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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1364 playlist up with 56812 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2012-09-10MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2012-09-10
3. 2012-09-10Morbid AngelMaze Of TormentAltars of Madnessearache
4. 2012-09-10Cannibal Corpsehammer Smash FaceTomb of the Mutilatedmetalblade
5. 2012-09-10CryptopsyWhite WormsWhisper Supremacycenturymedia
6. 2012-09-10ExhorderExhorderSlaughter in the Vaticanroadrunner
7. 2012-09-10SlayerTermentorShow No Mercymetalblade
8. 2012-09-10
9. 2012-09-10Blood for BloodSpit My Last BreathPiss All Over Your Hopes And Dreamsvictory
10. 2012-09-10CromagsNear Death ExperienceNear Death Experiencecenturymedia
11. 2012-09-10Closer than KinSkulls (Misfits Cover)Various Artists - Tor Johnson Records Samplertor_johnson
12. 2012-09-10IntegritySarinSeasons in the Size of Daysvictory
13. 2012-09-10Black FlagRise AboveDamagedsst
14. 2012-09-10Circle JerksRed TapeGroup Sex
15. 2012-09-10RevilersAll AgesRevilerspatac
16. 2012-09-10
17. 2012-09-10Blood FeastKill For PleasureKill For Pleasurenew_renaissance
18. 2012-09-10FastkillIn Thrash We TrustBestial Thrashing Bulldozerpulverised
19. 2012-09-10DeathhammerOnward To The PitsOnward To The Pitshells_headbangers
20. 2012-09-10
21. 2012-09-10PowerwolvesDog Days2012 Summer Samplerself-released
22. 2012-09-10Prelude To AgonyHell I wroughtdemoself-released
23. 2012-09-10Black AwakeningPillars Of CreationCult Of The Dying Godself-released
24. 2012-09-10
25. 2012-09-10SvyatogorDoctor VeritasDoctor Veritassvarga
26. 2012-09-10Infera BruoA Path UnwrittenInfera Bruoself-released
27. 2012-09-10Deathgod MessiahBastard ChristBastard Christ demo 2009self-released
28. 2012-09-10
29. 2012-09-10The KandidateModvindFacing The Imminent Prospect Of Deathnapalm
30. 2012-09-10PossessedSatan's CurseSeven Churchescombat
31. 2012-09-10MorgothFamale InfanticideThe Eternal Fallcenturymedia
32. 2012-09-10PanteraBecomingFar Beyond Driveneast_west
33. 2012-09-10
34. 2012-09-10Salt the WoundThe Cliff Before The FallKill The Crownrotten
35. 2012-09-10Murder ConstructThe Next LifeResultsrelapse
36. 2012-09-10Life At ZeroPredatory NeedsUnreleasedself-released
37. 2012-09-10GazaThe VipersNo Absolutes In Human Sufferingblackmarket_activities
38. 2012-09-10
39. 2012-09-10TestamentLast Stand For IndependenceDark Roots Of Earthnuclearblast
40. 2012-09-10Roadrunner Allstarsindependent (voice of the voiceless)Roadrunner Unitedroadrunner
41. 2012-09-10Impaledthe Patients are RevoltingDementia Rex
42. 2012-09-10Agoraphobic NosebleedNarcoterrorist MeglomaniacAltered States Of America (disc 1)relapse
43. 2012-09-10AssaultTerrorist AggressionNuclear Deaththrashold_cemetery
44. 2012-09-10
45. 2012-09-10Reason To FightRevoltBlue Collar Prideamerican_pride
46. 2012-09-10CrustaceanAttention TerroristGreed Tyranny Sodomyxtreem
47. 2012-09-10The Nightmare Continuesthe bible was written by those who thought the earth was flata Terrorist is Borndyingfaith
48. 2012-09-10Pretty Little FlowerIndigenous RevoltComplete Grindcore Annihilationrescued_from_life
49. 2012-09-10Butcher ABCScreams Clinical For Genitourims OrgasmsSplit CD
50. 2012-09-10OmissionA Field Sowed Of CoffinsMerciless Jaws From Hellxtreem
51. 2012-09-10
52. 2012-09-10AbnormalityHatred RelentlessContaminating The Hive Mindsevared
53. 2012-09-10Dying FetusFrom Womb To WasteReign Supremerelapse
54. 2012-09-10Spawn of PossessionWhere Angels Go Demons FollowIncursorelapse
55. 2012-09-10
56. 2012-09-10EerieSink HoleVolumetric Addictionvolume_worship
57. 2012-09-10Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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