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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1337 playlist up with 55932 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2008-11-03MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2008-11-03
3. 2008-11-03OriginFiniteAntithesisrelapse
4. 2008-11-03PentagramFlamingVarious Artists - Link Black Holes in the Sky - Syd Barretdwell
5. 2008-11-03Misery IndexTheocracyTraitorsrelapse
6. 2008-11-03Napalm DeathWar's No Fairytale (discharge cover)Leaders Not Followers: Part 2centurymedia
7. 2008-11-03
8. 2008-11-03AtomicideWarrawsouthamericanwarmetalold_cemetery
9. 2008-11-03MerrimackInsemination of Procreation and Its ConsequencesOf Eternity and Life Denialmoribund
10. 2008-11-03PessimistCult of the InitiatedEvolution Unto Evilpathos
11. 2008-11-03Amon AmarthVaryags of MiklagaardTwilight of the Thunder Godmetalblade
12. 2008-11-03
13. 2008-11-03Old Man's ChildFall of ManIll-Natured Spiritual Invasioncenturyblack
14. 2008-11-03EnthronedRetribution of the Holy TrinityThe Apocalypse Manifestosomber_music
15. 2008-11-03All that RemainsBelieve in NothingOvercomeprosthetic
16. 2008-11-03Sonic SyndicateFalloutLove and Other Disastersnuclearblast
17. 2008-11-03
18. 2008-11-03Nasumthe Professional LegueHuman 2.0relapse
19. 2008-11-03HivesmasherTeeming with SharksAscension into Dismal Stagesvacant_seas
20. 2008-11-03AvskumSlutetuppror Underifranprank
21. 2008-11-03
22. 2008-11-03Trap themDay Twenty Four: Gutterbomb Heaven on the GridSeizure in Barren Praisedeathwishinc
23. 2008-11-03CarpathianInsomniaIsolationdeathwishinc
24. 2008-11-03Light This CitySand and SnowStormchaserprosthetic
25. 2008-11-03Six Feet UnderInvoluntary Movement of Dead FleshDeath Ritualsmetalblade
26. 2008-11-03
27. 2008-11-03Dir En GreyRed SoilUroborosend
28. 2008-11-03BehemothI'm not JesusEzkatonmetalblade
29. 2008-11-03Cradle Of FilthThe Death of LoveGodspeed on the Devil's Thunderroadrunner
30. 2008-11-03
31. 2008-11-03Since the Flood24KDemo 2002self-released
32. 2008-11-03Christ on ParadeFinal SolutionLive and Loud - KFJC Pitprank
33. 2008-11-03DeathcycleWe Will RisePrelude to Trannylifeline
34. 2008-11-03Ceremony#10Still Nothing Moves Youbridge9
35. 2008-11-03Trash TalkDigself-titledttcollective
36. 2008-11-03EnforcerSpeed QueenInto the Nightheavy_artillery
37. 2008-11-03
38. 2008-11-03BloodbathMock the Crossthe Fathomless Masterypeaceville
39. 2008-11-03Beneath the MassacreOur Common GraveDystopiaprosthetic
40. 2008-11-03CompostedPhallus PalacePhallus Palaceself-released
41. 2008-11-03putrescine#52008 epself-released
42. 2008-11-03
43. 2008-11-03Toxic NarcoticMad Cow DiseaseYou Wreckt 'emrodent_popsicle
44. 2008-11-03LordsDamnation of MemoryFuck All Yall Motherfuckersblackmarket_activities
45. 2008-11-03DoomridersRide or DieBlack Thunderdeathwishinc
46. 2008-11-03DiecastPeacemakerUndo the Wickedsamson
47. 2008-11-03ExodusExodusLet There be Bloodzaentz
48. 2008-11-03
49. 2008-11-03Earth CrisisNew EthicDestroy the Machinesvictory
50. 2008-11-03ExhorderExhorderSlaughter in the Vaticanroadrunner
51. 2008-11-03Between the Buried and MeAspirationsself-titledlifeforce
52. 2008-11-03WarshipWe've Never Been EqualSupply and Dependvagrant
53. 2008-11-03
54. 2008-11-03Forest of Impaledthe Gateway of the GodsDemonvoidred_stream
55. 2008-11-03DarkthroneGrizzly TradeDark Thrones and Black Flagspeaceville
56. 2008-11-03MantakAttack with SpellPolymorphous Perversionold_cemetery
57. 2008-11-03Neurosisthe Last you'l KnowTimes of Gracerelapse
58. 2008-11-03
59. 2008-11-03DeathSuicide MachineHumanrelativity
60. 2008-11-03Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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