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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1225 playlist up with 52090 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-07-05Swarm of the LotusStrength of Inner EyesWhen White Becomes BlackAt A Loss Recordings
2. 2021-06-14Stench CollectorEYE SOCKETS MAGGOTSEffluvatorium Du JourRedefining Darkness Records
3. 2021-05-03OstrogothFull Moon's EyesFull Moon's Eyes EP
4. 2021-04-19WITCHING HOUR (Germany)Sorrow Blinds His Ghastly Eyes...And Silent Grief Shadows the Passing Moon (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
5. 2021-03-01CarbonizedThird EyeFor the Security
6. 2021-02-15Aiming High (GER)Empty EyesGeraldine The Witch [2014 Reissue]
7. 2021-02-01PowerwolvesMy Eyes Are OpenYou Won't Find PeacePanic Records
8. 2020-11-161349Through Eyes of StoneThe Infernal PathwaySeason of mist
9. 2020-09-07Nubivagant03 One Eye Upon The GraveRoaring EyeAmor fati Productions
10. 2020-08-10Hanover FistHungry EyesHanover Fist
11. 2020-08-03KetzerWhite EyesStarlessMetal Blade Records
12. 2020-07-20DownEyes of the SouthNola
13. 2020-04-27NightbearerAs Cold as Their EyesTales of Sorcery and DeathTestimony Records
14. 2020-02-03Chain of StrengthThrough These EyesThe One Thing That Still Holds TrueRevelation
15. 2019-12-30Morbus 666Through Black Fog Burns the Eyes of the DevilIgnis Divine ImperiumMoribund Records
16. 2019-12-30WINTERHORDEThey came with Eyes of FireMaestroViciSolum Productions
17. 2019-12-02OPERA IXEyes in the WellStrix Maledictae in AeternumAgonia Records
18. 2019-09-09CarbombHis EyesCarbomb
19. 2019-07-15HeadrotEyes of PainGulping the RemainsPathos Productions
20. 2019-07-01Through the Eyes of the DeadThrough the Eyes of the Dead - Abyssal CreationThe Annihilation of Expectation Split Through the Eyes of the Dead & The Knife Trade
21. 2019-06-10Jugular EmbolismMustard Pouring out of the EyesEruptions of Pus and Mucus Demo
22. 2019-05-20BenedictionElectric EyeGrind Bastard
23. 2019-05-13RazorEye of the StormViolent Restitution
24. 2019-03-25Fallujah08 Eyes Like The SunUndying LightNuclear Blast Records
25. 2019-03-18CrematoryThe Eyes Of SufferingTransmigration
26. 2019-03-11Judas PriestThe Hellion/Electric EyeLiving After Midnight
27. 2019-01-07CavityBurning My EyesDrowning
28. 2018-11-05SabbatI For An EyeHistory Of A Time To Comenoise
29. 2018-10-29Autopsy10. Parasitic EyeTourniquets, Hacksaws and GravesPeaceville Records
30. 2018-10-22SadusThrough the Eyes of GreedA Vision of MiseryRoadrunner Records
31. 2018-09-17ELEGIACThrough Ancient EyesPagan StormATMF
32. 2018-09-03Cultural Warfare04-Eyes of the LandWarmageddonM-Theory Audio
33. 2018-08-20Letters From The DeadBlue Eyed CorpseLive on WUNH
34. 2018-08-20VaderThe Black EyeWelcome to the Morbid ReichNuclear Blast (Warner)
35. 2018-07-23ConvergeEye of the QuarrelThe Dusk In UsEpitaph Records
36. 2018-07-16OppressorThrough Their EyesElements of CorrosionSerious Entertainment
37. 2018-06-11ConvergeEye Of The QuarrelThe Dusk In UsEpitaph Records
38. 2018-06-04DesultoryA Closing EyeBitterness
39. 2018-05-07Novembers DoomThrough a Child's EyesThe Pale Haunt DepartureThe End
40. 2018-04-30DemilichThe Chamber of Whispering Eyes20th Adversary of EmptinessSvart Records
