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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1326 playlist up with 55570 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2010-08-16MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2010-08-16
3. 2010-08-16SlayerDead Skin MaskSeasons in the Abyssdef_jam
4. 2010-08-16MegadethHanger 18Rust in Peacecapitol
5. 2010-08-16TestamentThe HauntingThe Legacymegaforce
6. 2010-08-16AnthraxAftershockSpreading the Diseasemegaforce
7. 2010-08-16
8. 2010-08-16Judas PriestThe SentinelDefenders of the Faithcolumbia
9. 2010-08-16SplatterhouseBaptizing The Bloodthe House that Dead Builtrazorback
10. 2010-08-16SwashbuckleScurvy BackBack To The Noosenuclearblast
11. 2010-08-16The Acacia StrainNightmanWormwoodprosthetic
12. 2010-08-16
13. 2010-08-16Dead Blue SkyGhosts In The MelodySymptoms Of An Unwanted Emotiongoodlife
14. 2010-08-16NevermoreTomorrow Turned Into YesterdayEnemies of Realitycenturymedia
15. 2010-08-16HivesmasherBringin' Down the HausAscension into Dismal Stagesvacant_seas
16. 2010-08-16
17. 2010-08-16FleshwroughtMental IllnessDementia Dyslexiametalblade
18. 2010-08-16the SickeningA Dish So SweetDeath Devastation Decayxtreem
19. 2010-08-16IntermentDreaming In DeadInto the Crypts Of Blasphemypulverised
20. 2010-08-16Quest Of AidanceDistant World ArrivalDark Are The Skies At Handpulverised
21. 2010-08-16
22. 2010-08-16Blasphemy RritesBeergoat Of SodomyHideous Lordpagan
23. 2010-08-16GodhatePenance Of The WickedEqual In he Eyes Of Deathmetal_age
24. 2010-08-16ResurrectedMenetal RetardationFiercemetal_age
25. 2010-08-16
26. 2010-08-16King Of AsgardWrath Of The GodsFi'mbulvintrmetalblade
27. 2010-08-16I Shalt BecomeNo Quarter At The SommePoisonmoribund
28. 2010-08-16Keep Of KalessinLeaving The Mortal FleshReptiliannuclearblast
29. 2010-08-16Insidious DiseaseConceived Through HateShadowcastcenturymedia
30. 2010-08-16
31. 2010-08-16DiscordiaTentazoineFlashbackmasterpiece
32. 2010-08-16SabatonScreaming EaglesCoat Of Armsnuclearblast
33. 2010-08-16Furva AmbiguitasCarpe Diem!In Articulo Mortispossession
34. 2010-08-16StigmaChop His Head Off!Concerto For The Undeadpivotal
35. 2010-08-16
36. 2010-08-16The Handshake MurdersPainted ContortionistUsurpergoodfellow
37. 2010-08-16Decrepit BirthMirroring DimensionsPolaritynuclearblast
38. 2010-08-16Pathology (US)Defiled Autopsy RemnantsIncisions Of Perverse Debaucherycomatose
39. 2010-08-16AdremelechCaptured In Eternal LostSevenrepulse
40. 2010-08-16Callenish CirclePull the Plug (Death Cover)Flesh Power Dominionmetalblade
41. 2010-08-16
42. 2010-08-16DeathLeft to DieLeprosycombat
43. 2010-08-16Abominable PutridityBlindfold SurgeryIn the End of Human Existencelacerated_enemy
44. 2010-08-16Bucket of TeethThese Frequencies Are OursIIIyouth_attack
45. 2010-08-16Cattle DecapitationInto the Public BathsThe Harvest Floormetalblade
46. 2010-08-16GomorahBattle Of The GodsBattle of the GodsMetalhit
47. 2010-08-16Trap Themthey followed the scent of jihad all the way to the thieves paradiseSleepwell Deconstructortrash_art
48. 2010-08-16
49. 2010-08-16EliteAmanita MusicariaWe Own the Mountainsfolter
50. 2010-08-16BeheritSuck My BloodEngramspinefarm
51. 2010-08-16EnthrallmentEnthrallmentImmerse Into Bloody Blissmetal_age
52. 2010-08-16The Funeral PyreTo Watch The Earth RotVultures At Dawnprosthetic
53. 2010-08-16
54. 2010-08-16Gloomy GrimAugust - So I Slept & SleptUnder the Spell of the Unlightanticulture
55. 2010-08-16Amon AmarthAvengerAvengermetalblade
56. 2010-08-16Eclipse EternalThe Dragon Has Come to Blot Out The StarsUbermench-Evolution Beyond the Speciesself-released
57. 2010-08-16King DiamondThe Spider's LullabyeThe Spider's Lullabye (reissue)metalblade
58. 2010-08-16
59. 2010-08-16NachtmystiumThen FiresAddicts: Black Meddle Pt IIcenturymedia
60. 2010-08-16DuskA Pokal KapujaOrok Halalbanpossession
61. 2010-08-16
62. 2010-08-16Morbid AngelChapel of Ghouls (live)Live Madness
63. 2010-08-16Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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