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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1348 playlist up with 56301 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-11-27ObituaryMy Will To LiveDying of EverythingRelapse Records
2. 2023-07-03ObituaryChopped In HalfCause Of Death [CD]Roadrunner (Warner)
3. 2023-04-17ObituaryWeaponize The HateDying of EverythingRelapse Records
4. 2023-01-16ObituaryWithout A ConscienceDying of EverythingRelapse Records
5. 2022-10-10ObituaryIntoxicatedSlowly We Rot
6. 2022-08-08ObituaryChopped in HalfCause of DeathRoadrunner Records
7. 2022-01-31ObituaryImmortal VisionsSlowly We Rot [CD]
8. 2021-10-04ObituaryParalyzingWorld Demise
9. 2021-07-26ObituaryThreatening SkiesBack From The Dead [CD]Roadrunner UK
10. 2021-05-10ObituaryGates To HellSlowly We Rot
11. 2020-07-13ObituaryTurned Inside OutCause Of Death [CD]Roadrunner (Warner)
12. 2019-06-10ObituaryCause of DeathCause of DeathRoadrunner Records
13. 2019-04-15ObituaryInternal BleedingSlowly We Rotroadracer
14. 2019-03-11ObituaryMemories RemainCause of DeathRoadrunner Records
15. 2019-01-28ObituaryBody BagCause of DeathRoadrunner Records
16. 2018-10-15ObituarySplatteredWorld DemiseRoadrunner Records
17. 2018-09-24ObituarySeal Your FateXecutioner's Return
18. 2018-06-18ObituaryBurned InWorld Demiseroadrunner
19. 2018-05-14ObituaryInfectedCause of DeathRoadrunner Records
20. 2018-03-05ObituaryCircle Of The TyrantsCause Of Death [CD]Roadrunner Records
21. 2017-07-03ObituaryBraveObituaryRelapse Records
22. 2017-05-01ObituaryTurned To StoneObituaryRelapse Records
23. 2017-04-24ObituaryInternal BleedingSlowly We Rotroadracer
24. 2017-04-10ObituaryIt LivesObituaryRelapse Records
25. 2017-04-03ObituaryLesson In VengeanceObituaryRelapse Records
26. 2017-03-13ObituaryKneel Before MeObituaryRelapse Records
27. 2016-10-17OBITUARYTen Thousand Ways To DieTen Thousand Ways To DieRelapse Records
28. 2016-06-20ObituaryChopped in HalfCause of DeathRoadrunner Records
29. 2016-05-02ObituaryChopped in HalfCause of DeathRoadrunner Records
30. 2016-03-14ObituaryThe End CompleteThe End CompleteRoadrunner Records
31. 2016-02-22OBITUARYVisions In My HeadInked In BloodRelapse Records
32. 2015-12-14ObituaryCause of DeathAnthologyRoadrunner Records
33. 2015-07-20ObituaryChopped in HalfAnthologyroadrunner
34. 2014-11-03ObituaryViolent By NatureInked In Bloodrelapse
35. 2014-08-11ObituaryCause Of DeathAnthologyroadrunner
36. 2013-07-08ObituaryFinal ThoughtsAnthologyroadrunner
37. 2013-06-03ObituaryCircle Of The TyrantsCause Of Deathroadrunner
38. 2013-01-28ObituaryCause Of DeathAnthologyracecar
39. 2012-12-03ObituaryCause Of DeathAnthologyroadrunner
40. 2012-09-24ObituaryStinkpussSlowly We Rotroadracer
41. 2012-09-03ObituarySlowly We RotSlowly We Rotroadracer
42. 2012-05-28ObituaryCircle Of Tyrants
43. 2012-01-02ObituaryParalyzingWorld Demiseroadrunner
44. 2011-11-14ObituaryImmortal VisionsSlowly We Rotroadracer
45. 2011-09-12ObituaryDead SilenceThe End Competeracecar
46. 2011-05-09ObituaryDeadly IntentionsSlowly We Rotroadracer
47. 2011-03-28ObituaryGates To HellSlowly We Rotracecar
48. 2011-01-17ObituarySlowly We RotAnthologyroadrunner
49. 2010-12-06ObituarySlowly We RotSlowly We Rotracecar
