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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1310 playlist up with 55024 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-05-22EXHUMEDSickenedNecrocracyRelapse Records
2. 2023-03-06ExhumedCasket KrusherGore MetalRelapse Records
3. 2022-08-15ExhumedSlave to the CasketSlaughtercultRelapse Records
4. 2022-06-27ExhumedDead AgainTotally Fucking Dead & Sterility (Split)
5. 2022-05-09ExhumedUnder the KnifeAnatomy Is DestinyRelapse Records
6. 2022-01-24ExhumedIn the Mouth of HellHorrorRelapse Records
7. 2022-01-10ExhumedNaked, Screaming, and Covered in BloodHorrorRelapse Records
8. 2021-06-14ExhumedTrapped Under IceGarbage Daze Re-RegurgitatedParasitic Twin Records
9. 2020-12-14ExhumedNo Presents for ChristmasPlatters of Splatter, Disc 1Relapse Records
10. 2020-02-17ExhumedYour Funeral, My FeastAll Guts, No Glory
11. 2019-10-07ExhumedSlaughter ManiacHorrorRelapse Records
12. 2019-09-30ExhumedThe Red DeathHorrorRelapse Records
13. 2018-12-24ExhumedNo Presents for ChristmasPlatters of Splatter, Disc 1Relapse Records
14. 2017-12-18ExhumedNo Presents for ChristmasPlatters of Splatter, Disc 1Relapse Records
15. 2017-10-16ExhumedLifelessDeath RevengeRelapse Records
16. 2017-05-22ExhumedThe Matter of SplatterAnatomy Is DestinyRelapse Records
17. 2017-01-02ExhumedConsumer Of Consumed11 Years Of Obscene ExistenceObscene Productions
18. 2016-09-19ExhumedGrotesque Putrified BrainsPlatters of Splatter, Disc 2Relapse Records
19. 2016-08-29ExhumedThe GhoulGarbage Daze Re-RegurgitatedParasitic Twin Records
20. 2016-07-25ExhumedAll Guts, No GloryAll Guts, No Gloryrelapse
21. 2015-10-12ExhumedDead To The Worldsplit - Exhumed/Iron Reagan
22. 2015-08-10ExhumedIn The Name Of GoreAnatomy is Destinyrelapse
23. 2015-07-13ExhumedThis axe was made to GrindSlaughtercultrelapse
24. 2015-03-30ExhumedHorrendous Member DismembermentPlatteres Of Splatterrelapse
25. 2015-02-23ExhumedLimb from LimbGore Metal: A Necrospectiverelapse
26. 2015-02-09ExhumedSepulchral SlaughterGore Metal: A Necrospectiverelapse
27. 2015-01-19ExhumedDinner Time in the MorgueSlaughtercultrelapse
28. 2014-11-24ExhumedQuagmire Of FleshPlatteres Of Splatterrelapse
29. 2013-12-23ExhumedNo Presents for ChristmasPlatteres Of Splatterrelapse
30. 2013-12-09ExhumedNo Presents for ChristmasPlatteres Of Splatterrelapse
31. 2013-11-25ExhumedDysmorphicNecrocracyrelapse
32. 2013-11-18ExhumedForged in Fire (Formed in Flame)Slaughtercultrelapse
33. 2013-09-09Exhumed(So Passes) The Glory Of DeathNecrocracyrelapse
34. 2013-09-02ExhumedDysmorphicNecrocracyrelapse
35. 2013-04-15Exhumedall murder, all guts all funGarage Daze Re-Regurgitatedparasitic_twin
36. 2013-01-28Exhumed DayPostmortenThe Beauty Of Putrefactionxtreem
37. 2012-06-04ExhumedAll Guts, No GloryAll Guts, No Gloryrelapse
38. 2012-04-16ExhumedThrough Cadaver EyesAll Guts, No Gloryrelapse
39. 2012-01-30ExhumedConsomer Of ConsumedVarious Artist - 11 Years Of Obsceneobscene
40. 2011-11-07ExhumedConsuming ImpulseAnatomy is Destinyrelapse
41. 2011-10-31ExhumedThe Ghoul (Pentagram Cover)Garage Daze Re-Regurgitated
42. 2011-09-12ExhumedIn The Name Of GoreAnatomy is Destinyrelapse
43. 2011-08-15ExhumedCasketkrusherGore Metalrelapse
44. 2011-06-20ExhumedVagatarianPlatteres Of Splatterrelapse
45. 2011-04-11ExhumedThe Matter Of SplatterAnatomy is Destinyrelapse
46. 2011-02-28ExhumedSlave to the CasketSlaughtercultrelapse
47. 2011-01-31ExhumedOpen the AbscessGore Metalrelapse
48. 2009-08-31ExhumedLimb from LimbGore Metalrelapse
49. 2009-04-13ExhumedOpen the AbscessGore Metalrelapse
50. 2008-12-22ExhumedDrop Dead (siege cover)Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated
51. 2008-07-21Exhumedin the Name of GoreAnatomy is Destinyrelapse
52. 2008-03-03ExhumedSlaughtercultSlaughtercultrelapse
53. 2008-01-28ExhumedCarnal EpitaphSlaughtercultrelapse
54. 2007-12-10Exhumeddrop dead (siege cover)Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitatedparasitic_twin
55. 2007-08-06ExhumedLimb from LimbSlaughtercultrelapse
56. 2007-04-09exhumedpostmortum procedures
57. 2006-12-25exhumedin my human slaughter house
58. 2006-10-30exhumedall murder, all guts, all fun
59. 2006-10-02exhumedConsomer Of Consumed
60. 2006-06-12exhumedtors0
61. 2006-06-05exhumedmasochitic copromania
62. 2006-05-29exhumedblazing corpse
63. 2006-04-17exhumedpay to die (masters)
64. 2006-04-03exhumeduniforned (unseen terror)
65. 2006-03-27exhumedall murder, all guts all fun
66. 2006-03-20exhumedthe ghoul (pentagram)
67. 2006-03-13exhumeddrop dead (siege cover)
68. 2006-03-06exhumedthe ghoul (pentagram)
69. 2006-02-13Exhumednecrovoyuer
70. 2006-01-09exhumedthe naked and the dead
71. 2005-11-21exhumedlimb from limbSlaughtercultrelapse
72. 2005-10-03exhumedsodomy and lust
73. 2005-08-29exhumedcover #3
74. 2005-08-22exhumednecro-voyuer
75. 2005-08-08exhumedlimb from limbSlaughtercultrelapse
76. 2005-02-07exhumednecrovoyer
77. 2005-01-10exhumedvagatarianSlaughtercultrelapse
78. 2005-01-01exhumednecro-voyuer
79. 2004-12-20exhumedpuke of the dead
80. 2004-12-13exhumedmasterpieces
81. 2004-12-06exhumedpus grinder
82. 2004-11-22exhumeddead again
83. 2004-11-08exhumedsex, drinks, and metal
84. 2004-10-25exhumedmasterpiece
85. 2004-10-18exhumednecro-voyuer
86. 2004-10-11exhumeddeath metal
87. 2004-10-04exhumednecro-voyeur
88. 2004-04-19exhumedthis ax was made to grind
89. 2004-04-05exhumedthe matter of splatter
90. 2004-03-22exhumedcasket krusher
91. 2004-03-08exhumedwaxworks
92. 2004-02-09exhumedwaxwork
93. 2004-01-05exhumedforged in fire (formed in flame)
94. 2003-12-22exhumedCasketkrusher
95. 2003-11-17exhumedmatter of splatter
96. 2003-11-10exhumedsodomy & lust
97. 2003-10-20exhumedin the name of Gore
98. 2003-10-13exhumedIn The Name Of Gore
99. 2003-10-05exhumedthe matter of splatter
100. 2003-09-29exhumedunder the knife
101. 2003-09-22exhumedace of spades
102. 2003-09-15exhumedthe matter of splatter
103. 2003-09-09exhumeddeath walks behind you
104. 2003-09-02ExhumedConsuming Impulse
105. 2003-08-26exhumedin the name of gore
106. 2003-08-19ExhumedGrotesquries
107. 2003-08-12Exhumedconsuming impulse
108. 2003-08-05ExhumedWaxwork
109. 2003-07-29exhumedthe matter of splatter
110. 2002-09-03ExhumedCarnal Epitaph
111. 2002-05-28ExhumedThis axe was made to Grind
112. 2002-02-19ExhumedSlave to the Casket
113. 2001-12-25ExhumedDecrepit Crecendo
114. 2001-12-18ExhumedVagitarian II
115. 2001-10-30ExhumedDecrepit Cresendo
116. 2001-10-30ExhumedDecrepit Cresendo
117. 2001-09-04Exhumedvacant grave
118. 2001-09-04Exhumedvacant grave
119. 2001-06-26ExhumedDecrepidit Crecendo
120. 2001-03-27ExhumedOpen the Abcess
121. 2001-02-20Exhumedforge in Fire (Formed in Flame)
122. 2000-10-24Exhumed MalignancyInfester
123. 2000-10-24Exhumed MalignancyInfester
124. 2000-10-10ExhumedVacant Grave
125. 2000-10-10ExhumedVacant Grave
126. 2000-10-03ExhumedSlave to the Casket
127. 2000-09-25ExhumedDinner Time in the Morgue
128. 2000-09-18ExhumedFester Forever
129. 2000-09-12ExhumedDinnettime in the Morgue
130. 2000-08-28ExhumedDeep Red
131. 2000-08-21ExhumedDecrepit Cresendo
132. 2000-07-17Exhumedtrack
133. 2000-07-17Exhumedtrack
134. 2000-07-10ExhumedLimb from LimbSlaughtercultrelapse
135. 2000-04-03ExhumedOpen the Abscess
136. 1999-11-08ExhumedLimb from LimbSlaughtercultrelapse
137. 1999-11-01ExhumedOpen the Abscess
138. 1999-10-25ExhumedVagitatian II
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