41. 2018-03-05Thy Will Be DoneEyes For The BlindIn Ancient of Days
42. 2018-02-05ESOCTRILIHUMLord Of The Closed EyesPandaemorthium (Forbidden Formulas To Awaken The Blind Sovereigns Of Nothingness)I, Voidhanger Records
43. 2018-02-05BathoryOne Eyed Old ManBlood on Ice
44. 2018-01-22NileThe Eye Of RaThose Whom the Gods DetestNuclear Blast GmbH
45. 2018-01-15Colin of ArabiaEye of the Storm...Illegal Exhibitions of SpeedRock Vegas Records
46. 2018-01-08Orphaned LandAll Knowing EyeUnsung Prophets & Dead MessiahsCentury Media Records
47. 2017-12-25Car BombHis EyesCentraliaRelapse Records
48. 2017-12-11ConvergeEye Of The QuarrelThe Dusk In Us
49. 2017-10-23VHÄLDEMAR04 Eye For an EyeAgainst All KingsFighter Records
50. 2017-09-18Occasvs03 Under Human EyesNocturnal Majestic MysteriaUnspeakable Axe Records
51. 2017-09-11DRAGHKARCowering In The Town Of Blinded EyesWorld UnraveledBlood Harvest Records
52. 2017-09-04RingwormSeeing Through These EyesJustice Replaced by RevengeVictory Records
53. 2017-09-04Ramming SpeedGorgon's EyeDoomed To Destroy, Destined To DieProsthetic Records
54. 2017-09-04ForbiddenThrough Eyes of GlassRaw Evil Live At The Dynamo (Ep)Century Media
55. 2017-09-04SadusThrough The Eyes Of GreedA Vision Of Miseryracecar
56. 2017-08-21Lock UpThrough The Eyes Of My Shadow SelfNecropolis TransparentNuclear Blast GmbH
57. 2017-08-14Morbus 666Through Black Fog Burns the Eyes of the DevilIgnis Divine ImperiumMoribund Records
58. 2017-08-07Vital RemainsThe Night Has a Thousand EyesDawn of the ApocalypseOsmose Productions
59. 2017-08-07The AutomataDye My Eyes BlindThrough The Bandage Seeps A Whisperlifeforce
60. 2017-07-24DismemberThe Hills Have EyesDismemberRegain Records
61. 2017-07-10OPERA IXEyes in the WellStrix Maledictae in AeternumAgonia Records
62. 2017-05-08Nocturnal RitesEyes of the DeadShadowlandCentury Media
63. 2017-05-08TestamentNew Eyes of OldDemonicMusic For Nations
64. 2017-03-27PossessedThe Eyes Of HorrorBeyond The Gates+The Eyes Of Horror
65. 2017-01-23MeshuggahClosed Eye VisualsNothingAvalon Records
66. 2017-01-16Veil Of MayaAll Eyes Look AheadThe Common Man's Collapse
67. 2017-01-02SabbatI For An EyeHistory Of A Time To Come
68. 2016-12-12SIREDead In The Eyes Of GodEvocation Of The Serpent
69. 2016-12-12KrepitusKrepitus - Eyes of the Soulless - 02 - Apex Pre...The Eyes of The SoullessSelf-Released
70. 2016-11-21Suns Of The TundraRedeyeSuns Of The Tundra
71. 2016-11-07AtrophyIn Their EyesViolent By Natureroadracer
72. 2016-10-24Swarm of the LotusStrength of Inner EyesWhen White Becomes BlackAt A Loss Recordings
73. 2016-10-03MeshuggahClosed Eye VisualsNothingAvalon Records
74. 2016-08-29SATANIC WARMASTER03 The Burning Eyes Of The WerewolfBlack Metal Kommando / Gas Chamber (CD)Werewolf Records
75. 2016-08-15THRONEUM04 Inner Eye...Fallen AsleepMorbid Death Tales (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
76. 2016-06-27Crimson Fire10 Her Eyes-Crimson FireFirebornPitch Black Records
77. 2016-06-20AftermathEyes of TomorrowEyes Of TomorrowZoid
78. 2016-04-18Agent SteelEvil Eye/Evil MindsSkeptics Apocalypsecombat
79. 2016-02-22ReaperEyes Of A LivingBeyond All Time
80. 2016-01-11DevastationEye for an EyeSigns of LifeCombat Records
