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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1337 playlist up with 55932 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2015-04-20MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2015-04-20
3. 2015-04-20ChthonicFloated Unconsciously In The Acheron9th Empyreannightfall_terroriser
4. 2015-04-20Carach AngrenPossessed By A Craft Of WitchreyThis Is No Fairy Tale
5. 2015-04-20The Nightmare ContinuesMind Over Vice (Rorschach)a Terrorist is Borndyingfaith
6. 2015-04-20InfestationBlack PopeMass Immolationpavement
7. 2015-04-20PallasSomething In The DeepXXVMusic Theories Recordings
8. 2015-04-20
9. 2015-04-20BongzillaKash Under GlassAmerijuanicanrelapse
10. 2015-04-20Acid BathVenus BluePaegan Terrorism Tactics (Radio Edits)rotten
11. 2015-04-20BerserkerEternal LifeBlood Of The Warrior
12. 2015-04-20Savage GraceBound To Be FreeMaster Of Disguisemetalblade
13. 2015-04-20
14. 2015-04-20AbscessDawn Of InhumanityDawn Of Inhumanitypeaceville
15. 2015-04-20SinisterArt Of The DamnedHatenuclearblast
16. 2015-04-20
17. 2015-04-20GruesomeHideousSavage Landrelapse
18. 2015-04-20KrugerAdam And Steve 1Adam And Stevelistenable
19. 2015-04-20AraJerupitus, The Blood-DrenchedDevourer Of Worldsself-released
20. 2015-04-20
21. 2015-04-20HeathenSave The SkullBreaking The Silence
22. 2015-04-20Jag PanzerThe ChurchDissident Allinace
23. 2015-04-20Iron FireFollow The SignBlade Of Triumphnapalm
24. 2015-04-20ExodusClimb Before The FallForce Of Habit
25. 2015-04-20
26. 2015-04-20WehrmachtShark Attack - Blow You AwayShark Attackrusty diamond
27. 2015-04-20IncantationProfanationEntrantment Of Evil MLPhells_headbangers
28. 2015-04-20DeteriorotThe Phantoms CryThe Faithlessxtreem
29. 2015-04-20Morbid AngelVisions from the Dark SideAltars of Madnessearache
30. 2015-04-20
31. 2015-04-20Soilent GreenDaydreaming The Color Of Blooda Deleted Symphony for the Beaten Downrelapse
32. 2015-04-20The Red ChordSend in the Death StormPrey for Eyesmetalblade
33. 2015-04-20CopremesisBestial CastrastionMuay Thai Ladyboysparagon
34. 2015-04-20Acid KingSilent PicturesMiddle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywheresvart
35. 2015-04-20
36. 2015-04-20CatalepsyCompulsive BestialityVaroous Artists - Herald To The Oblivion vol 1
37. 2015-04-20NecrovoreDivus De MortuusDivus De Mortuus
38. 2015-04-20Creative WasteDrowning In IgnoranceCreulty Beyond Conceptionold_cemetery
39. 2015-04-20BeheadedInherited PlagueRecounts of Disembodimentforever_underground
40. 2015-04-20
41. 2015-04-20Blut Aus NordOur Blessed Frozen CellsThe Work Which Transforms Godcandlelight
42. 2015-04-20Grave DesecratorDecline Of FaithInsulthells_headbangers
43. 2015-04-20No ZodiacDrowningPopulation Control
44. 2015-04-20EntombedShreds Of FleshStranger Aeonsearache
45. 2015-04-20InfernaeonLilith Ave SatanasGenesis To Nemesisprosthetic
46. 2015-04-20
47. 2015-04-20Mork GryningWorld of the DragonReturn Fireno fashion
48. 2015-04-20TherionMegalomaniaOf Darkness...nuclearblast
49. 2015-04-20NervochaosGhost Of The PastThe Art Of Vengeancegreyhaze
50. 2015-04-20Scattered RemantsDraped in SorrowDestined To Failrepulse
51. 2015-04-20
52. 2015-04-20SlayerWorld Painted BloodWorld Painted Blood
53. 2015-04-20NeurosisAeonThrough Silver in Blood
54. 2015-04-20Forest StreamWinter SolsticeTears Of Mortal Solitudeearache
55. 2015-04-20Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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