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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1369 playlist up with 56979 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-04-22TestamentDog Faced GodsSigns of ChaosMayhem
2. 2018-11-05TestamentPractice what you preachPractice what you preachmegaforce
3. 2018-06-04TestamentDangers of the FaithlessThe Formation of DamnationNuclear Blast
4. 2017-07-03TestamentTen Thousand ThronesDemonicMusic For Nations
5. 2017-05-08TestamentNew Eyes of OldDemonicMusic For Nations
6. 2017-04-17TestamentTrue American HateDark Roots Of ThrashNuclear Blast GmbH
7. 2016-11-21TestamentBorn In A RutBrotherhood Of The SnakeNuclear Blast Records
8. 2016-10-31TestamentSouls Of BlackLive At The FilmoreProsthetic Records
9. 2016-10-24TestamentDog Faced GodsLowAtlantic
10. 2015-07-06TestamentLowLive At The Filmoreprosthetic
11. 2014-12-22TestamentLowLowatlantic
12. 2014-11-10TestamentPractice what you preachPractice what you preachmegaforce
13. 2014-06-23TestamentThree Days In DarknessDark Roots Of Earthnuclearblast
14. 2014-05-05Testament3 Days In DarknessThe Gatheringspitfire
15. 2013-12-30TestamentDisciples of the WatchFirst Strike Still Deadlyspitfire
16. 2013-08-05TestamentPractice what you preachPractice what you preachmegaforce
17. 2013-02-18TestamentPractice what you preachPractice what you preachmegaforce
18. 2012-10-08TestamentA Day In The DeathDark Roots Of Earthnuclearblast
19. 2012-09-10TestamentLast Stand For IndependenceDark Roots Of Earthnuclearblast
20. 2012-08-27TestamentMan Kills MankindDark Roots Of Earthnuclearblast
21. 2012-08-20TestamentA Day In The DeathDark Roots Of Earthnuclearblast
22. 2012-07-02TestamentSails of CharonSigns of Chaosmayhem
23. 2012-03-19TestamentTrial by FireFirst Strike Still Deadlyspitfire
24. 2011-10-24Testamentthe Formation of Damnationthe Formation of Damnationnuclearblast
25. 2011-09-19TestamentSo Many LiesThe Ritualatlantic
26. 2011-08-15TestamentAll I Could BleedLowatlantic
27. 2011-05-30TestamentSouls Of BlackLive At The Filmoreprosthetic
28. 2011-04-04Testamentinto the pitLive At The Filmoreprosthetic
29. 2011-03-21TestamentThe New OrderLive At The Filmoreprosthetic
30. 2011-02-21TestamentBurnt OfferingsLive At The Filmoreprosthetic
31. 2011-01-24TestamentThe New OrderLive in Londonspitfire
32. 2010-08-16TestamentThe HauntingThe Legacymegaforce
33. 2010-08-09TestamentDog Faced GodsLowatlantic
34. 2010-06-07TestamentTrail Of TearsLowatlantic
35. 2010-04-05TestamentTrial by FireFirst Strike Still Deadlyspitfire
36. 2009-08-03TestamentTrial by FireLive in Londonspitfire
37. 2009-03-23TestamentAll I Could BleedLowatlantic
38. 2009-03-09TestamentEnvy LifePractice what you preachmegaforce
39. 2009-01-26Testamentthe Persecuted Won't Forgetthe Formation of Damnationnuclearblast
40. 2009-01-19TestamentTrial by FireSigns of Chaosmayhem
41. 2008-12-08TestamentInto The PitThe New Ordermegaforce
42. 2008-06-09TestamentKilling Spreethe Formation of Damnationnuclearblast
43. 2008-06-02TestamentMore Than Meets the Eyethe Formation of Damnationnuclearblast
44. 2008-05-26TestamentKilling Spreethe Formation of Damnationnuclearblast
45. 2008-05-19Testamentthe Formation of Damnationthe Formation of Damnationnuclearblast
46. 2008-05-12Testamentthe Evil Has Landedthe Formation of Damnationnuclearblast
47. 2008-04-28Testamentthe Evil Has Landedthe Formation of Damnationnuclearblast
48. 2008-01-07TestamentPractice what you preachPractice what you preachmegaforce
49. 2007-12-31TestamentPractice what you preachPractice what you preachmegaforce
50. 2007-12-03TestamentDisciples of the WarLive in Londonspitfire
51. 2007-10-08TestamentInto the PitFirst Strike Still Deadlyspitfire
52. 2007-07-16TestamentRiding the Snakethe Gatheringspitfire
53. 2007-05-14TestamentDown for Life
54. 2006-01-02Testamentelectric crown (live)
55. 2005-12-26Testamentinto the pit
56. 2005-12-05Testamentelectric crown (live)
57. 2005-11-21Testamentpractice what you preach
58. 2005-11-07Testamentthe haunting (live)
59. 2005-10-31TestamentThe New Order
60. 2005-01-10Testamentdown for life
61. 2004-03-08Testamentover the wall
62. 2003-11-17Testamentten thousand thrones
63. 2003-02-25TestamentPractice what you preach
64. 2002-10-22Testament3 days in darkness
65. 2001-10-16Testamentthe Preacher
66. 2000-04-10TestamentA Day of Recoaming
67. 2000-01-03Testament3Days in Darkness
68. 1999-09-20TestamentDown for Life
69. 1999-08-23TestamentFall of Siple Dome
70. 1999-08-21Testament3 days in Darkness
71. 1999-08-21Testament3 days in Darkness
72. 1999-08-16TestamentCareful What you Wish for
73. 1999-08-09Testament3 Days in Darkness
74. 1999-08-02TestamentRiding the Snake
75. 1999-07-26Testament3 days in Darkness
76. 1999-06-14TestamentGreen House Effect
77. 1999-06-14TestamentEyes of Wrath
78. 1997-11-17TestamentLet God of My World
79. 1997-09-01TestamentMurky Waters
80. 1997-07-14TestamentJun-Jun
81. 1997-07-07TestamentMurky Waters
82. 1997-06-30TestamentNew Eyes of Old
83. 1997-06-23TestamentJohn Doe
84. 1997-06-09TestamentJun-Jun
85. 1997-05-19TestamentDog Faced Gods
86. 1997-05-05Testamentthe Secret
87. 1997-04-21TestamentSo many Lies
88. 1997-04-14TestamentNew Order
89. 1997-04-08TestamentLow
90. 1997-03-03TestamentRagging Water
91. 1996-12-02TestamentSails of Charon
92. 1996-11-25TestamentLegions (in Hiding)
93. 1996-11-18TestamentHail Mary
94. 1996-09-30TestamentPC
95. 1996-09-09TestamentLegions (in Hiding)
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