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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1256 playlist up with 53214 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-05-16GolgothaSave Me, Kiss MeMelancholy/Elemental Changes/The Way of Confussion, Disc 2Repulse Records
2. 2022-03-21Scattered RemnantsDraped in SorrowDestined to Failrepulse
3. 2022-03-14CentinexLike Darkened StormsBloodhuntRepulse Records
4. 2022-01-03SepsismNecrotic Flesh RotPurulent DecompositionRepulse
5. 2021-03-22SepsismNecrotic Flesh RotPurulent DecompositionRepulse
6. 2019-12-09OuijaBefore a Possible RelapseRiding in the Funeral Paths, Disc 1repulse
7. 2019-12-09Deeds of FleshRitual of BattleInbreeding the AnthropophagiRepulse Records
8. 2018-12-24CentinexUnder the Pagan GloryBloodhuntRepulse Records
9. 2018-12-03Deeds of FleshInfecting Them with FalsehoodInbreeding the AnthropophagiRepulse Records
10. 2018-09-03SepsismDissectionPurulent DecompositionRepulse
11. 2018-07-23Deeds of FleshInbreeding the AnthropophagiInbreeding the AnthropophagiRepulse Records
12. 2018-06-04InfamyLaceratedBlood Shall Flow/Got What He Drepulse
13. 2018-05-07Rotten SoundStagesUnder Pressure/Drain, Disc 1repulse
14. 2018-05-07CentinexUnder the GuillotineReborn Through FlamesRepulse Records
15. 2018-05-07Deeds of FleshFeeding TimeInbreeding the AnthropophagiRepulse Records
16. 2018-03-05GolgothaThe Way of ConfusionMelancholy/Elemental Changes/The Way of Confussion, Disc 2Repulse Records
17. 2017-11-27CentinexSummon the Golden TwilightReborn Through FlamesRepulse Records
18. 2017-10-23AbramelinInvocationAbramelinrepulse
19. 2016-11-28DarkifiedThe Forgotten CityA Dance on the GraveRepulse Records
20. 2016-10-24DarkifiedThe Forgotten CityA Dance on the GraveRepulse Records
21. 2016-09-05Deeds of FleshCanvas of FleshInbreeding the AnthropophagiRepulse Records
22. 2016-09-05Rotten SoundJesus Christ FanclubUnder Pressure/Drain, Disc 1repulse
23. 2016-07-11AbramelinMisfortuneAbramelinrepulse
24. 2016-05-30CentinexLike Darkened StormsBloodhuntRepulse Records
25. 2015-07-27AbramelinGrave Ideals (Nekromaniac)Abramelinrepulse
26. 2015-06-15Jesus MartyrNext Biological CrisisSudamerican Pornorepulse
27. 2015-05-18Rotten SoundVicious CircleUnder Pressurerepulse
28. 2015-05-11InfamyCranial Implosionthe Blood Shall Flowrepulse
29. 2015-05-04AbramelinDepraved AfterlifeAbramelinrepulse
30. 2015-05-04Jesus MartyrCarnivoreSudamerican Pornorepulse
31. 2015-04-20Scattered RemantsDraped in SorrowDestined To Failrepulse
32. 2014-12-29CentinexLuciferian MoonBloodhuntrepulse
33. 2014-09-08AbramelinStargazer (the Summoning)self-titledrepulse
34. 2014-06-09GolgothaLifetrappersElemental Changesrepulse
35. 2014-06-09AbramelinHumble Abodeself-titledrepulse
36. 2014-06-09InfamyMass Cremationthe Blood Shall Flowrepulse
37. 2014-04-07AbramelinHumble Abodeself-titledrepulse
38. 2014-03-31AdramelechCaptured In Eternal LostSevenrepulse
39. 2014-03-24OuijaHear the Call of the Wovles( full moonlight lovers)Riding Into The Furneral Bathsrepulse
40. 2014-03-24InfamySalem's Burningthe Blood Shall Flowrepulse
41. 2014-03-17Rotten SoundCorporate FucksUnder Pressurerepulse
42. 2013-11-25Rotten SoundLobotomyMurderworksrepulse
43. 2013-09-09AdremelechThe Sleep Of IshtarSevenrepulse
44. 2013-08-26AbramelinSpiritual Justiceself-titledrepulse
45. 2013-08-05Rotten SoundNaturalUnder Pressurerepulse
46. 2013-05-20SepsismUterocasketPurulent Decompositionrepulse
47. 2012-06-25Rotten SoundPrinciples Of AbuseUnder Pressurerepulse
48. 2012-01-30AdremelechCaptured In Eternal LostSevenrepulse
49. 2012-01-30Rotten SoundRevengeMurderworksrepulse
50. 2011-12-26InfamyCranial Implosionthe Blood Shall Flowrepulse
51. 2011-11-28SepsismDissectionPurulent Decompositionrepulse
52. 2011-11-07GolgothaThe Wood In MeElemental Changesrepulse
53. 2011-10-31SepsismShredded in Cannibalistic ViolencePurulent Decompositionrepulse
54. 2011-09-19AdremelechCaptured In Eternal LostSevenrepulse
55. 2011-09-12Rotten SoundSkinsawUnder Pressurerepulse
56. 2011-08-15AvulsedSweeet Bakalo TommyCybergorerepulse
57. 2011-05-16AvulsedPetisuis LobotomyCybergorerepulse
58. 2011-01-24CentinexUnder The Pagan GloryBloodhuntrepulse
59. 2011-01-24Rotten SoundInsomniaUnder Pressurerepulse
60. 2010-10-11Dementorthe False FaithThe Art Of Blasphemyrepulse
61. 2010-09-06OuijaUnbridled Transylvanian PassionRiding Into The Furneral Bathsrepulse
62. 2010-08-16AdremelechCaptured In Eternal LostSevenrepulse
63. 2010-07-26AvulsedPowered FishCybergorerepulse
64. 2010-06-21AdremelechThe Sleep Of IshtarSevenrepulse
65. 2010-02-01Rotten SoundSkinsawUnder Pressurerepulse
66. 2009-05-11SepsismShredded in Cannibalistic ViolencePurulent Decompositionrepulse
67. 2009-05-04AbramelinStargazer the Summoningself-titledrepulse
68. 2009-01-19Rotten SoundSkinsawUnder Pressurerepulse
69. 2007-09-17Scattered Remnantsdrapped in sorrowDestined to Failrepulse
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