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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1163 playlist up with 49658 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-05-25SkinlessSmotheredForeshadowing Our DemiseGood Life Recordings
2. 2018-07-23SkinlessLine of DissentSavageryRelapse records
3. 2018-05-14SkinlessSkull SessionSavageryRelapse records
4. 2017-12-04SkinlessBobbing for HeadsProgression Towards Evilunited_gutteral
5. 2017-08-28SkinlessDeviation Will Not Be ToleratedTrample the Weak, Hurdle the DeadRelapse Records
6. 2015-06-29SkinlessFuneral CurseOnly The Ruthless Remainrelapse
7. 2015-06-15SkinlessFlamethrowerOnly The Ruthless Remainrelapse
8. 2015-06-01SkinlessSkinlessOnly The Ruthless Remainrelapse
9. 2015-05-25SkinlessMilk and InnardsProgression Towards Evilunited_gutteral
10. 2014-09-01SkinlessExtermination Of My Filthy SpeciesProgression Towards Evilunited_gutteral
11. 2014-01-13SkinlessPool of StoolForeshadowing Our Demiserelapse
12. 2012-10-15SkinlessTampon LollipopsProgression Towards Evilunited_gutteral
13. 2012-10-08Skinlessthe OptimistForeshadowing Our Demiserelapse
14. 2011-04-18SkinlessFrom Sacrifice to SurvivalFrom Sacrifice to Survivalrelapse
15. 2011-01-10SkinlessDeviation Will Not Be ToleratedTrample The Weak, Hurdle The Deadrelapse
16. 2010-01-25SkinlessTampon LollipopsProgression Towards Evilunited_gutteral
17. 2009-08-17SkinlessDeviation Will Not Be ToleratedTrample The Weak, Hurdle The Deadrelapse
18. 2009-01-19SkinlessOverlordTrample The Weak, Hurdle The Deadrelapse
19. 2009-01-12SkinlessBattle Perpetual WillFrom Sacrifice to Survivalrelapse
20. 2008-09-22SkinlessConfines of Human FleshProgression Towards Evilunited_gutteral
21. 2008-04-07Skinlessthe OptimistForeshadowing Our Demiserelapse
22. 2008-02-11Skinlessfrom Sacrifice to SurvivalFrom Sacrifice to Survivalrelapse
23. 2007-09-10SkinlessEnslavementForeshadowing Our Demiserelapse
24. 2007-08-06Skinlessthe OptimistForeshadowing Our Demiserelapse
25. 2007-06-11skinlessdeviation will not be toleratedTrample The Weak, Hurdle The Deadrelapse
26. 2007-04-30Skinlessthe Optimist
27. 2007-01-29Skinlessthe Optimist
28. 2006-10-23skinlesssalvage what's left
29. 2006-09-11skinlessfetus goulash
30. 2006-08-07skinlessdeviation wouldn't be tolerated
31. 2006-07-31skinlesswicked world
32. 2006-07-24skinlessOverlord
33. 2006-07-03skinlessspoils of the sycophant
34. 2006-06-26skinlessDeviation Will Not Be Tolerated
35. 2006-06-19skinlesstrample the weak, hurdle the dead
36. 2006-06-12skinlessOverlord
37. 2006-05-29skinlesswicked world
38. 2006-05-22skinlessDeviation Will Not Be Tolerated
39. 2006-04-17skinlessdeathwork
40. 2006-03-13skinlessthe optimist
41. 2005-12-12skinlessconfines of human flesh
42. 2005-11-07skinlessExtermination Of My Filthy Species
43. 2005-05-09skinlessbobbing for heads
44. 2004-12-06SkinlessBobbing for heads
45. 2004-11-15skinlesskrispy kids (live)
46. 2004-06-21skinlesstug of war intestines
47. 2004-02-02skinlessfrom sacrifice to survival
48. 2004-01-05skinlesstug of war intestines
49. 2003-10-20skinlessdeathwork
50. 2003-09-29skinlessmiscreant
51. 2003-09-22skinlessfrom sacrifice to survival
52. 2003-09-15skinlessescutate discord
53. 2003-09-02SkinlessBattle Perpetual Will
54. 2003-08-26skinlessDeath work
55. 2003-08-19Skinlessfrom Sacrifice to Survival
56. 2003-08-12Skinlessthe front line of sanity
57. 2003-08-05SkinlessDon't risk Infection
58. 2003-07-29skinlessdead conscience
59. 2003-07-22SkinlessBattle Perpetual Will
60. 2003-07-15SkinlessDeathwork
61. 2003-07-08SkinlessDead Conscience
62. 2003-04-22SkinlessMiscrent
63. 2003-02-25SkinlessMiscreant
64. 2002-11-26SkinlessBodding for heads
65. 2002-08-20SkinlessPut your Bits in a Concrete Mix
66. 2002-07-23SkinlessMiscreant
67. 2002-06-18SkinlessSmothered
68. 2002-05-28SkinlessMiscreant
69. 2002-04-16Skinlessscum cookie
70. 2002-02-26SkinlessMilk and Innards
71. 2001-12-11SkinlessPool of Stool
72. 2001-11-20SkinlessForeshadowing Out Demise
73. 2001-10-16SkinlessFetus Goulash
74. 2001-09-25SkinlessTampon Lollipops
75. 2001-09-11SkinlessEnslavement
76. 2001-09-11SkinlessEnslavement
77. 2001-08-28SkinlessSalvage What's Left
78. 2001-08-28SkinlessSalvage What's Left
79. 2001-05-29SkinlessEnslavement
80. 2001-05-08SkinlessPool of Stool
81. 2001-05-01Skinlessthe Optimist
82. 2001-04-17SkinlessAffirmation of Hatred
83. 2001-04-10SkinlessAffirmation of Hatred
84. 2001-04-03SkinlessEnslavement
85. 2001-03-27SkinlessSmothered
86. 2001-03-20SkinlessMerrie Melody
87. 2001-03-13SkinlessPool of Stool
88. 2001-03-06SkinlessSmothered
89. 2001-02-27SkinlessSalvage What's Left
90. 2001-02-06Skinlesscrispy kids
91. 2000-12-05SkinlessScun Cookie
92. 2000-09-18SkinlessFetus Golash
93. 2000-08-21SkinlessTampon Lollipops
94. 2000-08-07SkinlessNew Track from the August 1st concert
95. 2000-07-31SkinlessExtermination Of My Filthy Species
96. 2000-07-10SkinlessFEtus Goulash
97. 2000-07-03SkinlessMilk and Innards
98. 2000-06-12SkinlessMilk and Innards
99. 2000-04-03SkinlessTampon Lollipops
100. 2000-03-27SkinlessExterminate My Filthy Species
101. 2000-03-20SkinlessContaminated
102. 2000-03-13SkinlessTampon Lollipops
103. 2000-03-06SkinlessFetus Goulash
104. 2000-02-28SkinlessConfines of Human Flesh
105. 2000-02-21SkinlessTampon Lollipops
106. 2000-02-14SkinlessFetus Goulash
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