81. 2015-10-19KonkhraEye Of HorusReality Check
82. 2015-10-12Judas PriestElectric EyeMetal Works 1973-1993Columbia
83. 2015-09-28Cold Northern VengeanceEye Of The sTormMaelstrommoribund
84. 2015-09-07CripperBloodshot Monkey EyeHyenametalblade
85. 2015-08-24Gore Beyond NecropsyScream In Your EyesSplit - Arsedestroyer
86. 2015-07-06The Gates of SlumberBeneath The eyes Of MarsHymms Of Blood And Thundermetalblade
87. 2015-06-29UnanimatedEye Of The GreyhoundAncient God Of Evil
88. 2015-06-29Pig DestroyerJupiter's EyePhantom Limbrelapse
89. 2015-05-25Twitching TonguesEyes AdjustWorld War Live
90. 2015-05-11Red SparowesAlone And Unaware, the Landscape Was Transformed In Front Of Out EyesAt The Soundless Dawn
91. 2015-03-23PossessedThe Eyes Of HorrorThe Eyes Of Horrorcombat
92. 2015-03-09FamishgodChapter 3: Black EyeDevourers Of Lightxtreem
93. 2014-11-10Bolt ThrowerThrough the Eyes of TerrorVarious Artist - Grindcrusherearache
94. 2014-09-22Thrones Of VengeanceBlack EyeLive Evilself-released
95. 2014-09-15Terminally, Your Aborted GhostEyeshadow WhoreInanimately Soundlessthespew
96. 2014-06-16Liege LordEye Of The StormMaster Controlmetalblade
97. 2014-05-12CarcassCarbonized EyesocketsReek Of Putrefactionearache
98. 2014-04-21Lizzy BordenEyes Of A StrangerVisual Liesmetalblade
99. 2014-04-07BaphometThrough Deviant Eyesthe Dead Shall Inheritpeaceville
100. 2014-03-24Liege LordEye Of The StormMaster Controlmetalblade
101. 2014-02-24IwrestledabearonceBlack-Eyed BushIt's All Happeningcenturymedia
102. 2014-02-17VargA Thousand EyesGuten TagNoiseArt
103. 2014-02-03HateWatchful Eye OF DoomSolarfleshnapalm
104. 2014-01-27Vision of DisorderThrough My Eyesself-titledroadrunner
105. 2013-12-23IntronautSore Sight For EyesHabitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones)centurymedia
106. 2013-10-21OmenRuby Eyes (Of The Serpent)Various Artist - The Best Of Metal Blademetalblade
107. 2013-09-30RottrevoreHung By The EyesocketsHung By The Eyesocketsxtreem
108. 2013-09-30CoalesceThe Blind EyeOXrelapse
109. 2013-06-17BelphegorPossessed Burning Eyes 1997Blood Magick Necromancenuclearblast
110. 2013-06-10Age Of TaurusAlways In The EyeDesperate Souls Of Tortured Timesmetalblade
111. 2013-04-15GoatwhoreCarving Out the Eyes of GodCarving Out the Eyes of Godmetalblade
112. 2013-04-01IntronautSore Sight For EyesHabitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones)centurymedia
113. 2013-02-04VexCarve My EyesMemorioushorror_pain_gore_death
114. 2012-12-31BaphometThrough Deviant Eyesthe Dead Shall Inheritpeaceville
115. 2012-12-31VargA Thousand EyesGuten TagNoiseArt
116. 2012-11-26EnslavedDeath In The Eyes Of DawnRIITIIRnuclearblast
117. 2012-10-22EnslavedDeath In The Eyes Of DawnRIITIIRnuclearblast
118. 2012-09-24OmenRudy EyesVarious Artist - The Best Of Metal Blademetalblade
119. 2012-09-17Infera BruoThe Devil's EyesInfera Bruoself-released
120. 2012-08-13Sonic PulseEye Of The BeerholderLarger Than Lifeself-released
121. 2012-07-30ThyrfingBecoming The EyeHels Viteregain
122. 2012-07-23ShinningFisheyeLive Blackjazzindie
123. 2012-06-25Sonic PulseEye Of The BeerholderLarger Than Lifeself-released
124. 2012-05-07Goat ThrowerHundred Eyes Of LegionVerses From the Black Sacramentaryself-released
