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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1311 playlist up with 55059 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-11-11GargoyleThe Burningsinglenew_renaissance
2. 2019-11-04DefeaterWhere Eagles DareHalloween Single
3. 2018-10-29DefeaterWhere Eagles DareHalloween Single
4. 2018-10-15PyrithionThe Invention of HatredThe Burden of Sorrow - SingleMetal Blade
5. 2017-10-30DefeaterWhere Eagles DareHalloween Single
6. 2017-04-24Nuclear AssaultMothers DayCritical Mass Singlein_effect
7. 2017-01-02Hear'n AidsStarsStars Singlemercury
8. 2016-12-12Amon AmarthViking ChristmasViking Christmas Single
9. 2016-11-07WarlockKiss OF DeathMaxi-SingleVertigo
10. 2016-04-18VoivodAstronomy DomineAstronomy Domine singlemca
11. 2014-11-24Aus RottenApatheticNot A Single Fucking Hit Discography
12. 2014-06-30BiohazardHow Is ItHow Is It (single)
13. 2014-06-16The MisfitsNight Of The Living DeadBeware - The Complete Singles '77-'82
14. 2014-06-02Suicidal TendenciesLovelyLovely (Single)domino
15. 2013-11-25PagenintynineA Classic Case Of...Singlesreptilian
16. 2013-10-07Type O NegativeSeptember Sun (Radio Edit)Radio singleroadrunner
17. 2013-09-23Type O NegativeSeptember Sun (Radio Edit)Radio singleroadrunner
18. 2013-08-26VoivodAstronomy DomineAstronomy Domine singlemca
19. 2013-07-15VoivodAstronomy DomineAstronomy Domine singlemca
20. 2013-04-29AnthraxIndiansIndians Singleisland
21. 2013-04-22ObsessionMarshall LawMarshall Law - singlemetalblade
22. 2013-04-15VoivodAstronomy DomineAstronomy Domine singlemca
23. 2013-04-08PyrithionRest In The Arms Of Paralyzed BeastThe Burden Of Sorrow - Singlemetalblade
24. 2013-03-18VoivodAstronomy DomineAstronomy Domine singlemca
25. 2013-02-18VoivodAstronomy DomineAstronomy Domine singlemca
26. 2013-02-04VoivodAstronomy DomineAstronomy Domine singlemca
27. 2012-09-24OverkillEliminationElimination singlemegaforce
28. 2012-08-27Type O NegativeSeptember Sun (Radio Edit)Radio singlespv
29. 2012-07-23Judas PriestBlood StainedJugulator singlecmc_international
30. 2012-04-23OverkillEliminationElimination singlemegaforce
31. 2012-02-13Page99the sobering moment of one violinSingleslevel_plane
32. 2011-12-05MotorheadEagle RockNo Voices In The Sky singleWTB
33. 2011-10-03Cyclone TempleWords Are Just WordsWords Are Just Words singlecombat
34. 2011-09-19PagenintynineMy Application To HeavenSinglesreptilian
35. 2011-09-05AnthraxIndiansIndians Singleisland
36. 2011-05-30Napalm DeathMore Than Meets The EyeMore Than Meets The Eye singleearache
37. 2011-05-09HungDesert of Sadsingleself-released
38. 2011-05-02Jacks Broken JawThe Wolves Of Callasingleself-released
39. 2011-04-25WarlockKiss OF DeathMaxi-Singlemercury
40. 2011-04-18Iron MaidenComing HomeComing Home singleuniveral
41. 2011-03-28Laaz RockitHoliday In CambodiaHoliday In Cambodia (single)relentless
42. 2011-01-31EntombedBlack BreathContempt singleearache
43. 2010-12-06AnthraxIndiansIndians Singleisland
44. 2010-11-22ExodusFree For All (ted nugent cover)Objection Overruled - Singlecapitol
45. 2010-11-08Type O NegativeSeptember Sun (Radio Edit)Radio singlespv
46. 2010-10-18Corrosion of ConformityAlbatrosssingle - Albatrosscolumbia
47. 2010-09-20The SwordTres BrujasTres Brujas (single)kemado
48. 2010-08-30VoivodAstronomy DomineAstronomy Domine singlemca
49. 2010-05-17AnthraxI am the LawI am the Law singleisland
50. 2010-03-22VoivodAstronomy DomineAstronomy Domine singlemca
51. 2010-03-22Astronomy Domine single
52. 2010-03-01Stuck MojoRising (live)Reborn singlecenturymedia
53. 2010-01-25CrucifixionMoon RisingCrucifixion Singles
54. 2009-10-05Shallows and FlatsEpiloguesingleself-released
55. 2009-08-17Porcupine TreeTime FliesTime Flies (single)roadrunner
56. 2009-04-20pagenintynineYou and Your Lumbering Body of DeathSinglesreptilian
57. 2008-12-29Doggfight USWake Up!singleself-released
58. 2008-09-22What Lies Beneath the TidesBallssingleself-released
59. 2008-09-01CompostedPhallus Palacesingleself-released
60. 2008-08-25CompostedPhallus Palacesingleself-released
61. 2008-07-14single
62. 2008-07-14Shallows and FlatsCorruptsingleself-released
63. 2008-07-07All Hope Is Gonetracksingle
64. 2008-06-09Iced EarthI Walk AloneI Walk Among You - singlespv
65. 2008-05-05Judas PriestNostrodamusVisions Singleepic
66. 2008-05-05HungDesert of Sadsingleself-released
67. 2008-04-07Corrosion of ConformityAlbatrosssingle - Albatrosscolumbia
68. 2008-03-10Cannibal CorpseHammer Smash Face (single)Hammer Smash Face (single)metalblade
69. 2008-03-10In Flamesthe Mirror's Truththe Mirror's Truth (single)koch
70. 2008-02-04AtrocityRelaxSmalltown Boy/Relax singlenapalm
71. 2008-02-04Type O NegativeSeptember Sun (Radio Edit)Radio singlespv
72. 2007-08-27Iced EarthTen Thousand Strong (and grooowing)singlespv
73. 2007-07-30As I Lay DyingWithin DestructionAn Ocean Between Us (radio single)metalblade
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