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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1160 playlist up with 49506 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2018-02-26CryptopsyBorn HeadlessBlasphemy Made FleshCentury Media Records
2. 2017-08-07CryptopsySlit Your GutsWar DanceRelapse Records
3. 2017-05-22CryptopsySlit Your GutsNone So VileCentury Media Records
4. 2016-09-26CryptopsySlit Your GutsNone So VileCentury Media Records
5. 2016-09-12CryptopsyCold Hate, Warm BloodNone So LiveCentury Media Records
6. 2016-02-01CryptopsyWhite WormsWhisper SupremacyCentury Media Records
7. 2015-11-30Cryptopsy04 Framed by BloodThe Book of Suffering Tome 1Self-Released
8. 2015-10-26CryptopsyCrown of HornsNone So Vilecenturymedia
9. 2015-10-05CryptopsyShroudAnd Then You'll Begcenturymedia
10. 2015-07-13CryptopsyGraves Of The FathersNone So Vilecenturymedia
11. 2015-05-11CryptopsyWhite Worms (live)None So Livecenturymedia
12. 2015-03-16CryptopsyFlame to the SurfaceWhisper Supremacycenturymedia
13. 2015-03-02CryptopsyCold Hate, Warm BloodWhisper Supremacycenturymedia
14. 2014-06-02CryptopsyPhobophileNone So Vilecenturymedia
15. 2014-05-12CryptopsySlit Your GutsThe Best Of Us Bleedcenturymedia
16. 2013-09-02CryptopsyCrown of HornsNone So Vilecenturymedia
17. 2013-07-22CryptopsyOpen Face SurgeryBlasphemy Made Fleshcenturymedia
18. 2013-01-07CryptopsyPhobophileThe Best Of Us Bleedcenturymedia
19. 2012-12-24Cryptopsycold hate, warm blood (live)The Best Of Us Bleed
20. 2012-12-10CryptopsySwine the CrossBlasphemy Made Fleshcenturymedia
21. 2012-12-03CryptopsySlit Your GutsThe Best Of Us Bleedcenturymedia
22. 2012-09-10CryptopsyWhite WormsWhisper Supremacycenturymedia
23. 2012-08-06CryptopsyBemoan the Martyrthe Unspoken Kingcenturymedia
24. 2012-07-23CryptopsyOpen Face SurgeryBlasphemy Made Fleshcenturymedia
25. 2011-08-01CryptopsyFaceless UnknownWhisper Supremacycenturymedia
26. 2011-01-03CryptopsyPhobophileNone So Vilecenturymedia
27. 2010-11-29CryptopsyThe Curse Of The GreatOnce Was Notcenturymedia
28. 2010-06-14CryptopsyMy Prodigal SonAnd Then You'll Begcenturymedia
29. 2010-02-15CryptopsyWhite WormsWhisper Supremacycenturymedia
30. 2009-11-23CryptopsyPhobophileNone So Vilecenturymedia
31. 2009-06-08CryptopsyCrown of HornsNone So Vilecenturymedia
32. 2008-08-18CryptopsyContemplate Regicidethe Unspoken Kingcenturymedia
33. 2008-07-21CryptopsyBemoan the Martyrthe Unspoken Kingcenturymedia
34. 2008-07-14CryptopsyBound Deadthe Unspoken Kingcenturymedia
35. 2008-07-07CryptopsySilence the Tyrantsthe Unspoken Kingcenturymedia
36. 2008-06-30Cryptopsythe Plaguedthe Unspoken Kingcenturymedia
37. 2008-06-23CryptopsyAnoint the Deadthe Unspoken Kingcenturymedia
38. 2008-06-02CryptopsyMemories of BloodBlasphemy Made Fleshcenturymedia
39. 2008-04-07CryptopsyFlame to the SurfaceWhisper Supremacycenturymedia
40. 2007-09-24CryptopsyCold HateWhisper Supremacycenturymedia
41. 2007-08-27CryptopsyCrown of HornsNone So Vilecenturymedia
42. 2006-10-02cryptopsywhite worms
43. 2006-09-25cryptopsyphobophile
44. 2006-04-17cryptopsyopen face surgery
