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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1275 playlist up with 53860 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2016-07-11MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2016-07-11
3. 2016-07-11W.A.S.P.Running Wild in the StreetsThe Last CommandCapitol
4. 2016-07-11A Second from the SurfaceScene I Don't RememberThe Streets Have EyesThis Dark Reign
5. 2016-07-11CovenJust Add ViolenceBoneless ChristianRed Light Records
6. 2016-07-11Postmortem TwitchMr BelvedereDeeds Of Abohhrance
7. 2016-07-11
8. 2016-07-11Dimension ZeroBlood on the StreetsThis Is HellCentury Media Records
9. 2016-07-11NoctiferiaCellulite Of This WorldPax
10. 2016-07-11Circle JerksWorld Up My AssGroup Sex / Wild In The Streets
11. 2016-07-11PhobiaDrunken Spree of ViolenceCruelwillowtip
12. 2016-07-11Agnostic FrontPolice StateWorking Class Heroes
13. 2016-07-11Power TripThe Evil BeatArmageddon Blues
14. 2016-07-11MagrudergrindRejecting The Militant PromiseMagrudergrindrelapse
15. 2016-07-11
16. 2016-07-11Amon AmarthWhere Is Your God?Twilight of the Thunder GodMetal Blade Records
17. 2016-07-11Narcotic WastelandKeeping Up With The JonesNarcotic Wasteland
18. 2016-07-11Tengger CavalryUniverse-ShamanSunesu Cavalry
19. 2016-07-11HeidevolkDe Toekomst LonktBatavi [Pagan Metal]Napalm Records
20. 2016-07-11
21. 2016-07-11KalmahEvil in YouSwamplordCentury Media
22. 2016-07-11
23. 2016-07-11Beartooth03 LoserAggressiveRed Bull
24. 2016-07-11All Hail The Yeti04 Mr. Murder (feat. Brock Lindow)Screams From A Black WildernessMinusHEAD
25. 2016-07-11Grand MagusForged in Iron - Crowned in SteelSword SongsNuclear Blast Records
26. 2016-07-11ReflectionsAutumnusThe Color ClearE1 Entertainment
27. 2016-07-11
28. 2016-07-11Sheidim03 03 Deviant KingdomShrines of the VoidDark Descent Records
29. 2016-07-11SURGIKILL03 Relentless RevengeSanguinary Revelations LPHells Headbangers Records
30. 2016-07-11IMPURE CONSECRATIONSuccumb to Impurity FireSuccumb to Impurity FireBlood Harvest Records
31. 2016-07-11Ossuary Insane03 The Original Master (2003)Possession of the Flesh LPBlood Harvest Records
32. 2016-07-11
33. 2016-07-11CloakIn the Darkness, the PathBoris Records7"Boris Records
34. 2016-07-11Counting Days03 Beaten & ScarredLiberated SoundsMascot
35. 2016-07-11AbramelinMisfortuneAbramelinrepulse
36. 2016-07-11Satanic WarmasterWhere Eternity AwaitsBehexen / Satanic WarmasterHammer of Hate - via Metalhit
37. 2016-07-11
38. 2016-07-11KalibasFloating in ConcreteProduct of Hard LivingWillowtip Records
39. 2016-07-11Flesh ParadeWorthlessKill WhiteyRelapse Records
40. 2016-07-11PilloryWelfare GunNo Lifeguard at the Gene PoolUnique Records
41. 2016-07-11Mind EraserWrote OffGlacial Reignpainkiller
42. 2016-07-11NOISEARFradulentSubvert the Dominant Paradigm (Radio Promo)Relapse Records
43. 2016-07-11GWARNone But the BraveRagNaRokMetal Blade Records
44. 2016-07-11
45. 2016-07-11MOTÖRHEADRidin' With The DriverOrgasmatron
46. 2016-07-11ScissorfightRiot On The Village GreenAmerican Cloven Hoof Blues
47. 2016-07-11Machinist!TheyBirthright
48. 2016-07-11InfestBehind This TongueNo Man's SlaveSpiderghost Press Gang
49. 2016-07-11VerseOld Guards, New MethodsAggressionB9R
50. 2016-07-11Trash TalkExplodeEyes & Nines
51. 2016-07-11UNITED VOIDNightbreedDEMO
52. 2016-07-11Odd Man OutOver My ShoulderXXX
53. 2016-07-11
54. 2016-07-11AstrakhanRest In DepthsA Tapestry of Scabs and SkinWar on Music
55. 2016-07-11MardukCloven HoofWorld FuneralRegain Records
56. 2016-07-11MonstrosityPerpetual WarIn Dark PurityOlympic
57. 2016-07-11EngorgedDeath Metal Attack 2000Fuck... I'm Dead Vs. EngorgedNo Escape Records
58. 2016-07-11
59. 2016-07-11NifelheimClaws of DeathRegain Radio SamplerRegain Records
60. 2016-07-11Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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