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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1311 playlist up with 55059 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-06-05NevermoreI Am The DogDreaming Neon BlackCentury Media Records
2. 2022-12-19NevermoreWe DisintegrateDead Heart, In A Dead WorldCentury Media
3. 2022-11-28NevermoreLearningThe Politics Of EcstasyCentury Media Records
4. 2021-04-19NevermorePolitics Of EcstasyThe Politics Of EcstasyCentury Media Records
5. 2020-06-15NevermoreThe Hurting WordsNevermore
6. 2019-10-28NevermoreSound of SilenceBelieve in NothingCentury Media
7. 2018-08-13NevermoreDreaming Neon BlackDreaming Neon BlackCentury Media Records
8. 2018-05-28NevermoreBittersweet FeastThis Godless EndeavorCentury Media
9. 2018-04-30NevermoreI Am The DogDreaming Neon BlackCentury Media Records
10. 2018-02-26NevermoreThe Fault Of The FleshDreaming Neon BlackCentury Media Records
11. 2018-01-08NevermoreWe DisintegrateDead Heart, In A Dead WorldCentury Media
12. 2017-12-18NevermoreBeyond WithinDreaming Neon BlackCentury Media Records
13. 2017-07-31NevermoreSeven Tongues Of GodThe Politics Of EcstasyCentury Media Records
14. 2016-10-03NevermoreTomorrow Turned Into YesterdayEnemies of Reality (Remix & Remaster)
15. 2016-06-20NevermoreTomorrow Turned into YesterdayEnemies of RealityCentury Media
16. 2015-12-07NevermoreSell My Heart for StonesThis Godless EndeavorCentury Media
17. 2015-11-09NevermoreMedicated NationThis Godless Endeavorcenturymedia
18. 2015-08-03NevermoreMoonriseThe Obsidian Conspiracycenturymedia
19. 2015-03-02NevermoreAll Play DeadDreaming Neon Blackcenturymedia
20. 2014-09-15NevermoreThe Heart CollectorDead Hearts in a Dead Worldcenturymedia
21. 2014-08-11NevermoreMy Acid WordsThis Godless Endeavorcenturymedia
22. 2014-08-04NevermoreA Future UncertaintyThis Godless Endeavorcenturymedia
23. 2012-02-20NevermoreEvolution 169Dead Hearts in a Dead Worldcenturymedia
24. 2011-04-04NevermoreFinal ProductThis Godless Endeavorcenturymedia
25. 2010-10-18NevermoreA Future UncertaintyThis Godless Endeavorcenturymedia
26. 2010-08-23NevermoreWithout MoralsThe Obsidian Conspiracycenturymedia
27. 2010-08-16NevermoreTomorrow Turned Into YesterdayEnemies of Realitycenturymedia
28. 2010-08-09NevermoreTomorrow Turned Into YesterdayEnemies of Realitycenturymedia
29. 2010-07-19NevermoreMoonriseThe Obsidian Conspiracycenturymedia
30. 2010-07-05NevermoreEmptiness UnobstructedThe Obsidian Conspiracycenturymedia
31. 2010-06-28NevermoreMoonriseThe Obsidian Conspiracycenturymedia
32. 2010-06-21NevermoreShe Comes In ColorsThe Obsidian Conspiracycenturymedia
33. 2009-04-27NevermoreIn Bondage To Sinself-titledcaroline
34. 2008-10-06NevermoreMedicated NationThis Godless Endeavorcenturymedia
35. 2008-09-29NevermoreBelieve in NothingDead Hearts in a Dead Worldcenturymedia
36. 2008-01-14NevermoreMy Acid WordsThis Godless Endeavorcenturymedia
37. 2007-11-19NevermoreI, VoyagerEnemies of Realitycenturymedia
38. 2007-04-23Nevermoremy acid wordsThis Godless Endeavorcenturymedia
39. 2006-01-02Nevermoremedicated nation
40. 2005-12-26Nevermoremy acid wordsThis Godless Endeavorcenturymedia
41. 2005-10-24Nevermoreenimies of reality (live)
42. 2005-08-22Nevermorebittersweet feast
43. 2005-08-01Nevermorefinal product
44. 2005-07-25Nevermoremy acid wordsThis Godless Endeavorcenturymedia
45. 2005-05-30Nevermorewho decides
46. 2005-05-16Nevermoreambivalent
47. 2003-09-29Nevermoreengines of hate
48. 2003-09-09Nevermorethe sound of silence
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