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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1348 playlist up with 56301 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-05-25MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
2. 2020-05-25Land Of Rape And Honey
3. 2020-05-25Deadwater DrowningMy Fist, Your FaceDeadwater DrowningBlackmarket Activities
4. 2020-05-25Light Is the LanguageThe Mating Habits of a Bling MisanthropeThe Void Falls Silent
5. 2020-05-25Prayer For CleansingWhen the Sun Kisses the MorningThe Tragedy EP
6. 2020-05-25
7. 2020-05-25Guns Up!All InAll This Is
8. 2020-05-25Sons Of Abraham05 - Turned States EvidenceTermites In His SmileExit
9. 2020-05-25Sun in ShadowsNine BattlegroundsBad SpiritsCollection of Skulls
10. 2020-05-25SEDIMENTUM {canada}Décimation Lentedemo 2019
11. 2020-05-25
12. 2020-05-25DismemberTrail of the DeadGod That Never WasCandlelight Records
13. 2020-05-25Blood FeastFace FateFace Fate
14. 2020-05-25DismaChasm Of OceanusTowards The Megalith
15. 2020-05-25Pungent StenchFestered Offals
16. 2020-05-25
17. 2020-05-25SkinlessSmotheredForeshadowing Our DemiseGood Life Recordings
18. 2020-05-25
19. 2020-05-25Valdrin03 Red Burning Candles of HatredEffigy of Nightmares CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
20. 2020-05-25MARTHE3 - Ave MysterisSisters of DarknessCaligari Records
21. 2020-05-25RITUAL MASS03 - ServantAbhorred in the Eyes of GodCaligari Records
22. 2020-05-25Cryptworm03 Self-DismembermentReeking Gunk AbhorrenceMe Saco Un Ojo
23. 2020-05-25
24. 2020-05-25VspolokhПомре (Pomre)ПомреPurity Through Fire
25. 2020-05-25SorcererLamenting of the InnocentLamenting of the InnocentMetal Blade Records
26. 2020-05-25OFERMOD (swe)03 Unfolding Paradox in Final RedemptionPentagrammatonShadow Records
27. 2020-05-25MALIGN (swe)A.3 Malign - The WandererDemo 1/95Shadow Records
28. 2020-05-25
29. 2020-05-25Dead CongregationQuintessence MalignedPromulgation Of The Fall
30. 2020-05-25UndergangEnglemagerskenIndhentet af DødenXtreem Music
31. 2020-05-25FunebrarumAdoration of Abscessed CadaversBeneath the Columns of Abandoned GodsNecroharmonic Records
32. 2020-05-25
33. 2020-05-25Obliteration02.Slow DeathThe Mirror Of Pain (Demo 1994)
34. 2020-05-25Bolt ThrowerGranite WallThose Once LoyalMetal Blade Records
35. 2020-05-25MolestedStalk the Dead
36. 2020-05-25Deathspell OmegaHave You Beheld The Fevers?Paracletus
37. 2020-05-25
38. 2020-05-25Chthe'ilistScriptures of the Typhlodians (Chapter I of the Book of Usommn’Ginn)Amechth'ntaas'm'rriachth
39. 2020-05-25COSMIC PUTREFACTIONThe Arcane Soothsayer Carefully Sculpted his DemiseThe Horizons Towards Which Splendour WithersI, Voidhanger Records
40. 2020-05-25IMPIETY07 Terror Occult DominionVersus All Gods (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
41. 2020-05-25PortalSunkenSeepia
42. 2020-05-25
43. 2020-05-25OLD FOREST04 - Hymn of the DeepBack Into the Old ForestDeath To Music Productions
44. 2020-05-25Wind of the Black MountainsBleed for Thy SinsSummoned By ShadowsMoribund Records
45. 2020-05-25DrudkhThe Price of FreedomЛебединий Шлях (The Swan Road)
46. 2020-05-25A Forest Of Stars07-Gatherer of the Pure"A Shadowplay For Yesterdays"Prophecy Productions
47. 2020-05-25
48. 2020-05-25Street LethalRulers of the UnderworldWelcome to the Row
49. 2020-05-25Cirith UngolNightmareForever BlackMetal Blade Records
50. 2020-05-25Black FlagFix MeThe First Four Years
51. 2020-05-25HiraxUnholy SacrificeHate, fear & power
52. 2020-05-25
53. 2020-05-25Mekong DeltaThe Hut Of Baba YagaMekong Delta
54. 2020-05-25ManowarKill With PowerHail To England
55. 2020-05-25SadusFight Or DieDTP Demo 1986
56. 2020-05-25
57. 2020-05-25Tokyo BladeLoving You Is an Easy Thing to DoBlackhearts and Jaded SpadesZoom Club
58. 2020-05-25StormwaveWild Side Of LoveLove Is a Dangerous GameTyrolis (TYROLIS)
59. 2020-05-25Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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