125. 2012-04-16ExhumedThrough Cadaver EyesAll Guts, No Gloryrelapse
126. 2012-03-26TragedyEyes Of MadnessNerve Damagetragedy
127. 2012-03-26Hard To SwallowEyespotself-titledarmageddon
128. 2012-03-05GridlinkRed EyeOrphan
129. 2012-02-06NeurosisEyeThrough Silver in Bloodrelapse
130. 2012-01-09PowerwolvesMy Eyes Are OpenYou Won't Find Peacepanic
131. 2011-11-14Bolt ThrowerThrough the Eyes of TerrorVarious Artist - Grindcrusherearache
132. 2011-10-10Cruel HandPrying EyesPrying Eyesbridge9
133. 2011-08-15Vison of DisorderThrough My EyesVison of Disorderroadrunner
134. 2011-08-08Pagan's MindEyes Of FireHeavenly Ecstasyspv
135. 2011-07-11Red FangInto The EyeMurder The Mountainsrelapse
136. 2011-05-30Napalm DeathMore Than Meets The EyeMore Than Meets The Eye singleearache
137. 2011-03-21SutureThose Without EyesMorbid Scuplture Demo(n)ologyamputated_vein
138. 2010-12-27MortemiaThe Eye Of The StormMisere Mortemnapalm
139. 2010-12-06PossessedThe Eyes Of HorrorThe Eyes Of Horrorcombat
140. 2010-12-06Bolt ThrowerThrough the Eyes of TerrorVarious Artist - Grindcrusherearache
141. 2010-11-22ForbiddenThrough Eyes of GlassForbidden Evilcombat
142. 2010-10-11Black TuskRed Eyes, Black SkiesTaste The Sinrelapse
143. 2010-09-27In MourningPale Eye RevelationMonolithpulverised
144. 2010-08-23Diabulus In MusicaLies In Your EyesSecretsmetalblade
145. 2010-08-09The Acacia StrainThe Hills Have EyesWormwoodprosthetic
146. 2010-05-31Nocturnal Riteseyes of the deadShadowlandcenturymedia
147. 2010-05-10PriestessRaccoon EyesPrior To The Firetee_pee
148. 2010-05-10Woe of TyrantsVenom EyeThrenodymetalblade
149. 2010-03-29DismemberThe Hills Have Eyesself-titledregain
150. 2010-03-29Charred Walls Of The DamnedThe Darkest EyesCharred Walls Of The Damnedmetalblade
151. 2010-03-08Colin of ArabiaEye of the StormIllegal Exhibitions of Speedrock_vegas
152. 2010-01-18CavityBurning My EyesDrowningbacteria_sour
153. 2009-12-28Nocturnal RitesEyes of The DeadShadowlandcenturymedia
154. 2009-12-07CoalesceThe Blind EyeOXEPrelapse
155. 2009-12-07The Gates of SlumberBeneath The eyes Of MarsHymms Of Blood And Thundermetalblade
156. 2009-11-23Lewd ActsWide Black EyesBlack Eye Bluesdeathwishinc
157. 2009-11-09Iron AgeThe Sleeping Eye of The WatcherThe Sleeping Eyetee_pee
158. 2009-11-02Bolt ThrowerThrough the Eyes of TerrorVarious Artist - Grindcrusherearache
159. 2009-09-28The Gates of SlumberBeneath The eyes Of MarsHymms Of Blood And Thundermetalblade
160. 2009-08-17Nocturnal RitesEyes of The DeadShadowlandcenturymedia
161. 2009-08-03Hard To SwallowEyespotself-titledarmageddon
162. 2009-07-06KingWeary Funeral EyesSufferance ObsolescentNHR
163. 2009-06-22GoatwhoreCarving Out the Eyes of GodCarving Out the Eyes of Godmetalblade
164. 2009-02-16Bring me the HorizonSleep With One Eye OpenSuicide Seasonepitaph
165. 2008-12-22Bring me the HorizonSleep With One Eye OpenSuicide Seasonepitaph
166. 2008-10-13TrenchesEyes Openthe Tide will Swallow Us Wholesolid_state
167. 2008-09-15Pessimist1,000 EyesEvolution Unto Evilpathos
168. 2008-06-09MidnattsolOpen Your EyesNordlysnapalm
169. 2008-06-02TestamentMore Than Meets the Eyethe Formation of Damnationnuclearblast
170. 2008-05-19DeicideIn the Eyes of GodTill Death Do Us Partearache