45. 2006-03-27cryptopsyopen face surgery
46. 2006-01-23cryptopsycarrionshine
47. 2005-12-26cryptopsythe pestilence that walketh in darkness (palm 91:5-8)
48. 2005-12-05cryptopsycarrionshine
49. 2005-10-24cryptopsyadeste infidelis
50. 2005-10-17cryptopsyendless cemetary
51. 2005-10-10cryptopsycarrionshine
52. 2005-10-03cryptopsyangelskingarden
53. 2005-09-26cryptopsykeeping cadaver dogs busy
54. 2005-09-19cryptopsythe knigdom where everything dies, the sky is mortal
55. 2005-02-28Cryptopsyphobophile
56. 2004-11-29cryptopsyphobophile (lve)
57. 2004-11-08cryptopsywhite worms
58. 2004-10-11cryptopsyslit your guts
59. 2004-10-04cryptopsyphobophile
60. 2004-09-13cryptopsyslit your guts
61. 2004-08-09cryptopsyfaceless unknown
62. 2004-07-12cryptopsyopen face surgery
63. 2004-05-17cryptopsyborn headless
64. 2004-05-10cryptopsyborn headless
65. 2004-02-16cryptopsyslit your guts
66. 2004-02-02Cryptopsyborn headless
67. 2003-12-22Cryptopsyshroud
68. 2003-11-24cryptopsyloathe
69. 2003-10-20cryptopsywhite worms (live)
70. 2003-10-05cryptopsydead and dripping
71. 2003-09-15cryptopsycrown of horns
72. 2003-06-03CryptopsyCrown of Horns
73. 2003-05-27CryptopsySlit your Guts
74. 2003-05-20CryptopsyWe Bleed (live)
75. 2003-05-06cryptopsyCold Hate, Warm Blood
76. 2003-04-29CryptopsyWhite Worms (live)
77. 2003-04-08CryptopsyDepths You've Fallen
78. 2003-04-01CryptopsyWhite Worms
79. 2002-10-15CryptopsyOpen Face Surgery
80. 2002-09-03CryptopsyDead and Dripping
81. 2002-07-02CryptopsyEmaciate
82. 2002-02-26CryptopsyOrgiastic Disembowlment
83. 2002-01-04CryptopsyShroud
84. 2002-01-01CryptopsyFlame to the Surface
85. 2001-11-20CryptopsyOpen Face Surgery
86. 2001-11-13CryptopsyLoathe
87. 2001-10-02CryptopsyShroud
88. 2001-06-19CryptopsyDead and Dripping
89. 2001-06-19CryptopsyFlame to the Surface
90. 2001-02-27Cryptopsy... and then it Passes
91. 2001-02-20CryptopsyEquivalent Equilibrium
92. 2001-01-23CryptopsyVoice of Unreason
93. 2001-01-09CryptopsyWe Bleed
94. 2000-12-31CryptopsyBack to the Worms
95. 2000-12-25CryptopsySoar and Evision Sore Vision
96. 2000-12-19CryptopsyMy Prodigal Son
97. 2000-12-19CryptopsyMy Prodigal Son
98. 2000-12-12CryptopsyBack to the Worms
99. 2000-12-12CryptopsyBack to the Worms
100. 2000-12-05Cryptopsyback to the worms
101. 2000-11-28Cryptopsy... and then it passed
102. 2000-08-14CryptopsyLoather
103. 2000-08-07CryptopsyDead and Dripping
104. 2000-07-31CryptopsyCrown of Horns
105. 2000-07-17CryptopsySerpent's Coil
106. 2000-07-17CryptopsySerpent's Coil
107. 2000-06-19CryptopsySwine the Cross
108. 2000-05-22CryptopsyPhobophile
109. 2000-04-03CryptopsyOpen Face Surgery
110. 2000-03-20CryptopsySwine the Cross
111. 2000-03-06CryptopsyWhite Worms
112. 2000-01-03CryptopsyBorn Headless
113. 1999-12-20CryptopsyDepths you've fallen
114. 1999-11-08CryptopsyFaceless Unknown
115. 1999-10-11CryptopsyDead and Dripping
116. 1999-09-13CryptopsySlit your guts
117. 1999-08-30CryptopsyDefenstration
118. 1999-08-16CryptopsyDefentration
119. 1999-07-05CryptopsySlit your Guts
120. 1999-03-22CryptopsySlit Your Guts
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