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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1310 playlist up with 55024 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2016-10-31MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2016-10-31
3. 2016-10-31Letters From The DeadStitchmancyLive on WUNH
4. 2016-10-31ConvergeBlack CloudYou Fail MeEpitaph
5. 2016-10-31UNSANE CRISISUnsane Crisis - Wrong Traditionssplit w/hashassin
6. 2016-10-31Cock and Ball Torturefresh ejaculatacocktales
7. 2016-10-31DisfearFiery FatherLive the StormRelapse Records
8. 2016-10-31From Ashes RiseAnd We're Stilling WaitingDiscography
9. 2016-10-31
10. 2016-10-31King DiamondHalloweenDangerous MeetingRoadrunner Records
11. 2016-10-31DioDon't Talk to StrangersEvil or DivineSpitfire Records
12. 2016-10-31W.A.S.P.Ball CrusherThe Last CommandSnapper
13. 2016-10-31Dimmu BorgirBurn in HellPuritanical Euphoric MisanthropiaNuclear Blast Records
14. 2016-10-31
15. 2016-10-31EntombedLeft Hand PathLeft Hand PathEarache Records
16. 2016-10-31TestamentSouls Of BlackLive At The FilmoreProsthetic Records
17. 2016-10-31OphiolatryNominating the oxenTransmutation
18. 2016-10-31DishammerWish Of SufferingVintage AddictionHells Headbangers Records
19. 2016-10-31
20. 2016-10-31Hæresiarchs Of DisNightmare (Mercyful Fate Cover)Tria Prima DiabolicaMoribund Records
21. 2016-10-31RavencultBeneath the Relics of OldForce of Profanationhells_headbangers
22. 2016-10-31Sadokist03 Damnatio ad BestiasThy Saviour's Halo, Held by Horns LPBlood Harvest Records
23. 2016-10-31AzaghalTransilvaniaHelvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä (Nine Circles of Hell)Moribund Records
24. 2016-10-31
25. 2016-10-31OCTOBER 3103 Torture Me (Omen)Metal Massacre 31 (CD)hells_headbangers
26. 2016-10-31LASCARLascar Absence - 02 WildernessAbsenceA Sad Sadness
27. 2016-10-31YSENGRINSolar BirthResvrrezionespiritvalI, Voidhanger Records
28. 2016-10-31Downfall of GaiaWoeAtrophymetalblade
29. 2016-10-31
30. 2016-10-31MortualiaOutWild, Wild Miserymoribund
31. 2016-10-31Nekro DrunkzInterred In TurdLavatory CarnageMoribund Records 2016
32. 2016-10-31Dead ConspiracyCrawling DreadDead ConspiracySelf-Released
33. 2016-10-31PossessedThe ExorcistSeven Churchescombat
34. 2016-10-31
35. 2016-10-31SlayerPostmortemReign in Bloodamerican
36. 2016-10-31SabatonHill 3234The Last StandNuclear Blast Records
37. 2016-10-31Harder The FightTooth & NailThe Might Of The Merrimack
38. 2016-10-31Touche AmoreNew HalloweenStage FourEpitaph Records
39. 2016-10-31Misfits01 - Halloween12 Hits From Hell
40. 2016-10-31
41. 2016-10-31Motörhead(I Won't) Pay Your PriceOverkill
42. 2016-10-31VornthThe Wolf, The NIghtBlack PyresIron Tyrant
43. 2016-10-31Nasty SavageFear Beyond The VisionNasty SavageMetal Blade
44. 2016-10-31ArmageddonRainbow SerpentEmbrace the Mystery + 3Century Media Records
45. 2016-10-31Nox Formulae06 Yezidic NOX FormulaThe Hidden Paths to Black EcstasyDark Descent Records
46. 2016-10-31
47. 2016-10-31DefeaterWhere Eagles Dare
48. 2016-10-31Black TormentKilled by the Cross (Nunslaughter Cover)Satanic HolocaustOld Cemetery Records
49. 2016-10-31No AllegianceFirst To DieApocalypse Yesterday
50. 2016-10-31Repulisive DissectionUnjust CalumniationCut Open the AberrationSevared Records
51. 2016-10-31Black FuneralSanctum WamphyriVukolakBehemoth Productions
52. 2016-10-31Abigail (Japan)07 Sweet Baby Metal SlutsThe Final Damnation LP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
53. 2016-10-31
54. 2016-10-31Incinerate05 - Eliminating the IndigenousEradicating Terrestrial SpeciesComatose Music
55. 2016-10-31Artery EruptionStrangled with Her Semen-Crusted ThongDriving My Fist through Her ChestSevared Records
56. 2016-10-31DecrepitaphChrist DiesGrotesque Dwellings
57. 2016-10-31The Great CommissionWhen It Rains It PoursHeavy WorshipAint No Grave Records
58. 2016-10-31NecropticDisgorgedMeticulous PathologySevared Records
59. 2016-10-31
60. 2016-10-31MeshuggahMonstroCityThe Violent Sleep Of ReasonNuclear Blast Records
61. 2016-10-31One King DownForever Your EnemyGod Loves, Man KillsEqual Vision
62. 2016-10-31CrucifyreHail SatanInfernal Earthly DivinePulverised Records
63. 2016-10-31ImpietyAve SatanasAdvent Of...Pulverised Records
64. 2016-10-31
65. 2016-10-31martyrvoresatanic forcessatanic forces
66. 2016-10-31Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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