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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1326 playlist up with 55570 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2011-12-26MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2011-12-26
3. 2011-12-26LiturgyShrouded In SufferingDawn Of Ashunmatched_brutality
4. 2011-12-26CondemnedRealms Of The UngodlyRealms Of The Ungodlyunique_leader
5. 2011-12-26Cephalic CarnageHybridExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
6. 2011-12-26The SummonedDreaming In 2DIf Only Minds Could Paint Picturesself-released
7. 2011-12-26
8. 2011-12-26InfamyCranial Implosionthe Blood Shall Flowrepulse
9. 2011-12-26Landmine MarathonLiver And LungGallowsprosthetic
10. 2011-12-26DeathSpirit CrusherLive In L.A. (Death & Raw)nuclearblast
11. 2011-12-26Blind GuardianAnother Holy WarImaginations from the Other Sidecenturymedia
12. 2011-12-26
13. 2011-12-26EinherjerVarden BrenneNorronindie
14. 2011-12-26Kinetic DissentCults Of UnreasonI Will Fight No More Foreverroadracer
15. 2011-12-26Cirith UngolKing Of The DeadKing of the Deadenigma
16. 2011-12-26BurzumWarself-titled and Askemisanthronpy
17. 2011-12-26
18. 2011-12-26Keep of KalessinAs A Shadow CastThrough Times Of Warworld_war_iii
19. 2011-12-26Lunar AuroraFlammendre MaleWeltengangerworld_war_iii
20. 2011-12-26SlayerAt Dawn, They SleepHell Awaitsmetalblade
21. 2011-12-26KilljoyEnemy Within (Cycle Of Insanity)Compelled By Fearcolossal
22. 2011-12-26
23. 2011-12-26Dying FetusRohypnelHistory Repeatsrelapse
24. 2011-12-26Anal CuntGuy SmileyEveryone Should Be KILLEDearache
25. 2011-12-26Cyness200000 LoserCyness/Ohuzaru splt 7"thought_crime
26. 2011-12-26Ultra//NegativeFrom Nothing To NothingFinally I'm At Peaceself-released
27. 2011-12-26In DefenceStraight-Edge HangoverInto The Sewerlearning_curve
28. 2011-12-26RamlordRestrainedRamlord/Condensed Flesh - Splt CDself-released
29. 2011-12-26DisembodiedCynicHereticedison
30. 2011-12-26
31. 2011-12-26RevocationCradle RobberChaos Of Formsrelapse
32. 2011-12-26Dark AngelTime Does not HealTime Does not Healcombat
33. 2011-12-26AssuckBorn BackwardsBorn Backwardsself-released
34. 2011-12-26OppressorLooks That Kill (live)European TourMegalithic
35. 2011-12-26
36. 2011-12-26De OmegaWolfSilurianself-released
37. 2011-12-26InsomniumRegain The FireOne For Sorrowcenturymedia
38. 2011-12-26Woods of YpresEverything I Touch Turns To Gold (Then To Coal)The Green Albumearache
39. 2011-12-26
40. 2011-12-26DraugerWage a Final BattleWeathering the Cursemoribund
41. 2011-12-26Wolves Like UsShiver In The HeatLate Loveprosthetic
42. 2011-12-26MithrasInside The GodmindTime Never Lastsglactic
43. 2011-12-26At The GatesThe SwarmPurgatory Unleashed: Live At Wakenearache
44. 2011-12-26
45. 2011-12-26BethlehemTote Weike MarderSardomicher Untergang im Zeichen Irreligioser Darbietungred_stream
46. 2011-12-26Wolves in the Throne RoomCleansingTwo Hunters
47. 2011-12-26
48. 2011-12-26ZaoSkin Like WinterLiberate Te Ex Inferissolid_state
49. 2011-12-26American NightmareSore Throat Syndromeself-titleddeathwishinc
50. 2011-12-26Agnostic FrontUs Against The WorldMy Life My Waynuclearblast
51. 2011-12-26FistulaLoserLoserpatac
52. 2011-12-26Negligent Collateral CollapseOn The Return Trip HomeCzech Assault -Various Artistsrelapse
53. 2011-12-26RepulsionRadiation SicknessVarious Artists: Grindcrusherearache
54. 2011-12-26LividityGraveyard DelicacyFetish For The Sickablated
55. 2011-12-26Infernal LegionDawn Of The Last DayThe Spear Of Longinusmoribund
56. 2011-12-26Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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