/Nemesisnoise
36. 2015-01-05
37. 2015-01-05Cult Of Fire7. खण्ड मण्ड योगमृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यiron_bonehead
38. 2015-01-05Bal-SagothSpellcraft And Moonfire (Beyond The Citadel Of Frost)A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuriacacophonous
39. 2015-01-05My Dying BrideGether Me Up ForeverTrinityfierce
40. 2015-01-05Happy DaysFor These Wounds Will Never Be As Deep As This EmptinessCause Of Death- Life
41. 2015-01-05
42. 2015-01-05ThroneumRituals In Fire And SulphurDeathcult Conspiracypagan
43. 2015-01-05Blessed OffalAn Unnatural Ending In ExcrementBlessed Offalblack_mass
44. 2015-01-05SpellcraftThe Stigma DragonYersinia Pestis
45. 2015-01-05Forest of ImpaledI Metamorphosis (Birth of the Seventh)Demonvoidred_stream
46. 2015-01-05
47. 2015-01-05XibalbaBright SunMadre Mia Gracias Por Los Diassouthernlord
48. 2015-01-05NailsScum Will RiseUnsilent Deathsouthernlord
49. 2015-01-05Final ExitJanuarySeasons Are Going And Going... And Lives Goes On
50. 2015-01-05Dread 101Vzdalene CileSplit - Dread 101/Existench
51. 2015-01-05Only Living WitnessTwitching TonguesProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
52. 2015-01-05
53. 2015-01-05Iron Maiden2 Minutes To Midnightthe Escential Iron Maidensanctuary
54. 2015-01-05
55. 2015-01-05HypocrisyBlack MetalOsculum Obscenumnuclearblast
56. 2015-01-05NatronHeads Are RollingRot Among Usmetal_age
57. 2015-01-05MotheaterOut TimeLowering The Doomplay_the_assassin
58. 2015-01-05Phoenix MourningOne January MorningWhen Excuses Become Antiquesmetalblade
59. 2015-01-05Nodes of Ranvierthe Dawning AgeThe Years To Comefacedown
60. 2015-01-05
61. 2015-01-05Swarm of the LotusSeeing TruthWhen White Becomes Blackat_a_loss
62. 2015-01-05SacrophobiaWhen Blood BoilsDead Flesh
63. 2015-01-05Cannibal CorpseButchered at BirthButchered At Birthmetalblade
64. 2015-01-05Dying FetusBorn In A Casket (Cannibal Corpse)History Repeatsrelapse
65. 2015-01-05SoulSkinnerThou Shalt DieCrypts Of Ancient Wisdomxtreem
66. 2015-01-05
67. 2015-01-05Septic FleshGeometry In StaticOphidian Wheel
68. 2015-01-05Big BlackHeartbeatThe Rich Man's Eight Track Tapetouch_and_go
69. 2015-01-05Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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