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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1310 playlist up with 55024 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2009-08-03MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2009-08-03
3. 2009-08-03ImpietyAs Judea BurnsTerroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)agonia
4. 2009-08-03AcheronGodless (We Are Gods)The Final Conflict Last Days of Goddispleased
5. 2009-08-03
6. 2009-08-03Divine HeresyLetter To MotherBringer of Plaguescenturymedia
7. 2009-08-03GorefestA Grim CharadeRise To Ruinback_on_black
8. 2009-08-03BehexenWhere the Devil SpokeBehexen/Satatic Warmaster Splithammer_of_hate
9. 2009-08-03GoatwhoreProvoking The Ritual of DeathCarving Out the Eyes of Godmetalblade
10. 2009-08-03
11. 2009-08-03Vital RemainsDivine In FireForever Undergroundosmose
12. 2009-08-03Roadrunner Allstarsannihilation by the hands of godRoadrunner Unitedroadrunner
13. 2009-08-03ArchaeonInsidious ReignVanitasself-released
14. 2009-08-03Suicide SilenceNo Time to BleedNo Time to Bleedcenturymedia
15. 2009-08-03
16. 2009-08-03BoarcorpseHypochondriasisself-titledself-released
17. 2009-08-03the SummonedAnatomy Of A Bar FightDemo 2009self-released
18. 2009-08-03Shoot To KillFalse FlagAltar Of Pigsfrequency_deleted
19. 2009-08-03VictimsHow Could I Lie?Killerdeathwishinc
20. 2009-08-03
21. 2009-08-03Hard To SwallowEyespotself-titledarmageddon
22. 2009-08-03The Holy Mountainhistorical reassuranceEnemiesnoidea
23. 2009-08-03Napalm DeathFood ChainsNapalm Death/Coalesceearache
24. 2009-08-03CoalesceIn My Wake, For My OwnOXrelapse
25. 2009-08-03RorschachDrawn And QuarteredAutopsygern_blandsten
26. 2009-08-03CannaeAnna's LoveHorrorprosthetic
27. 2009-08-03
28. 2009-08-03BloodsoakedRotting In FilthSadistic Deeds... Grotesque Memoriescomatose
29. 2009-08-03Human MasticationUnparalleled PerversionGrotesque Mastication of Putrid Innardssevared
30. 2009-08-03GoratoryRetrograde DeficationOrgasm Induced Diarrheaself-released
31. 2009-08-03KatalepsyCarpet WoundingTriumph Of Evilutionsoulflesh_collector
32. 2009-08-03
33. 2009-08-03CoffinsOnly CorpseSplit - Coffins/Otesanckkreation
34. 2009-08-03ArchitectI Am Becoming DeathGhosts of the Saltwater Machinesblackmarket_activities
35. 2009-08-03Mercyful FateThe OathDon't Break the Oathcombat
36. 2009-08-03Job for a CowboyReduce to Mere FilthGenesismetalblade
37. 2009-08-03Embryonic CryptopathiaGangrene BizarreSplit 7"EC/Blue Holocaustself-released
38. 2009-08-03
39. 2009-08-03ThelemaDivine ImageFearful Symmetrysoulflesh_collector
40. 2009-08-03NearaCaesuraOmnicide - Creation Unleashedmetalblade
41. 2009-08-03Trap themDay Five: Garlic BreakfastSleepwell Deconstructordeathwishinc
42. 2009-08-03RazormazeDawn Of The Shredthe True Speed of Steelhold_true
43. 2009-08-03DevastatorGoetiathe Summoningold_cemetery
44. 2009-08-03
45. 2009-08-03Landmine Marathon25th HourWoundedlevel_plane
46. 2009-08-03TransientSour Winterself-titledself-released
47. 2009-08-03WyrdKalivagiKalivaginaga
48. 2009-08-03DeathMutilationScream Bloody Gorecombat
49. 2009-08-03Bolt Throwerthe Shreds of SanityWarmasterearache
50. 2009-08-03
51. 2009-08-03WhiplashPower Thrashing MetalPower and Painroadrunner
52. 2009-08-03SepulturaEscape to the VoidSchizophreniaracercar
53. 2009-08-03Abaroth... And As the Sun SetsEnter the Kingdom of Nighteinheri
54. 2009-08-03
55. 2009-08-03Darkest HourBlessed InfectionThe Eternal Returnvictory
56. 2009-08-03TestamentTrial by FireLive in Londonspitfire
57. 2009-08-03Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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