171. 2008-04-28DekapitatorEye of the Storm-earthscorcherBefore the Calmrelapse
172. 2008-04-21MidnattsolOpen Your EyesNordlysnapalm
173. 2008-04-14MidnattsolOpen Your EyesNordlysnapalm
174. 2008-04-07DismemberThe Kills Have Eyesself-titledregain
175. 2008-03-03Nocturnal RitesEyes of the DeadShadowlandcenturymedia
176. 2008-02-18The Dillinger Escape PlanNong Eye GongIre Worksrelapse
177. 2008-02-11Death Before DishonorBehind Your EyesCount Me Inbridge9
178. 2008-01-28EntombedI for an EyeMorning Starkoch
179. 2008-01-14BereavementEye of the Stormthe Advent of Lossself-released
180. 2007-12-24Terminally, Your Aborted Ghosteyeshadow whoreInanimately Soundlessthespew
181. 2007-11-26Bitter EndTerrified EyesClimate of Feardeathwishinc
182. 2007-11-05DemiricousKnuckle EyeTwo (poverty)metalblade
183. 2007-11-05car_bombhis eyesCentraliarelapse
184. 2007-11-05HemlockMy Eyes ItchBleed the Dreamcandlelight
185. 2007-10-22Reign of PestilenceOne Eyed Willy's Treasurethe Birth of Failureroptopus
186. 2007-10-08BereavementEye of the Stormthe Advent of Lossself-released
187. 2007-10-08Suicide SilenceEyes Sewn Shutthe Cleansingcenturymedia
188. 2007-10-01HemlockMy Eyes ItchBleed the Dreamcandlelight
189. 2007-09-10The Red ChordOpen Eyed Beast AttackPrey for Eyesmetalblade
190. 2007-07-30Project: Failing FleshEye of Demisethe Conjoinedburning_star
191. 2007-07-23Pig DestroyerJupiter's EyePhantom Limbrelapse
192. 2007-05-14Nocturnal RitesEyes of the DeadShadowlandcenturymedia
193. 2007-05-07Project: Failing FleshEye of Demise
194. 2007-04-16Bolt ThrowerThrough the Eyes of Terror
195. 2007-04-16Project: Failing FleshEye of Demise
196. 2007-04-09this endinglidless eyes
197. 2007-04-02the Berzerkereye for an eye
198. 2007-03-19car_bombhis eyesCentraliarelapse
199. 2007-03-12this endinglidless eyes
200. 2007-03-12car_bombhis eyesCentraliarelapse
201. 2007-03-05With Passionwhat we see when we close our eyesWhat We See When We Shut Our Eyesearache
202. 2007-02-12car_bombhis eyesCentraliarelapse
203. 2007-01-29Nocturnal RitesEyes of the DEadShadowlandcenturymedia
204. 2006-10-23Antagonisteyes wide shut
205. 2006-10-02gorgorothsign og n open eye
206. 2006-10-02harvestin the eyes of decay
207. 2006-09-18Terminally, Your Aborted Ghosteyeshadow whore
208. 2006-09-04napalm deatheyes right out
209. 2006-08-28gorgorothsign of an open eye
210. 2006-08-14slayereyes of the insane
211. 2006-07-31blood for bloodshut my eyes
212. 2006-07-24Devastationeye for an eye
213. 2006-07-03zaopudgy young blondes with lobotomy eyes
214. 2006-02-06Through the Eyes of the Deadwith eyes ever turned inwardBloodlustprosthetic
215. 2006-01-02Swarm of the Lotusstrength of iner eyesWhen White Becomes Blackat_a_loss
216. 2005-12-26Through the Eyes of the Deadwith eyes ever turned inwardBloodlustprosthetic
217. 2005-10-17Paths of Possessionin my eyes
218. 2005-10-03Akercockeeyes of the dawn
219. 2005-08-01crematoriumturn a blind eye
220. 2005-07-18A Perfect Murdersnake eyes
221. 2005-05-09Superchristbrown eye sees all
222. 2005-04-25Superchristshe'd look better (with a black eye)
223. 2005-04-04Colin of Arabiaeye of the stormIllegal Exhibitions of Speedrock_vegas
224. 2005-03-28Kylesaeye closed from birthto Walk a Middle Courseprosthetic
