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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1336 playlist up with 55896 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2012-08-27MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2012-08-27
3. 2012-08-27AbnormalityFabrication Of The EnemyContaminating The Hive Mindsevared
4. 2012-08-27CompostedHigh on KrylonSexual Transmission: Symplex Slamcephalic
5. 2012-08-27Dark PassengerThe Door And The Dreamless Haustepself-released
6. 2012-08-27PorphyriaEnd, Flesh Divinityep 2005self-released
7. 2012-08-27
8. 2012-08-27ExumerFallen SaintFire & Damnationmetalblade
9. 2012-08-27WargasmHumanoidWhy Play Around?profile
10. 2012-08-27Metal Churchthe BraveVarious Artist - The Best Of Metal Blademetalblade
11. 2012-08-27HexenWalk As Many, Stand As OneBeing And Nothingnesspulverised
12. 2012-08-27
13. 2012-08-27NecrovationPulse Of Towering MadnessNecrovationagonia
14. 2012-08-27MortilleryOutbreakMurder Death Killnapalm
15. 2012-08-27Morbid AngelMaze Of TormentAltars Of Madnessearache
16. 2012-08-27NileEthno-Musicological CannibalismAt The Gate Of Sethunuclearblast
17. 2012-08-27
18. 2012-08-27HerugrimGlade Of MadnessDemoself-released
19. 2012-08-27SvolkBearserkNight Under The Round Tablenapalm
20. 2012-08-27MidnightHot GravesComplete And Total Hellhells_headbangers
21. 2012-08-27NachtmystiumDawn Over The Ruins Of JerusalemSilencing Machinescenturymedia
22. 2012-08-27
23. 2012-08-27GraveAmongst Marble And The DeadEndless Procession Of Soulscenturymedia
24. 2012-08-27DeiphagoHeretic OathSatan Alpha Omegahells_headbangers
25. 2012-08-27Denial Of GodFuneralDeath And The Beyondhells_headbangers
26. 2012-08-27Ex DeoPre Oculus AquilaCaligulanapalm
27. 2012-08-27
28. 2012-08-27GazaNo Absolutes In Human SufferingNo Absolutes In Human Sufferingblackmarket_activities
29. 2012-08-27Murder ConstructGold DiggerResultsrelapse
30. 2012-08-27Over Your ThresholdObscure Mind StasisFactictymetalblade
31. 2012-08-27The Royal Arch BlasphemeLust Blood SacrumIIhells_headbangers
32. 2012-08-27Satanic BloodsprayingTetragrammatonAt The Mercy Of Satanhells_headbangers
33. 2012-08-27Mongrels CrossHunters Of The Born AgainThe Sins Of Aquariushells_headbangers
34. 2012-08-27
35. 2012-08-27Grave DiggerGod Of TerrorClash Of The Godsnapalm
36. 2012-08-27BedemonThe PlagueSymphony Of Shadowssvart
37. 2012-08-27Sentinel BeastDogs Of WarsVarious Artists - The Best Of Metal Blade IImetalblade
38. 2012-08-27TestamentMan Kills MankindDark Roots Of Earthnuclearblast
39. 2012-08-27Non Compos MentisStalkerSmile When you Hatewonderdrug
40. 2012-08-27
41. 2012-08-27ScissorfightGranite State DestroyerNew Hampshiretortuga
42. 2012-08-27StrikerForeverArmed To The Teethnapalm
43. 2012-08-27DeathhammerFullmoon SorceryOnward To The Pitshells_headbangers
44. 2012-08-27MardukChristraping Black MetalPanzer Division Mardukosmose
45. 2012-08-27
46. 2012-08-27Baphomet's hornsBlessed By HelfireSatanic Forcefucked Annihilationold_cemetery
47. 2012-08-27Ave MariaMeandering Trhough The Tunnel Of TranceChapter IAve Maria
48. 2012-08-271349Sculptor Of FleshHellfirecandlelight
49. 2012-08-27ChaosweaverRagnarok SunsetEnter the Realm of the Doppelgängernapalm
50. 2012-08-27KreatorMars Mantra + Phantom AntichristPhantom Antichristnuclearblast
51. 2012-08-27
52. 2012-08-27Dust BoltInto MadnessViolent Demolitionnapalm
53. 2012-08-27Angelus ApatridaFresh PleasureThe Callcenturymedia
54. 2012-08-27ArmourHellfireArmourhells_headbangers
55. 2012-08-27Type O NegativeSeptember Sun (Radio Edit)Radio singlespv
56. 2012-08-27VintersorgPolarnattenOrkannapalm
57. 2012-08-27
58. 2012-08-27FastkillToxic TormentorBestial Thrashing Bulldozerpulverised
59. 2012-08-27ExciterRising The DeadHeavy Metal Maniacmegaforce
60. 2012-08-27ExodusI Am AbominationShovel Headed Kill Machinenuclearblast
61. 2012-08-27ZombificationI Am The ReaperReaper's Consecrationpulverised
62. 2012-08-27EvocationA Journey To HeavenEvoked From Demonic Depths - The Early Yearscenturymedia
63. 2012-08-27
64. 2012-08-27DeathrowMachineryVarious Artist - Doomsday News 2noise
65. 2012-08-27Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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