50. 2010-11-01ObituaryFinal ThoughtsWorld Demiseroadrunner
51. 2010-07-26ObituaryThe End CompleteThe End Completeracecar
52. 2010-06-14ObituaryChopped in HalfAnthologyroadrunner
53. 2010-04-12ObituarySuffocationSlowly We Rotroadrunner
54. 2009-09-28ObituaryThreatening SkiesAnthologyroadrunner
55. 2009-04-27ObituarySuffocatedSlowly We Rotroadrunner
56. 2009-03-02ObituaryDead SilenceThe End Competeroadrunner
57. 2009-02-16ObituarySlowly We RotSlowly We Rotroadrunner
58. 2008-09-01ObituaryTil DeathSlowly We Rotroadrunner
59. 2008-03-31ObituarySuffocationSlowly We Rotroadrunner
60. 2008-01-07ObituaryDyingCause Of Deathroadrunner
61. 2007-11-12ObituaryBloodsoakedSlowly We Rotroadrunner
62. 2007-10-15ObituaryEvil WaysXecutioner's Returncandlelight
63. 2007-09-24ObituaryFace Your GodXecutioner's Returncandlelight
64. 2007-09-17ObituaryFeel the PainXecutioner's Returncandlelight
65. 2007-09-10ObituaryFeel the PainXecutioner's Returncandlelight
66. 2007-09-03ObituaryFace Your GodXecutioner's Returncandlelight
67. 2007-08-27ObituaryDrop DeadXecutioner's Returncandlelight
68. 2007-08-20ObituaryEvil WaysXecutioner's Returncandlelight
69. 2007-06-04ObituaryFinal ThoughtsWorld Demiseroadrunner
70. 2007-03-12ObituarySlowly We Rot
71. 2007-02-26ObituaryInfected
72. 2006-11-13obituaryintoxicated
73. 2006-10-23obituaryslowly e rot
74. 2006-10-16obituarychopped in half
75. 2006-06-26obituarydead silence
76. 2006-03-27obituaryback from the dead
77. 2006-02-06obituarychopped in half
78. 2005-08-08Obituaryback inside
79. 2005-08-01obituaryback inside
80. 2005-07-25obituarystand alone
81. 2005-07-18obituaryon the floor
82. 2005-07-11obituaryinsane
83. 2005-04-18obituarySlowly We Rot
84. 2005-01-17obituarythreatening skies
85. 2004-11-15obituaryintoxication
86. 2004-06-14obituarySlowly We Rot
87. 2003-12-08obituaryintoxicated
88. 2003-05-13ObituaryInternal Bleeding
89. 2003-03-04ObituarySlowly We Rot
90. 2002-11-19ObituaryIntoxicated
91. 2002-06-02ObituaryDownload
92. 2002-05-26ObituaryPlatonic Disease
93. 2002-05-14Obituarythe End Complete
94. 2002-04-23ObituaryIntoxicated
95. 2002-01-04ObituaryTil Death
96. 2001-10-23ObituaryInternal Bleeding
97. 2001-09-04ObituaryKill for me
98. 2001-09-04ObituaryKill for me
99. 2001-03-20ObituaryChopped in Half
100. 2001-03-13ObituaryChopped in Half
101. 2001-01-23ObituaryBack from the Dead
102. 2001-01-09ObituaryDying (anthology)
103. 2000-06-19ObituaryKill for me
104. 2000-04-10ObituarySlowly We Rot
105. 2000-01-17ObituaryTurned inside out
106. 2000-01-03ObituaryBody Bag
107. 1999-12-27ObituaryFind the Arise
108. 1999-12-13ObituaryDying
109. 1999-11-22ObituaryChopped in Half
110. 1999-09-06ObituarySlowly We Rot
111. 1999-08-09Obituarythreatening Skies
112. 1997-07-21ObituaryParalizing
113. 1997-06-16ObituaryRewind
114. 1997-06-09ObituaryFeed on the Weak
115. 1997-05-19ObituaryBack from the dead
116. 1997-05-12ObituaryBack from the dead
117. 1997-05-05ObituaryFeed the Weak
118. 1997-04-28ObituaryInverted
119. 1997-04-14ObituaryRewind
120. 1997-04-08ObituaryPlatonic Disease
121. 1996-10-14ObituaryRedefine
122. 1996-10-07Obituarythe End complete
123. 1996-09-09ObituaryBody Bag
124. 1996-09-02ObituaryInfected
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