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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1349 playlist up with 56325 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2024-01-29Immortal SufferingFrenzied HallucinationsExtreme TortureSevared Records
2. 2024-01-15ImmortalMountains of MightBlizzard Beasts
3. 2023-10-09Immortal Guardian5. Immortal Guardian - Divided we FallUnite and Conquer - Out Oct 27thM-Theory Audio
4. 2023-10-02ImmortalWargodWar Against AllNuclear Blast Records
5. 2023-09-18ImmortalReturn To ColdWar Against AllNuclear Blast Records
6. 2023-09-04Immortal RottinDemonic Revulsion On The AltarDevilish Incantations
7. 2022-12-26ImmortalMountains of MightBlizzard Beasts
8. 2022-06-20ImmortalSolarfallAt The Heart Of Winter
9. 2021-12-20ImmortalMoonrise Fields Of SorrowBattles In The North
10. 2021-06-21ImmortalUnholy Forces of EvilTrue Kings of Norway
11. 2021-06-07ImmortalGates To BlashyrkhNorthern Chaos GodsNuclear Blast Records
12. 2021-03-01ImmortalThrough The Halls Of EternityBattles In The North
13. 2020-12-07ImmortalMountains of MightBlizzard Beasts
14. 2020-07-13ImmortalUnholy Forces Of EvilBattles In The North
15. 2019-12-02ImmortalWinter of the AgesBlizzard Beasts
16. 2019-04-22ImmortalThe Cold Winds Of Funeral FrostBattles In The North
17. 2019-02-18Immortal SufferingDawn of the DeadInsatanity & Immortal Suffering split CD
18. 2019-01-28ImmortalAgainst the Tide (In the Arctic World)Damned in BlackOsmose Productions
19. 2019-01-21ImmortalMountains of MightBlizzard Beasts
20. 2018-12-10ImmortalWrath from AboveDamned in BlackOsmose Productions
21. 2018-08-20ImmortalGrim And DarkNorthern Chaos GodsNuclear Blast Records
22. 2018-07-16ImmortalWhere Mountains RiseNorthern Chaos GodsNuclear Blast Records
23. 2018-07-09ImmortalCalled To IceNorthern Chaos GodsNuclear Blast Records
24. 2018-07-02ImmortalCryptic WinterstormsDiabolical Fullmoon Mysticism
25. 2018-03-12ImmortalMountains of MightBlizzard Beasts
26. 2018-03-05ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
27. 2018-01-08ImmortalTragedies Blows At HorizonAt The Heart Of WinterOsmose Productions
28. 2017-08-21Immortal SufferingEntangled Upon LiesInsatanity & Immortal Suffering split CD
29. 2017-05-15ImmortalUnholy Forces Of EvilDiabolical Fullmoon Mysticism
30. 2017-03-13ImmortalUnsilent Storms In The North AbyssPure Holocaust
31. 2017-03-06ImmortalThe Darkness That Embrace MeDamned in BlackOsmose Productions
32. 2017-02-13ImmortalNebular Ravens WinterBlizzard Beasts
33. 2016-12-12ImmortalAt The Heart Of WinterAt The Heart Of Winter
34. 2016-08-08ImmortalIn My Kingdom ColdSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
35. 2016-04-04ImmortalStorming Through Red Clouds And HolocaustwindsPure Holocaust
36. 2016-02-01ImmortalThe Call Of The WintermoonDiabolical Fullmoon Mysticism
37. 2015-04-13ImmortalGrim And Frostbitten KingdomsBattles in the Northosmose
38. 2015-02-02ImmortalBlizzard BeastsBlizzard Beastsosmose
39. 2015-01-26ImmortalFrostdemonstormBlizzard Beastsosmose
40. 2015-01-12ImmortalAt The Heart Of WinterAt The Heart Of Winterosmose
41. 2014-11-17ImmortalStorming Through Red Clouds And HolocaustwindsPure Holocaust
42. 2014-11-03ImmortalUnsilent Storms In The North AbyssPure Holocaust
43. 2014-09-15ImmortalSons of Northern DarknessSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
44. 2014-06-30ImmortalBeyond The North WavesSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
45. 2014-03-17ImmortalYears Of Silent SorrowAt The Heart Of Winterosmose
46. 2013-12-16ImmortalAntarcticaSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
47. 2013-11-04ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
48. 2013-08-19ImmortalWhere Dark And Light Don't DifferAt The Heart Of Winterosmose
