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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1232 playlist up with 52343 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-08-02Omenfilth06 Omenfilth - Conjurers of the Pestilential StormCeremonial Worship/Omenfilth - The Pact of Morbid ConspiracyEternal Death Records
2. 2021-07-05OmenDragon's BreathBattle CryMetal Blade
3. 2020-08-03OmenBring Out The BeastBattle CryMetal Blade
4. 2020-03-16Omens of PlagueFrom BeyondThe Merciless Beyond
5. 2020-03-09Omens of PlaguePale HorseThe Merciless Beyond
6. 2020-02-17PhenomenonNecronomicon Ex MortisVeil Of Darkness
7. 2019-11-11OmenBounty HunterThe Curseenigma
8. 2019-05-27OmenPrince Of DarknessBattle CryMetal Blade
9. 2019-04-22Omens of PlagueAt the Dawn of the Aeon of HorusThe Merciless Beyond
10. 2019-02-04Nomenclature DiablerieLovecraft888 12" MLPNuclear War Now! Productions
11. 2018-11-05OmenTeeth Of The HydraThe Curseenigma
12. 2017-11-06OmenMake Me Your KingWarning Of DangerMetal Blade
13. 2017-09-25OmenThe AxemanBattle CryMetal Blade
14. 2017-07-17OmenPrince Of DarknessBattle CryMetal Blade
15. 2017-04-24OmenHell's GatesWarning Of DangerMetal Blade
16. 2016-05-23OmenThe AxemanBattle CryMetal Blade
17. 2016-03-07Ill OmenII. .Thy.Rift.Thy.RiftNuclear War Now! Productions
18. 2015-06-01In This MomentSex Metal BarbieBlack Widowatlantic
19. 2015-04-27OmenBounty HunterNightmaresenigma
20. 2015-03-16Ill OmenAbomination Of FleshCompendium Melificarum - Esotericanuclear_war_now
21. 2014-12-15Ill OmenSuterranean Litany (Of Shadows Endless)Remnants Spheres Of Spiritual Equilibriumnuclear_war_now
22. 2014-08-04Omenthe AxemanBattle Crymetalblade
23. 2013-10-21OmenRuby Eyes (Of The Serpent)Various Artist - The Best Of Metal Blademetalblade
24. 2013-08-19OmenDie By The BladeBattle Crymetalblade
25. 2013-08-05Omenthe AxemanBattle Crymetalblade
26. 2013-08-05In This MomentThe Gun ShowA Star-Crossed Wastelandcenturymedia
27. 2013-07-29OmenBring Out The BeastBattle Crymetalblade
28. 2013-05-27OmenRadar LoveEscape To Nowheremetalblade
29. 2013-03-04In This MomentWhoreBloodcenturymedia
30. 2013-01-07Omenthe AxemanBattle Crymetalblade
31. 2012-09-24OmenRudy EyesVarious Artist - The Best Of Metal Blademetalblade
32. 2012-07-30OmenKing Of The HillEscape To Nowheremetalblade
33. 2012-04-23Omenthe AxemanBattle Crymetalblade
34. 2012-02-06OmenDie By The BladeBattle Crymetalblade
35. 2012-01-09In This MomentBlazinA Star-Crossed Wastelandcenturymedia
36. 2011-11-14OmenInto The ArenaBattle Crymetalblade
37. 2011-10-31OmenThe CurseThe Curseenigma
38. 2011-04-25OmenDie By The BladeBattle Crymetalblade
39. 2011-03-28OmenBounty HunterNightmaresenigma
40. 2011-01-03In This MomentBlazinA Star-Crossed Wastelandcenturymedia
41. 2010-12-06Omenthe AxemanBattle Crymetalblade
42. 2010-11-29In This MomentThe PromiseA Star-Crossed Wastelandcenturymedia
43. 2010-10-25In This MomentThe Gun ShowA Star-Crossed Wastelandcenturymedia
44. 2010-10-25OmenRadar loveEscape To Nowheremetalblade
45. 2010-10-11In This MomentAshesBeautiful Tragedycenturymedia
46. 2010-10-04In This MomentBeautiful TragedyBeautiful Tragedycenturymedia
47. 2010-10-04OmenKing Of The HillEscape To Nowheremetalblade
48. 2010-07-12OmenDeath RiderVarious Artist - The Best Of Metal Blademetalblade
49. 2010-06-14Omenthe AxemanBattle Crymetalblade
50. 2010-06-07OmenDragon's BreathBattle Crymetalblade
51. 2010-03-22Omenthe AxemanBattle Crymetalblade
52. 2010-01-11OmenTorture MeVarious Artist - Metal Massacre Vmetalblade
53. 2009-11-02Omenthe AxemanBattle Crymetalblade
54. 2009-05-04OmenTorture MeVarious Artist - Metal Massacre Vmetalblade
55. 2009-04-27Omenthe AxemanBattle Crymetalblade
56. 2009-03-30Omenthe AxemanBattle Crymetalblade
57. 2008-12-15OmenDragon's BreathNightmaresmetalblade
58. 2008-12-08OmenHoly MartyrThe Curseenigma
59. 2008-09-01OmenBattle CryBattle Crymetalblade
60. 2008-06-30Omenthe AxemanBattle Crymetalblade
61. 2008-03-31Omenthe AxemanBattle Crymetalblade
62. 2007-12-31Omenthe AxemanBattle Cry
63. 2007-12-24Omenthe AxemanBattle Crymetalblade
64. 2007-09-03in This MomentDaddy's Falling AngelBeautiful Tragedycenturymedia
65. 2007-08-27in This MomentAshesBeautiful Tragedycenturymedia
66. 2007-04-02in This Momentprayers
67. 2003-08-19Embludgeoment#2
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