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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1369 playlist up with 56979 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2015-05-25MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2015-05-25
3. 2015-05-25PrimordialFallen To RuinStorm Before Calmmetalblade
4. 2015-05-25Dark FuneralRemember the FallenDiabolis Interiumnecropolis
5. 2015-05-25InfernaeonFirst Of The FallenGenesis To Nemesisprosthetic
6. 2015-05-25BathoryGreat Hall Awaits A Fallen BrotherNordlandblack_mark
7. 2015-05-25
8. 2015-05-25Agoraphobic NosebleedHung from the Rising SunAgorapocalypserelapse
9. 2015-05-25PortalWershipsSwarth
10. 2015-05-25NeurosisTimes of GraceTimes of Gracerelapse
11. 2015-05-25EyeHateGodServing time in the Middle of NowhereSouthern Discomfortcenturymedia
12. 2015-05-25AcidAmericaManiach. vaultage
13. 2015-05-25
14. 2015-05-25PsychoDeath From AboveMother Fucker Livefudgeworthy
15. 2015-05-25Carnivore MindVomit Of VomicaSplitfudgeworthy
16. 2015-05-25UndergangRadbraekketDoden Laeger Alle Sardark_descent
17. 2015-05-25NegationSacrifice The WeakMemento Morikaotoxin
18. 2015-05-25Witch Of The WasteThey Haunt MindsMade Of Teethself-released
19. 2015-05-25
20. 2015-05-25Neck OF The WoodsTrap DoorNeck OF The Woodsself-released
21. 2015-05-25House Of AtreusOsrsteia - The Unforgotten ScornsThe Spear And The Ichor That Followsdark_descent
22. 2015-05-25Shroud Of DespondencyUnderbellyFamily Tombself-released
23. 2015-05-25Graveyard ShiftersBuy Low, Sell HighHigh Heels & Broken BonesEternal Sound
24. 2015-05-25
25. 2015-05-25KamelotUnder Grey SkiesHavennapalm
26. 2015-05-25SaxonBattle CryThe Saxon Chronicles (Rock n Roll Gypsies 1989 Live)udr
27. 2015-05-25SlayerGhosts of WarSouth of Heavendef_jam
28. 2015-05-25Napalm DeathBreed To Breathe (Live)Punishment in Capitals:armoury
29. 2015-05-25Last Days of HumanityThe Taste Of Festering VomitHymns of Indigestible Suppuration
30. 2015-05-25Coke BustPower JunkiesDemoself-released
31. 2015-05-25Circle JerksDeny EverythingGroup Sex
32. 2015-05-25
33. 2015-05-25Bolt ThrowerWar MasterWarmasterearache
34. 2015-05-25SkinlessMilk and InnardsProgression Towards Evilunited_gutteral
35. 2015-05-25ScaphismChainsawdomyFestering Human Remainsself-released
36. 2015-05-25KrisiunSentinel Of The Fallen EarthWorks of Carnagecenturymedia
37. 2015-05-25
38. 2015-05-25HatebreedGhosts of War (slayer)For the Lionse1_music
39. 2015-05-25LeewayMake Me An OfferDesperate Measuresprofile
40. 2015-05-25Twitching TonguesEyes AdjustWorld War Live
41. 2015-05-25RazorParricideShotgun Justice (reissue)relapse
42. 2015-05-25
43. 2015-05-25DysenteryGrave EvolutionFragmentscomatose
44. 2015-05-25CapharnaumPerpetuate CatatoniaFracturedwillowtip
45. 2015-05-25CuntscrapeBreastaurantSplitroastprime_cuts_music
46. 2015-05-25IrritateHorrendously Repulsive And Irritating Mince Attack Against Religious JerksSplit NASUM & AUTORITAR & CARDIOID & DENAK & SLIGHT SLAPPERS & IRRITATE
47. 2015-05-25InfestJust Act BlindMankind
48. 2015-05-25UtopieSuffocate And Perish In Separation Of HumanityInstinct From Existence
49. 2015-05-25FleshcutDisfigured By ChainsawGruesome And Vile
50. 2015-05-25SpazzStreet Jam To The Second PowerCrush Kill Destroy
51. 2015-05-25
52. 2015-05-25Icy SteelFallen HeroesAs The Gods Commandpure_steel
53. 2015-05-25Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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