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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1370 playlist up with 57009 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2009-10-05MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2009-10-05
3. 2009-10-05DoomridersCome AliveDarkness Comes Alivedeathwishinc
4. 2009-10-05MegadethParanoidHidden Treasurescapitol
5. 2009-10-05RavageThe ShredderThe End of Tomorrowmetalblade
6. 2009-10-05Everytime I DieMarvelous SlutNew Junk Aestheticepitaph
7. 2009-10-05The Dillinger Escape PlanSandbox MagicianUnder the Running Boardsrelapse
8. 2009-10-05
9. 2009-10-05AugurySimian CattleFragmentary Evidencenuclearblast
10. 2009-10-05Dying FetusConceived Into EnslavementDecend Into Depravityrelapse
11. 2009-10-05Enter SelfMandatory SuicideVarious Artist - Gateway to Hell 2dwell
12. 2009-10-05Black AnvilRelease the KrakenTime Insults the Mindrelapse
13. 2009-10-05
14. 2009-10-05Drown Retarded ChildrenMalefactor's MorphDemented Continuumdeath_deaf
15. 2009-10-05Animals Killing PeopleKentucky Friend KillingKentucky Fried Killingsevared
16. 2009-10-05ShockwaveThe Key to Vector Sigma (pt 1)the Ultimate DoomTriple Crown
17. 2009-10-05Shallows and FlatsEpiloguesingleself-released
18. 2009-10-05
19. 2009-10-05Death Before DishonorCoffin NailBetter Ways to Diebridge9
20. 2009-10-05Trap themInsomniawesomeSleepwell Deconstructortrash_art
21. 2009-10-05
22. 2009-10-05Candy Striper Death OrgyApocalyptic DreamsNitromethanescreaming_ferret
23. 2009-10-05WatchfireMaelstromTwo Years in the Valleyself-released
24. 2009-10-05PrimordialThe Burning SeasonA Journey's Endmetalblade
25. 2009-10-05
26. 2009-10-05Despised IconMVPDay Of Mourningcenturymedia
27. 2009-10-05Austrian Death MachineHey Cookie Monster, Nothing is As BrutalDouble Brutalmetalblade
28. 2009-10-05Iron AgeArcana pt IIThe Sleeping Eyetee_pee
29. 2009-10-05There Were WiresWalkingself-titled
30. 2009-10-05Virulent BlessingCarnal Mind...As Creativity Turns into Lunacysoulflesh_collector
31. 2009-10-05the Black Dahlia MurderWhen the last Grave has EmptiedUnhallowedmetalblade
32. 2009-10-05
33. 2009-10-05Mind EraserTime Served (And What You Leave)Glacial Reignpainkiller
34. 2009-10-05Flesh ParadeMonsieur LebeauxKill Whiteyrelapse
35. 2009-10-05Coke BustLine in the SandDemoself-released
36. 2009-10-05Ramming SpeedNo HopeAlways Disgusted Never Surprisedpunks_before_profits
37. 2009-10-05Sacred ReichBreak ThroughHealmetalblade
38. 2009-10-05
39. 2009-10-05RevocationRe-AnimaniacExistence Is Futilerelapse
40. 2009-10-05SwashbuckleScurvy BackBack To The Noosenuclearblast
41. 2009-10-05DethklokThe Gearsthe Dethalbum IIadult_swim
42. 2009-10-05
43. 2009-10-05the_NetworkYour Own Personal Time BombBishop Kent Manningblackmarket_activities
44. 2009-10-05PathogenVultures Of WarBlasphemous Communionold_cemetery
45. 2009-10-05The Gates of SlumberDeath DealerHymms Of Blood And Thundermetalblade
46. 2009-10-053 Inches of BloodRock in HellHere Waits Thy Doomcenturymedia
47. 2009-10-05
48. 2009-10-05November's DoomInto Night's Requiem InfernalInto Night's Requiem Infernalend
49. 2009-10-05Man Must DieIt Comes In Threesno Tolerance For Imperfectionrelapse
50. 2009-10-05PyemiaSugar Spiced AnusCerebral Cereal
51. 2009-10-05The Miles BetweenDeath and Its KingdomDeceivermediaskare
52. 2009-10-05
53. 2009-10-05Armed For The ApocalypseThe Demon Who Makes Trophies Of MenDefeatmetalblade
54. 2009-10-05Into the MoatFrom 1000 Meters...The Campaignmetalblade
55. 2009-10-05CableGulf Of TexacoThe Failed Convictend
56. 2009-10-05HowlKings That Stealself-titledrelapse
57. 2009-10-05Swarm of the LotusCommitted to AshWhen White Becomes Blackat_a_loss
58. 2009-10-05Burnt By The SunThe Wolves Are RunningHeart Of Darknessrelapse
59. 2009-10-05ConvergeYou Fail meYou Fail meepitaph
60. 2009-10-05BaronessThe BirthingRed Albumrelapse
61. 2009-10-05Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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