49. 2013-07-08ImmortalWithstand The Fall Of TimeAt The Heart Of Winterosmose
50. 2013-01-21ImmortalSolarfallAt The Heart Of Winterosmose
51. 2012-10-29ImmortalThroned By BlackstormsBattles in the Northosmose
52. 2012-06-25ImmortalWinter Of The AgesBlizzard Beastsosmose
53. 2012-05-21ImmortalSolarfallAt The Heart Of Winter
54. 2012-02-06ImmortalSun That Sank BelowBlizzard Beastsosmose
55. 2011-11-28ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
56. 2011-07-18ImmortalDamned In BlackDamned In Blackosmose
57. 2011-05-23ImmortalIn My Kingdom ColdSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
58. 2011-02-07ImmortalMountainst Of MightBlizzard Beastsosmose
59. 2010-12-27ImmortalAt The Stormy Gates Of MistBattles in the Northosmose
60. 2010-09-06ImmortalUnholy Forces Of EvilBattles in the Northosmose
61. 2010-08-09ImmortalEnslaved To RotSuffacate
62. 2009-12-21ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
63. 2009-12-07ImmortalMount NorthAll Shall Fallnuclearblast
64. 2009-11-30ImmortalNorden On FireAll Shall Fallnuclearblast
65. 2009-11-23ImmortalAll Shall FallAll Shall Fallnuclearblast
66. 2009-11-16ImmortalThe Rise of DarknessAll Shall Fallnuclearblast
67. 2009-11-09ImmortalMount NorthAll Shall Fallnuclearblast
68. 2009-10-26ImmortalHordes To WarAll Shall Fallnuclearblast
69. 2009-06-29Immortalthe Darkness that Embraced MeBattles in the Northnuclearblast
70. 2009-06-01ImmortalIn My Kingdom ColdSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
71. 2008-12-15ImmortalIn My Kingdom ColdSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
72. 2008-11-10ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
73. 2008-01-14ImmortalAntarcticaSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
74. 2007-12-24ImmortalThrough the Halls of EternityBattles in the Northnuclearblast
75. 2007-08-27ImmortalFrostdemonstormSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
76. 2007-07-16ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
77. 2007-07-09ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
78. 2007-04-09ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
79. 2007-03-12ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
80. 2007-01-01immortalcursed realms of winter demons
81. 2006-11-06immortalfrostdemonstar
82. 2006-10-02immortalsons of northern darkness
83. 2006-06-19immortalone by one
84. 2005-12-19immortaltriumph
85. 2005-11-21immortalsons of northern darkness
86. 2005-10-17immortalIn My Kingdom Cold
87. 2005-09-26immortalDamned in Black
88. 2004-07-26immortalwithin the dark mind
89. 2004-07-12immortalthe darkness that embrace me
90. 2004-05-03immortal soulsyou
91. 2004-04-19immortal soulsuicidalive
92. 2004-04-12immortal soulscold streets
93. 2004-04-05immortal soulswelcome to the north
94. 2004-03-29immortal souleverwinter
95. 2002-09-03ImmortalDamned in Black
96. 2002-06-04ImmortalFrostdemonstorm
97. 2002-05-28ImmortalDominium
98. 2002-05-21ImmortalOn by One
99. 2002-04-30ImmortalAntarticaSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
100. 2002-03-26ImmortalOne by One
101. 2002-03-19ImmortalAntarticaSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
102. 2002-03-12ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
103. 2002-03-05ImmortalAntarticaSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
104. 2002-03-05ImmortalAntarticaSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
105. 2001-06-19ImmortalIn our Mystic Visions Blest
106. 2000-10-31ImmortalFrostdemonstorm
107. 2000-10-31ImmortalFrostdemonstorm
108. 2000-08-21ImmortalWrather from Above
109. 2000-06-05ImmortalTriumph
110. 2000-05-29Immortalthe Darkness that Embraced Me
111. 2000-05-22ImmortalAgainst the Tide
112. 2000-05-15ImmortalDamned in Black
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