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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1300 playlist up with 54696 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-06-13NeurosisThe Last You'll KnowTimes of GraceRelapse Records
2. 2021-06-28NeurosisUnder the SurfaceTimes of GraceRelapse Records
3. 2020-12-28NeurosisUnder the SurfaceRelapse Sampler 1999
4. 2020-10-26NeurosisFrom The HillA Sun That Never Sets
5. 2020-07-13NeurosisLife On Your KneesPain of Mind
6. 2020-04-27NeurosisRaze The StrayEnemy of the Sun
7. 2019-09-16NeurosisThe Time Of The BeastsEnemy of the Sun
8. 2019-06-03NeurosisA Season in the SkyThe Eye of Every Storm
9. 2018-11-12NeurosisStrippedSouls At Zero
10. 2018-01-29NeurosisStrength Of FatesThrough Silver In Blood
11. 2017-02-27NeurosisObsequious ObsolescenceThe Word As Law
12. 2016-12-12NeurosisPurifyThrough Silver In Blood
13. 2016-06-27NeurosisFalling Unknowna Sun that never Setsrelapse
14. 2016-05-23NeurosisCold AscendingEnemy of the Sunalternative_tentacles
15. 2016-04-11NeurosisWater Is Not EnoughGiven To The Rising
16. 2016-03-28NeurosisStones From The SkyA Sun That Never Sets (Radio Edits)
17. 2016-02-08NeurosisLocust StarThrough Silver In Bloodtribes
18. 2015-11-02NeurosisThe Time Of The BeastsEnemy Of The Sunalternative_tentacles
19. 2015-10-19NeurosisEnd Of The HarvestTimes of Gracerelapse
20. 2015-08-10NeurosisEnclosure In FlameThrough Silver in Blood
21. 2015-05-25NeurosisTimes of GraceTimes of Gracerelapse
22. 2015-04-20NeurosisAeonThrough Silver in Blood
23. 2014-10-06NeurosisSterile VisionSouls At Zerotribes
24. 2014-09-01NeurosisThrough Silver In BloodThrough Silver in Bloodtribes
25. 2014-06-16NeurosisDominoes FallPain Of MindAlchemy
26. 2013-07-01NeurosisThrough Silver In BloodThrough Silver in Blood
27. 2013-02-04NeurosisNo River To Take Me HomeThe Eye Of Every Stormtribes
28. 2013-01-14NeurosisFloodofficial
29. 2012-11-19NeurosisThe DoorwayTimes of Gracerelapse
30. 2012-03-05NeurosisHidden FacesGiven To The Risingrelapse
31. 2012-02-06NeurosisEyeThrough Silver in Bloodrelapse
32. 2011-04-18NeurosisLocust Starofficial
33. 2010-08-02NeurosisA Chronology For SurvivalSouls At Zerorelapse
34. 2010-07-05NeurosisThe DoorwayTimes of Gracerelapse
35. 2010-06-14NeurosisTo Crawl Under One's SkinSouls At Zero
36. 2008-11-03Neurosisthe Last you'l KnowTimes of Gracerelapse
37. 2008-07-21NeurosisThe DoorwayTimes of Gracerelapse
38. 2007-10-01NeurosisStones from the Skya Sun that never Setsrelapse
39. 2007-01-15neurosisthe tide
40. 2006-10-30neurosisa sun that never sets
41. 2006-08-28neurosisclarity
42. 2006-08-21neurosisthe last you'll know
43. 2000-05-29NeurosisLocust Star
44. 1999-11-30NeurosisUnder the Surface
45. 1999-08-09NeurosisLocust Star
46. 1999-05-04NeurosisEnemy of the Sun
47. 1999-04-13NeurosisTime of Grace
48. 1999-03-29Neurosisthe Last you'll know
49. 1999-03-22Neurosisthe Last you'l Know
50. 1999-03-15NeurosisTime of Grace
51. 1996-12-16NeurosisEye
52. 1996-10-28NeurosisLocust Star
53. 1996-10-21NeurosisLocust Star
54. 1996-09-23NeurosisAeon
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