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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1362 playlist up with 56746 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2006-03-27ministrystigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2006-03-27frightmarethey were warned
3. 2006-03-27morticianhell on earthZombie Apocalypserelapse
4. 2006-03-27The Berzerkerblack heart
5. 2006-03-27burzumwar
6. 2006-03-27extolinferno
7. 2006-03-27horfixionimmaculate destruction
8. 2006-03-27carcassembodiment
9. 2006-03-27On Paths Of Torment the age of oak
10. 2006-03-27impaleddead inside
11. 2006-03-27CrowpathpigeonsmasherRed On Chromewillowtip
12. 2006-03-27benumbpath of the righteous
13. 2006-03-27exhumedall murder, all guts all fun
14. 2006-03-27dead to fallsmoke and mirrors
15. 2006-03-27bleeding throughtragedy of empty streets
16. 2006-03-27six feet underWar is Coming
17. 2006-03-27Cannibal Corpsebarbaric bludgeonings
18. 2006-03-27Decomposedanticipating death
19. 2006-03-27Fragments Of Unbecoming sterling black icon
20. 2006-03-27venomBurn In Hell
21. 2006-03-27angel blakelycanthrope
22. 2006-03-27Sadusvalley of dry bonesa Vision of Miseryracecar
23. 2006-03-27mork gryningreturn fire
24. 2006-03-27dismembertrail of the deadThe God That Never Wascandlelight
25. 2006-03-27funerotthe man with the megaton mind
26. 2006-03-27Rumpelstiltskin Grinderthe day merman met todd "the harpoon" wilson
27. 2006-03-27witcherycrossfixztion
28. 2006-03-27krisiunsuicidal savagery
29. 2006-03-27Drown Retarded ChildrendosileDemented Continuumdeath_deaf
30. 2006-03-27It Will End in Pure HorrorWill You Be Ready To Fight?
31. 2006-03-27magrudergrindorganized cell death
32. 2006-03-27Beneath the Massacreregurgitated lullaby for the born dead
33. 2006-03-27pagan wintercult of flesh
34. 2006-03-27DemiricousrepentagramOne (Hellbound)metalblade
35. 2006-03-27Through the Eyes of the Deadbeneath dying skiesBloodlustprosthetic
36. 2006-03-27indigentzost
37. 2006-03-27Cut Throatone time
38. 2006-03-27the warriorsred, black and blue
39. 2006-03-27Kill the Clientsedate youth
40. 2006-03-27the Oceankilling the flies
41. 2006-03-27machinemade godbleeding from within
42. 2006-03-27Pillorysomewhere between
43. 2006-03-27Sam Black ChurchGuardian of Hopes and Dreams
44. 2006-03-27cryptopsyopen face surgery
45. 2006-03-27Decrepit Birthrebirth of consciousnessAnd Time Beginsunique_leader
46. 2006-03-27Imapled Nazarenearmageddon death
47. 2006-03-27Old Man\'s Childfall of man
48. 2006-03-27emperorI am the black wizard live
49. 2006-03-27Grotesqueblood rains from the altar
50. 2006-03-27crowbarcoming down
51. 2006-03-27judas priestsaints in hell
52. 2006-03-27From a Second Story WindowIn a River Where You Least Expect It There Will Be Fish
53. 2006-03-27norma jeanmemphis will be laid to waste
54. 2006-03-27scattered remnantslementations of the tortured souls
55. 2006-03-27morbid angelmaze of torment
56. 2006-03-27obituaryback from the dead
57. 2006-03-27in flamesbullet ride
58. 2006-03-27sacred reichwar pigs (black sabbath)
59. 2006-03-27einsturzende neubautenein stuhl in der hoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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