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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1370 playlist up with 57009 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-07-13MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
2. 2020-07-13
3. 2020-07-13TOXODEATH04 Visit Of The DeadMysteries
4. 2020-07-13ObituaryTurned Inside OutCause Of Death [CD]Roadrunner (Warner)
5. 2020-07-13MIDNIGHTCrushed By DemonsSweet Death and EcstasyHells Headbangers Records
6. 2020-07-13WitheredDrawn Black Drapes...Folie CirculaireProsthetic/Red
7. 2020-07-13
8. 2020-07-13Triumvir Foul06 Endless Spiritual ViolenceTriumvir Foul LPBlood Harvest Records
9. 2020-07-13Annotations of An AutopsyBone CrownThe Reign of Darkness
10. 2020-07-13Suffering Hour03 Devouring Shapeless VoidIn Passing Ascension CD/LPBlood Harvest Records
11. 2020-07-13Cemetery Fog4 Shadow of Her TombTowards the Gates 12" MLPIron Bonehead Productions
12. 2020-07-13
13. 2020-07-13ROTTING CHRIST3 The Call Of The AethyrLucifer Over AthensSeason of Mist
14. 2020-07-13Intense Hammer RageHuman PieDevoGrindPornGoreCoreaphile
15. 2020-07-13Thy Art Is MurderParasitic AutopsyInfinite Death
16. 2020-07-13XibalbaMadre MiaMadre Mia Gracias Por Los DiasSouthern Lord
17. 2020-07-13
18. 2020-07-13DRACONIS03 - Inner QuestAnthems for an eternal BattleBrutal Records
19. 2020-07-13Grim FatePerpetual AnguishPerished in TormentXtreem Music
20. 2020-07-13AnkharaEn la OscuridadSinergiaFighter Records
21. 2020-07-13SlowburnRock'n'Roll RatsRock'n'Roll RatsFighter Records
22. 2020-07-13
23. 2020-07-13Unbounded TerrorSilent SoulFaith in ChaosXtreem Music
24. 2020-07-13HelrunarTotentanzNiederkunfftProphecy Productions
25. 2020-07-13Buried Realm04 - Scales of Queen DragonEmbodiment of The Divine - Out July 24thSelf-Released
26. 2020-07-13
27. 2020-07-13PossessionSeer's Vision [Demo '93]Disentombed Manifestations [CD2]Xtreem Music
28. 2020-07-13DaemoniacDwellers of ApocalypseDwellers of ApocalypseXtreem Music
29. 2020-07-13HolycideNuclear FalloutFist to FaceXtreem Music
30. 2020-07-13Les DiscretsLes Feuilles de l'OlivierLive At RoadburnProphecy Productions
31. 2020-07-13
32. 2020-07-13PathogenEternal RecurrenceBlasphemous Communion
33. 2020-07-13AgathodaimonA Death In Its Plenitude1999-Higher Art Of Rebellion
34. 2020-07-13SacrocurseSepulchral DesolationUnholier Master LP (Europe/UK)Iron Bonehead Productions
35. 2020-07-13BarathrumDeep from the DepthsHailstormNazgul's Eyrie Productions
36. 2020-07-13
37. 2020-07-13Athanatos (Chile)3 Per Vas NefandumUnholy Union TAPEIron Bonehead Productions
38. 2020-07-13NeurosisLife On Your KneesPain of Mind
39. 2020-07-13ThyraneIn the Shape of a DemonSymphonies of InfernalityWoodcut Records
40. 2020-07-13Of Fallen CrossesFrom Highest MountainDismantling Her Six Arms
41. 2020-07-13
42. 2020-07-13Northern TerrorBlacker Than BlackBlacker Than Black
43. 2020-07-13INFERA BRUOShroud EnigmaCerementProsthetic Records
44. 2020-07-13Death AngelAbsence Of LightRelentless RetributionNuclear Blast GmbH
45. 2020-07-13KampfarOphidianOfidiands ManifestIndie Recordings
46. 2020-07-13
47. 2020-07-13Doomed and Disgusting06 Murder in the DarkSatan's Nightmare LPNuclear War Now! Productions
48. 2020-07-13ImmortalUnholy Forces Of EvilBattles In The North
49. 2020-07-13GorgorothForces of Satan StormsTwilight of the Idols (In Conspiricy With Satan)Nuclear Blast Records
50. 2020-07-13
51. 2020-07-13Lethal PresenceFind the witchUnholy Alliance demo 1986
52. 2020-07-13Virgin SteeleLife Of CrimeGuardians Of The Flame
53. 2020-07-13WitchfyndeIn the StarsStagefrightLemon
54. 2020-07-13XcelI'll Make It SomedayDeliver This Dream
55. 2020-07-13
56. 2020-07-13StampedeThere and BackThe Official Bootleg
57. 2020-07-13ThunderheadOpen All NightBehind The Eight-Ball
58. 2020-07-13RiotLoved By YouRestless Breed [ReIssue 1999]
59. 2020-07-13Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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