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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1336 playlist up with 55896 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2012-02-06DeathamphetaminePolitics of HorrorVarious Artist - New England is Wicked Pissedself-released
2. 2012-02-06MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
3. 2012-02-06Land of Rape and Honey
4. 2012-02-06KrisiunBlood Of LionsThe Great Executioncenturymedia
5. 2012-02-06Morbid AngelLions DenCovenantgiant
6. 2012-02-06OmenDie By The BladeBattle Crymetalblade
7. 2012-02-06Infernal LegionDawn Of The Last DayThe Spear Of Longinusmoribund
8. 2012-02-06
9. 2012-02-06Skeleton WitchErased And ForgottenForever Abominationprosthetic
10. 2012-02-06AssuckBlood And ClothAnticapital/Blindspot/+3sound_polution
11. 2012-02-06Pig DestroyerCheerleader CorpsesProwler in the Yardrelapse
12. 2012-02-06MagrudergrindWar For Oil, Spill For Blood For SoilReligious Baffleself-released
13. 2012-02-06The Endless BlockadePig LifePrimitivebuck_skin
14. 2012-02-06Damagedthe Mirror PerilsToken Remedy Researchrotten
15. 2012-02-06
16. 2012-02-06MidnightShock Til BloodSatanic Royaltyhells_headbangers
17. 2012-02-06MalamorOut On The TilesVarious Artists - Dead Zepplindwell
18. 2012-02-06ScissorfightDrunken HangmanBalls Deepwonderdrug
19. 2012-02-06As the Sun SetsA Thousand Falling SkiesEach Individual Voice is Dead in the Silence
20. 2012-02-06Backstabbers IncFlesh Wounds, Target Practice, And How I Became A StatisticBroken Bonesblackmarket_activities
21. 2012-02-06
22. 2012-02-06ImmolithTorch Of BaphometStormDragonmetalhit_dot_com
23. 2012-02-06SvarttjernDesolate PredictionsTowards The Ultimateagonia
24. 2012-02-06
25. 2012-02-06SpeedwolfDeath RipperRide With Deathhells_headbangers
26. 2012-02-06Sanguis ImperemThe Scourge Of ManIn Glory We March Towards Our Doomhells_headbangers
27. 2012-02-06HostYou KnowCricket Cemetaryself-released
28. 2012-02-06
29. 2012-02-06Abominable PutriditySkin RemovalIn the End of Human Existencelacerated_enemy
30. 2012-02-06AbortedOf Scabs And BoilsGlobal Flatlinecenturymedia
31. 2012-02-06NominonBlack ChapelTerra Necrosisibexmoon
32. 2012-02-06MurdercarMirage Of BloodVarious Artist - Metal Massacre Xmetalblade
33. 2012-02-06
34. 2012-02-06DodheimsgardAngel DeathMonumental Possession
35. 2012-02-06NeurosisEyeThrough Silver in Bloodrelapse
36. 2012-02-06VildhjartaDaggerMasstadencenturymedia
37. 2012-02-06WarzoneYound and UnawareWarzonecaroline
38. 2012-02-06
39. 2012-02-06ExmortisThe Slaughter BeginsResurrection... Book Of The Deadxtreem
40. 2012-02-06AutopsyCharred RemainsRidden With Disease
41. 2012-02-06Panzerbastard10 YearsGods, Thugs, and Madmenpatac
42. 2012-02-06UnleashedDead ForeverWhere No Life Dwellscenturymedia
43. 2012-02-06
44. 2012-02-06SepulturaInner Self (live)Under a Pale Grey Skyroadrunner
45. 2012-02-06Amon AmarthThe Last with Pagan BloodAvengermetalblade
46. 2012-02-06Temple Of BaalWhen Mankind FallsThe Vision Of Fading Mankind - Temple of Baal-Ritualization splitagonia
47. 2012-02-06Malevolent CreationInjected SufferageThe Ten Commandmentsroadrunner
48. 2012-02-06
49. 2012-02-06ImmortalSun That Sank BelowBlizzard Beastsosmose
50. 2012-02-06SuffocationInfecting the CryptsBest ofn/a
51. 2012-02-06EmbalmedLeviathan RisesExalt The Imperial Beasthells_headbangers
52. 2012-02-06
53. 2012-02-06November's DoomAutumn ReflectionThe Pale Haunt Departureend
54. 2012-02-06Blind GuardianLord of the RingsForgotten Talesnuclearblast
55. 2012-02-06NunslaughterBurning AwayDemo Slaughter CD1hells_headbangers
56. 2012-02-06Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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