225. 2005-01-17Colin of Arabiaeye of the stormIllegal Exhibitions of Speedrock_vegas
226. 2005-01-10war torn lifethrough the eyes of the deceit
227. 2005-01-01most precious bloodgrowing square eyes
228. 2004-12-20war torn lifethrough the eyes of the deceit
229. 2004-11-08goratoryyour mothas a lazy eyes chow bearing slut but I fucked her anyways
230. 2004-11-08demon hunterbeauty through the eyes of a predator
231. 2004-10-25refluxabove the pyramis and the eye
232. 2004-10-11Swarm of the Lotusstrength of inner eyesWhen White Becomes Blackat_a_loss
233. 2004-06-14black flagrat's eye
234. 2004-06-14Unholy Ghosteyes of lost
235. 2004-05-10Destinyreyes
236. 2004-04-12Sadusthrough the eyes of greeda Vision of Miseryracecar
237. 2004-03-29graileyes of shadows
238. 2004-02-16walls of jerichothrough the eyes of a dreamer
239. 2004-02-02most precious bloodgrowing square eyes
240. the eyes of maharishi
241. 2003-12-29since the floodin my eyes
242. 2003-12-01Today is the Dayin the eyes of god
243. 2003-11-17arch enemydead eyes see no future
244. 2003-11-17most precious bloodgrowning square eyes
245. 2003-10-27arch enemydead eyes see no future
246. 2003-10-05arch enemydead eyes see no future
247. 2003-09-29nocturnal riteseyes of the deadShadowlandcenturymedia
248. 2003-09-09arch enemydead eyes see no future
249. 2003-09-02Arch EnemyDead Eyes Seen No Future
250. 2003-03-04the hauntedDemon Eyes
251. 2003-03-04Vengeance is MineDead in the eyes of the beholder
252. 2003-02-04Nocturnal RitesEyes of the deadShadowlandcenturymedia
253. 2002-12-31Held UnderBehind Your Eyes
254. 2002-11-12Nocturnal Riteseyes of the deadShadowlandcenturymedia
255. 2002-10-22Nocturnal RitesEyes of the DEadShadowlandcenturymedia
256. 2002-09-17Nocturnal Riteseyes of the deadShadowlandcenturymedia
257. 2002-05-26Vison of disorderThrough eyes
258. 2002-03-05Iranach... like the Eyes of Maharishi
259. 2002-03-05Iranach... like the Eyes of Maharishi
260. 2002-02-05iRANACH...Like the Eyes of Maharishi
261. 2002-01-29Imapled Nazareneinto the eye of the stomr
262. 2002-01-15EntombedI for an Eye
263. 2002-01-01Cannibal CorpseStaring Through the eyes of the Dead
264. 2001-10-16AncientEyes of the Dead
265. 2001-08-14KrisiunEyes of Eternal Scourge
266. 2001-08-14KrisiunEyes of Eternal Scourge
267. 2000-12-25Vision of DisorderThrough My Eyes
268. 2000-11-21Theatre of the MacabreThrough the Eyes of the Serpet
269. 2000-08-21Today is the DayIn the Eyes of God
270. 2000-06-19Vital Remainsthe Night has a thousand EyesDawn Of The Apocalypseosmose
271. 2000-03-06Vision of DisorderThrough My Eyes
272. 1999-11-30Deathline InternationalOpen your Eyes
273. 1999-10-18SoulflyEye for an Eye
274. 1999-10-04Pitch ShifterEye
275. 1999-08-21Judas PriestElectric Eye
276. 1999-08-21Judas PriestElectric Eye
277. 1999-08-09Today is the DayIn the Eyes of God
278. 1999-06-14TestamentEyes of Wrath
279. 1997-10-13SkrewSeventh Eye
280. 1997-07-14Fall from GraceSnakeeyed savior
281. 1997-06-30TestamentNew Eyes of Old
282. 1997-06-23Fall from GraceSnake Eyes Savior
283. 1997-06-23Death1000 Eyes
284. 1997-04-08Downloadthe Eyes of Stanley Pain
285. 1997-01-06Insektin the eye
286. 1996-12-16NeurosisEye
287. 1996-10-14PainkillerOne-eyes pessary
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