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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1337 playlist up with 55932 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2017-02-27MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2017-02-27
3. 2017-02-27As the Sun Sets...Shed for You and for ManyEach Individual Voice Is Dead in the Silence
4. 2017-02-27Insect WarfareDead InsideWorld ExterminationEarache
5. 2017-02-27Backstabbers IncHair and Nails Nails and HairBare as BonesBlack Market Activities
6. 2017-02-27Northern CurseStatic EclipseDemoSelf-Released
7. 2017-02-27Cannabis CorpseVaporizedThe Weeding E.P.tankcrimes
8. 2017-02-27BaphometInfection of DeathDeath In The Beginning
9. 2017-02-27NephasthMerciless ControllerImmortal Unholy TriumphWorld War III (American Music Corp)
10. 2017-02-27
11. 2017-02-27NeurosisObsequious ObsolescenceThe Word As Law
12. 2017-02-27ExcommunionSerpent of DeepSuperionWorld War III
13. 2017-02-27INQUISITIONThe InitiationInto the Infernal Regions of the Ancient CultHells Headbangers Records
14. 2017-02-27Drawn And QuarteredEscape To CremationHail Infernal Darkness
15. 2017-02-27
16. 2017-02-27Napalm DeathRepression Out of UniformWords from the Exit WoundEarache
17. 2017-02-27EyehategodQuitter's OffensiveEyehategod
18. 2017-02-27Nihilistinen BarbaarisuusAmidst the WavesThe Child Must DieInfernal Kommando
19. 2017-02-27
20. 2017-02-27BLOOD FEAST02 Off With Their HeadsThe Future State of Wicked (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
21. 2017-02-27NervochaosSeason of the WitchNyctophiliaGreyhaze Records
22. 2017-02-27HOLYCIDE03 Human's Last DawnAnnihilate... Then Ask!Xtreem Music
23. 2017-02-27ZOMBIE MOTORS WRECKING YARDLove for SpeedSupersonic Rock n RollNapalm Records
24. 2017-02-27
25. 2017-02-27AZARATH03_ANNIHILATION (Smite all the illusions)_digitIn ExtremisAgonia Records
26. 2017-02-27Ruin (US)04 The Thirst for AnnihilationDrown in BloodMemento Mori
27. 2017-02-27GráRamsvarta TankarRamsvarta TankarCarnal Records
28. 2017-02-27Abatuar04 Decapitación LetrinalPerversiones De Muerte PutrefactaDunkelheit Produktionen
29. 2017-02-27
30. 2017-02-27Abuse04 - Pwned!Nothing is SafeComatose Music
31. 2017-02-27Craven Idol03 Black Flame DivinationThe Shackles Of MammonDark Descent Records
32. 2017-02-27Antropofagus03 - Chants for AbyzouMethods of Resurrection Through EviscerationComatose Music
33. 2017-02-27Ascended Dead03 PerditionAbhorrent ManifestationInvictus Productions
34. 2017-02-27
35. 2017-02-27AntropomorphiaMurmur ov the DeadSermon ov WrathMetal Blade Records
36. 2017-02-27Behind the SunPangaeaPost SolisSelf-Released
37. 2017-02-27CartilageAfterlife Sorrow (Infernal Paradise II)The Fragile Concept of AffectionXtreem Music
38. 2017-02-27FLAMEBlack Realm of SatanasMarch Into FirelandsHells Headbangers Records
39. 2017-02-27GorgorothThe Rite Of Infernal InvocationBlack Mass Krakow 2004
40. 2017-02-27
41. 2017-02-27Carnal ForgePull the TriggerFiredemonCentury Media Records
42. 2017-02-27BloodbathHis Infernal NecropsyGrand Morbid Funeral (Limited Edition)
43. 2017-02-27NecronyHill Of Cadaverssevere malignant pustule (demo)
44. 2017-02-27DeathwitchDesecration of the White ChristDawn of ArmageddonNecropolis Records
45. 2017-02-27
46. 2017-02-27VenomAcidTemples of IceUnder One Flag
47. 2017-02-27Witchfinder GeneralNo StayerDeath Penalty
48. 2017-02-27SheolDeluge of TehomSepulchral Ruins Below The Temple 12" MLPIron Bonehead Productions
49. 2017-02-27Onward to OlympasDon't Cry To MeThis World is Not My HomeFacedown
50. 2017-02-27
51. 2017-02-27MegadethArchitecture of AggressionCountdown to ExtinctionMobile Fidelity Sound Lab
52. 2017-02-27No ZodiacSadistic IntentPopulation Control
53. 2017-02-27Cockpunch!What You Don't Like FunAttack
54. 2017-02-27Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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